Hamilton Memorial Gardens
"Ca - Cl"
(Partial Listing)

5401 Tennessee 153
Hixson, TN 37343-4990

This is an extremely large and relatively new cemetery located in the Hixson area of Chattanooga on Highway 153. The cemetery is just north of Hixson Pike on Highway 153 on the left hand side of the road. Surveyed by Dennis Wilson, Jim Holcomb, Susan Kendall, Linda Coulter, and the Chattanooga Mormon Youth in 2000 - 2003. This is approximately 11,000 of the estimated 25,000 burials in this cemetery.

Names of individuals in this cemetery were recorded as they appeared on the tombstones. No attempt was made to correct obvious errors or differences in spelling. Every attempt has been made to record this information correctly. However, mistakes are possible.  The information on this page may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other person or organization without the written consent of the contributor, the legal representative of the submitter, or The Hamilton County Tennessee Genealogy Society.

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SSDI = Social Security Death Index

Deceased Born Died Married Section Notes
Cadwell, Carl L 6/8/1914 8/15/1980   Nativity wife-Mary B Cadwell next
Cadwell, Mary B 7/9/1920 1/20/1993   Nativity husband-Carl L Cadwell next
Cady, Edwin F 03/05/1893 4/25/1965     wife-Martha H Cady next
Cady, Martha H 12/7/1908 1/22/1984     husband-Edwin F Cady next
Cagle, A J, Sr 1905 1973   Apostles  
Cagle, Gordon S 1921 1976   Apostles wife-Helen W Cagle next
Cagle, Helen W 1923 1984   Apostles husband-Gordon S Cagle next
Cagle, Kathy P 1956       husband-Mercer R Cagle next
Cagle, Larry 11/22/1944 2/13/1961   Sermon on the Mount  
Cagle, Mercer R 1955 1992     wife-Kathy P Cagle next
Cain, Arthur LeRay 7/11/1971 7/11/1971   Masonic Garden  
Cain, David L 1952 1998   Old Rugged Cross  
Cairns, Frocia Alley 6/16/1918 1/5/1990   Sermon on the Mount  
Caldwell, Gladys H 1921 1981      
Caldwell, Myrtle N 3/13/1908 7/29/1995   Old Rugged Cross  
Calhoon, Shelby Page 2002 3/26/2002     obit;"infant dau of Steven & Jennifer Calhoon"
Calkins, Grace 1889 1979     husband-Wiley Daniel Calkins next
Calkins, Wiley Daniel 1887 1978     wife-Grace Calkins next
Cameron, John Ivan 1921 1994     wife-Virgie Lee Cameron next
Cameron, Virgie Lee 1927       husband-John Ivan Cameron next
Camp, Denton T 1919 1992   Nativity  
Camp, Minnie Lee 1910 2002   Masonic Garden E Star;husband-W Reece Campbell next
Camp, W Reece 1908 1975   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Minnie Lee Camp next
Campbell, Ailsie McCroskey 6/29/1914 9/27/1992     husband-Wm Aiken Campbell next
Campbell, Allen B 10/16/1909 2/21/1989   Old Rugged Cross wife-Pauline B Campbell next
Campbell, Alton V 1903 1992   Apostles husband-Ola W Campbell next
Campbell, Andrew 1910 1983      
Campbell, Annie D 1909     Apostles husband-Fred C Campbell next
Campbell, Annie Ruth 1907     Acacia Garden husband-Raymond Campbell next
Campbell, Ben F 1928 1986   Apostles wife-Martha E Campbell next; Walker Campbell
Campbell, Betty C 3/7/1943 7/4/1980   Old Rugged Cross husband-James Donald Campbell next; Wm C & Ola Campbell
Campbell, Betty J 1928       husband-Raymond J Campbell next
Campbell, Brian 2/8/1968 5/5/1984   Apostles "Son of Vickie L McKinney"
Campbell, C Ernest 1900 1985     wife-Lillie B Campbell next
Campbell, Carl L 1908 1966   Apostles wife-Maude G Campbell next
Campbell, Dossie B 1913 1989   Apostles husband-Earl J Campbell next
Campbell, Earl J 1912 1995   Apostles wife-Dossie B Campbell next
Campbell, Edith B 1912 1981      
Campbell, Edward L 1903 1968     wife-Ellen E Campbell next
Campbell, Edward S 1904 1961     wife-Vera H Campbell next
Campbell, Ellen E 1902 1981     husband-Edward L Campbell next
Campbell, Ernest C 1900 1985     wife-Lillie B Campbell next
Campbell, Etta B 1903 1991      
Campbell, Fred H 1917 1988   Old Rugged Cross wife-Mary L Campbell next
Campbell, Fred J 1908 1998   Apostles wife-Annie D Campbell next
Campbell, Gary Ray 6/4/1961 6/15/1961   Masonic Garden  
Campbell, H Edwin 7/18/1924 6/29/1997     US Army World War II Korea
Campbell, James Donald 3/13/1945 5/19/1993   Old Rugged Cross wife-Betty C Campbell next; US Army, Vietnam
Campbell, Lillie B 1904 1995     husband-C Ernest Campbell next
Campbell, Luther A, Sr 1896 1970   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Matilda F Campbell next
Campbell, Margeurette M 1914       husband-Neavon T Campbell next
Campbell, Marion C, Sr, Rev 1917 2000   Prayer wife-Willie "MIldred" Austin Campbell next
Campbell, Martha E 1928     Apostles husband-Ben F Campbell next; Walker Campbell
Campbell, Mary L 1915     Old Rugged Cross husband-Fred H Campbell next
Campbell, Matilda F 1902 1967   Masonic Garden husband-Luther A Campbell, Sr next
Campbell, Maude G 1905 1972   Apostles  
Campbell, Myra G 1907 1996     husband-Robert D Campbell next
Campbell, Neavon T 1909 1992     wife-Marguerette M Campbell next
Campbell, Ola 1918 2000   Old Rugged Cross husband-Wm C Campbell next
Campbell, Ola W 1903 1986   Apostles husband-Alton V Campbell next
Campbell, Pauline B 5/5/1911 2/21/1985   Old Rugged Cross husband-Allen B Campbell next
Campbell, Priscilla S 1913 1990   Apostles husband-W H "Rounder" Campbell next
Campbell, Raymond 1909 1974   Acacia Garden wife-Annie Ruth Campbell next
Campbell, Raymond J 1928 1972     wife-Betty J Campbell next
Campbell, Robert D 1905 1978     wife-Myra G Campbell next
Campbell, Robert Horton 1972 1991   Nativity  
Campbell, Robert L 1912 1973     Mason
Campbell, Vera H 1909 1988     husband-Edward S Campbell next
Campbell, W H "Rounder" 1916 1987   Apostles wife-Priscilla S Campbell next
Campbell, Walker 1927 1963   Apostles  
Campbell, Walter D 1917 1962      
Campbell, William Aiken 10/7/1909 10/20/1984     wife-Ailsie McCroskey Campbell next
Campbell, William C 1921 1986   Old Rugged Cross wife-Ola Campbell next; James Donald & Betty C Campbell
Campbell, Willie "Mildred" Austin 1925 2/27/2003   Prayer husband-Rev Marion C Campbell Sr; obit:1sthusband-Rev Alton Austin;dau-Nancy Hancock;son-Richard Austin
Cannon, Clatie Marie 1901 1956   Masonic Garden husband-Walker B Cannon next
Cannon, Estelle H 1916     Nativity  
Cannon, George M, M.D. 1911 1991   Nativity  
Cannon, Louise E 1912 1992   Masonic Garden husband-Walter E Cannon next; Wm B & Frances T Cannon
Cannon, Walker B 1897 1966   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Clatie Marie Cannon next
Cannon, Walter E 1899 1954   Masonic Garden wife-Louise E Cannon next; Wm B & Frances T Cannon
Cannon, William B 1926 1991   Masonic Garden wife-Frances T Cannon next
Cantrell, Betty M 1927 2000     husband-Robert G Cantrell next
Cantrell, Claude P 1910 1984   Old Rugged Cross wife-Ruth T Cantrell next
Cantrell, David L 1943 2000      
Cantrell, Grace Wheeler 1924 1991   Apostles  
Cantrell, John C, Jr 2/26/1940 2/7/1998   Apostles wife-Mattie Jackson Cantrell next
Cantrell, Mattie Jackson 5/18/1940 6/3/2002   Apostles husband-John C Cantrell, Jr next
Cantrell, Randy 1956 1995   Apostles "Brother"; next: Grace Wheeler Cantrell
Cantrell, Robert G 1925 1990     wife-Betty M Cantrell next
Cantrell, Ruth T 1913     Old Rugged Cross husband-Claude P Cantrell next
Capehart, Clarence R 1909 1988   Apostles wife-Elsie C Capehart next
Capehart, Elsie C 1908 1988   Apostles husband-Clarence R Capehart next
Capps, Edith Pauline 1917       husband-James Clayton Capps next
Capps, James Clayton 1912 1996     wife-Edith Pauline Capps next
Capps, Wallace F 4/1/1919 2/16/1982   Apostles  
Card, A Eugene 1917       wife-Virginia Lee Card next
Card, Alberta S 1915 1987     husband-Wayne T Card next
Card, Betty H 1933       husband-Cary A Card next
Card, Betty J 12/3/1929 6/8/1980   Apostles husband-C Kenneth Card next
Card, C Kenneth 7/27/1925     Apostles wife-Betty J Card next
Card, Cordelia G 1898 1975   Apostles husband-Horace G Card next
Card, Gary A 1934       wife-Betty H Card next
Card, Horace G 1895 1986   Apostles wife-Cordelia G Card next
Card, Katherine Maxwell 1923 1975   Gethsemane  
Card, Mae Cobble 1897 1900   Gethsemane  
Card, Virginia Lee 1921 1998     husband-A Eugene Card next
Card, Wayne T 1912 1980     wife-Alberta S Card next
Carden, Adeline C 1903 1981   Apostles husband-Jefferson E Carden next
Carden, Ida Lee 1901 1973   Apostles  
Carden, Jefferson Carl "Jeff" 1/16/1921 10/1/1984     wife-Kathryn M "Kay" Hagan Carden next
Carden, Jefferson E 1900 1976   Apostles wife-Adeline C Carden next
Carden, Kathryn M "Kay" Hagan 9/8/1924 2/4/1999     husband-Jefferson Carl "Jeff" Carden next
Carden, Sarah Elizabeth 01/20/1888 1/28/1978   Masonic Garden  
Cardwell, Henry B 1899 1988      
Cargile, Carl Hudson 1903 1986     wife-Lois Hawkins Cargile next
Cargile, Charles S 1905 1995     wife-Evelyn J Cargile next
Cargile, Charlie D 1874 1956     wife-Fannie B Cargile next
Cargile, Crystal A 1912 1996     husband-Felix A Cargile next
Cargile, Evelyn J 1907 1986     husband-Charles S Cargile next
Cargile, Fannie B 1878 1970     husband-Charlie D Cargile next
Cargile, Felix A 1908 1976     wife-Crystal A Cargile next
Cargile, Lois Hawkins 1903 1988     husband-Carl Hudson Cargile next
Carlisle, Clarence E 7/30/1938 1/26/2001     SN US Navy
Carlisle, David R 1926 1989   Old Rugged Cross wife-Mina L Carlisle next
Carlisle, James Edward 1944        
Carlisle, Joe 1913 1969   Apostles wife-Pauline W Carlisle next
Carlisle, Mina L 1926 2001   Old Rugged Cross husband-David R Carlisle next
Carlisle, Pauline W 1920     Apostles husband-Joe Carlisle next
Carlisle, Peggy J 1942        
Carlton, John H 12/31/1920 10/6/1974      
Carlton, Lorean S 1925     Old Rugged Cross husband-Wm A Carlton next
Carlton, William A 1923 1997   Old Rugged Cross wife-Lorean S Carlton next
Carmical, Mary Rose 1913       husband-Raleigh Ben Carmical next
Carmical, Raleigh Ben 1913 1994     wife-Mary Rose Carmical next
Carnes, Dorothy E 1931     Prayer husband-Ray M Carnes next
Carnes, Ray M 1931 2002   Prayer wife-Dorothy E Carnes next
Carney, Edna M 1934 1999     husband-Paul Clark Carney next
Carney, Paul Clark 1928 1986     wife-Edna M Carney next
Carney, Roy G 1910 1966     wife-Ruth H Carney next
Carney, Ruth H 1917       husband-Roy G Carney next
Caroland, Adam Philip   10/7/1988      
Carpenter, Betty Rae 1921 1987     husband-John J Carpenter next
Carpenter, Daniel J 10/28/1988 5/21/1998   Apostles next: Melissa Ruth Carpenter
Carpenter, Jody 1958 1994      
Carpenter, John J 1918 1985     wife-Betty Rae Carpenter next
Carpenter, Melissa Ruth 3/21/1997 10/30/1998   Apostles next: Daniel J Carpenter
Carr, Nadine M 1907 1982      
Carringer, Jeremy Cain 7/27/1997 9/16/1997   Babyland  
Carroll, Arlie W 1915 1989     wife-Zelma F Carroll next
Carroll, Clarence D 1905 1976   Nativity wife-Lola G Carroll next
Carroll, Daniel P 1924 1987   Masonic Garden  
Carroll, Emmett G 11/17/1924 4/14/2000      
Carroll, George W 1953 1987      
Carroll, Gladys Y 6/2/1925     Nativity husband-Raymond E Carroll next
Carroll, James Michael 3/4/1954 7/1/1957   Masonic Garden  
Carroll, Lola G 1907 1992   Nativity husband-Clarence D Carroll next
Carroll, Raymond E 11/8/1919 6/4/1983   Nativity wife-Gladys Y Carroll next
Carroll, Zelma F 1917       husband-Arlie W Carroll next
Carson, Clara 1919 1992     husband-Willard F Carson next
Carson, Dortha G 1925 1992   Old Rugged Cross husband-James R Carson next
Carson, James R 1919     Old Rugged Cross wife-Dortha G Carson next
Carson, Paul L 8/23/1925 7/10/1992   Apostles  
Carson, Willard F 1918 1992     wife-Clara Carson next
Carswell, Alice R 1934     Masonic Garden husband-Kenneth C Carswell next; inlaws-Elijah C & Bessie E Carswell
Carswell, Bessie E 1899 1986   Masonic Garden husband-Elijah C Carswell next; son & dil-Kenneth C & Alice R Carswell
Carswell, Elijah C 1896 1985   Masonic Garden Mason;"Woodmen of the World";wife-Bessie E Carswell next;son & dil-Kenneth C & Alice R Carswell
Carswell, Kenneth C 1923 3/31/2002   Masonic Garden "W.O.W.";wif-Alice R Carswell next;par-Elijah C & Bessie E Carswell
Carter, Alex C 1923 1984     wife-Marie M Carter next
Carter, Beryl V 1923     Old Rugged Cross husband-Carl M Carter next; Rayford L & Brenda F Carter
Carter, Bessie H 1898 1968   Devotion husband-Robert L Carter next
Carter, Brenda F 1948 1985   Old Rugged Cross husband-Rayford L Carter next; Carl M & Beryl V Carter
Carter, Carl M 1917 1983   Old Rugged Cross wife-Beryl V Carter next; Rayford L & Brenda F Carter
Carter, Charles K, Sr 1934 1999     wife-Shirley A Carter next
Carter, Dorothy L 1931       husband-Richard M Carter next
Carter, Frank M 1913 1982   Nativity wife-Ruth T Carter next
Carter, Jewell O       Apostles husband-Wm L Carter next
Carter, Johnny Edward L 10/16/1956 9/15/1993   Sermon on the Mount  
Carter, Juno C 11/17/1919 11/2/1986   Nativity  
Carter, L H "Dick" 1893 1971   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Nellie Furman Carter next
Carter, Laura R 1895 1964   Apostles "Mom"
Carter, Marie M 1924 2001     husband-Alex C Carter next
Carter, Mildred S 1928 1994     husband-Wm B Carter next
Carter, Murray D 1890 1962   Apostles wife-Norma P Carter next
Carter, Nellie Furman 1903 1995   Masonic Garden E Star;husband-L H "Dick" Carter next
Carter, Norma P 1893 1978   Apostles husband-Murray D Carter next
Carter, Rayford L 1946     Old Rugged Cross wife-Brenda F Carter next; Carl M & Beryl V Carter
Carter, Richard M 1931       wife-Dorothy L Carter next
Carter, Robert L 1894 1959   Devotion wife-Bessie H Carter next
Carter, Ruby Emma 2/13/1913 1/30/1996   Nativity  
Carter, Ruth T 1914 1990   Nativity husband-Frank M Carter next
Carter, Shirley A 1940       husband-Charles K Carler, Sr next
Carter, W Wayne 9/14/1949 6/29/1990   Apostles US Army
Carter, William B 1926 1989     wife-Mildred S Carter next
Carter, William L 1916 1979   Apostles wife-Jewell O Carter next
Cartwright, Frances L 1924     Apostles husband-John G Cartwright Jr next
Cartwright, John G, Jr 1924 1981   Apostles wife-Frances L Cartwright next
Carver, Joseph V 1902 1989   Old Rugged Cross wife-Launa Eloise Carver next
Carver, Launa Eloise 1910 1985   Old Rugged Cross husband-Joseph V Carver next
Carver, Leonard T 1906 1989   Apostles wife-Pearl P Carver next; "Married 50 Years"
Carver, Pearl P 1920     Apostles husband-Leonard T Carver next; "Married 50 Years"
Carver, R L 1922 1988     wife-Viola Carver next
Carver, Viola 1920       husband-R L Carver next
Case, Charles F "Frank" III 11/20/1945 10/19/1994   Old Rugged Cross wife-Cheryl Ann "Sherry" Tittle Case next
Case, Cheryl Ann "Sherry" Tittle 3/30/1948     Old Rugged Cross husband-Charles F "Frank" Case III next
Case, Darrell D 2/11/1927 12/23/2001   Devotion US Navy
Case, Gladys J 2/2/1925 9/25/1987   Devotion  
Case, Marion M 1899 1964   Devotion wife-Selma B Case next; Gladys J & Darrell D Case
Case, Selma B 1901 1971   Devotion husband-Marion M Case next; Gladys J & Darrell D Case
Casey, Arthur C, Sr 1899 1990   Old Rugged Cross wife-Kathlene J Casey next
Casey, David B, Sr 1902 1968   Apostles wife-Mary J Casey next
Casey, Kathlene J 1914     Old Rugged Cross husband-Arthur C Casey Sr next
Casey, Mary J 1906 1993   Apostles husband-David B Casey Sr next
Casey, Shirley J 1943 1996   Prayer husband-Stephen T Casey next; "Married 46 years"
Casey, Stephen T 1946     Prayer "Married 46 years"; wife-Shirley J Casey next
Cash, Edgar L 1899 1992     wife-Gladys W Cash next
Cash, Gladys W 1901 1967     husband-Edgar L Cash next
Cashion, John W 10/14/1914 4/28/1992   Apostles PFC US Army WWII
Cass, Janice G 1947 2001   Nativity "Mother";husband-Thomas N Cass next
Cass, Thomas N 1941     Nativity "Father"; wife-Janice G Cass next
Cassidy, Albert C 1896 1982   Apostles wife-Helen C Cassidy next; Sue Cassidy Dedmon
Cassidy, Helen C 1906 1977   Apostles husband-Albert C Cassidy next; Sue Cassidy Dedmon
Casteel, Charles R 1921       wife-Edna M Casteel next
Casteel, Dewey E 1931 1997   Nativity  
Casteel, Edna M 1930       husband-Charles R Casteel next
Casteel, Franklin Picerlin "Red" 1924 2/14/2002   Old Rugged Cross wife-Martha M Casteel next
Casteel, Imogene C 4/13/1930 1/7/2001   Prayer  
Casteel, Martha M 1929     Old Rugged Cross husband-Franklin Picerlin "Red" Casteel next
Castleberry, Charles D 1948 1980   Nativity  
Cate, Anna May 1883 1962     husband: Rennie D Cate next
Cate, Forrest F, Jr 1934 1979   Apostles dad-Forrest F Cate Sr next
Cate, Forrest F, Sr 1906 1966   Apostles son-Forrest F Cate Jr next
Cate, Rennie D 1886 1965     wife: Anna May Cate next
Cates, Mildred E 1911 1981   Apostles husband-Thomas J Cates next
Cates, Mildred Elnora 08/11/1880 3/31/1956   Apostles  
Cates, Thomas J 1905 1985   Apostles wife-Mildred E Cates next
Catlett, Betty J 1939 1988   Apostles husband-C Maurice Catlett Sr
Catlett, C Maurice, Sr 1928 1998   Apostles wife-Betty J Catlett next
Cavan, Margaret Ann 1925 1993      
Cawthorn, Cecil Earl 1909 1977     wife-Louise W. Cawthorn next
Cawthorn, Louise W. 1916 1999     husband-Cecil Earl Cawthorn next
Cemel, Rachael Elizabeth 1/24/1983 3/29/1983      
Chadwick, Helen A 1918 1998   Masonic Garden E Star;husband-Lloyd M Chadwick next
Chadwick, Jerry L 1941 1999   Prayer  
Chadwick, Lloyd M 1912 1968   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Helen A Chadwick next
Chadwick, Mary Louise 1/13/1939 1/10/1998      
Chadwick, Muriel 1922 1990     husband-Starlin W Chadwick next
Chadwick, Starlin W 1918 1989     wife-Muriel Chadwick next
Chaffin, Donald W 1931 1988     wife-Margaret Ann Chaffin
Chaffin, Margaret Ann 1934       husband-Donald W Chaffin next
Chaistain, Ashley Lauren 8/30/1982 4/16/1985      
Chamberlain, Herbert C 1896 1984   Apostles  
Chamberlain, John G 1858 1928   Apostles wife-Lu Ella Chamberlain next
Chamberlain, Lu Ella 1869 1954   Apostles husband-John G Chamberlain next
Chamberlain, Mary Ella 1901 1962   Apostles  
Chamberlain, Ruth C 1899 1990   Apostles  
Chambers, Alvin S 1906 1966   Apostles wife-Cynthia B Chambers next
Chambers, Burl A 1918 1992     wife-Faye E Chambers next
Chambers, Cynthia Bennett 1910 6/18/2002     husband-Alvin S Chambers nx;fr/obit:son-Earl Cawthorne;bro-Foster & Gene Bennett;sis-Winnie Lu Sivley
Chambers, Dorothy J 1936 1982     husband-James O Chambers next
Chambers, Faye E 1923       husband-Burl A Chambers next
Chambers, James O 1930       wife-Dorothy J Chambers next
Chambers, Louise S 1917 1996   Old Rugged Cross husband-Wm E Chambers next
Chambers, Odessa L 1910 1969     husband-Samuel B Chambers; "Mother"
Chambers, Otha E 1923 1989      
Chambers, Samuel B 1903 1963     wife-Odessa L Chambers next
Chambers, William E 1911 1986   Old Rugged Cross wife-Louise S Chambers next
Champion, Duane F 1938 1990     wife-Jacqueline Champion next
Champion, Elizabeth Y 1907 2001     husband-Walter A Champion next
Champion, Jacqueline 1939       husband-Duane F Champion next
Champion, Myrtle Edith 1926 5/22/2002     bro-Luther Young;sis-Katherine Harwood;son-Morris A Ailey;dau-Sharon Lohr;sis-Dora Champion
Champion, Ruby M 1922 1962   Apostles  
Champion, Walter A 1903 1966     wife-Elizabeth Y Champion next
Chandler, Alma B 1914 1984   Gethsemane husband-E C Chandler next
Chandler, Archie C 1909 1998   Gethsemane wife-Sulia L Chandler next
Chandler, Debra Jean 1951 1967      
Chandler, E C 1907 1991   Gethsemane wife-Alma B Chandler next
Chandler, E J, Jr 1918 1982   Old Rugged Cross wife-Willena L Chandler next
Chandler, Sulia L 1902 1987   Gethsemane husband-Archie L Chandler next
Chandler, Willena L 1928     Old Rugged Cross husband-E J Chandler Jr next
Channells, Eva L 1910       husband-Glenn E Channells next
Channells, Glenn E 1913       wife-Eva L Channells next
Chapman, R D 1907 1980   Devotion wife-Sarah E Chapman next
Chapman, Richard A 4/3/1937 10/28/1982   Sermon on the Mount  
Chapman, Sarah E 1903 1995   Devotion husband-R D Chapman next
Charles, Benton M 1898 1994      
Chastain, Clarissa M 1960       husband-Raymond E Chastain next
Chastain, Jackie I 1942 1978   Apostles  
Chastain, Kathleen W 1934 1998   Nativity  
Chastain, Kelly W 1953 2001   Nativity  
Chastain, Raymond E 1957       wife-Clarissa M Chastain next
Chastain, Ruth R 1925 1997     husband-Wm E Chastain Jr next
Chastain, William E, Jr 1923       wife-Ruth R Chastain next
Chauncey, Bernard E 1920 1977   Apostles wife-Katherine A Chauncey next
Chauncey, Claude J 1928 1987   Old Rugged Cross wife-Thelma A Chauncey next
Chauncey, Colleen P 1908 1977     husband-Granville R Chauncey next; Wm D & Hazel Huff Chauncey
Chauncey, Granville R 1903 1985     wife-Colleen P Chauncey next; Wm D & Hazel Huff Chauncey
Chauncey, Hazel Huff 1936       husband-Wm D Chauncey next; Granville R & Colleen P Chauncey
Chauncey, Katherine A 1927     Apostles husband-Bernard E Chauncey next
Chauncey, Thelma A 1942     Old Rugged Cross husband-Claude J Chauncey next
Chauncey, Violet I 3/5/1915 9/23/1999   Old Rugged Cross  
Chauncey, William D 1935       wife-Hazel Huff Chauncey next; Granville R & Colleen P Chauncey
Cheng, O 1930 3/26/2002     from obit:wif-Emma Jean Cheng;children:E E & W E Cheng, Lee Griffith & Donna Cranford;sis-Yumin Cheng
Chesla, Daniel David 11/8/1945 11/30/1989   Old Rugged Cross  
Childress, Herschel O 1903 1987   Nativity wife-Ruby A Childress next
Childress, Ruby A 1909 1978   Nativity husband-Herschel O Childress next
Childs, Lillie 1904 1986   Gethsemane husband-Luther Childs next
Childs, Luther 1896 1976   Gethsemane wife-Lillie Childs next
Chinery, Raymond Rainor 9/4/1914 4/5/2002     obit:wife-Florence Chinery;sons-Doug, Glenn & Paul Chinery; US Navy,WWII,USS Taluga, Pacific
Chowning, Harvard B "Pee Wee" 5/23/1910 11/30/1971   Apostles  
Christensen, Phillip J 1962 1996   Nativity  
Christian, Leila E 02/21/1899 9/12/1993   Old Rugged Cross  
Christian, Lillian Shadwick 11/21/1916 3/10/1999   Apostles  
Christopher, Margaret Williams 1923 2001   Devotion  
Chung, Amy H 1948 1998   Old Rugged Cross  
Chung, Ying H 1939     Old Rugged Cross  
Church, William L "Old Man" 1920 1/31/2003 1/10/1943   obit:wife-Vera Mae Church;sons-David Ray,Jerry Wayne & Bobby Gene Church;dau-Rosa M "Pat" Dickerson; WWII
Cisco, John "Bill" 1927 7/10/2002     obit:par-John & Lonnie Treece Cisco;wife-Earlene Godwin Cisco;sons-Jimmy,Garry & Johnny Cisco; US Army
Clack, Pauline N 1907 1990   Apostles husband-Talmadge D Clack next
Clack, Talmadge D 1907 1978   Apostles wife-Pauline N Clack next
Clapp, Edith S 1909 1994     husband-Kermit O Clapp next
Clapp, Kermit O 1906 1996     wife-Edith S Clapp next
Clardy, Nina R 1908 1977   Nativity husband-Roy "Pat" Clardy next
Clardy, Roy "Pat" 1908 1974   Nativity wife-Nina R Clardy next
Clark, Blanch M 1908 1981   Apostles husband-V H Clark next; Christine C Clark
Clark, Christine C 1924 1972   Apostles  
Clark, Claude, Sr 08/16/1899 8/10/1958      
Clark, Darwin N 2/6/1928 2/6/1993   Old Rugged Cross shares marker with B Caleb Wheeler; US Navy
Clark, Della J 3/2/1901 8/10/1995   Sermon on the Mount  
Clark, Emma Sue 1925       husband-Walter M Clark next
Clark, Evelyn B 1927       E Star;husband-Howard E Clark next
Clark, Fred H 1908 1994     wife-Lila C Clark next
Clark, Harold C 1916 1979   Apostles wife-Margarette J Clark next
Clark, Helen M 1936       husband-Lester R Clark next
Clark, Howard E 1927 1992     wife-Evelyn B Clark next
Clark, James A 1896 1985   Apostles Mausoleum wife-Laura S Clark next
Clark, James Mark 3/18/1958 3/28/1958   Apostles  
Clark, Laura S 1898 1987   Apostles Mausoleum husband-James A Clark next
Clark, Lester R 1934       wife-Helen M Clark next
Clark, Lila C 1919       husband-Fred H Clark next
Clark, Loie H 1912     Apostles husband-Ruben W Clark next
Clark, Margarette J 1930 2002   Apostles husband-Harold C Clark next
Clark, Marvin E 1921 1974   Apostles wife-Velma L Clark next
Clark, Michael A 9/4/1959 10/8/1999      
Clark, Nellie R 1907       husband-Virgil I Clark next
Clark, Ruben W 1915 1981   Apostles wife-Loie H Clark next
Clark, V H 1899 1975   Apostles wife-Blanch M Clark next; Christine C Clark
Clark, Velma L 1922     Apostles husband-Marvin E Clark next
Clark, Virgil I 1902       wife-Nellie R Clark next
Clark, Walter M 1917 1987     wife-Emma Sue Clark next
Clarke, Anna Pitts 1888 1981   Masonic Garden E Star;husband-S Fred Clarke next
Clarke, S Fred 1889 1970   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Anna Pitts Clarke next
Clay, Patricia B 1939 1992   Devotion  
Clayton, Audrey Beth 1944 2000      
Clayton, Barney B 1914 1981   Masonic Garden wife-Cora G Clayton next
Clayton, Bertha H 1918 1995     husband-Dennis C L Clayton next
Clayton, Carolyn M 7/15/1944 1/11/1985   Nativity  
Clayton, Cecyle W 1903 1994   Apostles husband-Rev Cranston Clayton next
Clayton, Cora G 1916 1981   Masonic Garden husband-Barney B Clayton next
Clayton, Cranston, Rev 1904 1977   Apostles wife-Cecyle W Clayton next
Clayton, Dennis C L 1927 1986     wife-Bertha H Clayton next
Clayton, Edward 5/7/1907 6/12/1972   Apostles  
Clayton, James H 1920 1996   Apostles Mason; wife-Mildred L Clayton next
Clayton, Lena V 1927     Apostles husband-Thurman J Clayton next
Clayton, Lucy B 1898 1981   Nativity husband-William P Clayton next
Clayton, Mildred L 1921     Apostles husband-James H Clayton next
Clayton, Mildred W 1910 2002   Apostles husband-Ralph W Clayton next
Clayton, Minnie E 1905 1980   Old Rugged Cross  
Clayton, Pauline Brown 1927 8/24/2002     obit:husband-Elmer Lee Clayton;son-John R Clayton;sis-Dollie Watson & Marie Osterman
Clayton, Ralph W 1911     Apostles wife-Mildred W Clayton next
Clayton, Reece R 7/17/1917 10/5/1980      
Clayton, Ricky Gene 1958 1982   Gethsemane  
Clayton, Roy J, Sr 1904 1965     wife-Vivian H Clayton next
Clayton, Thurman J 1919 1991   Apostles wife-Lena V Clayton next; US Navy
Clayton, Vivian H 1906 1992     husband-Roy J Clayton, Sr next
Clayton, William P 1890 1968   Nativity wife-Lucy P Clayton next
Cleek, Oma Lee Cannon 4/13/1924 5/17/2002   Old Rugged Cross from obit:par-Freddie M & Agnes M Henley Cannon;childrn:Terry Cleek,Rhonda Atkins,Sonja Oonk,Diane Walker
Cleghorn, Georgia Ann 1930 2000   Nativity husband-Newell Earl Cleghorn next
Cleghorn, Newell Earl 1924     Nativity wife-Georgia Ann Cleghorn next
Clelland, Andrew 1/12/1999 1/12/1999   Babyland  
Clelland, Wilfred Austin 4/1/1996 4/3/1996   Babyland  
Clem, Claude A 1908 1971   Sermon on the Mount wife-Nell B Clem next
Clem, Nell B 1911 1997   Sermon on the Mount husband-Claude A Clem next
Clements, Charles W 1922     Nativity wife-Doris J Clements next
Clements, Doris J 1923 1993   Nativity husband-Charles W Clements next
Clements, Edward "Elmer" 1924 2/10/2003     fr/obit:wif-Alpha S Clements;dau-Flora Lynn Clements; USAF WWII
Clements, J Arlie 1902 1966   Apostles wife-Ollie S Clements next
Clements, Ollie S 1904 1988   Apostles husband-J Arlie Clements next
Clemons, Mamie M 1909 1983   Masonic Garden  
Clendenen, J Fred 1912 1973     Mason; wife-Ruby H Clendenen next
Clendenen, Ruby H 1922       husband-J Fred Clendenen next
Clift, Bertie M Penney 10/8/1915   4/20/1934   husband-Francis Clift next; son & dil-Bobby E & Sylvia Hixson Clift next
Clift, Bobby E 12/19/1934   6/27/1953   wife-Sylvia Hixson Clift next; par-Francis & Bertie M Penney Clift next
Clift, Francis 4/12/1912 1993 4/20/1934   wife-Bertie M Penney Clift next; son & dil-Bobby E & Sylvia Hixson Clift next
Clift, Pauline Ford 12/17/1925 10/7/1997   Nativity  
Clift, Perry James 5/13/1908 4/25/1979     wife-Sevena Eustice Clift next
Clift, Sevena Eustice 4/18/1909 8/26/1970     husband-Perry James Clift next
Clift, Sylvia Hixson 1935   6/27/1953   husband-Bobby E Clift next; inlaws-Francis & Bertie M Penney Clift next
Clingan, Grover C 5/5/1926 10/12/1994   Devotion  
Clingman, Kathleen R 2/28/1950 6/3/1990      
Clinton, Clara M 1923 1969   Sermon on the Mount  
Clinton, Elizabeth J 1916 1989   Old Rugged Cross E Star;husband-Roy W Clinton Jr next
Clinton, James F 1925 1968   Sermon on the Mount  
Clinton, Roy W, Jr 1916 1977   Old Rugged Cross Mason; wife-Elizabeth J Clinton next
Clowdis, Gail M 1935 1998     husband-James H Clowdis next
Clowdis, James H 1932 1981     wife-Gail M Clowdis next
Clowers, Earl Ray, Sr 12/7/1934 2/22/1991      
Clowers, Jeff 1966