Hamilton Memorial Gardens
(Partial Listing)

5401 Highway 153
Hixson, TN 37343-4990

This is an extremely large and relatively new cemetery located in the Hixson area of Chattanooga on Highway 153. The cemetery is just north of Hixson Pike on Highway 153 on the left hand side of the road. Surveyed by Dennis Wilson, Jim Holcomb, Susan Kendall, Linda Coulter, and the Chattanooga Mormon Youth in 2000 - 2003. This is approximately 11,000 of the estimated 25,000 burials in this cemetery.

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Names of individuals in this cemetery were recorded as they appeared on the tombstones. No attempt was made to correct obvious errors or differences in spelling. Every attempt has been made to record this information correctly. However, mistakes are possible.  The information on this page may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other person or organization without the written consent of the contributor, the legal representative of the submitter, or The Hamilton County Tennessee Genealogy Society.

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SSDI = Social Security Death Index

Deceased Born Died Married Section Notes
Dagley, Ellin D 1897 1984   Apostles husband-James L Dagley next
Dagley, James L 1879 1965   Apostles wife-Ellin D Dagley next
Dagnan, Carlos R 1924 1998     wife-Margaret H Dagnan next
Dagnan, Margaret H 1923 1972     husband-Carlos R Dagnan next
Dagnan, Thomas E, Sr 1901 1972   Acacia Garden  
Dahmus, Mark Anthony 9/26/1973 5/14/1996     "Brother"
Dailey, Bobbie J 1931     Prayer husband-Fred H Dailey next
Dailey, Fred H 1930     Prayer wife-Bobbie J Dailey next
Dake, Carl M 1936 1983   Old Rugged Cross next-Gertrude H Dake
Dake, Gertrude H 1913 1982   Old Rugged Cross  
Dalton, Mamie E 1897 1980     husband-Texie M Dalton next
Dalton, Texie M 1893 1994     wife-Mamie E Dalton next
Daniel, Billie R 1943       husband-Leonard E Daniel next
Daniel, Brennan Keith 7/11/1990 7/13/1990   Babyland  
Daniel, Carolyn A 1947 1995      
Daniel, Clarence L "Pete" 1/1/1915 2/25/1985      
Daniel, Conner J 1899 1979   Apostles wife-Gertrude N Daniel next
Daniel, Gertrude N 1900 1978   Apostles husband-Conner J Daniel next
Daniel, Harry Bradford 1920 4/1/2002     obit:wif-Maxine Garner Daniel;child-Ronald Evans,Harriet A Voiles; US Navy WWII
Daniel, Leonard E 1933 1999     wife-Billie R Daniel next
Daniel, Mary Ellen 1925 1979   Devotion  
Daniel, Mary J 1939     Devotion husband-Wayne Daniel next
Daniel, Megan A. 2/16/1990 2/16/1990   Babyland  
Daniel, Preston Keith 3/19/1992 3/19/1992      
Daniel, Rodney H 1947 1982      
Daniel, Vacie M 2/16/1915 1/27/1993   Nativity  
Daniel, Wayne 1936 1982   Devotion wife-Mary J Daniel next
Daniell, Charles B 1915 1996     wife-Martha A Daniell next
Daniell, Christopher Grant 10/7/1977 10/8/1977   Babyland  
Daniell, Martha A 1922       husband-Charles B Daniell next
Daniels, Florence 1892 1983   Nativity  
Darby, Wilhelmina R 1898 1968      
Darnell, Levi Hunter Orrick 9/4/1996 9/5/1996   Babyland  
Darnell, Matthew Ryan 5/10/1984 5/10/1984      
Darwin, Ann E 1932     Apostles husband-Jack T Darwin next
Darwin, Jack T 1927 1968   Apostles wife-Ann E Darwin next
Darwin, Robert Allen 1964 1985   Old Rugged Cross  
Daub, Frankie E 3/30/1913 5/23/1992      
Daugherty, James A 1891 1971   Apostles wife-Ruby J Daugherty next
Daugherty, James S 1931 3/9/2003     obit:children:Dana McLauchlin;James R & Daniel W Daugherty;sis-Janet Clinton; USMC Korea
Daugherty, L Raymond 9/5/1905 9/8/1994     wife-Madeline R Daugherty next
Daugherty, Madeline R 4/12/1908 5/6/1973     husband-L Raymond Daugherty next
Daugherty, Ruby J 6/18/1905 3/23/1995   Apostles husband-James A Daugherty next
Daughtrey, Aida J 1923     Apostles husband-Thomas L Daughtrey next
Daughtrey, Carl R, Sr 1934 1984   Old Rugged Cross wife-Sarah H Daughtrey next
Daughtrey, Carolyn Joyce 1949 1996   Nativity  
Daughtrey, Donald R 8/23/1947 8/3/1985   Apostles Mason; wife-Vickie C Daughtrey next
Daughtrey, Frances H 1917     Apostles husband-James G Daughtrey next
Daughtrey, J Howard 1913 1961   Nativity  
Daughtrey, James A 1942 1980      
Daughtrey, James G 1918 1985   Apostles wife-Frances H Daughtrey next
Daughtrey, Reba W 1929     Apostles husband-W Fred Daughtrey Jr next
Daughtrey, Sarah H 1937     Old Rugged Cross husband-Carl R Daughtrey Sr next
Daughtrey, Thomas L 1919 1991   Apostles wife-Aida J Daughtrey next
Daughtrey, Vickie C 11/16/1953     Apostles husband-Donald R Daughtrey next
Daughtrey, W Fred, Jr 1928 2001   Apostles wife-Reba W Daughtrey next
Daughtrey, William N 1/6/1915 10/4/1986      
Daulton, Donna C 1942 1992      
Daulton, Fay Rouse 8/25/1907 11/7/1992      
Davenport, Dollie R 1904 1988     husband-Ray A Davenport next
Davenport, Jesse A 1922 1993 12/24/1941   wife-Trudy Davenport next
Davenport, Ray A 1911 1967     wife-Dollie R Davenport next
Davenport, Trudy 1920 1999 12/24/1941   husband-Jesse A Davenport next
Davidson, Flora M 1916 1979     husband-Wilbur J Davidson next
Davidson, Harold L 1913 1995   Apostles wife-Viola Davidson next
Davidson, James Michael 8/20/1967 1/28/1987      
Davidson, Viola 1918 1983   Apostles husband-Harold L Davidson next
Davidson, Wilbur J 1912 1968     wife-Flora M Davidson next
Davis, Afton Delores Richie 8/29/1914 10/11/2001   Apostles temporary marker
Davis, Aileen J 1924     Masonic Garden husband-Amos V Davis next
Davis, Alan Fisher 4/4/1989 4/4/1989   Apostles  
Davis, Alonzo A 12/28/1893 12/10/1974   Masonic Garden wife-Myrtle B Davis next; Frederick E & Versie C Davis
Davis, Amos V 1924 1989   Masonic Garden wife-Aileen J Davis next
Davis, Anna L 1927       husband-Roy Lee Davis, Sr next
Davis, Anna Lee 1926 1991     husband-Roy E Davis next
Davis, Arlie H 1894 1976     wife-Idumae D Davis next
Davis, Arthur R 1899 1971     wife-Olga M Davis next; Wm M & Nellie B Davis
Davis, Arthur S "Bud" 1906 1993   Apostles wife-Juanita H Davis next
Davis, Artie L 1909     Apostles husband-Eulis Davis next
Davis, Billy D, Jr 1954 1986   Apostles BU 2 Seabees
Davis, Billy P 1927 1986   ** wife-Mary E. Davis next
Davis, C Fain 1926 1993   Old Rugged Cross wife-Elaine H Davis next
Davis, Charles K 1912 1994   Acacia Garden wife-Huretta J Davis next
Davis, Claude A, Sr 1901 1973   Apostles wife-Ilda Marie Davis next; Frances Dean Davis
Davis, Clifford V, Rev 1920 1999     wife-Virginia Cooper Davis next
Davis, Earl T "Tommy" 9/19/1952 6/21/1984   Devotion  
Davis, Edna G 1919     Apostles husband-Ovis J Davis next
Davis, Edward B 1917 1991     wife-Josephine L Davis next
Davis, Edward E 1918 1990   Old Rugged Cross wife-Faye S Davis next
Davis, Elaina Christine 5/15/1997 5/15/1997   Babyland  
Davis, Elaine H 1934     Old Rugged Cross husband-C Fain Davis next
Davis, Eleanor B 1917       husband-Foister B Davis next
Davis, Erba 8/19/1907 5/16/1995   Prayer wife-Ferroll Potts Davis next; S1, US Navy, WWII
Davis, Eulis 1905 1981   Apostles wife-Artie L Davis next
Davis, Evelyn W 1917     Apostles husband-Philip V Davis next
Davis, Faye S 1919     Old Rugged Cross husband-Edward E Davis next
Davis, Ferroll Potts 5/14/1907 7/4/1995   Prayer "Mom"; husband-Erba Davis next
Davis, Foister B 1913 2001     wife-Eleanor B Davis next
Davis, Frances Dean 1944 1969   Apostles  
Davis, Fred D 1889 1967   Apostles  
Davis, Fred H 1905 1985     wife-Lula Q Davis next
Davis, Frederick E 1897 1971   Masonic Garden wife-Versie C Davis next; Alonzo A & Myrtle B Davis
Davis, Gearldean R "Geri" 6/22/1928 3/2/1999     husband-William Franklin "Bill" Davis next
Davis, Gertie M 1897 1966   Apostles "Mom"
Davis, Grace Morrow 12/5/1997 12/5/1997   Apostles  
Davis, Greyson A 2/12/1917 1/9/2000   Masonic Garden Sgt US Army WWII
Davis, Guy S 1907 1976   Apostles wife-Nola H Davis next
Davis, Homer L 1924 1992   Old Rugged Cross wife-Virginia M Davis next
Davis, Huretta J 1913     Acacia Garden husband-Charles K Davis next
Davis, Idumae D 1901 1982     husband-Arlie H Davis next
Davis, Ilda Marie 1901 1961   Apostles husband-Claude A Davis Sr next; Frances Dean Davis
Davis, Ira Mozell 1911 4/17/2002   Nativity obit:hus-John E Davis, Sr;bro-George & Elmer Pennington;son & wife-John E Jr & Mary Ann Davis
Davis, J Paul 1912 1981   Apostles  
Davis, J Willie 1911     Apostles  
Davis, Jessie Willie 1912 2/10/2003     obit:sons-Kenneth & Bob Davis;dau-Brenda Hill & Harlene Reavley
Davis, Jo Ann Shelton 1940 1998   Apostles husband-Thomas Davis, Jr next
Davis, John E, Sr 1905 1991   Nativity  
Davis, Josephine L 1921 1988     husband-Edward B Davis next
Davis, Joyce H 1930 1975      
Davis, Juanita H   2000   Apostles husband-Arthur S "Bud" Davis next
Davis, Katie R 1910 1993   Apostles husband-Thomas G Davis next
Davis, Kevin H 1963 1980      
Davis, Larry Lynn 1947       wife-Rbelle Ann Davis next
Davis, Linda C 1941 1995   Prayer husband-Thomas L Davis next
Davis, Lua Q 1912 1990     husband-Fred H Davis next
Davis, Mary E 1924       husband-Billy P. Davis next
Davis, Myrtle B 09/09/1894 1/16/1980   Masonic Garden husband-Alonzo A Davis next
Davis, Nathaniel Brett 8/27/1992 8/27/1992      
Davis, Nellie B 1878 1957     husband-Wm M Davis next
Davis, Nola H 1908 1993   Apostles husband-Guy S Davis next
Davis, Olga M 9/2/1905 10/00/1995     husband-Arthur R Davis next
Davis, Ovis J 1912 1992   Apostles wife-Edna G Davis next; ""International Union of Operating Engineers"
Davis, Philip V 1912 1980   Apostles Mason; wife-Evelyn W Davis next
Davis, Phyllis E 1922       husband-William S Davis, Jr. next
Davis, Randall E "Randy" 1/6/1969 5/24/1999   Prayer shares marker with: Richard A "Rick" Davis
Davis, Rbelle Ann 1950       husband-Larry Lynn Davis next
Davis, Richard A "Rick" 4/9/1955     Prayer shares marker with: Randall E "Randy" Davis
Davis, Roy E 1921 2000     wife-Anna Lee Davis next
Davis, Roy Lee, Sr 1916 2000     wife-Anna L Davis next
Davis, Theda E 7/2/1924 1/18/1995   Apostles  
Davis, Thomas G 1908 1980   Apostles wife-Katie R Davis next
Davis, Thomas L 1930     Prayer wife-Linda C Davis next
Davis, Thomas N 1933 1986     wife-V Lorraine Davis next
Davis, Thomas, Jr 1929     Apostles wife-Jo Ann Shelton Davis next
Davis, Timothy Allen 1967 1992      
Davis, V Lorraine 1933       husband-Thomas N Davis next
Davis, Versie C 1901 1987   Masonic Garden husband-Frederick E Davis next
Davis, Virginia Cooper 1923 8/27/2002     hus-Rev Clifford V Davis: obit:sons-Larry & Jerry Davis;dau-Linda Layman & Janice Miller
Davis, Virginia M 1925     Old Rugged Cross husband-Homer L Davis next
Davis, William Franklin "Bill" 9/3/1925 1/6/2003     wife-Gearldean R "Geri" Davis; obit:dau-Debra Ray, Karen Cross & Teri Bailey;bro-Al Davis;sis-Theresa Broome; US Army WWII
Davis, William M 1869 1961     wife-Nellie B Davis next; Arthur R & Olga M Davis
Davis, William S Jr. 1921       wife-Phyllis E Davis next
Dawkins, Deena Gay 6/29/1956 1/14/1961      
Dawn, Charles B 2/19/1914 3/6/2007     wife-Dorothy H Dawn next
Dawn, Dorothy H 4/15/1916 6/13/2010     husband-Charles B Dawn next
Dawn, Fred H, Sr 1881 1963     wife-Hettie G Dawn next
Dawn, Hettie G 1884 1976     husband-Fred H Dawn Sr next
Dawn, Melissa Marie 8/5/1987 2/23/1989   Babyland  
Dawson, Carl H 1926 1971   Apostles wife-Ruth P Dawson next
Dawson, J Clyde 1917       wife-Pauline M Dawson next; USMC
Dawson, Pauline M 1914       husband-J Clyde Dawson next
Dawson, Ruth P 1913 1981   Apostles husband-Carl H Dawson next
Day, Allen G, Sr 1904 1986   Devotion wife-Essie T Day next
Day, Barbara A 1951 1984      
Day, Catherine L 1917 1985   Old Rugged Cross "Nanny"
Day, Clarence Ed 1930 1997   Old Rugged Cross wife-Lillie Ruth Day next
Day, Clyde E 1921 1972   Devotion wife-Hazel K Day next
Day, Essie T 1907 1991   Devotion husband-Allen G Day, Sr next
Day, Hazel K 1921     Devotion husband-Clyde E Day next
Day, Lillie Ruth 1931     Old Rugged Cross husband-Clarence Ed Day next
Deakins, George L 1935 7/29/2002     obit:par-Carl & Phyllis Deakins;wif-Peggy S Deakins;dau-Cindy Aslinger & Pamela Zumbrun;bro-Bob Deakins; USAF, Korea
Deakins, Harry Claxton 1911 1983   Apostles wife-Pansy Ashley Deakins next
Deakins, Pansy Ashley 2/18/1914 2/26/2006   Apostles husband-Harry Claxton Deakins next
Deakins, Vera J 8/11/1906 1/16/2002   Nativity  
Deal, Alfred C 1905 1978   Apostles wife-Bess C Deal next
Deal, Bess C 1900 2001   Apostles husband-Alfred C Deal next
Deal, C C "Neal" 1890 1960   Apostles wife-Jennie E Deal next
Deal, Jennie E 1892 1969   Apostles husband-C C "Neal" Deal
Dean, Glenn M, Jr 1921 1990   Masonic Garden wife-Herba K Dean next; parents-Glenn M Sr & Myrtle S Dean
Dean, Glenn M, Sr 1899 1961   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Myrtle S Dean next; son & dil-Glenn M Jr & Herba K Dean
Dean, Herba K 1925     Masonic Garden husband-Glenn M Dean Sr next; inlaws-Glenn M Sr & Myrtle S Dean
Dean, J D 1914 1995   Apostles wife-Opal L Dean next
Dean, Myrtle S 1905 1997   Masonic Garden E Star; husband-Glenn M Dean, Sr next; son & dil-Glenn M Jr & Herba K Dean
Dean, Opal L 1915 1977   Apostles husband-J D Dean next
Dearing, Gladys V 1916 1993      
DeArk, Jimmie L 1939       husband-Marvin P DeArk next
DeArk, Marvin P 1933       wife-Jimmie L DeArk next
Decker, Carl R 4/29/1925 5/11/1975      
Dedmon, Grace B 1917 2001   Apostles husband-Woodrow W Dedmon next
Dedmon, Marie H 1937 1990   Old Rugged Cross husband-Marvin K Dedmon next
Dedmon, Marieta C 1917 1998   Old Rugged Cross husband-Noah W Dedmon next
Dedmon, Marvin K 1938     Old Rugged Cross wife-Marie H Dedmon next
Dedmon, May L 1898 1984   Old Rugged Cross  
Dedmon, Noah W 1915 1987   Old Rugged Cross wife-Marieta C Dedmon next
Dedmon, Sue Cassidy 1896 1982   Apostles next: Albert C & Helen C Cassidy
Dedmon, Woodrow W 1913 1994   Apostles wife-Grace B Dedmon next
Degarmo, Paul C 3/11/1920 12/24/1997   Prayer Sgt, US Army, WWII
Deger, Helen M 1/27/1913 4/9/1992   Apostles  
Delaney, Clarence E 1910 1958   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Margaret P Delaney next
Delaney, Margaret P 1913 1990   Masonic Garden husband-Clarence E Delaney next
Delashmitt, Ada N 1908 1986      
Delashmitt, E E "Gene" 1936 2/18/2003     obit:par-Frank & Nell Delashmitt;wif-Bonnie King McDowell Delashmitt;sons-Mike & Mitch Delashmitt
Delashmitt, Eva M 1890 1967     husband-Oscar A Delashmitt next; James E, Maxine M, Robert E & Ada N Delashmitt
Delashmitt, James E 1933       Mason; wife-Maxine M Delashmitt next; Oscar A, Eva M, Robert E & Ada N Delashmitt
Delashmitt, Maxine M 1933       husband-James E Delashmitt next; Oscar A, Eva M, Robert E & Ada N Delashmitt
Delashmitt, Oscar A 1887 1968     wife-Eva M Delashmitt next; James E, Maxine M, Robert E & Ada N Delashmitt
Delashmitt, Raymond A 1913 1960   Apostles  
Delashmitt, Robert E 1916 1965      
DeLozier, Cecil F 1901 1960   Devotion wife-Mabel J DeLozier next
Delozier, Dennis E 1948 1990   Devotion  
DeLozier, Mabel J 1903 1985   Devotion husband-Cecil F DeLozier next
Delzell, James W 1920 1986   Old Rugged Cross wife-Ruth H Delzell next
Delzell, Ruth H 1914 1984   Old Rugged Cross husband-James W Delzell next
DeMoss, Willie C 1927 1998   Nativity  
Dendy, Bonnie J 1911 1997   Devotion husband-Wade E Dendy next
Dendy, Wade E 1907 1981   Devotion wife-Bonnie J Dendy next
Denham, Mae 1933 1/11/2003     obit:mom-Frankie Bowman;hus-Bill Denham;son-Billy Perry Denham;dau-Debbie Raines;sis-Hazel Bowman
Dennis, Kilby L 2/19/1910 12/3/1999   Prayer Pvt, US Army
Dennis, Tamar Wease 1912 1994   Devotion  
Dennison, Carolyn 2/5/1949 6/20/1995      
Denson, Ruby V 1895 1975   Apostles  
Dent, Almeda 3/20/1913 10/8/1997     husband-Frank Dent next; Eastern Star
Dent, Artie H 1889 1966   Gethsemane husband-Birt G Dent next; Wm Kermit, Gertrude J, Willis Erman & Clara Leona Dent; Barbara Dent Higgins
Dent, Betty Ruth Shannon Blessing 1924 4/28/2002   Apostles from obit:hus #1-Kenneth E Blessing;#2-Wm V Dent;par-Laney & Pearl Shannon;dau-Nancy Curtis,Lana Norbury
Dent, Birt G 1890 1964   Gethsemane wife-Artie H Dent next
Dent, Clara Leona 1910 1992   Gethsemane husband-Willis Erman Dent next
Dent, David I 6/23/1919 10/6/2001   Apostles  
Dent, Flavis A 5/18/1918 3/11/1990   Apostles Tec4 US Army WWII
Dent, Frank 1904 1977     wife-Almeda Dent next
Dent, Gertrude J 5/8/1917 8/14/1993   Gethsemane husband-Wm Kermit Dent next
Dent, I W 1896 1977   Apostles wife-Loneta B Dent next; David I Dent
Dent, Jane P 1925     Apostles husband-Lloyd L Dent next
Dent, Lloyd L 1920 1993   Apostles wife-Jane P Dent next
Dent, Loneta B 1901 1988   Apostles husband-I W Dent next; David I Dent
Dent, Sharon L 6/15/1954 6/12/1977   Apostles  
Dent, Shirley J 1935 1986      
Dent, William Kermit 7/2/1915 3/5/2002   Gethsemane wife-Gertrude J Dent next; Pvt US Army WWII
Dent, Willis Erman 1911 1984   Gethsemane wife-Clara Leona Dent next
Denton, Anne C 1920 1999   Apostles husband-Archie D Denton next
Denton, Archie D 1930 1983   Apostles wife-Anne C Denton next
Denton, Fritts L 9/5/1912 10/16/1958      
Denton, John F 1913 1986     wife-Manon S Denton next
Denton, L Roberta 1933       husband-Lloyd C Denton, Sr next
Denton, Lloyd C, Sr. 1931 1998     wife-L Roberta Denton next
Denton, Manon S 1913 1988     husband-John F Denton next
Denton, Nell A 1929     Old Rugged Cross husband-Robert H Denton Jr next
Denton, Robert H, Jr 1928 1982   Old Rugged Cross wife-Nell A Denton next
Derossett, Norma D 1928     Apostles Mausoleum husband-Thomas A Derossett next
Derossett, Thomas A 1921 1991   Apostles Mausoleum wife-Norma D Derossett next
DeShazo, Albert P 1894 1990   Apostles wife-Estelle B DeShazo next
DeShazo, Estelle B 1893 1975   Apostles husband-Albert P DeShazo next
Devine, Nota Gibson 1892 1968   Apostles  
DeVries, Anna L 1912 1996   Apostles husband-Gert N DeVries next
DeVries, Gert N 1907 1954   Apostles wife-Anna L DeVries next
DeVries, Robert Keith 3/9/1962 3/9/1962   Apostles  
DeVries, Sheryl Lynn 6/19/1961 5/6/1962   Apostles  
Dewitt, Lorraine G 1906 1981      
Dickey, John William 1912 1985   Nativity  
Dickey, Opal Pauline 1916 1984   Nativity  
Dickinson, Andrew J 1921 1985   Apostles wife-Betty E Dickinson next; Andy Dickinson
Dickinson, Andy 9/28/1960 1/29/1983   Apostles  
Dickinson, Betty E 1923     Apostles husband-Andrew J Dickinson next; Andy Dickinson
Dickson, Darwin H 1935 1996   Prayer wife-Libby Dickson next
Dickson, Dimple C 9/18/1918 12/31/2004   Nativity husband-Roy T Dickson next; death date from Social Security Death Index
Dickson, Libby 1953     Prayer husband-Darwin H Dickson next
Dickson, Paul H, Sr 1955 1982      
Dickson, Roy T 1922 2000   Nativity wife-Dimple C Dickson next
Dill, Felix F 1907 1980     wife-Mary B Dill next
Dill, Mary B 1908 2000     husband-Felix F Dill next
Dillon, Crystal Renee 1/24/1962 2/13/1962   Sermon on the Mount  
Dillon, Lynn Edens 4/18/1950 6/21/1992   **  
DiLoreto, Mary Elizabeth 1926 1962   Masonic Garden  
Disbrow, R A 1924 2002   Prayer  
Dishmon, Faye D 1945 1992     husband-Lonnie J Dishmon next
Dishmon, Lonnie J 1946       wife-Faye D Dishmon next
Dixon, Charles E 1926 1996     wife-Jacqueline J Dixon next
Dixon, Earl R, Rev 1905 1969   Apostles wife-Grace L Dixon next
Dixon, Grace L 1907 1997   Apostles husband-Rev Earl R Dixon next
Dixon, Jacqueline J 1931       husband-Charles E Dixon next
Dixon, James Edward 1885 1958   Apostles  
Dixon, Ruth Edith 1905 1959   Apostles  
Dixson, A F 1905 1987      
Djabbari, Ali 1922 2000   Nativity  
Doan, Ardie G 1906 1997      
Dobbins, Clarence H 1916 1996     wife-Hazel E Dobbins next
Dobbins, Easell N 4/8/1920 12/7/1999   Old Rugged Cross  
Dobbins, Hazel E 1919 1996     husband-Clarence H Dobbins next
Dobbins, Peggy Joyce 1937 6/3/2002     obit:hus-Easell N Dobbins;dau-Tina Adkins & Angela Davis;sis-Joan Kyle & Wanda Kean;bro-Dan,Jim & Don Cowan
Dobbs, Betty Ann 1931     Old Rugged Cross husband-Glen E Dobbs next
Dobbs, Floyd Wesley 4/20/1910 1/3/1974   Masonic Garden Mason
Dobbs, Glen E 1930 1994   Old Rugged Cross wife-Betty Ann Dobbs next
Dobbs, James Carthel 10/18/1910 6/30/1982 2/5/1960   wife-Joyce Bryant Dobbs next
Dobbs, James Wesley "Jimmy" 6/27/1944 5/18/1957   Masonic Garden Mason
Dobbs, Jena Renee 3/18/1980 3/22/1980   Babyland  
Dobbs, Joyce Bryant 10/14/1931   2/5/1960   husband-James Carthel Dobbs next
Dobson, Bettye C 1928 1998     husband-Herbert I Dobson next
Dobson, Herbert I 1928 1991     wife-Bettye C Dobson next
Dobson, Jennie H 1927 1996   Apostles husband-Lester F Dobson next
Dobson, Lester F 1935 1999   Apostles wife-Jennie H Dobson next
Dobson, William A, Sr 9/23/1926 4/3/1986   Old Rugged Cross LCDR US Navy, WWII, Korea
Dodd, Charles M 1924 1994   Apostles wife-Reba M Dodd; US Navy
Dodd, Clifford E, Sr 1912 1997   Prayer  
Dodd, D Ruth 1933 1996   Prayer husband-Howard J Dodd next
Dodd, E Cliff 10/21/1902 9/26/1977   Devotion wife-Edith W Dodd next
Dodd, Edith W 1901 1984   Devotion husband-E Cliff Dodd next
Dodd, Edwin Earl 5/8/1928 9/24/1994   *  
Dodd, Elmer H 1920 1984   Devotion wife-Inez J Dodd next
Dodd, Gertie S 1885 1972   Devotion husband-Thomas H Dodd next
Dodd, Howard J 1936 1999   Prayer wife-D Ruth Dodd next
Dodd, Inez J 1914 1986   Devotion husband-Elmer H Dodd next
Dodd, Kenneth L 1940 2000   Apostles wife-Linda E Dodd next
Dodd, Linda E 1942     Apostles husband-Kenneth L Dodd next
Dodd, Minnie M 1900 1977   Apostles husband-U Monroe Dodd next
Dodd, Reba M 1925     Apostles husband-Charles M Dodd next
Dodd, Teddy Eugene 4/23/1962 2/12/1977      
Dodd, Thomas H 1889 1976   Devotion wife-Gertie S Dodd next
Dodd, U Monroe 1897 1973   Apostles husband-Minnie M Dodd next
Dolby, Lynda E 1949 1998   Apostles  
Donaghy, Kenneth J 1914 1977     wife-Mildred R Donaghy next
Donaghy, Mildred R 1922 1977     husband-Kenneth J Donaghy next
Donahue, Bertha M 1902 1983   Old Rugged Cross husband-John H Donahue next
Donahue, John H 1899 1987   Old Rugged Cross wife-Bertha M Donahue next
Donaldson, Ernest E 1923 1996     wife-Helen P Donalsdon next
Donaldson, Helen P 1936       husband-Ernest E Donaldson next
Donelson, Edgar Nelson 1912 1992   Apostles wife-Martha Stewart Donelson next
Donelson, Jeff D 1886 1959     wife-Mary E Donelson next
Donelson, Manuel S 1918 1989   Nativity  
Donelson, Martha Stewart 1913 1993   Apostles husband-Edgar Nelson Donelson next
Donelson, Mary E 1891 1970     husband-Jeff D Donelson next
Donham, Cora T 1915 1988   Old Rugged Cross husband-Don L Donham next
Donham, Don L 1915 1988   Old Rugged Cross wife-Cora T Donham next
Doolittle, Marilyn E 2/19/1940 10/22/1994      
Doolittle, Philip G 9/19/1964 9/9/1995      
Doremus, W A "Tony" 5/9/1915 10/24/1989   Apostles  
Dorsey, Hattie C 1920 1998   Nativity  
Dorsey, Ruby Lee 7/10/1922 12/30/1994   Apostles  
Doss, Alisa Kay 1960 1990   Nativity  
Doss, Derotha E 1922 1981     husband-Lester Doss next
Doss, Lester 1907 1982     wife-Derotha E Doss next
Doss, Ruth M 9/12/1926 10/26/2000     husband-Sam Doss, Jr
Doss, Sam, Jr 2/12/1930       wife-Ruth M Doss next
Dotson, Gertie M 1913     Apostles husband-John R Dotson Sr next; son-John R "Buddy" Dotson Jr
Dotson, John J, Sr. 1916 1991     wife-Mary Mae Dotson next
Dotson, John R "Buddy", Jr 1938 1960   Apostles parents: John R & Gertie M Dotson Sr next
Dotson, John R, Sr 1917 1976   Apostles wife-Gertie M Dotson next; John R "Buddy" Dotson, Jr
Dotson, Linda A 1949 1995   Nativity  
Dotson, M Ethern 1914 1964      
Dotson, Mary Mae 1920       husband-John J Dotson, Sr. next
Douglas, A Thomas 1943 2000      
Douglas, Grady H 1900 1992   Devotion wife-Zura Douglas next
Douglas, Lillian B 5/14/1914 10/9/1981      
Douglas, Ransom R 1908 1977     wife-Sallie E Douglas next
Douglas, Sallie E 1914 1976     husband-Ransom R Douglas next
Douglas, Wanda F Berry 8/22/1959 3/20/2000   Gethsemane "Wife, Mother"
Douglas, Zura 1899 1977   Devotion husband-Grady H Douglas next
Dover, Beatrice B 1915 1992   Acacia Garden husband-Raymond H Dover, Jr next
Dover, Essie Faye 1915 1987      
Dover, Raymond H, Jr 1909 1977   Acacia Garden wife-Beatrice B Dover next
Dowd, Francis L 12/11/1917 3/9/1997   Apostles wife-Nannie Alice Dowd next; Tec 5 US Army WWII
Dowd, Nannie Alice 3/15/1920 10/29/1997   Apostles husband-Francis L Dowd next
Dowlen, Harry 1897 1990   Old Rugged Cross wife-Mary Agnes Dowlen next
Dowlen, Herman E 1916 1999   Nativity  
Dowlen, James C, Sr 1914 1982   Apostles  
Dowlen, Mary Agnes 1899 1992   Old Rugged Cross husband-Harry Dowlen next
Downing, Martha E 1928 1985      
Downs, Charles Leslie 9/12/1920 4/20/1999     CWO2 US Navy WW II
Downs, Frances Jackson          
Downs, J C 1925 1975   Devotion wife-Lula O Downs next
Downs, Lula O 1928     Devotion husband-J C Downs next
Doyle, Daniel M 1952 1979   Apostles  
Doyle, Joan H 1951 1997   Apostles  
Doyle, June M 1923 1992   Apostles husband-Vernon L Doyle next
Doyle, Vernon L 1918 1975   Apostles wife-June M Doyle next
Draeger, John A 1923 1971      
Drake, Norman 1945 1994   Devotion  
Drake, Rebecca Johns 1/24/1906 12/18/2000   Devotion "Mom"; next: Norman & Rembert M Drake
Drake, Rembert M 4/8/1936 10/5/1983   Devotion  
Drecoll, Betty 1929       husband-Ernest Drecoll next
Drecoll, Ernest 1921 1993     wife-Betty Drecoll next
Dreeke, Mary D 1907 1995   Devotion  
Dressler, Imogene B 1920     Apostles husband-John Lewis Dressler next
Dressler, John Lewis 1908 1970   Apostles wife-Imogene B Dressler next
Drew, Bertha V "Jackie" 3/10/1925     Masonic Garden husband-William E "Bill" Drew
Drew, William E "Bill" 9/29/1922 9/30/1995   Masonic Garden wife-Bertha V "Jackie" Drew next
Driggins, Pauline F 1927     Apostles husband-W Maurice Driggins next
Driggins, W Maurice 1930 1994   Apostles wife-Pauline F Driggins next
Drummond, Luther 1911 6/10/2002     obit:wif-Louise Smith Drummond;dau-Shirley Martin;bro-Waymon & Ellis Drummond;sis-Eva Mae Posey
Dryman, Evelyn Doty 1937 9/13/2002     obit:hus-Robert E Dryman;par-Edwin M & Lucille Doty;dau-Kim Walker;bro-Mickey Doty;gdau-Cristin Walker
DuBarry, Johnny Ann Barnes 1942 1983   Apostles  
Dubois, James L 1899 1962   Devotion wife-Nell C Dubois next
Dubois, Nell C 1912 1979   Devotion husband-James L Dubois next
Duckett, Clyde H, Sr 1915 1967   Apostles wife-Ruby C Duckett next
Duckett, Ruby C 1917 1968   Apostles husband-Clyde H Duckett Sr next
Duckett, William A 1925     Old Rugged Cross wife-Willie B Duckett next
Duckett, Willie B 1930 1988   Old Rugged Cross husband-Wm A Duckett next
Dudley, Betty A