Hamilton Memorial Gardens
(Partial Listing)

5401 Highway 153
Hixson, TN 37343-4990
                                                                                    (423) 877-6471

This is an extremely large and relatively new cemetery located in the Hixson area of Chattanooga on Highway 153. The cemetery is just north of Hixson Pike on Highway 153 on the left hand side of the road. Surveyed by Dennis Wilson, Jim Holcomb, Susan Kendall, Linda Coulter, and the Chattanooga Mormon Youth in 2000 - 2003. This is approximately 11,000 of the estimated 25,000 burials in this cemetery.

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Names of individuals in this cemetery were recorded as they appeared on the tombstones. No attempt was made to correct obvious errors or differences in spelling. Every attempt has been made to record this information correctly. However, mistakes are possible.  The information on this page may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other person or organization without the written consent of the contributor, the legal representative of the submitter, or The Hamilton County Tennessee Genealogy Society.

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SSDI = Social Security Death Index

Deceased Born Died Married Section Notes
Aalberg, Dan "Skip" 1941     Apostles "husbandand, Father, Grandfather"; wife-Judy H Aalberg next
Aalberg, Judy Hedrick 1946 4/6/2002   Apostles husband-Dan "Skip" Aalberg; obit:par-John J & Evelyn Hedrick;sons-Mike & Mitchell Burroughs;stepdau-Debra Webb
Abbott, J Marvin, Sr 2/29/1912 3/20/1968   Masonic Garden  
Abels, Will 1956 1956      
Abernathy, Clyde H 1904 1993   Masonic Garden wife-Mary Edith Abernathy next
Abernathy, Mary Edith 1906 1983   Masonic Garden husband-Clyde H Abernathy next
Abernathy, Minnie Lee Davis 1918 1997   Old Rugged Cross husband-O Homer "Moot" Abernathy next
Abernathy, O Homer "Moot" 1918 1989   Old Rugged Cross wife-Minnie Lee Davis Abernathy next
Ables, Annie L 1939       husband-Virgil Ables next
Ables, Blanche S 1924 1988   Sermon on the Mount husband-Hubert J Ables next
Ables, Dorothy W 1912 1992     husband-Herman Ables next; Johnny Floyd Ables
Ables, Herman 1910 1969     Mason; wife-Dorothy W Ables next; Johnny Floyd Ables
Ables, Hubert J 1928 1978   Sermon on the Mount wife-Blanche S Ables next
Ables, James W 5/24/1935 4/7/1999     from obit:wife-Joan Peppers Ables;dau-Debra L Ables,Lisa Joy Stone & Jama L Ables;sis-Patty Kelly
Ables, Johnny Floyd 11/28/1942 10/24/1976     Pvt US Army, Vietman
Ables, Laura Jane 1/24/1970 7/10/1986      
Ables, Virgil 1940       wife-Nancy L Ables next
Ables, Will 1956 1956   Apostles  
Abney, Clara E 1906 1965   Apostles husband-Louis D Abney next
Abney, Louis D 1893 1978   Apostles wife-Clara E Abney next
Abston, Cora E 1932     Devotion husband-John B Abston next; John P Abston
Abston, John B 1928     Devotion wife-Cora E Abston next; John P Abston
Abston, John P 1956     Devotion  
Abu-Naim, Laith Trevor 1/20/1999 7/20/1999   Babyland  
Acomb, Dorothy T 1913 1997     husband-J Edward Acomb next
Acomb, J Edward 1910 1992     wife-Dorothy T Acomb next
Acuff, Estelle J 1903 8/12/1999     from obit:husband-White H Acuff;sons-Robert J, Joe W & John Acuff
Adams, Charles Hoy 1912 1980      
Adams, Clifford N 1898 1972   Apostles wife-Nannie M Adams next
Adams, Jessie L 1932        
Adams, Joseph S 1922 1979   Devotion wife-Lorriane A Adams next
Adams, Lonas A 1914 1980     wife-Martha E Adams next
Adams, Lorraine A 1918     Devotion husband-Joseph S Adams next
Adams, Martha E 1920 1990     husband-Lonas A Adams next
Adams, Nannie M 1899 1984   Apostles husband-Clifford N Adams next
Adams, Waldo P   1925      
Adamson, Dorothy E 1920 2001   Apostles husband-Norman M Adamson next
Adamson, Edward L 1925 1967      
Adamson, Frederick H 1887 1960   Apostles wife-Lizzie B Adamson next
Adamson, Lizzie B 1892 1965   Apostles husband-Frederick H Adamson next
Adamson, Norman M 1916 1966   Apostles wife-Dorothy E Adamson next
Adcox, Herbert "Grant", Jr 1950 1989   Nativity next-parents-Herbert Grant "Herb" Sr & Jean L Adcox
Adcox, Herbert Grant, Sr 1929     Nativity next:wife-Jean L & son-Herbert "Grant" Adcox, Jr
Adcox, Jean L 1929     Nativity husband-Herbert Grant "Herb" Adcox, Sr; son-Herbert "Grant" Adcox, Jr
Adkins, Buford 1936 1997   Masonic Garden Mason; "A of M"
Adkins, Emmett E 1933       wife-Jenna D Adkins next
Adkins, Jenna D 1933       husband-Emmett E Adkins next
Adkins, John Alvin 1917 2001   Masonic Garden Mason; "A of M"; "Married 53 Years"; wife-Velma Evans Adkins next
Adkins, Nicky Don 1958 1996   Masonic Garden  
Adkins, Velma Evans 1918 1989   Masonic Garden E Star; "Married 53 Years"; husband-John Alvin Adkins next
Aecha, Kim "Lee"Lee 1941 4/6/1999     from obit:husband-Chang Hwan Lee;children:Kyong Mi "Kathy" Sok; Ron Lee;Kyong Suk "Elizabeth" Lee;more
Agee, Robert N 12/15/1927 9/20/1997   Nativity Pvt US Army WWII
Aiken, Hubert A 1909 1977   Masonic Garden wife-Marie S Aiken next
Aiken, Lassie Mary Ann 01/10/1893 10/13/1955   Masonic Garden husband-Wm D Aiken next
Aiken, Margaret P 1917 1995     husband-Whitt M Aiken next
Aiken, Marie S 1907     Masonic Garden husband-Hubert A Aiken next
Aiken, Whitt M 1914 1976     wife-Margaret P Aiken next
Aiken, William D 06/22/1888 12/23/1974   Masonic Garden wife-Lassie Mary Ann Aiken next
Aiken, William P, MD 8/29/1923 4/3/1997   Masonic Garden  
Ainscough, Clifford A 5/28/1923 2/8/1960      
Akin, Elsie M 1937 2001   Prayer husband-Richard A Akin next
Akin, Richard A 1937 11/21/1999   Prayer wif-Elsie M Akin next;fr/ob:dau-Linda Akin;sons-Richard & Luther Akin;sis-Irene Seals,Marie Myers; USAF
Akins, Bessie Sims 2/5/1908 12/27/1962   Masonic Garden  
Akins, Peggy Tankersley 1945 9/12/1999     from obit:husband-Aaron J Akins;par-Carl & Clara Tankersley;sons-Danny Ray & Kelly Akins;bro-Carl Tankersley
Akins, Roy D 1978 1981      
Albert, Jeannine 11/20/1930 4/30/2001   Devotion Mausoleum  
Albright, Jacob K 1903 1967   Apostles wife-Nell H Albright next
Albright, Nell H 1904 1978   Apostles husband-Jacob K Albright next
Alder, S Douglas, Jr 12/4/1955 6/18/1979   Apostles  
Aldridge, Ernest W 1911 2000     wife-Alice R Aldridge next
Alexander, Ariabelle L 1914 1987     husband-Thomas A Allexander next
Alexander, Auburn 1915 1988   Apostles  
Alexander, Bertha E 1911 1996   Apostles  
Alexander, Betty J 1924 1994     husband-Edward M Alexander next
Alexander, Candy 4/24/1956 4/24/1956      
Alexander, Cornelius G 1916 1991   Apostles wife-Eva M Alexander next
Alexander, Dorothy 1919 1974   Apostles  
Alexander, Edith M 1912 1996   Prayer  
Alexander, Edward M 1917 1996     wife-Betty J Alexander next
Alexander, Eva M 1913     Apostles husband-Cornelius G Alexander next
Alexander, Helen P 1927 2001   Devotion husband-James A Alexander next
Alexander, James A 1923 1995   Devotion wife-Helen P Alexander next
Alexander, Marie C 11/13/1922 2/1/1999     "Mom"; Cpl US Army WWII
Alexander, Maude C 1890 1988   Apostles  
Alexander, Nina S 1905 1985      
Alexander, Robert L 6/10/1937 12/8/1977     A2C USAF
Alexander, Thomas A 1914 1982     wife-Ariabelle L Alexander next; TEC 4 US Army WW II
Alexander, Thomas, Jr 8/8/1924 3/26/1991   Old Rugged Cross US Army, WWII
Alge, Charles L 1914 1984     wife-Sara E Alge next
Alge, Clarence J 04/12/1884 12/25/1963     wife-Hattie C Alge next
Alge, Hattie C 12/16/1887 1/25/1966     husband-Clarence J Alge next;
Alge, Sara E 1920 2000     husband-Charles L Alge next
All, Leslie N 5/29/1912 3/2/1955   Masonic Garden Mason
Allen, Alya Dean C 1923       husband-Thomas H Allen next
Allen, Arnold P 1909 1993     wife-Mary J Allen next
Allen, Bertice B 1910       husband-Elbert A Allen next
Allen, Bonnie Mae 1905 1971   Apostles  
Allen, David Mitchell, Jr 6/20/1969 4/9/1987   Nativity  
Allen, Deborah K 1955       husband-Michael E Allen next
Allen, Doris C Spence 1933 1990   Apostles "Mom"
Allen, E M "Butch" 1944       wife-Shirley L Allen next
Allen, Elbert A 1909 1984     wife-Bertice B Allen next
Allen, Ewell 1906 1978     wife-Marie N Allen next
Allen, Georgia J 1904 1989   Apostles husband-J Felt Allen next
Allen, Harry W 1903 1988     wife-Mary E Allen next
Allen, J Felt 1900 1982   Apostles wife-Georgia J Allen next
Allen, James Merrill 1929 1995   Masonic Garden wife-Patricia P Allen nextl S Wayne & Rosa B Allen
Allen, James William 1918 1983     wife-Mary Catherine Allen next
Allen, John W, III 1950       wife-Judith E Allen next
Allen, Judith E 1948       husband-John W Allen III next
Allen, Lorine 1912 8/29/2002     obit:husband-W Clyde Allen;son-W M Allen;gchildren:W David,Stan L,Katherine L & Mark D Allen;sis-Alma Boyd
Allen, M Ethelene L 1912 6/19/2002   Nativity husband-Robert Lee Allen; obit:dau-Sandra L Black;sons-Robt W "Butch" & John W Allen;soninlaw-C T Black
Allen, Marie N 1909 1993     husband-Ewell Allen next
Allen, Mary A 1902 1996      
Allen, Mary Catherine 1921       husband-James Wm Allen next
Allen, Mary E 1919       husband-Harry W Allen next
Allen, Mary J 1919 1995     husband-Arnold P Allen next
Allen, Michael E 1955       wife-Deborah K Allen next
Allen, Patricia P 1929     Masonic Garden husband-James Merrill Allen next
Allen, Retha C 1898 1980   Nativity  
Allen, Robert Lee 1913 1986   Nativity wife-M Ethelene L Allen next
Allen, Rosa B 1905 1990   Masonic Garden husband-S Wayne Allen next
Allen, S Wayne 1904 1974   Masonic Garden wife-Rosa B Allen next
Allen, Shirley L 1937       husband-E M "Butch" Allen next
Allen, Stephanie Joelle 11/26/1969 6/3/1995   Apostles "Sister"
Allen, Thomas H 1920       wife-Alya Dean C Allen next
Alley, Elizabeth 9/19/1910 12/24/1980   Sermon on the Mount  
Alley, Leona P 1902 1978   Apostles  
Alley, Norma M 1924 1997   Old Rugged Cross husband-Thomas D Alley next
Alley, Thomas D 1929 1987   Old Rugged Cross wife-Norma M Alley next
Allison, A Edwin "Ed" 1911 1986   Acacia Garden wife-Billie T Allison next
Allison, Billie T 1911 5/22/1999   Acacia Garden husband-A Edwin "Ed" Allison next
Allison, Delia E 1893 1979   Apostles  
Allison, Evangeline W 2/10/1931     Apostles husband-Ralph E Allison next
Allison, J Thomas 1920 1973     wife-V Ruth Allison next
Allison, Katheryn June 1926       husband-Steve Caywood Allison next
Allison, Katy W 1928     Old Rugged Cross husband-Ralph L Allison next
Allison, Ralph E 6/17/1931 1/22/2002   Apostles wife-Evangeline W Allison next
Allison, Ralph L 1926 1994   Old Rugged Cross wife-Katy W Allison next
Allison, Steve Caywood 1928       wife-Katheryn June Allison next
Allison, V Ruth 1921 1987     husband-J Thomas Allison next
Allison, William Ray 4/8/1972 9/21/1991      
Allmon, Beatrice E 1904 1967     husband-Edward L Allman next
Allmon, Edward L 1916 1982     wife-Beatrice E Allmon next
Alloway, Harry B, Sr 1905 1981   Apostles wife-Irene P Alloway next
Alloway, Irene P 1910     Apostles husband-Harry B Alloway Sr next
Almon, Charles P, III 5/26/1933 5/12/1980     parents: Charles P Jr & Velma D Almon next
Almon, Charles P, Jr 8/2/1905 5/27/1995     wife-Velma D Almon next; son-Charles P Almon III
Almon, Velma D 3/27/1905 7/1/1995     husband-Charles P Almon Jr next; son-Charles P Almon III
Almond, Jeremy Ray 8/5/1977 4/24/1999     from obit:dad-Lonnie Almond;mom-Kathy McNabb Hayes;bro-Michael Almond;sis-Melissa Almond;more
Alonso, Amalia R 1906 1983     husband-Vicente N Alonso next
Alonso, Vicente N 1905 1990     wife- Amalia R Alonso next
Alston, Makayla Marie 9/3/1996 9/10/1996   Babyland  
Altice, Evelyn W   2000   Old Rugged Cross "Nanny"; husband-Mitchell B "Mitch" Altice next
Altice, Mitchell B "Mitch" 1917 1993   Old Rugged Cross wife-Evelyn W Altice next
Alton, Carl W 1917 1983   Nativity  
Alton, Pauline C 1919 1987   Nativity  
Alverson, Etta R 1886 1986   Apostles husband-George W Alberson next
Alverson, George W 1877 1970   Apostles wife-Etta R Alverson next
Alverson, Nelle P 5/20/1914 1/27/2000      
Ambotis, Anthony J 1915 1985   Apostles wife-Mae Ambotis next
Ambotis, Joel Dean 11/25/1934 10/11/1960   Apostles  
Ambotis, Mae 1910 1995   Apostles husband-Anthony J Ambotis next
Ament, M Lulene 1922 1998     husband-W Calvin Ament next
Ament, W Calvin 1920 1986     wife-M Lulene Ament next
Ammons, John M, Jr 1923 1977      
Amos, James B 1919 1988     wife-Mary Jo Amos next
Amos, Mary Jo 1926 1996     husband-James B Amos next
Anderson, A V 1914 1990     wife-Doretha L Anderson next
Anderson, Alvin G 1904 1969   Apostles wife-Euna B Anderson next
Anderson, Alwyn M 10/09/1889 8/15/1955   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Sara M Anderson next
Anderson, Bessie F 1914 1986   Devotion husband-John A Anderson next
Anderson, Bettie J "Sandy" 4/5/1927 11/17/1993   Apostles  
Anderson, Betty T 10/15/1926 1/13/1961   Masonic Garden  
Anderson, Catherine B 1906 1976   Apostles husband-Cecil P Anderson next
Anderson, Catherine L "Kitty" 1924 1989      
Anderson, Cecil P 1904 1996   Apostles wife-Catherine B Anderson next
Anderson, Charles R 1929 2001   Apostles USAF
Anderson, Clara F 1898 1963   Apostles husband-James V Anderson next
Anderson, Clarence G 1900 1983   Apostles wife-Lucille R Anderson next
Anderson, Dewey H 1899 1985   Old Rugged Cross wife-Edna M Anderson next
Anderson, Doretha L 1912       husband-A V Anderson next
Anderson, E Lamar 1941 1990   Gethsemane  
Anderson, Edna M 1911     Old Rugged Cross husband-Dewey H Anderson next
Anderson, Euna B 1906 1990   Apostles husband-Alvin G Anderson next
Anderson, Fanny W 1908 4/6/2002   Acacia Garden husband-Horace J Anderson;son-Frederick H "Fred" Anderson next;from obit: dau-Judy A Bridges & Johnnie A Brock
Anderson, Fred Horace 1944 3/27/1999     from obit:par-Horace J & Fanny W Anderson;sis-Judy Bridges & Johnnie Brock;stepsons-Doug & David Wright
Anderson, Frederick H "Fred" 4/6/1942 3/27/1999   Acacia Garden parents: Horace J & Fanny W Anderson next
Anderson, George M 1899 1979   Apostles wife-Velma B Anderson next; Wm R Anderson
Anderson, H R 1904 1981   Apostles wife-Lillie A Anderson next; Roy E & Charles R Anderson
Anderson, Helen M 1927 1998   Old Rugged Cross husband-Robert A Anderson next
Anderson, Horace J 1912 1992   Acacia Garden wife-Fanny W Anderson next; son-Frederick H "Fred" Anderson
Anderson, James V 1896 1974   Apostles wife-Clara F Anderson next
Anderson, John A 1909 1963   Devotion wife-Bessie F Anderson next
Anderson, Joseph B 1918 1985   Old Rugged Cross wife-Mildred H Anderson next
Anderson, Lillie A 1907 1999   Apostles husband-H R Anderson next; Roy E & Charles R Anderson
Anderson, Lois E 1904 1987   Apostles husband-Ray Anderson next
Anderson, Lucille R 1902 1990   Apostles husband-Clarence G Anderson next
Anderson, Mildred H 1916     Old Rugged Cross husband-Joseph B Anderson next
Anderson, Paul J 12/16/1903 8/13/1956   Apostles  
Anderson, Ray 1900 1975   Apostles wife-Lois E Anderson next
Anderson, Robert A 1920 1991   Old Rugged Cross wife-Helen M Anderson next
Anderson, Roy E 1941 1964   Apostles SK 3 US Navy
Anderson, Ruth B 1903 1999      
Anderson, Sara M 10/21/1981 11/2/1985   Masonic Garden husband-Alwyn M Anderson next
Anderson, Velma B 1911 1986   Apostles husband-George M Anderson next
Anderson, William R 3/19/1931 8/30/1978   Apostles  
Andreae, Fritz V 1885 1986   Sermon on the Mount wife-Louise A Andreae next
Andreae, Louise A 1889 1971   Sermon on the Mount husband-Fritz V Andreae next
Andrew, Jammie R 1941 1982      
Andrews, Billy G 11/7/1927 6/9/2001   Apostles wife-Sydney P Andrews next; "Married 50 Years"
Andrews, Donald M 1904 1995   Apostles wife-Millicent C Andrews next
Andrews, Millicent C 1905 1969   Apostles husband-Donald M Andrews next
Andrews, Sydney P 10/12/1926     Apostles husband-Billy G Andrews next; "Married 50 Years"
Ankar, Aziz S 1905 1984   Apostles wife-Nijmeh A Ankar next
Ankar, Farid Y "Fred" 1924 4/10/2002   Apostles wif-Yasmeen Ankar next; obit:dau-Nawal Zabak;childrn:Eddie,George,Nadia & Joe Ankar
Ankar, Helen S 1908 1992   Apostles husband-Joe S Ankar next
Ankar, Joe S 1908 1993   Apostles wife-Helen S Ankar next
Ankar, Nijmeh A 1907 8/8/1999   Apostles husband-Aziz S Ankar nx;fr/ob:sons-Norman,Sam & Eddie Ankar;dau-Yasmeen,Zahweh,Lamia,Suad & Grace Ankar
Ankar, Yasmeen F 1927     Apostles husband-Farid Y "Fred" Ankar next
Appleton, Effie L 1900 1990      
Archer, Effie C 1918 1990     husband-Henry L Archer next
Archer, Henry L 1898 1921     wife-Effie C Archer next
Archer, Hertha Maria 1921 1997   Devotion  
Ardis, Ethel R 1924       husband-Vernon W Ardis next
Ardis, Vernon W 1925 1994     wife-Ethel R Ardis next
Argenbright, Barbara J 1935 1984     husband-James L Argenbright next
Argenbright, Harry G 1932       wife-Pauline C Argenbright next
Argenbright, James L 1924 1993     wife-Barbara J Argenbright next
Argenbright, Pauline C 1925 1981     husband-Harry G Argenbright next
Argo, Dorothea M 1899 1994   Devotion husband-Marion Lee Argo next
Argo, Marion Lee 1901 1974   Devotion wife-Dorothea M Argo next
Armor, Myrtle B 1899 1980   Apostles husband-Wm A Armor next
Armor, T Hicks 1904 1974     wife-Talma L Armor next
Armor, Talma L 1906 1990     husband-T Hicks Armor next
Armor, William A 1888 1967   Apostles wife-Myrtle B Armor next
Arnett, Tammy       Nativity  
Arnold, Arvin R 1923 2000      
Arnold, Billie B 1929     Prayer husband-Rev E Gene Arnold next
Arnold, Clement E 1918        
Arnold, Danielle Shaunte' 9/10/1985 9/10/1985   Masonic Garden  
Arnold, E Gene, Minister 1929 7/25/2002   Prayer wif-Billie B Arnold; obit:par-Everett & Jane Arnold;son-Brad Arnold;dau-Ann Arnold,Jane Willms & Mary Pittman
Arnold, Harry E 1906 1972   Apostles wife-Jackie C Arnold next
Arnold, Irene B 1919     Apostles husband-Russell R Arnold next
Arnold, Jackie C 1906 1975   Apostles husband-Harry E Arnold next
Arnold, Russell R 1918     Apostles wife-Irene B Arnold next
Arp, Brian Noel 4/2/1976 1/29/1992      
Arp, Charles W 1926 1995     wife-Frances I Arp next
Arp, Frances I 1928 1974     husband-Charles W Arp next
Arp, Lois O 4/14/1925 12/28/2000   Old Rugged Cross  
Arrington, Eulassie 1912 1983   Apostles  
Arrowsmith, Bessie V 1919 1993   Masonic Garden E Star; husband-Frank H Arrowsmith next
Arrowsmith, Charles H 3/1/1936 6/1/2000   Masonic Garden "husband"
Arrowsmith, Frank H 1914     Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Bessie V Arrowsmith next
Arthur, Jonathan "David" "Bear" 1949 5/14/1999   Old Rugged Cross wif-Karen S Robbins Arthur; obit:par-Lee Samuel & Louise Jones Arthur;son-Bryan Arthur;bro-Gerald Arthur;more
Arthur, Karen S Robbins 1959     Old Rugged Cross husband-Jonathan "David" "Bear" Arthur next
Arthur, Steven A 1959 1980   Apostles  
Ashburn, Jimmy Ray 6/19/1944 8/13/1991   Old Rugged Cross "Dad"
Ashburn, William A 3/20/1934 4/4/1985   Old Rugged Cross  
Ashley, Adris S 1938     Old Rugged Cross husband-G Franklin Ashley DDS next; "Married 40 Years"
Ashley, Alma J Cate 1930       husband-Edgar A Ashley next
Ashley, Bruce 1927 1984   Apostles  
Ashley, Carrie C 1901 1982   Apostles husband-Charles Ashley Sr next
Ashley, Charles Sr 1888 1974   Apostles wife-Carrie C Ashley next
Ashley, Edgar A 1923 5/15/1999     wife-Alma J Cate Ashley next;from obit:dau-Rebecca Ashley Walker;son-Anthony L Ashley
Ashley, Ethel M 12/27/1909 9/30/1974   Apostles husband-Grant R Ashley next
Ashley, G Franklin, DDS 1931 7/21/1999   Old Rugged Cross wif-Adris S Ashley,"Marr 40 years"; obit:sons-Ken,Randolph & Paul Ashley;dau-Karen Ashley; USAF
Ashley, George R 1906 1992   Apostles wife-Laura I Ashley next
Ashley, Grant R 9/21/1914 9/9/1973   Apostles wife-Ethel M Ashley next
Ashley, James R 1881 1965   Apostles wife-Sallie W Ashley next
Ashley, Laura I 1909 5/20/2002   Apostles husband-Geo R Ashley; obit:son-Reginald Ashley;stepson-Donal Ashley;stepdau-Reecie Renegar
Ashley, Louise H 1919     Apostles husband-Paul T Ashley Sr next
Ashley, Paul T, Sr 1917 2000   Apostles wife-Louise H Ashley next;Pansy,James R,Sallie W,George R,Laura I,Bruce,Charles Sr & Carrie C Ashley
Ashley, Sallie W 1878 1959   Apostles husband-James R Ashley next
Askew, Robert T, Sr 1888 1958   Masonic Garden wife-Verna H Askew next
Askew, Verna H 1894 1989   Masonic Garden husband-Robert T Askew, Sr next
Aslinger, Daniel B 1892 1965   Apostles wife-Myrtle E Aslinger next
Aslinger, Myrtle E 1905 1969   Apostles husband-Daniel B Aslinger next
Atchley, Betty Jo 1934     Apostles husband-Carl Atchley, Jr next
Atchley, Carl, Jr 1925 1988   Apostles wife-Betty Jo Atchley next
Atchley, Dawn Pierson 5/17/1921 6/19/1996     2nd LT US Army
Athearn, Raymond Russell 9/22/1905 6/25/1956   Apostles  
Ausban, Carl H 1929 1997   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Viola B Ausban next
Ausban, Viola B 1932     Masonic Garden husband-Carl H Ausban next
Austin, Ernest E 1897 1992   Apostles wife-Lella B Austin next
Austin, Lella B 1893 1992   Apostles husband-Ernest E Austin next
Autry, Gordon W 1911 3/25/1999   Apostles Mason; wife-Rose Autry next; from obit:wife-Bertha Autry;dau-Virginia Francisco
Autry, Harry "Mickey" 1941 1958   Devotion  
Autry, Martha B 1911 1971   Devotion husband-Oliver B Autry next; Harry "Mickey" Autry
Autry, Oliver B 1903     Devotion wife-Martha B Autry next; Harry "Mickey" Autry
Autry, Rose 1910 1990   Apostles E Star; husband-Gordon W Autry next
Avacoff, Isabell P 1928        
Avans, Anthony Wayne, II 1982 2002   Prayer "husbandand, Brother"
Averitt, Clifford V 6/18/1919 11/18/1968   Masonic Garden wife-Florene D Averitt next
Averitt, Earl 1902 1977   Masonic Garden wife-Neona Averitt next
Averitt, Florene D       Masonic Garden husband-Clifford V Averitt next
Averitt, Neona 1912 1972   Masonic Garden husband-Earl Averitt next
Aycock, Guy R 1902 1974      
Aycock, John Bee 1917 1962      
Ayers, Edward S 1905 1979   Devotion wife-Lillian B Ayers next
Ayers, Lillian B 1907     Devotion husband-Edward S Ayers next
Aymon, James L "Jim" 1942     Prayer wife-Patricia C "Pat" Aymon next
Aymon, Patricia C "Pat" 1942     Prayer husband-James L "Jim" Aymon next
Ayoub, Najib Simaan 1906 7/13/1998   Apostles wife-Widad Nakkara Ayoub; obit:dau-Sally Damouni & Sue Simon;sons-Fougi,Lou & Harry Ayoub;more
Ayoub, Widad Nakkara 1914 1987   Apostles husband-Najib Simaan Ayoub next
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Names of individuals in this cemetery were recorded as they appeared on the tombstones. No attempt was made to correct obvious errors or differences in spelling. Every attempt has been made to record this information correctly. However, mistakes are possible.  The information on this page may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other person or organization without the written consent of the contributor, the legal representative of the submitter, or The Hamilton County Tennessee Genealogy Society.