Barnabus Davis



Known to family members as Barney, he was most likely born in Knox County, Tennessee between 1800 and 1810.  He married Nancy Reed, born about 1823, and the daughter of William Reed, who was born in Georgia.  Family legend says this marriage was performed according to Cherokee rights.  The Reeds moved to the Snow Hill area after 1835, from Meigs County.  William Reed married Susan, a Cherokee woman.  Nancy is the sister of Nellie who married Wesley Davis.  Nancy�s grandfather, William Reed (Sr.), fought in the Revolution and is listed in the 1840 census as receiving a Federal pension.  Her grandfather died in 1842 in the Snow Hill area of Hamilton County.   Further information on his Revolutionary War service can be found on his pension W 5673 in the National Archives.   Nancy was entered on the Cherokee rolls by Chapman as #1609.   In subsequent years their children will be entitled to payments by the Government to Cherokees.  In 1842, there is a land sale by Leroy Standifer to Nancy Reed for 60 acres for $60.  The transaction is entirely in her name without the mention of her husband.   Barney and Nancy never appear on any census.  Barney died in 1863 and Nancy died in 1864.

Eliza 1842  m. Thomas B. Davis 1835-1865 (Chapman 1610)
James E.  1843 - 1895 m. Elizabeth Thornton 1843 (Chapman 1611)
Newton 1845 - 1896 (Chapman 1612)
Wesley 1849 - 1880 (Chapman 1613)
Sarah Ann 1850 (Chapman 1614)
Tennessee 1856 - 1909 m. William Gillespie  b. 1842 in Ireland - 1915
Isabella Texas 1858 - before 1920 m. Robert M. Alton 1852
Barney 1861 - 1886


NOTE:  Chapman conducted the census in 1851, therefore any child born after that date would not have a Chapman identifying number.  In further years their connection to the family would be proven by the Cherokee Claims Act of 1906.


Compiled and Submitted By Phebe Morgan