Hamilton Memorial Gardens
(Partial Listing)

5401 Highway 153
Hixson, TN 37343-4990

This is an extremely large and relatively new cemetery located in the Hixson area of Chattanooga on Highway 153. The cemetery is just north of Hixson Pike on Highway 153 on the left hand side of the road. Surveyed by Dennis Wilson, Jim Holcomb, Susan Kendall, Linda Coulter, and the Chattanooga Mormon Youth in 2000 - 2003. This is approximately 11,000 of the estimated 25,000 burials in this cemetery.

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Names of individuals in this cemetery were recorded as they appeared on the tombstones. No attempt was made to correct obvious errors or differences in spelling. Every attempt has been made to record this information correctly. However, mistakes are possible.  The information on this page may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other person or organization without the written consent of the contributor, the legal representative of the submitter, or The Hamilton County Tennessee Genealogy Society.

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SSDI = Social Security Death Index
Deceased Born Died Married Section Notes
Gadd, Harry W 1915 1995     wife-Mildred L Gadd next
Gadd, Mildred L 1915 1966     husband-Harry W Gadd next
Gadd, Mollie R 1926     Old Rugged Cross husband-Robert C Gadd next
Gadd, Robert C 1918 1997   Old Rugged Cross wife-Mollie R Gadd next
Gaines, Harvana D 1927     Prayer husband-James W Gaines next
Gaines, James W 1921 2000   Prayer Mason; wife-Harvana D Gaines next
Gaines, Mary Frank 1922 1986      
Gaitan, Elizabeth Mae 1915 1990     husband-Jose Gaitan next
Gaitan, Jose 1924       wife-Elizabeth Mae Gaitan next
Gallagher, Joyce G "Nanny" 2/19/1934 11/25/1999      
Gallaher, Clyde L 1913 2000     wife-Edith W Gallaher next
Gallaher, Edith W 1904 1996     husband-Clyde L Gallaher next
Gallant, Debra Sue 9/26/1960 10/7/1960   Apostles  
Gallant, Hardin Hulvey, Jr 8/14/1938 6/16/1965   Apostles  
Gallant, Hardin Hulvey, Sr 1907 1972   Apostles wife-Lelia Ethel Gallant next
Gallant, Lelia Ethel 1910 1997   Apostles husband-Hardin Hulvey Gallant Sr next
Gallman, Grayce T 1920     Gethsemane husband-Wm A Gallman next
Gallman, William A 1916 1972   Gethsemane wife-Grayce T Gallman next
Galyon, Clifford E 1931     Devotion wife-Lillian C Galyon next
Galyon, Lillian C 1933     Devotion husband-Clifford E Galyon next
Gambell, E Grady 1906 1983     wife-Ina B Gambell next
Gambell, Ina B 1911 1977     husband-E Grady Gambell next
Gamble, Harry E 1918 1999      
Gandy, Ann Morgan 1922 6/15/2002     obit:par-Walter & Ellen Doss Morgan;hus-Earl Gandy;son-Don Byrd;bro-Willard,John,Eugene,Wm & Robt Morgan
Gandy, Evelyn E 1919 1989     husband-Luther K Gandy next
Gandy, Larry W 1957       wife-Mildred H "Middie" Gandy next
Gandy, Luther K 1925 1994     wife-Evelyn E Gandy next
Gandy, Mildred H "Middie" 1959       husband-Larry W Gandy next
Gann, Addie A 1906 1996     husband-Robert A Gann next
Gann, Anna Ruth 9/13/1924 11/18/1971   Devotion  
Gann, Barbara A 1938       husband-Wayne A Gann next
Gann, Blayne I 1912 1984      
Gann, Calvin E 1924       wife-Dorothy H Gann next
Gann, Charles Elbert 1912 1979   Apostles  
Gann, Dorothy H 1920       husband-Calvin E Gann next
Gann, Fern C 1914 1993   Apostles  
Gann, Gilbert H, Jr 1945 1990   Old Rugged Cross wife-Lois H Gann next
Gann, Gilbert H, Sr 4/9/1927 1/3/1986     wife-Lillie Gattis Gann next; S2 US Navy WWII
Gann, Helen E 1908 1996   Apostles  
Gann, Helen L 1916 1978     husband-J Meford Gann next
Gann, Howard C 1906 2001   Apostles wife-Kate B Gann next; "Married 70 Years"
Gann, J Meford 1910 1985     wife-Helen L Gann next
Gann, James A 1921 1983   Old Rugged Cross wife-Margaret I Gann next
Gann, James F, Jr 1928 1984   Apostles  
Gann, Kate B 1913 2000   Apostles husband-Howard C Gann next; "Married 70 Years"
Gann, Lewis A 1922 1992      
Gann, Lewis Labron 1947 6/8/2002     obit;par-Lewis A & Norena Gann;wif-Gilda Gann;dau-Meredith & Amanda Gann;sons-Derek & Zachary Gann
Gann, Lillie Gattis 8/14/1925       husband-Gilbert H Gann Jr. next
Gann, Lois H 1949     Old Rugged Cross husband-Gilbert H Gann Jr next
Gann, Margaret I 1926     Old Rugged Cross husband-James A Gann next
Gann, Robert A 1905 1991     wife-Addie A Gann next
Gann, Wayne A 1933 1999     wife-Barbara A Gann next
Gannaway, Hellen M 1924 1998   Devotion husband-Lovell N Gannaway next
Gannaway, Howard M 1927     Acacia Garden Mason; wife-Merita J Gannaway next
Gannaway, Lovell N 1917 1961   Devotion wife-Hellen M Gannaway next
Gannaway, Merita J 1932 1986   Acacia Garden husband-Howard M Gannaway next
Gannaway, Virginia A 1913 1992   Apostles husband-Vollie W Gannaway next
Gannaway, Vollie W 1899 1989   Apostles wife-Virginia A Gannaway next
Gardenhire, Alexander Guy 1915       Mason; wife-Wilma Selena M Gardenhire next
Gardenhire, Cody Ryan 1984 1992   Nativity  
Gardenhire, Wilma Selena M 1915 2000     E Star; husband-Alexander Guy Gardenhire next
Gardner, Bobby E 1929       wife-Eula M Gardner next
Gardner, Comer R 1923 1986   Nativity  
Gardner, Eula M 1931       husband-Bobby E Gardner next
Gardner, Gary L 1948 1979   Nativity  
Gardner, Sharon L 1947     Nativity  
Gardner, Willodean 1929     Nativity  
Garfield, Cecil R 1912 1990   Nativity wife-Mary R Garfield next
Garfield, John W 1906 1967   Acacia Garden wife-Juanita G Garfield next
Garfield, Juanita G 1911 1984   Acacia Garden husband-John W Garfield next
Garfield, Mary R 1916 1998   Nativity husbandand-Cecil R Garfield next
Garner, Alma S 1935 1983   Old Rugged Cross husband-John R Garner next
Garner, Hazel Virginia Pace 10/3/1914 6/27/2002     hus-Howard D Garner next;obit:son-Charles H;sis-Jeanne Johnson;bro-Charles Pace;par-Wm H & Mary Ellis Pace
Garner, Howard David 5/17/1921 2/20/1962     wife-Hazel Virginia Pace Garner next; obit:son-Charles;sis-Maxine & May;par-Alfred Henry & Jennie Gibson Garner; Pn PFC HQ Co 1056 Eng WWII
Garner, John R 1928 1993   Old Rugged Cross wife-Alma S Garner next
Garner, Lora L 1903 1985      
Garner, Mary E 1922        
Garrett, Gladys M 1904 1970   Apostles husband-J Duane Garrett next
Garrett, J Duane 1902 1971   Apostles wife-Gladys M Garrett next
Garrett, M D, Rev 1898 1971   Devotion wife-Maude V Garrett next
Garrett, Margie J 1924 2/3/2003     obit:hus-Richard N Garrett Sr;sons-Richard "Dick" Jr & Robert "Bob" Garrett;sis-Elizabeth Greene
Garrett, Maude V 1902 1991   Devotion husband-Rev M D Garrett next
Garrett, Nell R 1909 1963      
Gasaway, Lorenzia 1909 1993      
Gass, Arthur M 1918 1998     wife-Helen J Gass next
Gass, Carl C 1913 1982   Apostles wife-Irene D Gass next
Gass, Elmer N 1895 1964   Masonic Garden wife-Iva B Gass next
Gass, Goldie W 1909 1994   Masonic Garden husband-Mitchell M Gass next
Gass, Helen J 1923       husband-Arthur M Gass next
Gass, Henry C 1891 1977     wife-Lou M Gass next
Gass, Howard Ray 1912 1964   Apostles  
Gass, Irene D 1921     Apostles husband-Carl C Gass next
Gass, Iva B 1897 1991   Masonic Garden husband-Elmer N Gass next
Gass, Joseph B 5/24/1917 12/19/1983   Masonic Garden  
Gass, Lou M 1896 1978     husband-Henry C Gass next
Gass, Mitchell M 1906 1985   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Goldie W Gass next
Gass, Mona E 12/2/1917 4/22/1991   Masonic Garden  
Gates, Bradley Scott 5/17/1978 5/17/1978      
Gates, Cecil W 1925     Old Rugged Cross mason;wife-Charlene W Gates next
Gates, Charlene W 1930 1989   Old Rugged Cross husband-Cecil W Gates next
Gates, Jewell B 7/31/1917 4/17/1983   Gethsemane  
Gault, Jonathan Matthew 6/28/1981 6/28/1981      
Gault, Margaret H 5/1/1909 9/21/2000   Apostles  
Gauthen, Charlotte H 1922 1989   Old Rugged Cross husband-Cletus W Gauthen next
Gauthen, Cletus W 1922 2000   Old Rugged Cross wife-Charlotte H Gauthen next
Gay, Abraham 1906 1988   Old Rugged Cross wife-Obbalene W Gay next
Gay, Annette Whitton 1937 7/3/2002     obit:hus-H D "Jim" Gay;dau-Linda Annette Fox & Laura E Campbell;son-James F Gay;mom-Edna Whitton
Gay, Obbalene W 1906 1993   Old Rugged Cross husband-Abraham Gay next
Geer, Betty S 1940       husband-Bobby R Geer next
Geer, Bobby R 1938 1972     wife-Betty S Geer next
Geer, Houston R 1908 1965   Devotion wife-Jo G Geer next
Geer, Jerry E 1934 1972   Devotion  
Geer, Jo G 1913 2000   Devotion husband-Houston R Geer next
Geer, Ray 1936 1960   Devotion  
Geeslin, Sarah J I 3/16/1930     Old Rugged Cross husband-Walter Michael Geeslin next
Geeslin, Walter Michael 1/26/1919 9/11/1990   Old Rugged Cross wife-Sarah J I Geeslin next; ETM3 US Coast Guard, WWII
Genella, Charles J 1935 1988      
Genella, Sybol G 1937        
Gentry, Catherine I 4/18/1925 4/23/1998      
Gentry, Evelyn E 1915 1984     husband-Kenneth L Gentry next
Gentry, Homer Lee 5/18/1911 5/5/1991   Sermon on the Mount *
Gentry, Kenneth L 1911 1974     wife-Evelyn E Gentry next
Gentry, Lehaman L 4/1/1914       wife-Mildred I Gentry next
Gentry, Mildred I 7/28/1918 4/18/1969     husband-Lehaman L Gentry next
Gentry, Millie Agee 1903 1979   Nativity  
Gentry, Sue C 1886 1978     husband-Wm C Gentry next
Gentry, William C 1884 1970     wife-Sue C Gentry next
Gentry, William Clyde 1913 1985   Old Rugged Cross  
Geschka, Gisela T 1902 1975   **  
Geselbracht, Gordon A 1911 1998   Old Rugged Cross wife-Ruth C Geselbracht next
Geselbracht, Ruth C 1911 1993   Old Rugged Cross husband-Gordon A Geselbracht next
Ghiden, James B 1/13/1909 6/14/2000      
Gibbs, Joseph J 12/7/1931 11/25/1999     wife-Peggy B Gibbs next; US Navy Korea
Gibbs, Peggy B 7/17/1930 2/1/1998     husband-Joseph J Gibbs next
Gibson, Anna O 1925 1998     husband?-Dee Gibson next
Gibson, Dee 1913 1979      
Gibson, Dorothy W 1926     Old Rugged Cross husband-John F Gibson next
Gibson, Edna R 1930     Old Rugged Cross husband-Vermon O Gibson next
Gibson, George C, Jr 1920 2000   Nativity wife-Sue Foster Gibson next
Gibson, Hila C 1903 1994   Masonic Garden husband-Paul E Gibson next
Gibson, John F 1924 1988   Old Rugged Cross wife-Dorothy W Gibson next
Gibson, Kathryn Guenevere 1952 1983   Apostles Mausoleum  
Gibson, Louise Hixson 1864 1960   Apostles  
Gibson, Nancy E 1921 1981   Old Rugged Cross  
Gibson, Paul E 1900 1985   Masonic Garden wife-Hila C Gibson next
Gibson, Sue Foster 1923     Nativity husband-Geroge C Gibson Jr next
Gibson, Vermon O 1929 1997   Old Rugged Cross wife-Edna R Gibson next
Gifford, Dorothy L 11/17/1933 7/1/2000      
Gilbert, C Wayne 2/6/1924 2/9/1999     wife-Juanita Williams Gilbert next; 2nd Lt US Marine Corps WWII
Gilbert, Dorothy L 1933       husband-James R Gilbert next
Gilbert, James R 1930       wife-Dorothy L Gilbert next
Gilbert, Juanita Williams 3/13/1919 6/14/1991     husband-C Wayne Gilbert next
Gilbert, Lon B 3/4/1916 7/15/1993   Nativity Capt US Army Air Corps WWII
Gilbert, Phyllis Price 1/15/1919 11/13/1997   Nativity  
Giles, Bobby Dean 12/18/1933 2/14/1996   Prayer US Navy
Giles, Claude D 1911 1991     wife-Helen D Giles next
Giles, Helen D 1925       husband-Claude D Giles next
Gill, Camaleta H 1925 1994     husband-Milton B Gill next
Gill, Hazel R 1921     Masonic Garden husband-Lester S Gill next
Gill, Jessie O 1911 1971   Masonic Garden E Star; husband-R Kyle Gill next
Gill, Lester S 1909 1986   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Hazel R Gill next
Gill, Mary Jo 5/13/1933 12/7/1992   Masonic Garden  
Gill, Max F 1922 1996   Old Rugged Cross wife-Virginia L Gill next; WWII Vet
Gill, Milton B 1922       wife-Camaleta H Gill next
Gill, R Kyle 1909 1978   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Jessie O Gill next
Gill, Virginia L 1933     Old Rugged Cross husband-Max F Gill next
Gilley, Harry L 1917 4/7/2002     obit:wif-Peggy Gilley;Harry Richard & Leslie Robt "Buddy" Gilley;dau-Karen & Ann J Gilley; USAF, Lt, WWII
Gilley, Oran Byrum "O B" 1929 8/26/2002     obit:par-Oscar & Vera Gilley;wif-Judy Gilley;sons-Michael & Van Gilley;br-Monjay,Herbert,Coy,Jeff & Osteen Gilley; US Army, Korea
Gilliam, J C 1922 1998   Apostles wife-Katherine C Gilliam next
Gilliam, Katherine C 1923 2001   Apostles husband-J C Gilliam next
Gilliland, Bobbie M 1930     Devotion husband-H H "Sonny" Gilliland next
Gilliland, Donald R 1924 2000   Old Rugged Cross wife-Mattie H Gilliland next
Gilliland, H H "Sonny" 1929 1988   Devotion wife-Bobbie M Gilliland next
Gilliland, Mattie H 1924     Old Rugged Cross husband-Donald R Gilliland next
Gilmore, Joseph Paul 4/5/1959 10/15/1992   Apostles  
Gilreath, Cecil G 1903 1987   Apostles wife-Edna J Gilreath next
Gilreath, Dennis 2/3/1959 1/11/1996      
Gilreath, Edna J 1908 1979   Apostles husband-Cecil G Gilreath next
Gilreath, James Alvin 2/17/1930 10/29/2001   The Last Supper  
Gilreath, Margaret Carol 1955 1986      
Ginn, Ivory       Sermon on the Mount  
Ginn, Maggie       Sermon on the Mount  
Ginn, Minnie       Sermon on the Mount  
Ginn, Ophelia       Sermon on the Mount  
Ginn, William Thomas       Sermon on the Mount  
Ginwright, Alonzo 1888 1969   Apostles wife-Delia T Ginwright next
Ginwright, Delia T 1894 1969   Apostles husband-Alonzo Ginwright next
Girder, T Lindsey 1963 1991   Nativity  
Givens, Alpha J 10/2/1901 8/2/1978   Masonic Garden husband-Wm A Givens next
Givens, William A 7/11/1901 4/29/1982   Masonic Garden wife-Alpha J Givens next
Glenn, Dora E 6/6/1913 11/9/1994     "Mom"; husband-John R Glenn next
Glenn, John R 05/00/1916 07/00/1957     "Dad"; wife-Dora E Glenn next
Glover, Charles L 1917 1996     wife-Kathleen H Glover next
Glover, Elsie M 1922 1989      
Glover, Joseph B, Sr 7/4/1931 4/12/1998   Prayer  
Glover, Kathleen H 1916 1995     husband-Charles L Glover next
Godfrey, Marianela B 1932 1989   Devotion  
Godsey, Avo K 06/25/1876 6/10/1960   Apostles husband-Thomas A Godsey next
Godsey, Dorothy S 7/9/1912     Apostles husband-Lewis N Godsey next
Godsey, Floyd R 3/19/1901 12/24/1956   Apostles  
Godsey, Lewis N 2/10/1906 1/2/1989   Apostles wife-Dorothy S Godsey next
Godsey, Thomas A 08/21/1875 6/10/1961   Apostles wife-Avo K Godsey next
Godwin, Frances H 1920     Nativity "Married 58 Years"; husband-Myron H Godwin next
Godwin, Myron H 1915 2002   Nativity "Married 58 Years"; wife-Frances H Godwin next
Godwin, William F 11/30/1907 4/18/1985   Masonic Garden MAJ USMC WWII
Goebel, Alva Maurice 1926 1998   Devotion  
Goebel, Freida B 1931 1997   Devotion  
Goebel, Jennie E 12/19/1906 3/13/2002   Devotion husband-Wm H Goebel next
Goebel, William Henry 04/26/1895 4/27/1962   Devotion wife-Jennie E Goebel next
Goetcheus, Donny D 3/14/1977 1/9/1997   Apostles  
Goetcheus, Sean H 4/9/1971 1/9/1997   Apostles  
Goff, Annie Ruth 1924     Masonic Garden husband-Erb Jon Goff next
Goff, Erb Jon 1921 2001   Masonic Garden wife-Annie Ruth Goff next
Goines, Lena M 1944       husband-Theodore R Goines next
Goines, Theodore R 1942 1980     wife-Lena N Goines next
Goins, Ada Ruth 1919 1967   Sermon on the Mount husband-Cornelious S Goins next
Goins, Cleo L 1913 1958   Apostles  
Goins, Cornelious S 1909 1982   Sermon on the Mount wife-Ada Ruth Goins next
Goins, Dan C 1912 1987   Sermon on the Mount wife-Helen T Goins next
Goins, Harrison, M 1888 1959   Apostles wife-Stella M Goins next
Goins, Helen T 1917 1997   Sermon on the Mount husband-Dan C Goins next
Goins, Irene B 1924       husband-Rollie A Goins Sr next
Goins, Rollie A, Sr 1916 1998     wife-Irene B Goins next
Goins, Stella M 1894 1970   Apostles husband-Harrison M Goins next
Goins, V Annette 1924 1997   Prayer  
Golden, Maxine B 1917 1922      
Gooden, Clay D 1926     Sermon on the Mount  
Gooden, Herman F 1907 1986     wife-Mary H Gooden next
Gooden, Jean S 1931 2001   Masonic Garden husband-Timothy S "Tim" Gooden Jr next
Gooden, Linda K 1950 1991   Sermon on the Mount  
Gooden, Mary H 1907 1982     husband-Herman F Gooden next
Gooden, Mary Lou 1908 1989   Acacia Garden E Star; husband-Timothy S Gooden, Sr next
Gooden, Reita Phillips 1933 9/14/2002     obit:hus-Bonnie Gooden;dau-Lisa Smith;bro-Jesse & Raymond Phillips;sis-Marjorie Cox & Loretta Harper
Gooden, Thomas W 1912 1962      
Gooden, Timothy S "Tim", Jr 1925     Masonic Garden wife-Jean S Gooden next; US Navy
Gooden, Timothy S, Sr 1900 1982   Acacia Garden Mason; wife-Mary Lou Gooden next
Goodge, Freeman O 1928     Old Rugged Cross wife-Martha B Goodge next
Goodge, Martha B 1926 1993   Old Rugged Cross husband-Freeman O Goodge next
Goodier, Laura H 1916 1979   Masonic Garden husband-Thomas K Goodier next
Goodier, Thomas K 1918 1972   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Laura H Goodier next
Goodine, Makayla D 2/1/1997 2/1/1997   Babyland  
Goodloe, A Ellis 1908 1999     wife-Marguerite H Goodloe next
Goodloe, Marguerite H 1911 1995     husband-A Ellis Goodloe next
Goodman, Jesse M 1944     Old Rugged Cross wife-Linda C Goodman next
Goodman, Linda C 1946 1987   Old Rugged Cross husband-Jesse M Goodman next
Goodner, Cora Lee Boyce 11/18/1926 9/2/2000   Devotion  
Goodwin, Myron, Jr 1916 4/25/2002     obit:wife-Frances Holland Goodwin;dau-Jane Pinson;sons-Gary & Dennis Goodwin;bro-Wm & David Goodwin; USAF, WWII
Goodwin, Thurston S, Jr 1924 1997     wife-W Christine Goodwin next
Goodwin, W Christine 1928       husband-Thurston S Goodwin Jr next
Gordon, Alton C 1920       wife-Catherine H Gordon next
Gordon, Catherine H 1925 1993     husband-Alton C Gordon next
Gordon, Dale E 1916 1990     wife-Evelyn C Gordon next
Gordon, Evelyn C 1917 1984     husband-Dale E Gordon next
Gordy, Alma P 1905 1968   Gethsemane husband-Thomas C Gordy next
Gordy, Charles L 1924 1988   Old Rugged Cross wife-Ruth L Gordy next
Gordy, Ruth L 1926 1995   Old Rugged Cross husband-Charles L Gordy next
Gordy, Thomas C 1905 1968   Gethsemane wife-Alma P Gordy next
Gormley, Gerald T 1911 1991   Old Rugged Cross  
Gorski, Edward J 1944     Devotion wife-Monica J Gorski next
Gorski, Monica J 1953 1992   Devotion husband-Edward J Gorski next
Goss, James Edward 5/28/1923 12/25/1980   Apostles wife-Mary Lou Goss next
Goss, Mary Lou 7/13/1929     Apostles husband-James Edward Goss next
Gossett, Betty M 1932       husband-Richard F Gossett Sr next
Gossett, Richard F, Sr 1925 1996     wife-Betty M Gossett next
Gouldy, Bess W 10/03/1898 12/15/1986   Apostles husband-Thomas "Mack" Gouldy next
Gouldy, Thomas "Mack" 04/25/1893 8/27/1955   Apostles wife-Bess W Gouldy next
Gowan, Benton G 1903 1980   Acacia Garden Mason; wife-Ruby R Gowan next
Gowan, Ruby R 1907 1986   Acacia Garden E Star; husband-Benton G Gowan next
Goza, James A 1884 1973   Devotion wife-Sophia F Goza next
Goza, Sophia F 1891 1972   Devotion husband-James A Goza next
Grace, Florine W 2/14/1928 2/19/1999   Prayer  
Grace, Viola 1/3/1910 1/10/1995      
Grada, Audrey Gibson 4/28/1920 5/21/1999      
Grady, Clara O 1920 6/19/2002   Apostles hus-Willie R Grady next;fr/obit:dau-Eunice Hern;stepdau-Evelyn Grady;son-Willie Charles Carpenter
Grady, Willie R 1915 1992   Apostles wife-Clara O Grady next
Graham, Annie M 1901 1976   Nativity  
Graham, Bertha M 1924        
Graham, Betty A 1925     Prayer mom-Florence R Graham next
Graham, Eddie D 1947       wife-Nancy T Graham next
Graham, Ernest H 1909 1981   Gethsemane wife-Willie J Graham next
Graham, Florence R 1905 1999   Prayer dau-Betty A Graham next
Graham, Foster A 1922 1992     wife-Marie T Graham next; Steven M Graham
Graham, Iva Jean 1926 1977   Apostles husband-Starlin T Graham next
Graham, James E 10/6/1940 4/11/1994   Old Rugged Cross SSGT USAF
Graham, Linda P. 1926       husband-Wm M Graham, Jr next
Graham, Marie T 1923 1991     husband-Foster A Graham next
Graham, Nancy T 1948       husband-Eddie D Graham next
Graham, Patricia Ann 6/11/1953 6/29/1980   Old Rugged Cross  
Graham, Payton James 7/13/2000 7/13/2000   Babyland  
Graham, Starlin T 1924     Apostles wife-Iva Jean Graham next
Graham, Steven M 1955 1989      
Graham, Talmadge D 1895 1974   Nativity  
Graham, Vesta M 1900 1982     Shares marker with Bertha M Graham
Graham, W Paul 9/8/1928 2/10/1958   Nativity  
Graham, William M, Jr 1927 1995     wife-Linda P Graham next
Graham, Willie J 1905 1987   Gethsemane husband-Ernest H Graham next
Grahm, Flossie M 1905 1987     husband-Tom Grahm next
Grahm, Tom 1902 1989     wife-Flossie M Grahm next
Grammer, Billy J 1929 1991   Apostles wife-Rena J Grammer next
Grammer, Jean C 1909 1987   Apostles husband-Paul T Grammer next
Grammer, Paul T 1911 1980   Apostles wife-Jean C Grammer next
Grammer, Rena J 1930 1990   Apostles husband-Billy J Grammer next
Granert, Edgar L 1914 1989   Apostles wife-Geneva P Granert next
Granert, Geneva P 1917     Apostles husband-Edgar L Granert next
Granert, James L 1937 1972   Apostles  
Grant, Alma L 1934 1994   Old Rugged Cross husband-Gordon E Grant Sr next
Grant, Ceretha J 1918       husband-Norris W Grant next
Grant, Clark L 1906 1993   Old Rugged Cross wife-Virginia M Grant next
Grant, E Ray 1920 1976   Gethsemane  
Grant, Geneva L 1928     Old Rugged Cross husband-James T Grant next
Grant, Gordon E, Jr 1957     Nativity wife-Patsy L Grant next
Grant, Gordon E, Sr 1933     Old Rugged Cross wife-Alma L Grant next
Grant, Hayden P 1909 1961   Apostles  
Grant, James T 1925 1984   Old Rugged Cross wife-Geneva L Grant next
Grant, Kermit Roy 1925 3/20/2002   Old Rugged Cross wife-Nola J Grant next; obit:par-Wm James & Ida Redden Grant;dau-Donna Mullins;bro-Granville & Norris Grant;  US Navy
Grant, Lillian G 1910 2002   Apostles  
Grant, Lucille C 1916 1995     husband-Oscar S Grant next
Grant, Mildred C 1918 5/3/2002     from obit:sons-Jerry & Frederick Grant;dau-Vickey Lynn & Joy Elaine Grant;gsons-Jerry & John Grant
Grant, Nola J 1929 1999   Old Rugged Cross husband-Kermit Roy Grant next
Grant, Norris W 1918 1999     wife-Ceretha J Grant next
Grant, Oscar S 1912 1988     wife-Lucille C Grant next
Grant, Patsy L 1961 2000   Nativity husband-Gordon E Grant, Jr next
Grant, R Gregory 2/19/1955       wife-Robin H Grant next
Grant, Robin H 2/20/1957 1/19/2001     husband-R Gregory Grant next
Grant, Vera C 1918 2000     husband-Willard P Grant next
Grant, Virginia M 1903 1986   Old Rugged Cross husband-Clark L Grant next
Grant, Willard P 1922       wife-Vera C Grant next
Grapatin, Alice Elizabeth 1914 7/7/2002   Prayer obit:hus-Rev John Grapatin;dau-Alice Elaine & Sarah Grapatin, Liz Gorman;gsons-John & Bobby Gorman
Graves, Benjamin A, Sr 07/04/1876 6/3/1957   Apostles wife-Laura Emily Graves next
Graves, Bessie E 1900 1983     husband-Louie A Graves, Sr
Graves, Jesse Lee, Jr 1923 1/27/2003     obit:par-Jesse L Graves Sr & Annie Maude Crumsey;wif-Lillie Graves;bro-Curtis Graves;dau-Gwendolyn Strong
Graves, Jewell B 1919     Apostles husband-Wm M Graves next
Graves, Laura Emily 03/24/1876 2/10/1965   Apostles husband-Benjamin A Graves Sr next
Graves, Louie A, Sr 1899 1978     wife-Bessie E Graves next
Graves, William M 1915 1977   Apostles wife-Jewell B Graves next; BTC US Navy WWII, Korea
Gravett, Mildred S 1921       husband-Roy Burton Gravett next
Gravett, Roy Burton 1917 1983     wife-Mildred S Gravett next
Gravitt, Betty Jo 1932     Prayer husband-Thomas Edward "Tommy" Gravitt next
Gravitt, Claude 1904 1987     wife-Rose M Gravitt next
Gravitt, Fleeda H 1921     Gethsemane husband-Paul E Gravitt Sr next
Gravitt, Janieve B 1904 1970   Apostles husband-John L Gravitt next
Gravitt, John L 1901 1982   Apostles wife-Janieve B Gravitt next
Gravitt, Paul E, Jr 7/16/1941 11/21/1995   Gethsemane USAF Vietnam
Gravitt, Paul E, Sr 1919 1982   Gethsemane wife-Fleeda H Gravitt next
Gravitt, Rose M 1907 1999     husband-Claude Gravitt next
Gravitt, Thomas "Tommy" Edward 1934 1/14/2003   Prayer wife-Betty Jo Gravitt; obit:par-Robert & Mary Gravitt;sons-Randy,Rick & Ronald Gravitt;dau-Deloris Gravitt
Gravitt, Tonya Denise 9/4/1965 4/24/1966   Gethsemane  
Gray, Barbara C 11/11/1928       husband-John L Gray Jr next
Gray, Carolyn M 1941     Apostles Mausoleum husband-James "Arthell" Gray Sr next
Gray, Charlotte S 1932 1983   Masonic Garden husband-Lewis E Gray next
Gray, Dewey H 1898 1969     wife-Lila B Gray next
Gray, Elmer W 1884 1970   Apostles wife-Pauline W Gray next
Gray, Evelyn L 1929     Apostles "Mom"; husband-Fred Van Gray next
Gray, Fred Van 1919 1999   Apostles "Dad"; wife-Evelyn L Gray next
Gray, Howard F, Sr 1922     Apostles wife-Marie C Gray next
Gray, Imogene Stewart 1913 1998     husband-Wells Lloyd Gray next; "Married 58 Years"
Gray, James "Arthell", Jr 1961 1/30/2003   Apostles Mausoleum obit:wif-Kelly Gray;son-James A Gray III;dau-Ashton Gray;par-James A Sr & Carolyn Gray;sis-Tammy Gray
Gray, James "Arthell", Sr 1942     Apostles Mausoleum wife-Carolyn M Gray next; Paul F Gray Jr & Sr; son-James "Arthell" Gray Jr
Gray, John L, Jr 3/2/1925 6/26/1987     wife-Barbara C Gray next; PHM3 US Navy, WW II
Gray, Joseph F 1930     Apostles wife-Mickey K Gray next
Gray, Joseph Shayne 1937 2/27/2003     obit:Odell Sr & Margaret Gray;wif-Charlotte Emmert Gray;dau-Teresa Tipton;son-David Gray;bro-Odell Gray Jr; USMC
Gray, Laura S 1959 2001   Masonic Garden  
Gray, Lewis E 1927     Masonic Garden wife-Charlotte S Gray next; Laura S Gray
Gray, Lila B 1909 1992     husband-Dewey H Gray next
Gray, Louena 8/11/1924 1/13/1995   Nativity  
Gray, Madge L 1903 1988      
Gray, Marie C 1922 1986   Apostles husband-Howard F Gray, Sr next
Gray, Mickey K 1929 1997   Apostles husband-Joseph F Gray next
Gray, Paul F "Flipper", III 1961 2002   Apostles Mausoleum dad-Paul F Gray Jr next
Gray, Paul F, Jr. 1933 1989   Apostles Mausoleum next:son-Paul F "Flipper" Gray III
Gray, Pauline W 1887 1969   Apostles husband-Elmer W Gray next
Gray, Taylor Loren 6/17/1990 4/18/1991   Babyland  
Gray, Wells Lloyd 1913 1999     wife-Imogene Stewart Gray next; "Married 58 Years"
Grayson, C Annos 1912 1999   Devotion  
Grayson, George L 2/7/1928 7/13/1982 6/30/1956 Old Rugged Cross  
Greathouse, Hazel J 2/12/1916 11/21/1997      
Green, Aubra F, Jr 1942     Acacia Garden Mason; wife-Bobbie K Green next
Green, Barbara P 1918 1998   Masonic Garden husband-Robert L Green next
Green, Bobbie K 1943     Acacia Garden E Star; husband-Aubra F Green Jr next
Green, Carl W 1912 2000   Apostles wife-Glenna J Green next
Green, Carlitta Miller 10/16/1966 5/6/1999      
Green, Cass C 1902 1977   Apostles wife-J Lovella Green next
Green, Charles E 1/28/1930 5/31/1991     wife-Gerda H Green next; 1st SGT US Army Korea
Green, Charles E 1917     Old Rugged Cross wife-Georgia M Green next
Green, Elizabeth "Lisa" 7/6/1976 1/18/1978   Sermon on the Mount  
Green, Gary M 1973 1990   Old Rugged Cross  
Green, George 1909 1972   Apostles wife-Vicie S Green next
Green, Georgia M 1923 1999   Old Rugged Cross husband-Charles E Green next
Green, Gerda H 10/19/1926       husband-Charles E Green next
Green, Glenna J 1919     Apostles husband-Carl W Green next
Green, H Maxine White 10/28/1922 7/17/2002   Apostles hus-Dr Wm R Green; obit:par-Cullen & Grace White;son-Bill Green;dau-Carol Rippetoe & Linda Gloster
Green, Hoyel F 1928 1977   Apostles  
Green, J Lovella 1903     Apostles husband-Cass C Green next
Green, Janie M 1/30/1928 6/26/1989      
Green, John Norman, Jr 3/26/1959 4/5/2000   Nativity  
Green, Lindsey D 2/18/1990 10/1/1994   Gethsemane  
Green, Lottie P 1907 1982   Apostles husband-Rev Wm O Green next; Hoyel F Green
Green, Louise N 1934     Gethsemane husband-Wesley F Green next
Green, Phillip O 8/21/1960 4/6/1998   Nativity  
Green, Plezzie T 1902 1971   Devotion  
Green, Robert L 1916 2001   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Barbara P Green next
Green, Sharon J 1950 1997   Old Rugged Cross  
Green, Stephen Glenn 8/28/1984 8/28/1984      
Green, Vicie S 1910 1987   Apostles husband-George Green next
Green, Wesley F 1933 1995