Hamilton Memorial Gardens
"Ba - Bl"
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5401 Highway 153
Hixson, TN 37343-4990
                                                                                (423) 877-6471

This is an extremely large and relatively new cemetery located in the Hixson area of Chattanooga on Highway 153. The cemetery is just north of Hixson Pike on Highway 153 on the left hand side of the road. Surveyed by Dennis Wilson, Jim Holcomb, Susan Kendall, Linda Coulter, and the Chattanooga Mormon Youth in 2000 - 2003. This is approximately 11,000 of the estimated 25,000 burials in this cemetery.

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Names of individuals in this cemetery were recorded as they appeared on the tombstones. No attempt was made to correct obvious errors or differences in spelling. Every attempt has been made to record this information correctly. However, mistakes are possible.  The information on this page may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other person or organization without the written consent of the contributor, the legal representative of the submitter, or The Hamilton County Tennessee Genealogy Society.

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SSDI = Social Security Death Index
Deceased Born Died Married Section Notes
Babb, Robert S 10/20/1969 12/24/1989      
Babineau, Charles L 1921 1995   Old Rugged Cross wife-Tura T Babineau next
Babineau, Shannon Lee 1973 1989   Old Rugged Cross  
Babineau, Tura T 1924     Old Rugged Cross husband-Charles L Babineau next
Bach, Billy Gene 1938 1997     wife-Ginnis E Bach next
Bach, Ginnis E 1937 1998     husband-Billy Gene Bach next
Back, Estill 1920 1982   Sermon on the Mount wife-Rosie M Back next
Back, Rosie M 1922     Sermon on the Mount husband-Estill Back next
Bacon, Ellis M 1/7/1912 4/6/1965     wife-Evelyn C Bacon next
Bacon, Ellis R 02/15/1887 9/20/1965     wife-Margaret M Bacon next
Bacon, Evelyn C 5/15/1912 1/20/1994     husband-Ellis M Bacon next;
Bacon, George L 1903 1976   Apostles wife-Susie C Bacon next
Bacon, Josephine C 1920     Devotion husband-Pryor E Bacon next
Bacon, Margaret M 05/02/1890 1/13/1959     husband-Ellis R Bacon next
Bacon, Pryor E 1913 1985   Devotion wife-Josephine C Bacon next
Bacon, Susie C 1904 2000   Apostles husband-George L Bacon next
Bader, Ovilee "Andy" Jarrett Kelly 1918 2/20/2003     obit:sis-Lorene Jarrett Touchstone;bro-Warren Jarrett;husband-Frank Kelly & Charles H Bader;son-John Kelly
Baggett, B Sue 1961   10/17/1987 Old Rugged Cross husband-Michael T Baggett next
Baggett, Della L 1939 1999   Nativity  
Baggett, Frances 1914 1982   Old Rugged Cross husband-Theodore R Baggett next
Baggett, George A 9/17/1911 12/12/1974      
Baggett, Michael T 1963 1991 10/17/1987 Old Rugged Cross wife-B Sue Baggett next
Baggett, Sue L 1911 8/5/1997     from obit: dau-Wilma Jean Rauscher;sons-Charles,Waymond L & Wm Baggett
Baggett, Theodore R 1910 1983   Old Rugged Cross wife-Frances Baggett next
Bailey, Archie K 1913 2000      
Bailey, Claude G 10/11/1908 9/25/1996   Prayer wife-Myrtle H Bailey next; RM2 US Navy WWII
Bailey, Clyde H 1907 1986   Devotion wife-Ruby Dell Bailey next; R Wade & Kathleen W Bailey
Bailey, Esther Mae 4/29/1920 8/18/1996      
Bailey, Helen R Owensby 1933     Prayer husband-Joe McGinnis Bailey next
Bailey, Joe E 1927 1987   Old Rugged Cross wife-Mary Bell Bailey next
Bailey, Joe McGinnis 1933 7/9/2002   Prayer wif-Helen R Owensby Bailey
Bailey, Kathleen W 1904 1987   Devotion husband-R Wade Bailey next
Bailey, Mary Bell 1934     Old Rugged Cross husband-Joe E Bailey next
Bailey, Myrtle Hixson 1/15/1912 6/22/1998   Prayer husband-Claude G Bailey nxt;fr/ob:dau-Jeanette Boies;sons-Gerald & David H Bailey;sis-Ida Walker & Margaret Baker
Bailey, R Wade 1904 1965   Devotion wife-Kathleen W Bailey next
Bailey, Ruby Dell 7/22/1911 7/31/2002   Devotion husband-Clyde H Bailey 
Bailey, Ruth D 1895 1976   Nativity  
Bailey, Sarah E 1892 1960   Masonic Garden  
Bain, Leveta R 1921     Old Rugged Cross husband-Luther W Bain next
Bain, Luther W 1915 1994   Old Rugged Cross wife-Leveta R Bain next
Bain, Mary Hogan 10/14/1918 9/9/1999   Devotion from obit:husband-Travis W Bain;son-John M Lovelady;dau-Beverly C Lovelady
Baird, James A 12/14/1913 5/19/1971   Masonic Garden Mason
Baird, Jimmy L 1937 2000   Nativity  
Baker, Bernice W 7/30/1916 10/27/1998   Masonic Garden E Star; husband-Lewis J Baker next
Baker, Bess M 1/7/1907 6/19/1995   Apostles husband-Brandon C Baker next
Baker, Brandon C 10/25/1904 11/7/1957   Apostles wife-Bess M Baker next
Baker, Carl 1903 1979     wife-Selma Baker next
Baker, Colla B 1904 1982   Masonic Garden husband-Joe C Baker next
Baker, D Allien 1949 *   Old Rugged Cross husband-James L Baker next
Baker, Dean 1957 2001     wife-Janet E Baker next
Baker, Debbie E 10/31/1948 7/16/1971   Apostles  
Baker, Elizabeth March 1904 1999     husband-Wm A Baker, Sr next
Baker, F Loretta 1927 1987   Sermon on the Mount "Mother"
Baker, Foye Moseley 12/30/1905 2/11/1963   Masonic Garden husband-James Seabee Baker next
Baker, Geneva Louise 1922 *   Masonic Garden husband-Jack Wm Baker next
Baker, George R "Randy" 1947 1967     Mason
Baker, Gwendolyn G 1927 1998   Apostles  
Baker, J Frank 1893 1975   Apostles wife-Rose H Baker next
Baker, Jack William 1916 1995   Masonic Garden wife-Geneva Louise Baker next
Baker, James L 1939 1984   Old Rugged Cross wife-D Allien Baker next
Baker, James Seabee 04/28/1898 1/12/1968   Masonic Garden wife-Foye Moseley Baker next
Baker, Janet E 1956       husband-Dean Baker next
Baker, Joe C 1903 1986   Masonic Garden wife-Colla B Baker next
Baker, John Allen, Jr, Sgt 1965 2001   Prayer wife-Zina C Baker next
Baker, John J 4/19/1925 12/11/1989   Nativity S1 US Navy WWII
Baker, Lewis J 10/3/1916 12/12/1998   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Bernice W Baker next
Baker, Louise M 1919     Apostles husband-Luther C Baker next
Baker, Luther C 1904 1958   Apostles wife-Louise M Baker next
Baker, Mary E 1/8/1925 5/8/1994   Apostles "Mom"; son-Wm Steve Baker next
Baker, Robert L 1913     Nativity wife-Stella R Baker next
Baker, Rose H 1893 1978   Apostles husband-J Frank Baker next
Baker, Selma 1906 1993     husband-Carl Baker next
Baker, Stella R 1920     Nativity husband-Robert L Baker next
Baker, William A, Sr 1904 1977     wife-Elizabeth March Baker next
Baker, William Steve 11/23/1954     Apostles mom-Mary E Baker next
Baker, Zina C 1964     Prayer husband-Sgt John Allen Baker Jr next
Balaban, Louise H 1918        
Baldock, Dennis W 1939       wife-Kathryn Baldock next
Baldock, Kathryn 1941 1994     husband-Dennis W Baldock next
Baldwin, Beulah M 1924 4/15/2002   Gethsemane husband-James W "Jim" Baldwin; obit:dau-Linda F Baldwin;sons-Virgil & Gene Baldwin
Baldwin, Gertrude R 1903 6/6/1997   Gethsemane son-Thomas A Baldwin next
Baldwin, James L "Jamie" 1/15/1971 6/14/1976   Gethsemane  
Baldwin, James W "Jim" 1923     Gethsemane wife-Beulah M Baldwin next
Baldwin, Sam 4/3/1900 7/3/1975   Gethsemane  
Baldwin, Thomas A 1930 6/22/1986   Gethsemane mother-Gertrude R Baldwin next
Bales, Charlene H 1925 1985   Nativity husband-Geroge W Bales next
Bales, Delores J 1933     Apostles husband-Floyd W Bales next
Bales, Douglas 1911 2000   Sermon on the Mount wife-Mariam M Bales next
Bales, Floyd W 1919 1996   Apostles wife-Delores J Bales next
Bales, George W 1925     Nativity wife-Charlene H Bales next
Bales, Loretta E 1903 1987   Apostles husband-Wanlace L Bales next
Bales, Mariam M 1915 1993   Sermon on the Mount husband-Douglas Bales next
Bales, Ricky D 1952 1997   Sermon on the Mount  
Bales, Shirley Jones 7/6/1941        
Bales, Wanlace L 1900 1973   Apostles wife-Loretta E Bales next
Ball, Albert L 1909 1983   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Bonnie B Ball next
Ball, Ann M 1913       husband-Orrin F Ball next
Ball, Bonnie B 1912 1994   Masonic Garden E Star; husband-Albert L Ball next
Ball, James E 1967 1996      
Ball, Orrin F 1912 1996     wife-Ann M Ball next
Ballard, Arnold F 1910 1982   Apostles wife-Margaret D Ballard next
Ballard, Margaret D 1918 1984   Apostles husband-Arnold F Ballard next
Ballew, Arthur G 1886 1970     wife-Mamie M Ballew next
Ballew, Eva Hickman 1918     Devotion husband-Wm W Ballew next
Ballew, Floy 1918 6/28/2002     fr/obit:1st wif-Earline Ballew;2nd wif-Dura Gribbs Ballew;son-James H Ballew;sis-Louise Carnes;bro-Buddy Ballew
Ballew, James Harold "Blue" 1941 4/9/2002     obit:par-Floy & Irleen Ballew;wif-Linda Hudson Ballew;dau-Renee Ballew & Annette Alsobrooks;US Army
Ballew, Mamie M 1900 1980     husband-Arthur G Ballew next
Ballew, William W 1913 2001   Devotion wife-Eva Hickman Ballew next
Ballinger, Glenda Slutz 1916 1993      
Ballinger, James McClain 1989        
Ballinger, Marjorie C 1911 1975   Masonic Garden husband-Wm E Ballinger next
Ballinger, William E 1910 1993   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Marjorie C Ballinger next
Bancroft, Cletus M 1923       wife-Norma C Bancroft next
Bancroft, Norma C 1931       husband-Cletus M Bancroft next
Bankston, Gayla S 1951   11/30/1973 Apostles husband-James G Bankston next
Bankston, James G 1933 1996 11/30/1973 Apostles Mason; wife-Gayla S Bankston next
Bankston, Katherine 1903 1985   Apostles husband-Lawrence G Bankston next
Bankston, Lawrence G 1904 1998   Apostles wife-Katherine Bankston next;
Bankston, Paul Randall 8/23/1949 4/23/2001   Devotion US Army
Barbee, Eva T 1908 1989   Apostles husband-Oscar M Barbee next
Barbee, Oscar M 1906 1979   Apostles wife-Eva T Barbee next
Barber, Abbie W 1906 1997     husband-Clifford Barber next
Barber, Clifford 1901 1990     wife-Abbie W Barber
Barber, Etta L 1906 1977   Nativity  
Barber, Francis J 1903 1982   Nativity  
Barber, George E 1878 1957   Apostles wife-Katie B Barber next
Barber, Katie B 1880 1968   Apostles husband-George E Barber next
Barclay, Juanita J 1922     Apostles husband-Wilson M Barclay next
Barclay, Wilson M 1915 1997   Apostles wife-Juanita J Barclay next
Bardhill, Anna Hermine 1898 1985   Sermon on the Mount  
Barebo, Jeanine 3/18/1940 10/2/2002   Prayer "Wife"
Barfield, Claudia M 1895 1985      
Barger, Ina B 1914 1968   Gethsemane  
Barger, J Newton 08/03/1879 7/19/1955   Apostles wife-Nancy C Barger next;
Barger, Julian Max 1927 1996   Prayer  
Barger, Leonard 1929 1996   Prayer  
Barger, Mary Jane 1953     Prayer  
Barger, Nancy C 08/13/1883 5/21/1963   Apostles husband-J Newton Barger next
Barger, Robert H 10/7/1901 5/1/1957   Apostles  
Barger, Susan S 1946     Prayer  
Barger, Violet M 12/23/1904 7/25/1966   Apostles  
Barger, William P 6/15/1912 1/10/1901   Apostles  
Barham, David R 1950 1993      
Barker, Clarence E 1895 1971   Apostles wife-Margaret H Barker next
Barker, Flora M 8/30/1921 1/6/1999      
Barker, George E 1889 1981   Apostles wife-Willie L Barker next
Barker, Lawrence E 6/1/1922 3/7/1999     wif-Mary Alice Baker next;obit:par-Arnold & Mae Cantrell Barker;son-Eddie Barker;dau-Rhonda Eakes;US Navy
Barker, Margaret H 1902     Apostles husband-Clarence E Barker next
Barker, Mary Alice 12/22/1927       husband-Lawrence E Barker next
Barker, Nathan 1927 7/19/2002     obIT:par-Roy H & Vaudie Ivey Barker;bro-Charles Barker;wif-Mabra Thompson Barker;sons-Scott & David Barker; WWII Vet
Barker, Reatha M 1920     Apostles husband-Taylor J Barker next
Barker, Taylor J 1914 1979   Apostles wife-Reatha M Barker next
Barker, Willie L 1893 1987   Apostles husband-George E barker next
Barkubein, Mary L 7/14/1957 11/22/1997   Prayer  
Barlow, Florrie L 1931       husband-Oscar B Barlow next
Barlow, Oscar B 1930 1989     wife-Florrie L Barlow next
Barnes, Alice S 1893 1985   Apostles husband-Wm L Barnes next
Barnes, Betty M 12/11/1937       husband-Kenneth E Barnes next
Barnes, Betty True 1896 1973      
Barnes, Edwin C 9/7/1923 2/25/1983   Apostles  
Barnes, Glenn L 2/13/1908 4/8/1957     Mason
Barnes, J Taylor 1918 1983   Old Rugged Cross wife-Lois D Barnes next
Barnes, Jean H 1926 2001     husband-Willis F Barnes next
Barnes, John E 1907 1992   Old Rugged Cross wife-Pearl M Barnes next
Barnes, John H 3/15/1919 8/4/1992   Devotion Mason; wife-Kathleen Barnes next; US Army, Korea, WWII
Barnes, Kathleen 1922 1997   Devotion husband-John H Barnes next
Barnes, Kenneth E 4/8/1932       wife-Betty M Barnes next
Barnes, Lois D 1922 1991   Old Rugged Cross husband-J Taylor Barnes next
Barnes, Lottie E 1913 1978   Apostles husband-Robert J Barnes next
Barnes, Madge M 1914       husband-Seth Barnes next
Barnes, Mary L 1917 1996   Old Rugged Cross husband-Ollie F Barnes next
Barnes, Ollie F 1915 1998   Old Rugged Cross wife-Mary L Barnes next
Barnes, Pearl M 1917     Old Rugged Cross husband-John E Barnes next
Barnes, Robert Glenn 5/25/1940 5/12/1962      
Barnes, Robert J 1921 1985   Apostles wife-Lottie E Barnes next
Barnes, Seth 1896 1957     wife-Madge M Barnes next
Barnes, William L 1876 1957   Apostles wife-Alice S Barnes next
Barnes, Willis F 1922       wife-Jean H Barnes next
Barnett, Cecil B 1921 2002   Apostles wife-Lucille S Barnett next
Barnett, Joseph J D 1943        
Barnett, Lucille S 1918     Apostles husband-Cecil B Barnett next
Barnett, Nancy D 1912 1979   Apostles husband-Voyd A Barnett next
Barnett, Tim 1962        
Barnett, Voyd A 1911 1987   Apostles wife-Nancy D Barnett next
Barrett, Charles       Sermon on the Mount  
Barrett, Doris Cooper 1905 9/16/2002     obit:husband-Julian Erastus Barrett;dau-JoAnne Johnson & Jeanne Evans;sis-Lucille Mitchell
Barrett, Edward Oakley 1914 1993     wife-Ruth Barber Barrett next
Barrett, Mary       Sermon on the Mount  
Barrett, Rebecca G 2/8/1960 8/1/1975   Nativity  
Barrett, Ruth Barber 1913       husband-Edward Oakley Barrett next
Barrett, Susan Rebecca 1957 5/13/1999     from obit:par-Jack & Virginia Barrett;sons-Anthony & Derrick Barrett;dau-C'eria Barrett
Barrow, Frank M 1916 1976   Nativity wife-Kathryn B Barrow next 
Barrow, Kathryn B 1916 1995   Nativity husband-Kathryn B Barrow
Bartholomew, C Marvin 5/29/1903 12/8/1986      
Bartholomey, Barbette 1910 1981   Old Rugged Cross husband-Peter H Bartholomey next
Bartholomey, Mildred Anderson   3/27/2002     from obit:par-Elton Nathaniel & Susie Chalker Anderson;hub-Pete Bartholomey;dau-Lanna McEwen & Lisa Barth.
Bartholomey, Peter H 1907 1995   Old Rugged Cross wife-Barbette Bartholomey next
Bartholomey, Scott Pierre 5/24/1963 12/11/1976     s/o-Mildred Anderson Bartholomey
Barton, Altha L 1914     Devotion  
Barton, Clifton H 1891 1977   Devotion  
Bash, Clyde D 1920       wife-Mary J Bash next; Eleanore P Bash
Bash, Eleanore P 1923        
Bash, Mary J 1923       husband-Clyde D Bash next; Eleanore P Bash
Bass, Beulah Mae 1901 1994   Masonic Garden E Star; husband-Finas Bass next
Bass, Calvin Kim 11/27/1962 5/25/1968      
Bass, Finas 1898 1955   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Beulah Mae Bass next
Bass, Tammy D 1961     Masonic Garden husband-Terry R Bass next
Bass, Terry R 1958 2001   Masonic Garden "IBEW"; wife-Tammy D Bass next
Bates, Arthur H, Jr 1914 1971   Apostles wife-Sara J Bates next
Bates, David H 1929 1984   Old Rugged Cross wife-Ruby L Bates next
Bates, Joshua Aaron 5/24/1982 9/27/1982   Babyland Twin
Bates, Lorene S 1893 1968   Apostles  
Bates, Ruby L 1930     Old Rugged Cross husband-David H Bates next
Bates, Sara J 1914     Apostles husband-Arthur H Bates, Jr next
Bates, Zachary Abel 12/11/1997 12/11/1997   Babyland  
Batson, Mary "Martha" Gunter 1943 6/1/2002     obit:par-Sheldon J & Ellen Ruth Gunter;husband-Thomas Kenneth Batson;sons-Thomas W & Kevin B Batson
Battey, Doris F 1929 2001   Prayer husband-James E Battey next
Battey, Edith G 1898 1962   Apostles husband-Marshall B Battey next
Battey, James E 1928 2001   Prayer wife-Doris F Battey next
Battey, Marshall B 1897 1960   Apostles wife-Edith G Battey next
Battle, Anna M 1900 1976   Apostles husband-Erb R Battle next
Battle, Erb R 1900 1986   Apostles wife-Anna M Battle next
Battle, John W 1940 1970   Apostles  
Batts, Nancy Elizabeth Bradshaw 12/31/1920 10/14/2000   Nativity "Mom"; husband-Joe L Bradshaw next
Baugh, James 08/03/1889 3/8/1972   Apostles wife-Sarah L Baugh next
Baugh, Sarah L 06/15/1891 11/23/1956   Apostles husband-James Baugh next
Baumgartner, Mary L 1911 1994   Apostles husband-Weyman L Baumgartner next
Baumgartner, Weyman L 1913 1993   Apostles wife-Mary L Baumgartner next
Baxter, Grant Sanders 11/18/1960 8/20/1993      
Baxter, Kenneth S 1930       wife-Rebekah Jean Baxter next
Baxter, Rebekah Jean 1928 1993     husband-Kenneth S Baxter next
Baysinger, Claude V 1904 1985   Apostles wife-Thora M Baysinger next
Baysinger, Thora M 1910 1985   Apostles husband-Claude V Baysinger next
Beach, Edward Junior 1934 5/12/2002   Devotion obit:wif-Hazel Semanick Beach;son-Edward Michael Beach;dau-Monica Ann Partin;sis-Ann Margaret Gearrin
Beach, Florence 07/21/1894 8/24/1984      
Beach, Frank A 1910 1970     wife-Maude S Beach next
Beach, Lillie Maude Sims 1904 10/14/1999     from obit:husband-Frank Alfred Beach;son-Cecil P Beach;dau-Louise Beach Sims & Becky Beach Warren
Beach, Maude S 1904 1999     husband-Frank A. Beach next
Bean, Charlie M 1900 1985     wife-Ersie R Bean next
Bean, Ersie R 1903 1982     husband-Charlie M Bean next
Bean, Essie Abney 12/23/1889 11/20/1981     husband-Wm R Bean next
Bean, John Henry 11/6/1908 4/11/1982 11/17/1937   wife-Mamie K Bean next
Bean, Mamie K 10/10/1917 1/20/1998 11/17/1937   husband-John Henry Bean next
Bean, Raylee "Graham" 2/7/1976 10/16/1990      
Bean, William R 10/29/1888 2/3/1968     wife-Essie Abney Bean next
Beard, Alice A 1912     Apostles husband-J Willis Beard next
Beard, J L 1911 1981   Apostles wife-Thora P Beard next
Beard, J Willis 1907 1992   Apostles wife-Alice A Beard next
Beard, Laura Callie 3/7/1990 3/14/1990   Babyland  
Beard, Thora P 1906 1988   Apostles husband-J L Beard next
Bearden, Edith W 1927     Old Rugged Cross husband-Jesse E Bearden next
Bearden, Jesse E 1929 2001   Old Rugged Cross wife-Edith W Bearden next
Beasley, Billy Joe 1939 2001   Apostles wife-Lucy L Beasley next
Beasley, Lucy L 1943     Apostles husband-Billy Joe Beasley next
Beasley, Robert H, Jr 9/1/1919 11/24/2001   Devotion Mausoleum  
Beasley, William Ashley 1911 6/7/1999     from obit:son-James Marion Beasley;dau-Billie Lucille Beadle &Peggy Ruth Condon;bro-Max Beasley
Beattie, William C 6/27/1947 8/30/1997      
Beaumont, Fletcher A 1893 1972   Masonic Garden wife-Grace K Beaumont next
Beaumont, Grace K 1905 1979   Masonic Garden husband-Fletcher A Beaumont next
Beavers, Alta A 7/31/1965       husband-Stephen D Beavers next
Beavers, Betty L 1928 1997   Old Rugged Cross husband-Clarence F Beavers Jr next
Beavers, Charles M 1909 2000   Apostles wife-Minnie J Beavers next
Beavers, Clarence F, Jr 1927     Old Rugged Cross wife-Betty L Beavers next
Beavers, E H 1903 1991   Old Rugged Cross wife-Sarah V Beavers next
Beavers, Jeanette L 1902 1956   Masonic Garden  
Beavers, Lola P 1906 2001   Apostles  
Beavers, Marvin B 1912 1991     Mason; wife-Susie A Beavers next
Beavers, Minnie J 1904 1988   Apostles husband-Charles M Beavers next
Beavers, Sarah V 1907 1982   Old Rugged Cross husband-E H Beavers next
Beavers, Stephen D 5/24/1960 10/14/1992     wife-Alta A Beavers next
Beavers, Susie A 1913       husband-Marvin B Beavers next
Beck, Jeffery Brian 1/30/1958 7/8/1999     from obit:par-George Gordon & LaVonne Beck;wife-Carol Goodgame Beck;sons-Rob Gardner & Brian Beck;
Beck, John J 1889 1966   Devotion  
Beck, Martha A 1893 1973   Gethsemane  
Beck, Ronald Eugene 1/26/1959 5/7/1996   Prayer  
Beckler, Don R 1928 1978   Apostles  
Bedoit, Harry W 1885 1974   Nativity wife-Jessie B Bedoit next
Bedoit, Jessie B 1887 1962   Nativity husband-Harry W Bedoit next
Bedwell, Harry C 3/25/1946 1/24/1999      
Beene, Albert H 1895 1978     wife-Villa D Beene next
Beene, Anna K 2/13/1982 3/3/1995   Apostles  
Beene, Anne H 7/7/1901 9/7/1972   Devotion husband-Wm H Beene Sr next
Beene, Annie G H 04/29/1896 2/16/1975   Apostles  
Beene, Dorman B 1916 1986   Apostles wife-Wanda B Beene next
Beene, Grace E 1920 1996      
Beene, Joey E 1955 1981   Old Rugged Cross  
Beene, Joyce 1935 8/12/1999     from obit:husband-James A Beene Sr;son-James A Beene Jr;mom-Louise Smith Benjamin;bro-James J Smith
Beene, Villa D 1896 1978     husband-Albert H Beene next
Beene, Wanda B 1922 1994   Apostles husband-Dorman B Beene next
Beene, William H, Sr 01/26/1899 5/7/1965   Devotion wife-Anne H Beene next
Beever, Norma F 1904 1983   Apostles  
Belcher, Charles R 1905 1989     wife-Corinne S Belcher next
Belcher, Corinne S 1905       husband-Charles R Belcher next
Belk, Charles W 1919 1979   Apostles wife-Dorothy B Belk next
Belk, Dorothy B 1923 1990   Apostles husband-Charles W Belk next
Belk, Floyd L 8/1/1910 11/3/1981   Apostles wife-Virgie L Belk next
Belk, Virgie L 8/26/1911     Apostles husband-Floyd L Belk next
Bell, Alvin York, Jr 1968 1992   Nativity  
Bell, Ann 1921     Apostles husband-Ray Bell next
Bell, Barbara S 1943       husband-Gordon R Bell next
Bell, Charlie 1912 1958   Apostles wife-Zelma Bell next
Bell, Conrad C 1899 1965   Apostles Mason; wife-Lizzie Y Bell next
Bell, Gordon R 1936       wife-Barbara S Bell next
Bell, Ina R 1921 1991     husband-Wm G Bell next
Bell, James L 1956 1994 9/21/1985 Apostles wife-Subrena M Bell next
Bell, Lewis 1903 1995      
Bell, Lizzie Y 1897 1970   Apostles husband-Conrad C Bell next
Bell, Ray 1920 1998   Apostles wife-Ann Bell next
Bell, Subrena M 1961   9/21/1985 Apostles husband-James L Bell next
Bell, Tanya 1/9/1949 8/30/1997      
Bell, William G 1916 1991     wife-Ina R Bell next
Bell, Zelma 1909 1978   Apostles husband-Charlie Bell next
Belvin, David L 1931     Apostles wife-Lois T Belvin next
Belvin, Lois T 1932     Apostles husband-David L Belvin next
Belvin, Olene Todd 8/9/1931     Apostles husband-Wm E Belvin Jr next
Belvin, William E, Jr 8/30/1921 6/24/1999   Apostles wif-Olene Todd Belvin next; obit:wif-Leona Dodd Belvin;dau-Gretchen Cline;sons-Mark & Eric Belvin; US Army WWII
Benford, Vivian L 1922 1993   Apostles E Star; husband-Willie Benford next
Benford, Willie 1909 1981   Apostles wife-Vivian L Benford next
Benjamin, Joseph 6/15/1921 9/24/1993   Old Rugged Cross TMT2 US Navy, WWII
Bennett, Ad Young 1892 1965     wife-Irene C Bennett next
Bennett, Beth T 7/21/1938 5/11/1986   Apostles  
Bennett, Daisy 1911 1996   Apostles husband-Horace W Bennett next
Bennett, Horace W 8/19/1907 5/15/1995   Apostles wife-Daisy Bennett next; S1 US Navy WWII
Bennett, Irene C 1896 1972     husband-Ad Young Bennett next
Bennett, Nancy Beth Troxell 1938 1986   Apostles Info courtesy Mary Rogers maryrogers513@gmail.com
Bennett, Thomas Tyler 7/4/1985 7/5/1985      
Benolken, Blanche D 1917 1998     husband-George H Benolken next
Benolken, George H 7/6/1901 1/29/1960     wife-Blanche D Benolken next
Bentley, Charles H 1915 1992   Old Rugged Cross wife-Margaret W Bentley next
Bentley, Margaret W 1916     Old Rugged Cross husband-Charles H Bentley next
Benton, Archie L 1912 1985   Apostles  
Benton, Bertie K 1924 1991     husband-LeBron B Benton next
Benton, Betty Jo 1934       husband-Herman L Benton next
Benton, Fannie M 1909 1998   Apostles husband-James "Jim" Benton next
Benton, Herman L 1930 1992     wife-Betty Jo Benton next
Benton, James "Jim" 1904 1977   Apostles wife-Fannie M Benton next
Benton, LeBron B 1924 1989     wife-Bertie K Benton next
Benton, Lewis 1916 6/17/1998     fr obit:wife-Josie Benton;dau-Joyce Sledge & Bessie Gravitt;sis-Jimmie Warren,Jackie Miller & Lydia Benton;
Benton, Roy V 1912 2002   Apostles wife-Verna V Benton next
Benton, Verna V 1915     Apostles husband-Roy V Benton next
Bergmann, Paul Jr. 7/16/1922 4/10/1997   Nativity S2 US Navy
Berner, William Charles "Bill" 7/8/1920 6/16/1998     obit: wife-Marie M Berner; sis-Helen March
Berney, Myrtle E 1900 1975   Apostles  
Berry, Blanche T 1924 1976   Nativity husband-Phil T Berry next
Berry, Christine E 1948 2001   Apostles  
Berry, Clarence L 1913 1973   Apostles wife-Mary B Berry next
Berry, Dewey C 1924 1970   Apostles  
Berry, Hester G 1887 1970   Apostles  
Berry, Ina B 1/26/1907 10/6/1995   Apostles  
Berry, Irene M 1910 1992   Old Rugged Cross husband-Osborne T Berry next
Berry, Jeanne 1941 9/23/1999     from obit:husband-Herbert E Berry Jr;dau-Michelle Hedrick & Monica Byas;son-Scott Berry;bro-Kenneth Barrett
Berry, Jennie 1924 1988     husband-Ralph Berry next; Ken H Berry
Berry, Ken H 1949 1997      
Berry, Mary B 1919 2001   Apostles husband-Clarence L Berry next
Berry, Ola Reed 1915 1964   Apostles  
Berry, Osborne T 1907     Old Rugged Cross wife-Irene M Berry next
Berry, Phil T 1918 1991   Nativity wife-Blanche T Berry next
Berry, Ralph 1926 2000     wife-Jennie Berry next; Ken H Berry
Bertrand, Matthew E 4/8/1990 4/8/1990   Babyland  
Bethel, Jack R 1915 1973   Devotion wife-Roberta E Bethel next
Bethel, Roberta E 1915 1978   Devotion husband-Jack R Bethel next
Bettcher, Florence M 1905 1992   Old Rugged Cross husband-Rev Roy A Bettcher next
Bettcher, Roy A, Rev 1904 1993   Old Rugged Cross wife-Florence M Bettcher next
Bettis, D Howard 1931 8/7/1997     from obit:wife-Vera Elder Bettis;dau-Shelly Chasteen & Lisa Bettis;mom-Ida Bettis;sis-Lorene Talley
Bettis, Dollie H 1898 1964      
Bettis, Lora A 1895 1965   Masonic Garden  
Betts, Mary J 1943 1998   Prayer husband-Norman Betts next
Betts, Norman 1936     Prayer wife-Mary J Betts next
Bevill, Ellis M, Sr 1941       wife-Gloria M Bevill next
Bevill, Gloria M 1943       husband-Ellis M Bevill Sr next
Bible, Hope M 1924     Prayer husband-Raymond W Bible, Sr next
Bible, Raymond W, Sr 1918 1995   Prayer wife-Hope M Bible next
Bice, Ruth M 1901 1994   Apostles  
Bickers, Brian James 3/30/1971 7/16/1997   Apostles  
Bickford, Edith Webb 1915     Prayer husband-J Ernest Bickford next
Bickford, J Ernest 1913 1998   Prayer wife-Edith Webb Bickford next
Biddle, Earl M 1898 1980     wife-Maude B Biddle next
Biddle, Martha Ozell Blansit 1923 6/26/1999     husband-Dr S Milford Biddle next; obit:dau-Phyllis Kelley & Loretta Rolen;bro-Gordon,Lee & Leslie Blansit
Biddle, Maude D 1913 1984     husband-Earl M Biddle next
Biddle, S Milford, Dr 1924       wife-Martha O Biddle next
Biddy, Clyde Lee 1942 1964   Apostles  
Biddy, Everette L 09/24/1896 1/16/1982   Apostles wife-Mary E Biddy next
Biddy, Mary E 5/7/1911 12/29/1990   Apostles husband-Everette L Biddy next
Bidwell, Estelle H 1917 1998   Apostles husband-Grady L Bidwell next
Bidwell, Grady L 1922 1985   Apostles wife-Estelle H Bidwell next
Bidwell, L Belle 1910 1995      
Biggs, Carl W 10/22/1918 12/15/1991     US Army WW II
Biggs, James Earl 1/20/1931 12/1/1980      
Biggs, Robert Carl 2/17/1960 8/17/1980      
Billingsley, Charles T 1907 1967   Devotion  
Billingsley, Frances E 1920     Prayer husband-Graham A Billingsley next; "Married 60 Years"
Billingsley, Fred J 1885 1960   Apostles  
Billingsley, Graham A 1914 2001   Prayer wife-Frances E Billingsley next; "Married 60 Years"
Billingsley, Jackie A 1932 1987   Apostles husband-Leonard L Billingsley Jr next; inlaws-Leonard L & Jessie P Billingsley; Fred J Billingsley
Billingsley, Jessie P 1897 1989   Apostles husband-Leonard L Billingsley Sr next; son-Leonard L Jr
Billingsley, Leonard L, Jr 1931 2001   Apostles wife-Jackie A Billingsley next; parents-Leonard L Sr & Jessie P Billingsley; Fred J Billingsle