Hamilton Memorial Gardens
"Bo - By"
(Partial Listing)

5401 Highway 153
Hixson, TN 37343-4990
(423) 877-6471


This is an extremely large and relatively new cemetery located in the Hixson area of Chattanooga on Highway 153. The cemetery is just north of Hixson Pike on Highway 153 on the left hand side of the road. Surveyed by Dennis Wilson, Jim Holcomb, Susan Kendall, Linda Coulter, and the Chattanooga Mormon Youth in 2000 - 2003. This is approximately 11,000 of the estimated 25,000 burials in this cemetery.

Names of individuals in this cemetery were recorded as they appeared on the tombstones. No attempt was made to correct obvious errors or differences in spelling. Every attempt has been made to record this information correctly. However, mistakes are possible.  The information on this page may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other person or organization without the written consent of the contributor, the legal representative of the submitter, or The Hamilton County Tennessee Genealogy Society.

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SSDI = Social Security Death Index

Deceased Born Died Married Section Notes
Boardman, Steven J 1915 1998      
Boatner, Wilburn D "Billy" 1910 1996      
Bodine, Alice E 1944 1986     husband-George D Bodine next
Bodine, Bertha E 1912 1997   Apostles husband-Wallace D Bodine next
Bodine, George D 1934       wife-Alice E Bodine next
Bodine, Wallace D 1910 1962   Apostles wife-Bertha E Bodine next
Boerger, Barbara B 1932       husband-Herbert T Boerger next; son-Richard T Boerger, dau-Belinda Cay Boerger next
Boerger, Belinda Cay 1969 1969     par-Herbert T & Barbara B Boerger, bro-Richard T Boerger next
Boerger, Herbert T 1929 1988     wife-Barbara B Boerger next; son-Richard T Boerger, dau-Belinda Cay Boerger next
Boerger, Richard T 1953 1967     par-Herbert T & Barbara B Boerger, sis-Belinda Cay Boerger next
Bogart, Frank M 1888 1977      
Bogart, Marjorie C 1923       husband-Robert M Bogart Sr next Frank M Bogart
Bogart, Robert M, Sr 1923 1996     wife-Marjorie C Bogart next
Boggs, John W "Trey" III 7/23/1992 7/30/1994   Devotion  
Bohanan, Ross W 1899 1988   Apostles wife-Valerie F Bohanan next
Bohanan, Valerie F 1903 1993   Apostles husband-Ross W Bohanan next
Bohon, Clint W 1912 1994     wife-Marge S Bohon next
Bohon, Marge S 1913 1994     husband-Clint W Bohon next
Bokina, Carolyn 1944        
Bolden, Nettie H 1915     Apostles husband-Wm H Bolden next
Bolden, William H 1900 1985   Apostles wife-Nettie H Bolden next
Bolden, William R 4/30/1921 9/27/1981   Apostles US Army WWII
Boles, Dorothy Loretta Knight 1924 11/30/1999     husband-Oscar Fred Boles nx;fr/ob:dau-Mary Jane Tilley;sons-Ralph Banton,Larry Steele,Johnny Steele;bro-Ed Knight
Boles, Earl W 1922 1994     wife-Earline H Boles next
Boles, Earline H 1923 1997     husband-Earl W Boles next
Boles, Oscar Fred 1922 2000     wife-Dorothy C Boles next
Boles, Peggy Morgan 1942 1974   Apostles  
Bolles, Debra M 9/28/1953 4/9/1977      
Bolt, James Sherly 12/13/1907 1/18/1964   Apostles wife-Margaret K Bolt next
Bolt, Margaret K 8/24/1910 7/11/2000   Apostles husband-James Sherly Bolt next
Bolt, Sidney Guy 11/6/1906 5/26/1998   Apostles  
Bolton, Robert "Bob" 1907 7/19/1999     obit:wif-Ruth Henderson Bolton;dau-Martha C Cofer,Mary C Kirk,Patricia A Guerry;bro-Daniel & Bill Bolton
Bolton, Ruth Lena Henderson   4/12/1999     from obit:husband-Robert "Bob" Bolton;dau-Carolyn Cofer,Mary Cathryn Kirk,Patricia Ann Guerry;bro-W F Henderson
Bonnett, George W 1945 1989     wife-Patricia S Bonnett next
Bonnett, Patricia S 1939       husband-George W Bonnett next
Booker, Shelby Marie 7/9/1997 7/25/1998   Prayer obit:par-Mike & Donna Booker;bro-Blaine Booker;gpar-Harold & Linda Holiday;Billy Joe Booker & Eleanor Smith
Bookout, John W 1916 1995   Prayer wife-Ruth A Bookout next
Bookout, Ruth A 1920     Prayer husband-John W Bookout next
Boone, Lillian K 1906 1992     husband-Wendell H Boone next
Boone, Pamela A 1946 1977      
Boone, Wendell H 1902 1978     wife-Lillian K Boone next
Boran, Ella Mae 1920     Nativity husband-Paul N Boran, Sr next
Boran, Paul N, Sr 1917 2002   Nativity wife-Ella Mae Boran next
Borden, Alva 1928     Apostles husband-George Borden next
Borden, George 1924 1970   Apostles wife-Alva Borden next
Borders, Constance B 1897 1957   Masonic Garden husband-Lee A Borders next
Borders, Jean L 1930 1993     husband-Lee P Borders next
Borders, Lee A 1898 1959   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Constance B Borders next
Borders, Lee P 1926       wife-Jean L Borders next
Boren, Charlsey M Johnson 1918 1998   Prayer husband-Elbert Monroe Boren next
Boren, Elbert Monroe 4/30/1917 12/7/1999   Prayer wif-Charlsey M Johnson Boren;fr/obit:dau-Dianne Patton;sons-James,Ronald & Larry Boren; PFC, US Army WWII
Bornscheur, Elsie A 1920       husband-Harry R Bornscheur next
Bornscheur, Harry R 1919 1994     wife-Elsie A Bornscheur next
Bostain, Beatrice S 1893 1976   Acacia Garden husband-Earl A Bostain next
Bostain, Earl A 1889 1978   Acacia Garden wife-Beatrice S Bostain next
Boswell, Baby Girl 4/15/1966 4/15/1966   Babyland "Infant Daughter of M/M Wm Rex Boswell"
Boswell, Everett W   8/11/1999     obit:wife-Emma J Boswell;son-Everett C Boswell;dau-Rita B Nabors;bro-Ray C & Sylvan Boswell,Martin Perez; US Army Air Force WWII
Bosworth, Carolyn   7/2/1999     from obit:husband-Larry Bosworth;dau-Kelley Molavi & Rebecca Liebman;par-Mildred W Thomas & Albert D Carter;
Bottoms, Arthur D 1932       wife-Mary E Bottoms next
Bottoms, John D 1931 1995     wife-Katherine F Bottoms next
Bottoms, Katherine F 1937       husband-John D Bottoms next
Bottoms, Mary E 1926 1998     husband-Arthur D Bottoms next
Boudrie, Edward J 1920 1995     wife-Mary D Boudrie next
Boudrie, Mary D 1917 2000     husband-Edward J Boudrie next
Bouldin, Bertha O 3/11/1925     Old Rugged Cross husband-Lester B Bouldin next
Bouldin, Lester B 5/12/1918 11/5/1988   Old Rugged Cross wife-Bertha O Bouldin next; PFC USMC, WWII
Bowen, Denva E, Jr 1930       wife-Glorria A Bowen next
Bowen, Glorria A 1943       husband-Denva E Bowen, Jr next
Bowen, H Louise Cox 1951 1989      
Bowen, Harry F 1891 1989   Apostles wife-Hester H Bowen next
Bowen, Hester H 1892 1973   Apostles husband-Harry F Bowen next
Bowen, James Herman 2/27/1938 1/23/1978   Apostles  
Bowles, Hume S 1904 1982   Apostles Mason; wife-Sylvia G Bowles next
Bowles, Sylvia G 1905 1993   Apostles husband-Hume S Bowles next
Bowling, Ethel T 1901 1977   Apostles husband-Thomas L Bowling next
Bowling, Larry E 4/23/1948 10/14/1994   Apostles  
Boling, Lona Mae 1919 1966   Apostles husband-Y L Bowling next
Bowling, Myrtle Lazzell 1907 1989      
Bowling, Thomas L 1902 1997   Apostles wife-Ethel T Bowling next
Boling, Y L 1913 1970   Apostles wife-Lona Mae Bowling next
Bowman, Allen R 1953       wife-Mable L Bowman next
Bowman, Emmett A, Jr 1933 2001   Apostles wife-Helen E Bowman next
Bowman, Ettie M 1893 1969   Apostles husband-James Robert Bowman Sr next; son-James Robert Jr
Bowman, Helen E 1935     Apostles husband-Emmett A Bowman Jr next
Bowman, Henry M 1909 1974   Masonic Garden wife-Hester S Bowman next
Bowman, Hester S 1911 1983   Masonic Garden E Star; husband-Henry M Bowman next
Bowman, Howard C 1928     Old Rugged Cross wife-Wilma P Bowman next
Bowman, James Robert, Jr 1925 1994   Apostles wife-Kathryn C Bowman next; par-James Robert Sr & Ettie M Bowman
Bowman, James Robert, Sr 1888 1961   Apostles wife-Ettie M Bowman next; son-James Robert Jr, 
Bowman, Jane Ann 6/29/1928 10/17/1998   Old Rugged Cross "Mom"
Bowman, Katherine E   1995      
Bowman, Kathryn C 1924 2001   Apostles husband-James Robert Bowman Jr next; inlaws-James Robert Sr & Ettie M Bowman
Bowman, Lillian A 1921       husband-Wm L Bowman next
Bowman, Mable L 1954 1987     husband-Allen R Bowman next
Bowman, Marie M 1922     Acacia Garden husband-Ray T Bowman next; "Married 60 Years"
Bowman, Mary J 1925 2000   Old Rugged Cross  
Bowman, Mattie S 1906 1987   Apostles husband-Wm R Bowman next
Bowman, Prady 1896 1979   Apostles wife-Zelphie J Bowman next
Bowman, Ray T 1916 2002   Acacia Garden wife-Marie M Bowman next; "Married 60 Years"
Bowman, Robert 1945     Old Rugged Cross  
Bowman, William L 1916 1994     wife-Lillian A Bowman next
Bowman, William R 1899 1975   Apostles wife-Mattie S Bowman next
Bowman, Wilma P 1931     Old Rugged Cross husband-Howard C Bowman next
Bowman, Zelphie  J A 1910 4/1/1999   Apostles husband-Prady Bowman next; obit:dau-Corene Roberson,Wilma Rylander,Wanda Fugatt,Bernice Rymer;more
Boyce, Albert Charles 3/11/1921 9/2/1959   Devotion Cora Lee Boyce Goodner next; Tn Pvt Co B 21 Inf WWII
Boyd, Albert J 1926 8/7/1999     from obit:wife-Mildred Phillips Boyd;dau-Kathy Jacobson;sons-Wayne,Eugene,David & Richard Boyd; US Navy WWII
Boyd, Anna E Sarrell 1908 1994     2 husband next: Wm A Sarrell & Robert Wesley Boyd; Wm D "Bill" Sarrell
Boyd, Bobby Allen 1950       wife-Sandy L Roberson Boyd next; parents-Thomas "Glenn" & Helen Allison Boyd; bro-Thomas "Jerry" Boyd next
Boyd, Darrell Carson 1948 2000   Nativity  
Boyd, Earl W 1934 2001   Nativity wife-Mary Frances Boyd next
Boyd, Helen Louise Allison 3/5/1923       husband-Thomas "Glenn" Boyd next; son-Thomas "Jerry" Boyd; son/dil-Bobby Allen & Sandy L Boyd next
Boyd, Herbert L 1926       wife-Sarah J Boyd next
Boyd, Hubert C 1914 2001   Nativity wife-Mistie J Boyd next; US Air Force
Boyd, J Paul, Sr 1913 1984     wife-Jewell S Boyd next
Boyd, Jess K 1903 1967     wife-Lennie Marie Boyd next
Boyd, Jesse M 1912 1988     wife-Madeline S Boyd next
Boyd, Jewell S 1922 1996     husband-J Paul Boyd, Sr next
Boyd, Lennie Marie 1905 1997     husband-Jess K Boyd next
Boyd, Madeline S 1919 1991     husband-Jesse M Boyd next
Boyd, Mary Frances 1937 1998   Nativity husband-Earl W Boyd next
Boyd, Mistie J 1914 1994   Nativity husband-Hubert C Boyd next
Boyd, Robert Wesley 1897 1993     wife-Anna E Sarrell Boyd next; Wm D "Bill" & Wm A Sarrell
Boyd, Rose Dobbs 09/20/1887 10/19/1966   Masonic Garden  
Boyd, Sandy L Roberson 1954 1991     husband-Bobby Allen Boyd next;inlaws-Thomas "Glenn" & Helen Louise Allison Boyd
Boyd, Sarah J 1930       husband-Herbert L Boyd next
Boyd, Thomas "Glenn" 1919 1994     wife-Helen Louise Allison Boyd next; son-Thomas "Jerry" Boyd; son/dil-Bobby A & Sandy L Boyd next
Boyd, Thomas "Jerry" 4/30/1943 1/17/1963     par: Thomas "Glenn" & Helen Louise Allison Boyd next; bro/sil-Bobby Allen & Sandy L Roberson Boyd next
Boydston, Grace Y 1904 1992      
Boyer, Alma B 1927     Nativity husband-Franklin L Boyer next
Boyer, Franklin L 1926 1980   Nativity wife-Alma B Boyer next
Boyer, M Edna 1908 1994     E Star; husband-Samuel H Boyer next
Boyer, Samuel H 1904 1991     Mason; wife-M Edna Boyer next
Boyett, Peggy Roberts 1959 2001      
Bracken, Fannie L 05/19/1898 1/19/1973   Masonic Garden husband-Hubert L Bracken next
Bracken, Hubert A 03/17/1893 10/17/1958   Masonic Garden wife-Fannie L Bracken next
Brackett, Charles C 1924 1992   Old Rugged Cross wife-Opal H Brackett next
Brackett, Opal H 1925     Old Rugged Cross husband-Charles C Brackett next
Bradford, Allan C 1972 1979      
Bradford, Annie 1895 1980   Masonic Garden  
Bradford, Ferrell H 1939       wife-Janie S Bradford next; Allan C Bradford
Bradford, George F 1919 2001     wife-Mabel S Bradford next
Bradford, Hugh 1914 1986   Masonic Garden  
Bradford, James W 1932 1988   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Jean S Bradford next
Bradford, Janie S 1941       husband-Ferrell H Bradford next; Allan C Bradford
Bradford, Jean S 1935 1995   Masonic Garden husband-James W Bradford next
Bradford, Mabel S 1920       husband-George F Bradford next
Bradford, Margaret C 1928 1991   Old Rugged Cross  
Bradford, Margrit Ann 8/23/1950 3/23/1955   Masonic Garden  
Bradford, Maria M 1927 5/14/1999     obit:husband-Will Jack Bradford;dau-Linda Bradford;son-Christian Will Bradford;sis-Luise Schoch & Rosina Innreiter
Bradford, Thomas A 1899 1973   Devotion  
Bradley, Nora F 1906 1986   Apostles husband-Paul B Bradley next
Bradley, Paul B 1894 1973   Apostles wife-Nora F Bradley next
Bradshaw, Joe L 10/9/1914 8/26/1986   Nativity wife-Nancy Elizabeth Bradshaw Batts next; F1 US Navy WWII
Brady, Beatrice B 11/14/1905 2/9/1984   Apostles husband-Wm D Brady Sr next
Brady, Hazel L 4/5/1934 4/26/1998   Devotion "Mom, Gmom"; next: Blanch Brady Shropshire
Brady, John  Harper 09/20/1891 8/11/1969   Apostles wife-Willie R Brady next
Brady, Michael Doyle 1/14/1957 1/30/1987   Devotion "husbandand, Dad"
Brady, Robert Scott 1/18/1973 10/22/1993   Apostles  
Brady, William D, Sr 5/13/1900 8/30/1975   Apostles wife-Beatrice B Brady next
Brady, Willie R 04/23/1890 5/1/1956   Apostles husband-John Harper Brady next
Bragg, Albert, Sr 1905 1984   Old Rugged Cross wife-Mary Ella Bragg next
Bragg, Mary Ella 1919 1/26/1998   Old Rugged Cross husband-Albert Bragg Sr nx;from obit:sons-John K,Willie,Norman,Lester,Samuel,Jessie,Albert Jr & Kevin Bragg;more
Bramlett, Charles F 02/13/1885 10/3/1960     wife-Ida C Bramlett next; Dessie L Bramlett
Bramlett, Dessie L 11/12/1914 5/19/1981      
Bramlett, Ida C 03/17/1884 6/19/1974     husband-Charles F Bramlett next
Brandenburg, Ingrid R 1939 1976   Devotion  
Brandenburg, Richard L 1941 1977   Devotion  
Brandt, Erwin W 2/8/1931 1/9/1988   Old Rugged Cross wife-Karen F Brandt next
Brandt, Jimmy G 1959 2000   Devotion "Son"; shares stone with: Barbara B Erickson
Brandt, Karen F 4/17/1950     Old Rugged Cross husband-Erwin W Brandt next
Branna, J F "Jim" 1893 1977   Nativity wife-Odell J Branna next next
Branna, Odell J 1904 1983   Nativity husband-J F "Jim" Branna next
Brannan, Harold 1916 1986   Nativity wife-Nicki D Brannon next
Brannan, James Louis 1930       wife-Nancy N Brannan next
Brannan, Nancy N 1943 1943     husband-James Louis Brannan next
Brannan, Nicki D 1919 1976   Nativity husband-Harold Brannan next
Brannan, Patricia Pickens "Pat"   2/8/2003     obit:par-Robert Bets & Carrie Surels Pickens;sons-Bob,Scott,Mark & Vince Brannan
Brannon, Kailie Milan 10/30/1992 12/15/1992      
Brant, Bob Edward 6/23/1929 3/17/1999   Nativity  
Branum, Dorothy C 1936       husband-Nolan Branum, Sr next
Branum, Flora E 1929 1999   Old Rugged Cross husband-Roland "Shorty" Branum next
Branum, Nolan, Sr 1928 1994     wife-Dorothy C Branum next
Branum, Roland "Shorty" 1928 1995   Old Rugged Cross Mason; wife-Flora E Branum next
Braswell, Annie M 1906 1985      
Bray, Carl V "Snowball" 1918 5/9/1999     from obit:wif-Reba Irene Bray;son-Carl "Butch" Bray;dau-Tommie Faye Bell;stepson-Eddie Howe
Bray, Edward E 1943 1978   Devotion  
Bray, Willie Mae "Billie" 1914 1978   Apostles  
Brazier, Mary L 8/19/1921       husband-Robert L Brazier next
Brazier, Robert L 8/23/1920 12/21/1990     wife-Mary L Brazier next
Brazzell, Dalton 1911 5/26/2002     obit:wif-Lizzie Brazzell;bro-Ellis & Elbert Brazzell;dau-Barbara Walden;sons-Leroy & Paul Brazzell
Breckenridge, Eugene C 1889 1974   Apostles  
Breda, Thelmak 1916 1988   Nativity  
Breedlove, Irwin M 2/24/1927 8/12/1984   Masonic Garden CPL USMC Korea
Brennan, Olga 1915 3/23/2002     obit:husband-Gerald Brennan;dau-Barbara Scallan;son-Wm Brennan;bro-John Palmer;sis-Vera L'Hommedieu
Brewer, Bertha C 1922     Old Rugged Cross husband-Meigs Brewer, Jr next
Brewer, George W 1883 1966     wife-Lottie T Brewer next
Brewer, Jasper P 10/6/1926 2/1/1988   Nativity  
Brewer, Lottie T 1884 1959     husband-George W Brewer next
Brewer, Mary H 1927 1962   Masonic Garden  
Brewer, Meigs, Jr 1921 1994   Old Rugged Cross wife-Bertha C Brewer next
Brewer, Opal F 1921 1995     husband-Thomas J Brewer next
Brewer, Ronald L 1952 1995     mother-Stella H Brewer next
Brewer, Stella H 1921 1998     "Mother"; son-Ronald L Brewer next
Brewer, Thomas J 1920       wife-Opal F Brewer next
Brewster, Joel E 1933 1991     wife-Patricia B Brewster next; USMC
Brewster, Patricia B 1937       husband-Joel E Brewster next
Bridge, Elvira G 1907 1986   Apostles husband-Joe S Bridge next
Bridge, Joe S 1892 1987   Apostles wife-Elvira G Bridge next
Bridge, LaShon T 1907 1996   Apostles husband-Wm A Bridge next
Bridge, William A 1906 1962   Apostles wife-LaShon T Bridge next
Bridges, Debora C 1959 1995     husband-Raymond D Bridges next
Bridges, Ernest E 1916 1997     wife-June H Bridges next
Bridges, June H 1923       husband-Ernest E Bridges next
Bridges, Raymond D 1959       wife-Debora C Bridges next
Bridges, Raymond V, Sr 1899 1997 76 yrs   wife-Wilma J Bridges next
Bridges, Wilma J "Nan" 1904 4/25/2002 76 yrs   husband-Raymond V (Rev) Bridges Sr nx;obit:sons-Bill,James Andrew & Raymond V Jr Bridges
Brindle, Geneva S 1922       husband-Harlan Brindle next
Brindle, Harlan 1924 1981     wife-Geneva S Brindle next
Britton, Alvin E 1907 1987   Apostles wife-Nila S Britton next
Britton, Dorothy Belle 1920 1/28/2003   Old Rugged Cross husband-Robert O Britton Sr; obit:mom-Louise Kaselitz;dau-Joy Britton;son-Robert Britton Jr;bro-Lewis Kaselitz;more
Britton, Nila S 1909 1974   Apostles husband-Alvin E Britton next
Britton, Robert O, Sr 4/13/1919 5/20/1985   Old Rugged Cross wife-Dorothy Belle Britton next; Sgt, US Army WWII
Broadmaker, Herbert L 1919 1989      
Brock, Ernest A 1896 1973   Apostles Mason; wife-Sallie M Brock next
Brock, James Albert 12/30/1928 6/27/1999   Nativity from obit:wife-Barbara N Brock;son-David W Brock;dau-Donna J Burton;sis-Mary Ann Pendergrass; US Army, Korea
Brock, Jason Thomas 4/18/1972 9/16/1982   Acacia Garden  
Brock, Joseph S 1925 1998   Nativity  
Brock, Lawrence E 1919 1993   Old Rugged Cross wife-Marion E Brock next
Brock, Marion E 1920     Old Rugged Cross husband-Lawrence E Brock next
Brock, Pauline D 1915 1998   Nativity  
Brock, Perry L., Jr 1921 1994   Nativity  
Brock, Sallie M 1891 1983   Apostles husband-Ernest A Brock next
Brogdon, James "Poss" 6/25/1923 12/5/1997   Apostles wife-Sara Sue Brogdon next
Brogdon, Sara Sue 6/28/1930     Apostles husband-James "Poss" Brogdon next
Brooks, Anna J 4/11/1939 1/5/2001      
Brooks, Clyde R 1924       wife-Joan D Brooks next
Brooks, Geraldine D "Gerri" 1923 1993   Apostles husband-Terrell D Brooks next
Brooks, James T 1914 1965      
Brooks, Joan D 1932       husband-Clyde R Brooks next
Brooks, John L   2/14/2003     obit:wif-Iris Brooks;dau-Donna Smith & Lori Smith, and Carolyn Baine;gson-Steven Lee Smith
Brooks, Mildred A 1907 1963   Masonic Garden E Star; husband-Ralph D Brooks next
Brooks, Raldall L 1956 2000   Gethsemane  
Brooks, Ralph D 1897 1958   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Mildred A Brooks next
Brooks, Randall T 1966 1979   Apostles  
Brooks, Robert H 8/19/1908 1/4/1990   Apostles  
Brooks, Terrell D 1917 1996   Apostles wife-Geraldine D "Gerri" Brooks next
Brooks, William 1875 1958   Apostles  
Brookshire, William T 1917 1982   Nativity  
Broom, Martha A 1910 1988   Apostles husband-W W Broom next
Broom, W W 1902 1967   Apostles wife-Martha A Broom next
Broome, Dorothea S 1927       husband-Hamilton L Broome Sr next
Broome, Fletcher L 1903 1981   Apostles wife-Julia W Broome next;Nelson I IV & V and Maxine Broome Hess
Broome, Hamilton L, Sr 1919 1983     wife-Dorothea S Broome next
Broome, Julia W 1901 1973   Apostles husband-Fletcher L Broome next; Nelson I IV & V and Maxine Broome Hess
Brower, Gary M 1943 1995      
Brown, Alice Gene 9/28/1947 5/13/1995     husband-Johnny Lee Brown next
Brown, Allen F 1902 1986     wife-Wannie W Brown next
Brown, Anne J 1922     Old Rugged Cross husband-Carroll H Brown next
Brown, Arnold C 1906 1988      
Brown, Barbara Anne 12/23/1936 2/22/1995      
Brown, Barbara L 1939 8/8/1998     from obit:husband-Edwin Brown;sons-Carl,Phillip & David Brown;dau-Jill Dunn;bro-Wm Sharp
Brown, Bertha H 1927     Apostles husband-Robert F Brown next
Brown, Betty M 1929 1997      
Brown, Betty R 8/21/1923       husband-Craig M Brown next
Brown, Beulah Reel 5/8/1924 7/22/1999   Apostles husband-Malcolm W Brown; obit:sons-Willis,Herbert,Wayne & Billy Brown;dau-Carolyn Eddings & Brenda Fitts;more
Brown, Beverly R 1959 1990     "Wife, Mother of Hunter"
Brown, Bruce C 1898 1973      
Brown, C Wayne 1935       wife-L Jeanie Brown next
Brown, Carrie "Red" 1931 6/20/1998     from obit:wif-Gale Brown;sons-Jimmy Key;Wayne & Ricky Brown;dau-Diane Palmer
Brown, Carroll H 1925 1997   Old Rugged Cross wife-Anne J Brown next
Brown, Charles C 11/24/1928 9/20/2000   Nativity US Marine Corps
Brown, Cleveland H 1923 1988      
Brown, Connie Ann 1959 1995      
Brown, Cora L 5/22/1922 3/22/2000   Prayer  
Brown, Craig M 6/12/1920 6/6/1980     wife-Betty R Brown next
Brown, Darrell A 09/12/1894 5/6/1976     wife-Leila E Brown next
Brown, David N 9/1/1964 1/30/1994   Nativity  
Brown, Dennis R 1924       wife-Irene M Brown next
Brown, Dollie K 1905 1995   Masonic Garden husband-James E Brown next
Brown, Dorothy R 1917 1983     E Star; husband-Herbert C Brown , Sr next
Brown, Earl Lamar "Buck", Sr 1943 9/7/1999     wif-Judy E Pence Brown; obit:par-James & Marguerite Brown;dau-Theresa Waters;sons-Lamar & David Brown
Brown, Edith M 1921 1991   Old Rugged Cross husband-Lowell E Brown next
Brown, Elaine Turner 1930       husband-Harold Lee Brown next; Jess L & Gladys Dyer Brown
Brown, Elmer C "Buddy" 1937 1962   Devotion  
Brown, George S 9/27/1917 12/27/1974     S2 US Navy WWII
Brown, Gladys Dyer 1907 1995     husband-Jess L Brown next
Brown, Glen R 1934 1989   Nativity  
Brown, H Ralph 1910 1984   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Helen R Brown next
Brown, Harold L 1927 1995   Apostles wife-Virgie E Brown next
Brown, Harold Lee 1926       wife-Elaine Turner Brown next
Brown, Harry 1902 1990   Devotion wife-Losie R Brown next
Brown, Helen R 1912 1965   Masonic Garden E Star; husband-H Ralph Brown next
Brown, Herbert C, Sr. 1903 1976   Masonic Garden Mason, wife - Dorothy R Brown
Brown, Hilda R 1933 1996   Nativity husband-Melvin N Brown next
Brown, Irene M 1929       husband-Dennis R Brown next
Brown, James E 1905 1988   Masonic Garden wife-Dollie K Brown next
Brown, James T 1916 1980   Apostles wife-Mary E Brown next
Brown, Jamie Erin 3/1/1970 2/5/1977   Apostles  
Brown, Jess L 1903 1992     wife-Gladys Dyer Brown next
Brown, Joe 1930 1985   Old Rugged Cross wife-Lois G Brown next
Brown, John B 1907 1975     wife-Laura W Brown next
Brown, Johnny Lee 6/14/1940 1/12/1990     wife-Alice Gene Brown next
Brown, Judy E Pence 1943       husband-Earl Lamar "Buck" Brown, Sr next
Brown, L Jeanie 1937       husband-C Wayne Brown next
Brown, Laura W 1904 1993     husband-John B Brown next
Brown, Leila E 7/9/1908 7/18/1992     husband-Darrell A Brown next
Brown, Lela P 1928     Old Rugged Cross husband-W Howard Brown next
Brown, Linda H 1942       husband-Wm H Brown Jr next
Brown, Lois G 1926     Old Rugged Cross husband-Joe Brown next
Brown, Lossie R 1908 1981   Devotion husband-Harry Brown next
Brown, Lowell E 1920 1992   Old Rugged Cross Mason; wife-Edith M Brown next
Brown, M Reid 1911 1995   Old Rugged Cross wife-Margaret R Brown next
Brown, Malcolm W 8/14/1923     Apostles wife-Beulah R Brown next
Brown, Margaret R 1914     Old Rugged Cross husband-M Reid Brown next
Brown, Martha C 1930       husband-Richard M Brown next
Brown, Mary E 1960 1990   Apostles husband-James T Brown next
Brown, Maud B 1905 1993     husband-Oscar E Brown next
Brown, Melvin N 1934 1988   Nativity wife-Hilda R Brown next
Brown, Oscar E 1899 1989     wife-Maud B Brown next
Brown, Pearl H 1896 1996   Prayer  
Brown, Phillip W 11/7/1958 10/25/1991      
Brown, Rella W 1889 1967   Devotion husband-Samuel D Brown next
Brown, Richard M 1926 1990     wife-Martha C Brown next
Brown, Robert C, Sr. 1903 1976     Mason; wife-Dorothy R Brown next
Brown, Robert F 1925 1983   Apostles wife-Bertha H Brown next
Brown, Robert Martin 1909 3/7/1999   Nativity  
Brown, Ronald Adam 4/29/1967 4/29/1967   Apostles  
Brown, Russell F 1950 1994      
Brown, Samuel D 1893 1964   Devotion wife-Rella W Brown next
Brown, Virgie E 1927 1981   Apostles husband-Harold L Brown next
Brown, Vivian W 2/26/1913 10/6/1996     E Star; husband-Wm Sanford Brown next
Brown, W Howard 1920 1998   Old Rugged Cross wife-Lela P Brown next
Brown, Wannie W 1905 2000     husband-Allen F Brown next
Brown, William H, Jr 1941       wife-Linda H Brown next
Brown, William Sanford 2/4/1909 1/16/1971     Mason; wife-Vivian W Brown next
Browning, Lee J 9/20/1924 8/12/1994     US Army WWII
Broyles, Homer H 1900 1995     wife-Mary Lee Broyles next; Wm T Broyles
Broyles, Mary Lee 1900 1995     husband-Homer H Broyles next; Wm T Broyles
Broyles, William T 1924 1997     Lions Club Emblem
Bruce, George R 1907 1980   Apostles wife-Lucille Agnes L Bruce next
Bruce, Lucille Agnes L 1909 9/18/1999   Apostles husband-George R Bruce next;fr/ob:dau-Mary Ann Stansberry;son-Edward Bruce;bro-Wayne,Jim & Earl Lazenby
Brumlow, Aldine R 1903 1967   Apostles husband-J Sam Brumlow next
Brumlow, Bill 2/12/1909 1/16/1995   Masonic Garden  
Brumlow, David S 1/10/1949 1/24/1996   Masonic Garden wife-Dianna L Brumlow next
Brumlow, Dianna L 11/9/1957     Masonic Garden husband-David S Brumlow next
Brumlow, J Sam 1901 1978   Apostles wife-Aldine R Brumlow next
Brumlow, Lester Bob "Rock" 5/15/1915 9/7/1959 1/21/1939 Apostles wife: Willie Louise "Bill" Pendergrass Brumlow; "Disabled Vet"
Brumlow, Thomas Ray 9/4/1947 3/11/1958   Masonic Garden  
Brumlow, Willie Louise "Bill" Pendergrass 10/26/1920 1993 1/21/1939 Apostles husband: Lester Bob "Rock" Brumlow
Brunelle, Al 1917 1995   Nativity wife-Ruth Brunelle next
Brunelle, Ruth 1917 2000   Nativity husband-Al Brunelle next
Bryan, B Sidney 1905 1966   Apostles wife-Nell I Bryan next
Bryan, Betty K 1925 1983   Old Rugged Cross  
Bryan, Eugene J, Jr 1914 1976   Devotion wife-Nancy G Bryan next
Bryan, Mae H 1899 1964   Devotion husband-Wayman T Bryan next
Bryan, Nancy G 1914     Devotion husband-Eugene J Bryan Jr next
Bryan, Nell I 1907 1975   Apostles husband-B Sidney Bryan next
Bryan, Wayman T 1893 1970   Devotion wife-Mae H Bryan next
Bryant, Arthur 1892 1983     wife-Legrand Bryant next
Bryant, Legrand 1894 1998     husband-Arthur Bryant next
Bryant, Linda W 1947 1997     husband-Mitchell L Bryant next
Bryant, Mitchell L 1943       wife-Linda W Bryant next
Bryant, Nattilee K 1894 6/13/1998     from obit:dau-Geraldine Ringley;sons-Welch C & Wallace Bryant
Bryant, W Tommy 1/24/1946 8/14/1963   Apostles  
Bryson, Mildred Irene 1916 1984      
Bryson, Robert G 1941     Prayer wife-Wanda F Bryson next
Bryson, Wanda F 1946 2002   Prayer husband-Robert G Bryson next
Buchanan, Kristen 9/30/1981 9/30/1981   Babyland  
Buck, Harold T 10/12/1892 5/13/1977   Masonic Garden  
Buck, Howard D 1908 1997     wife-Willodean S Buck next
Buck, Willodean S 1916       husband-Howard D Buck next
Buckley, Christine G 1921 2000     husband-Ross L Buckley next
Buckley, Ross L 1920 1997     wife-Christine G Buckley next
Buckner, Annie Belle Mosier 8/4/1920 9/17/1992   Apostles  
Buckner, Ruth Elizabeth 1/22/1908 12/17/1955   Apostles  
Buckner, Vermon L 1/29/1906 1/25/1978   Apostles  
Bueschlen, Lorna E 1/17/1926       husband-Robert E Bueschlen next
Bueschlen, Robert E 2/15/1920 3/4/1981     wife-Lorna E Bueschlen next
Buffon, Alma K 1894 1980   Devotion husband-Clifford D Buffon next
Buffon, Clifford D 1896 1963   Devotion wife-Alma K Buffon next
Bugg, Quintel, Jr 3/14/1959 5/8/1994   Sermon on the Mount  
Buggs, Norma P 1941     Prayer E Star; husband-Robert L Buggs Sr next
Buggs, Robert L, Sr 1943 1995   Prayer Mason; wife-Norma P Buggs next
Buhrman, Joanne J 1950     Devotion husband-Lawrence H Buhrman next
Buhrman, Lawrence H 1945 1984   Devotion wife-Loanne J Buhrman next
Buhrman, Margaret W 1908     Devotion husband-Ward W Buhrman next
Buhrman, Ward W 1905 1991   Devotion wife-Margaret W Buhrman next
Bullen, Sally Pearl S 1909 5/28/1999     husband-Uriel "Lee" Bullen next; from obit: sis-Dorothy Northington
Bullen, Uriel "Lee" 1900 1964     wife-Sally Pearl S Bullen next
Bulran, Zaghik A 1909 1981      
Bultema, Dawn M 4/13/1951 7/20/1993      
Bultema, Jason Eric 8/18/1977 10/31/1978   Apostles  
Bunch, Debbie Griffitts 01/15/1889 4/13/1957