Hamilton Memorial Gardens
"Ha - He"
(Partial Listing)

5401 Highway 153
Hixson, TN 37343-4990

This is an extremely large and relatively new cemetery located in the Hixson area of Chattanooga on Highway 153. The cemetery is just north of Hixson Pike on Highway 153 on the left hand side of the road. Surveyed by Dennis Wilson, Jim Holcomb, Susan Kendall, Linda Coulter, and the Chattanooga Mormon Youth in 2000 - 2003. This is approximately 11,000 of the estimated 25,000 burials in this cemetery.

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Names of individuals in this cemetery were recorded as they appeared on the tombstones. No attempt was made to correct obvious errors or differences in spelling. Every attempt has been made to record this information correctly. However, mistakes are possible.  The information on this page may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other person or organization without the written consent of the contributor, the legal representative of the submitter, or The Hamilton County Tennessee Genealogy Society.

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SSDI = Social Security Death Index

Deceased Born Died Married Section Notes
Hacker, Dennis M 1955       wife-Sharon E Hacker next
Hacker, Michael Trey 10/26/1986 11/27/1986      
Hacker, Sharon E 1959       husband-Dennis M Hacker next
Hackney, Bea Rose 1929     Old Rugged Cross "Married 51 Years"; husband-Thomas Raymond Hackney next
Hackney, Donald B 1938       wife-Roberta S Hackney next
Hackney, Roberta S 1940       husband-Donald B Hackney next
Hackney, Thomas Raymond 1924 2000   Old Rugged Cross "Married 51 Years"; wife-Bea Rose Hackney next
Hadden, Louis E 1893 1966   Acacia Garden Mason; wife-Nellie S Hadden next
Hadden, Nellie S 1903 1994   Acacia Garden husband-Louis E Hadden next
Haddock, James Grady 6/6/1919 5/28/1971   Gethsemane Tn Momm 2 US Navy WWII
Hagaman, C Dean Jr 1945 1962   Masonic Garden  
Hair, Edwin A 1921 1997   Old Rugged Cross "Married 43 Years"; wife-Willie D Hair next; USAF
Hair, Evelyn Juanita Cawood 10/2/1925 4/17/2002   Prayer hus-Wm T Hair; obit:sons-Dennis C & Ronnie S Jones; Ernie Hair;dau-Paulette Waters & Judy Hixson
Hair, William T 4/12/1909 6/28/1995   Prayer wife-Evelyn Juanita Cawood Hair next; Pvt, US Army, WWII
Hair, Willie D 1921     Old Rugged Cross "Married 43 Years; husband-Edwin A Hair next
Hale, Billy F 1921       wife-Irene B Hale next
Hale, Clarence C 1909 1978   Gethsemane wife-Hilda S Hale next
Hale, Dartha Slaughter   4/5/2002   Devotion hus-Walter M Hale;obit:par-Lorus W & Mary Taylor Slaughter;bro-J D Slaughter;twin-sis-Martha Spitzer
Hale, Dovie G 06/25/1895 2/8/1980   Devotion  
Hale, Elijah D 1894 1970   Apostles wife-Joicy H Hale next
Hale, Elmer J 1914 1980   Acacia Garden Mason; wife-Nona Mae Hale next
Hale, Faye S 1910 1996     husband-James D Hale next
Hale, Frances T 1930     Nativity  
Hale, Gerald 4/3/1940 2/10/1993   Gethsemane  
Hale, H Earl 1909 1/31/2003     obit:wif-Anna D Hale;son-Robert D Hale;bro-Dewey Hale;sis-Gladys Beene;gson-Rob Hale;sis-Bea McFadden
Hale, Hilda S 1908 1999   Gethsemane husband-Clarence C Hale next
Hale, Irene B 1921 1921     husband-Billy F Hale next
Hale, James D 1909 1978     wife-Faye S Hale next
Hale, Joicy H 1900 1981   Apostles husband-Elijah D Hale next
Hale, Kathryn T 1898 1965   Apostles husband-Wm A Hale next
Hale, Lee L 03/21/1885 6/17/1958   Apostles wife-Mabel H Hale next
Hale, Lee Roy 2/29/1920 2/13/1981   Apostles wife-Martha A Hale next
Hale, Leslie T 1929 1998      
Hale, Mabel H 03/09/1889 7/25/1975   Apostles husband-Lee L Hale next
Hale, Marion T 10/27/1878 10/28/1957   Devotion  
Hale, Martha A 5/31/1935     Apostles husband-Lee Roy Hale next
Hale, Martha J 1927 1997      
Hale, Mary H 1871 1966   Apostles  
Hale, Maude E 1891 1972   Apostles  
Hale, Nona Mae 1916 1995   Acacia Garden husband-Elmer J Hale next
Hale, Omah 1924 1991      
Hale, Russell H 1921 1999   Nativity  
Hale, Sarah A 1944        
Hale, Sophia Jane Crain 1928 6/26/2002     obit:hus-Leslie "Toad" Hale;bro-Holbert & Charles Crain;sons-Lynn & Glenn Crain;Arthur,Kelly & James Hale;more
Hale, Thomas Nathan 5/4/1930 9/29/1986   Old Rugged Cross A1C, USAF, Korea
Hale, Walter M       Devotion  
Hale, William A 1890 1958   Apostles wife-Kathryn T Hale next
Hales, Jack V 1929 4/27/2002   Nativity Mason; wife-Jean L Hales next; from obit:sons-Steve & Stan Hales;dau-Linda Ball; USAF
Hales, Jean L 1934     Nativity husband-Jack V Hales next
Haley, Beulah P 1910 1996   Masonic Garden husband-Wm F Haley next
Haley, Charles H 1911 1989   Old Rugged Cross wife-Nellie I Haley next
Haley, Gary Lamar 1961 1976   Apostles  
Haley, Nellie I 1916 2000   Old Rugged Cross husband-Charles H Haley next
Haley, William F 1914 1959   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Beulah P Haley next
Hall, Albert Henry 12/8/1931 7/3/1988      
Hall, Andrew J "Jack, Jr 11/29/1934 11/10/1982   Apostles  
Hall, Arthur 1909 1996   Apostles wife-Mamie R Hall next
Hall, Bruce B 1902 1991     wife-Lola Y Hall next
Hall, Cecile Zora 1907 1985   Old Rugged Cross  
Hall, Charles G 1909 1981   Old Rugged Cross  
Hall, Christopher Alex 4/23/1999 4/23/1999   Babyland  
Hall, Eunice O 1900 1971      
Hall, Frances I 1911 1982   Old Rugged Cross  
Hall, Harry Kinzel, Sr 8/4/1915 1/23/1981   Masonic Garden Pvt USMC WWII
Hall, James D 3/31/1929 3/26/1993      
Hall, James R 1926 1997     wife-Marie T Hall next
Hall, Johnny M 1944 1982   Apostles  
Hall, Kenneth E 1928 1994   Nativity wife-Syble M Hall next
Hall, Lola Y 1906 1991     husband-Bruce B Hall next
Hall, Louise D 1922 1983   Nativity husbandand-Woodie A Hall next
Hall, Mamie Louise 1913 2000     husband-Wm J Hall next
Hall, Mamie R 1912 1977   Apostles husband-Arthur Hall next
Hall, Marie T 1925 2000     husband-James R Hall next
Hall, Marvin L 1900 1969   Apostles wife-Ruby L Hall next
Hall, Matthew Ryan 2002 5/2/2002     obit:par-Wm M II and Dolores Ann Andrisano Hall;bro-Wm Taylor & Evan Joseph Hall;2 grandmothers
Hall, Ruby L 1905 1990   Apostles husband-Marvin L Hall next
Hall, Syble M 1933     Nativity husbandand-Kenneth E Hall next
Hall, William J 1909 1979     wife-Mamie Louise Hall next
Hall, Woodie A 1925 1979   Nativity wife-Louise D Hall next
Hallmark, Marie W 1901 1983   Apostles  
Ham, James B 4/27/1931 4/30/1998   Apostles wife-Jesse B Ham next; CMSgt USAF Vietnam
Ham, Jesse B 1905 1973   Apostles husband-James B Ham next; Jewell W Ham
Ham, Jewell W 1908 1970   Apostles  
Hambley, Cumi W 1903 1974   Apostles  
Hambley, Mary E 1920 1975     husband-Roy G Hambley next
Hambley, Roy G 1917 1976     wife-Mary E Hambley next
Hambrick, Esther W 1926     Apostles husband-James W Hambrick next
Hambrick, James W 1928 1979   Apostles wife-Esther W Hambrick next
Hambrick, Veronica Lynne 1959 6/30/2002     obit:dau-Valencia Lakisha Hambrick & Candace Gray;mom-Vilma Jean Hambrick;bro-Daryll Hambrick;more
Hamby, Bessie E 1899 1969   Apostles husband-John E Hamby next
Hamby, Bettie T 1922     Masonic Garden husband-Harry L Hamby next
Hamby, Christopher Todd 2/3/1961 8/14/1984   Apostles  
Hamby, Harry L 1915 1993   Masonic Garden wife-Bettie T Hamby next; Wm Lynch Hamby
Hamby, Henry Clay "Barney", Sr 1918 5/15/2002   Apostles obit:par-Ivory & Verna Hall Hamby;wif-Evelyn Gordon Hamby;dau-Donna Hasselle;son-Henry Clay Hamby Jr
Hamby, John E 1902 1969   Apostles wife-Bessie E Hamby next
Hamby, William Lynch 1943 1963   Masonic Garden  
Hamill, Bert S 1927 1990     wife-Grace L Hamill next
Hamill, Dorothy J 1925 1998   Nativity  
Hamill, Ephraim J 1890 1969     wife-Rosa H Hamill next
Hamill, Grace L 1926       husband-Bert S Hamill next
Hamill, Lydia R 1886 1968   Masonic Garden  
Hamill, Rosa H 1898 1985     husband-Ephraim J Hamill next
Hamilton, Allan C 1915 1967   Gethsemane  
Hamilton, Chester N 1932 1998   Old Rugged Cross wife-Janice M Hamilton next
Hamilton, Cindy Owen 1958 9/20/2002     obit:hus-Barry R Hamilton;par-James & Christine Owen;bro-Bob & Ben Owen;sis-Debbie Conkling,Sandra Stansell
Hamilton, Ethel B 1927       husband-Wilbur E Hamilton next
Hamilton, Janice M 1938     Old Rugged Cross husband-Chester N Hamilton next
Hamilton, Wilbur E 1919       wife-Ethel B Hamilton next
Hammack, Hugh K 1933 1995   Old Rugged Cross wife-Jeri R Hammack next
Hammack, Jeri R 1927     Old Rugged Cross husband-Hugh K Hammack next
Hammarstrom, Lida Jeanette 6/1/1906 11/25/1997   Devotion  
Hammer, Danny L 8/8/1959        
Hammond, Barbara P 1909 1980   Apostles husband-Wm L Hammond next
Hammond, James G "Jay", Jr 1962 1983   Apostles  
Hammond, Shelton T 1918 1988   Old Rugged Cross Mason; wife-Virginia T Hammond next
Hammond, Virginia T 1918     Old Rugged Cross husband-Shelton T Hammond next
Hammond, William L 1906 1975   Apostles wife-Barbara P Hammond next
Hammonds, Henry N 1920 1990   Apostles wife-Pauline M Hammonds next
Hammonds, Pauline M 1923 2000   Apostles husband-Henry N Hammonds next
Hammontree, Edna S 11/27/1925       husband-Sherman L Hammontree next
Hammontree, Julius Elder 1917 2000   Prayer wife-Lucille S Hammontree next
Hammontree, Lucille S 1922     Prayer husband-Julius Elder Hammontree next
Hammontree, Sherman L 7/16/1917 7/11/1987     Mason; wife Edna S Hammontree next
Hampton, Archie F 1904 00/001979     wife-Maude O Hampton next
Hampton, Maude O 1908       husband-Archie F Hampton next
Hamrick, Bertha G 1921 1989   Sermon on the Mount husband-Gordon H Hamrick next
Hamrick, Gordon H 1914 1995   Sermon on the Mount wife-Bertha G Hamrick next
Hamrick, Thomas A 1918 1988      
Hanauer, Edward H 1905 1977   Apostles wife-Julia A Hanauer next
Hanauer, Julia A 1917 1997   Apostles husband-Edward H Hanauer next
Hancock, Evan Payton 5/23/1999 1/23/2000      
Hancock, Shirley J 8/12/1940 9/20/2001 4/10/1954 Nativity husband-Walter J Hancock next
Hancock, Walter J 1/2/1932   4/10/1954 Nativity wife-Shirley J Hancock next
Hands, Dorothy L 1/15/1919 12/20/1994   Old Rugged Cross  
Hanes, Mildred M 1916 1993     husband-Richard B Hanes next
Hanes, Richard B 1910 1987     wife-Mildred M Hanes next
Haney, Oacie L 1912     Apostles husband-Wm E Haney Sr next
Haney, Velva F 1911 2001   Apostles  
Haney, William E, Sr 1902 1973   Apostles wife-Oacie L Haney next
Hanlin, H Carey 1925 2000   Nativity  
Hannah, Kathryn W 9/10/1922 3/6/2001      
Hansen, Alice M 1918 1998   Devotion husband-George W Hansen next
Hansen, George W 1916 1976   Devotion wife-Alice M Hansen next
Hansen, Glenda Tate 4/17/1933 9/11/2001   Apostles  
Hapgood, Carol W 1899 1984   Devotion husband-Kenneth E Hapgood next
Hapgood, Kenneth E 1899 1980   Devotion wife-Carol W Hapgood next
Harber, Johnnie O 1917 1981   Apostles husband-Walter J Harber next
Harber, Walter J 1892 1974   Apostles wife-Johnnie O Harber next
Hardeman, Ernestine T 1916 2002   Masonic Garden husband-Sam B Hardeman next
Hardeman, Sam B 1910 1994   Masonic Garden wife-Ernestine T Hardeman next
Harden, Ella Faye C 1938       husband-Gene Harden next
Harden, Gene 1931 1998     wife-Ella Faye C Harden next
Harden, Helen E 1930       husband-W Harden next
Harden, W 1929 2001     wife-Helen E Harden next
Hardin, Arthur C 1928 1999   Old Rugged Cross wife-Iris M Hardin next
Hardin, Charline M 9/26/1927 10/6/1995   Apostles husband-John G Hardin Jr next
Hardin, Elmer A, Sr 1924 1988   Old Rugged Cross wife-Jeanette Hardin next
Hardin, Iris M 1928 1995   Old Rugged Cross husband-Arthur C Hardin next
Hardin, Jeanette Carden 1935 1/13/2003   Old Rugged Cross hus-Elmer A Hardin Sr;obit:par-Arthur & Margarett Carden;sons-Elmer Jr & Dennis Carden;bro-Sonny & Paul C
Hardin, John G, Jr 10/6/1923 8/21/2002   Apostles wif-Charline M Hardin;obit:son-Michael Hardin;dau-Michele Riseman;sis-Geraldine Mauk & Anne Moss; US Army Air Crps WWII
Harding, Euverla 1927     Devotion husband-Harold E Harding next
Harding, Harold E 1923 1997   Devotion wife-Euverla Harding next
Harding, Lev E 04/05/1892 2/7/1993      
Hare, William C 4/13/1926 3/28/1995     CDR US Navy WW II
Hargraves, Clyda E 1926 1994      
Hargraves, Ray, Rev 1918 3/9/2003     obit:sons-Wm Ray,Robert Wade,James Stanley & John Wesley Hragraves;sis-Ruth Hargraves Steligo
Hargrove, Clara E 10/27/1930 2/9/1990   Sermon on the Mount  
Harjes, Albert C 1905 1999   Apostles wife-Evelyn Harjes next
Harjes, Evelyn 1904 1987   Apostles husband-Albert C Harjes next
Harkins, Marion Gray 1920 1996   Prayer wife-Mary E Harkins next
Harkins, Mary E 1930     Prayer husband-Marion Gray Harkins next
Harley, Alice S 1900 1981   Apostles  
Harmon, Charles T 1918 1996   Apostles Mason; wife-Mildred G Harmon next; Wm L Harmon
Harmon, Ernest J, Sr 1934 1999   Prayer wife-Mildred K Harmon next
Harmon, Mildred G 1926 2002   Apostles husband-Charles T Harmon next; Wm L Harmon
Harmon, Mildred K 1935     Prayer husband-Ernest J Harmon Sr next
Harmon, O B 1937 1995   Nativity  
Harmon, William L 1893 1964   Apostles  
Harold, Dorothy L 1929 1992   Old Rugged Cross husband-W G Harold next
Harold, W G 1930     Old Rugged Cross wife-Dorothy L Harold next
Haronian, Brenda G 1952       husband-N Harry Haronian III next
Haronian, N Harry III 1946 1998     wife-Brenda G Haronian next
Harper, Anna P 1899 1972   Apostles husband-Lamar R Harper next; Harry L Harper
Harper, Arthur G 1901 1977     wife-Lona Mae Harper next
Harper, Harry L 1924 1945   Apostles  
Harper, Lamar R 1898 1978   Apostles wife-Anna P Harper next; Harry L Harper
Harper, Lona Mae 1908 1987     husband-Arthur G Harper next
Harrelson, Bertha W 1905 1996   Masonic Garden husband-Wallace M Harrelson next
Harrelson, Wallace M 1897 1974   Masonic Garden wife-Bertha W Harrelson next
Harrill, Mary E 1923 1986      
Harrington, Jane P 1913 1990     husband-Joseph E Harrington next
Harrington, Joseph E 1914 1997     wife-Jane P Harrington next
Harris, Alice L 1925       husband-Ralph T Harris next
Harris, Allethia E 9/30/1908 7/23/1986      
Harris, Bessie 1912 1996   Apostles  
Harris, Bessie A 1903     Masonic Garden husband-Millard C Harris next
Harris, Birdie L 1924 2002   Devotion wife-Edna M Harris next
Harris, Charles W 11/24/1890 10/20/1981   Old Rugged Cross wife-Evie G Harris next; dau-Fathia Harris Hill
Harris, Cicero 09/01/1887 11/27/1954   Apostles wife-Dellie Harris next; Bessie Harris
Harris, Dallas Ralph 1912 1993   Apostles EM1 US Navy WWII
Harris, Daniel W 1911 1973   Devotion wife-Maggie M Harris next
Harris, Dellie 12/05/1889 2/1/1980   Apostles husband-Cicero Harris next; Bessie Harris
Harris, Dorothy Pearl 1923 1984   Old Rugged Cross husband-Prince Edward Harris next
Harris, Edith E 1884 1978   Apostles  
Harris, Edna M 1929     Devotion husband-Birdie L Harris next
Harris, Edward M 1879 1965   Devotion wife-Maggie G Harris next
Harris, Emma B 1908     Apostles husband-J Martin Harris next
Harris, Evie G 10/23/1911 10/23/1997   Old Rugged Cross husband-Charles W Harris next; dau-Fathia Harris Hill
Harris, Hazel P 1917     Masonic Garden husband-John T Harris next
Harris, Hubert A 1917       wife-S Irene Harris next
Harris, J Martin 1911 1972   Apostles wifew-Emma B Harris next
Harris, John T 1909 1966   Masonic Garden wife-Hazel P Harris next
Harris, Juanita M 1913 1993   Apostles E Star; husband-W Claud Harris next
Harris, Layman D 1922 1983   Old Rugged Cross wife-Margaret E Harris next
Harris, Louise H 1921 1986   Masonic Garden husband-Roy Harris next
Harris, Maggie G 1891 1967   Devotion husband-Edward M Harris next
Harris, Maggie M 1915     Devotion husband-Daniel W Harris next
Harris, Margaret E 1928     Old Rugged Cross husband-Layman D harris next
Harris, Mary Lou 1936 1987      
Harris, Maude G 1907 1979   Apostles  
Harris, Millard C 1901 1971   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Bessie A Harris next
Harris, Paul Clyde 8/7/1940 8/6/1994      
Harris, Prince Edward 1925 1994   Old Rugged Cross wife-Dorothy Pearl Harris next
Harris, Ralph T 1925       wife-Alice L Harris next
Harris, Roy 1910 1990   Masonic Garden wife-Louise H Harris next
Harris, S Irene 1923 1989     husband-Hubert A Harris next
Harris, W Claud 1906 1959   Apostles Mason; wife-Juanita M Harris next
Harris, William Alsie 1887 1971   Apostles  
Harrison, A R, Jr 1942 9/11/2002     obit:par-Amos R Sr & Rosa Lucille Jones Harrison;wif-Barbara Burnette Harrison;dau-Valerie Berry;more
Harrison, Amos R, Sr 1909 1983   Apostles wife-Lucille J Harrison next
Harrison, Dan T 1933       wife-R Ann Harrison next
Harrison, Evelyn W 1980     Old Rugged Cross husband-Norris B Harrison next
Harrison, George F 1901 1973   Masonic Garden  
Harrison, Hubert C 1918 1994     wife-Mary W Harrison next
Harrison, Lucille J 1911 1990   Apostles husband-Amos R Harrison Sr next
Harrison, Mary W 1922 1975     husband-Hubert C Harrison next
Harrison, Norris B 1924 1990   Old Rugged Cross wife-Evelyn W Harrison next
Harrison, R Ann 1935       husband-Dan T Harrison next
Harshaw, Alice R 1908     Apostles husband-Wm A Harshaw next
Harshaw, William A 1891 1971   Apostles wife-Alice R Harshaw next
Hart, Elizabeth 1915 1986     husband-James D Hart next
Hart, George Paul 1947 1966   Apostles  
Hart, James D 1919 1985     wife-Elizabeth Hart next
Hart, James Grady 1905 1986   Nativity  
Hart, John L 1907 1978   Apostles "Brother"
Hart, Lewis V 1962 1998      
Hart, Lillie Belle 1905 1992   Apostles "Sister"; next: John L Hart
Hart, Mannie E 1903 1986      
Hart, William J "Bill" 1950 2000   Nativity  
Hartbarger, Esther M 1914 1994   Acacia Garden husband-Freelen F Hartbarger next
Hartbarger, Freelen F 1913 1978   Acacia Garden wife-Esther M Hartbarger next
Hartley, Roy Blaine 7/22/1971 6/30/1975      
Hartline, Catherine A 9/17/1927 6/18/1994   Old Rugged Cross  
Hartline, Clark S 6/14/1905 6/4/1966   Apostles wife-Ruby W Hartline next
Hartline, Herschel B 1926 1987   Gethsemane wife-Martha Jo Hartline next
Hartline, Martha Jo 1930 2000   Gethsemane husband-Herschel B Hartline next
Hartline, Ruby W 5/7/1904 11/2/1955   Apostles husband-Clark S Hartline next
Hartman, Albert L 1907 1990   Apostles wife-Stella S Hartman next
Hartman, Billy 1934       wife-Wilma D Hartman next
Hartman, Dorothy C "Dot" 1933     Masonic Garden husband-Everette S Hartman next
Hartman, Elbert J 1922 1998   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Helen D Hartman next
Hartman, Everette S 1928 2000   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Dorothy C "Dot" Hartman next
Hartman, Frankie M 1908 1991   Apostles  
Hartman, Helen D 1923     Masonic Garden husband-Elbert J Hartman next
Hartman, John B 1922 1978   Masonic Garden  
Hartman, Marguerite M 3/8/1920 5/22/1981   Sermon on the Mount  
Hartman, Newell Brient 1918 7/14/2002     hus-Newton Henry Hartman next;obit:dau-Becky Knight & Trish Mills
Hartman, Newton Henry 1917     Prayer wife-Newell Brient Hartman next
Hartman, Rudolph 1923 1983     wife-Thelma Dean Hartman next
Hartman, Stella S 1904 1992   Apostles husband-Albert L Hartman next
Hartman, Thelma Dean 1936       husband-Rudolph Hartman next
Hartman, Wilma D 1927 1987     husband-Billy Hartman next
Hartung, James D 1940 1987     wife-Kay T Hartung next
Hartung, James Derek 9/27/1987 12/29/1987      
Hartung, Kay T 1938       husband-James D Hartung next
Harvey, Annie Lee 1901 1996   Apostles husband-Wm McKinley "Kenny" Harvey Sr next
Harvey, Barbara J 1937 1988   Apostles husband-John H Harvey next
Harvey, Bertha E 1902 1980   Apostles husband-Marion E Harvey next
Harvey, Doyle R 1933 1978   Apostles  
Harvey, Doyle W 1/19/1946 2/10/1990   Nativity CPL US Marine Corps Vietnam
Harvey, E Lloyd 1907 1989   Apostles wife-Mae G Harvey next; Doyle R Harvey
Harvey, Ellen D 1873 1956   Apostles  
Harvey, John H 1934 1997   Apostles wife-Barbara J Harvey next
Harvey, Linda Gail 1951 1973   Apostles husband-Ricky Lee harvey next
Harvey, Mae G 1910 2000   Apostles husband-E Lloyd Harvey next; Doyle R Harvey
Harvey, Marion E 1895 1975   Apostles wife-Bertha E Harvey next; Ellen D, Wm McKinley "Kenny" Sr & Annie Lee Harvey
Harvey, Mildred L 1930 1995   Nativity husband-William M Harvey, Jr. next
Harvey, Ricky Lee 1955 1973   Apostles wife-Linda Gail Harvey next
Harvey, William M, Jr. 1924 1998   Nativity wife-Mildred L Harvey next
Harvey, William McKinley "Kenny", Sr 1900 1972   Apostles wife-Annie Lee Harvey next; Ellen D, Marion E & Bertha E Harvey
Harwood, Bessie A 9/8/1903 2/11/1996   Devotion  
Harwood, Effie M 1937     Prayer husband-Franklin D Harwood next
Harwood, Franklin D 1938 1996   Prayer wife-Effie M Harwood next
Harwood, Janice S 9/21/1963 4/6/1994   Old Rugged Cross husband-Walter D "Denny" Harwood next
Harwood, Walter D "Denny" 10/22/1963 7/29/1992   Old Rugged Cross wife-Janice S Harwood next
Hasting, Bertha G 1936     Prayer husband-Billy M Hasting next
Hasting, Billy M 1932 1995   Prayer wife-Bertha G Hasting next
Hastings, Clara M 1917     Acacia Garden E Star; husband-Wm Price Hastings next; Alma Hastings Knight
Hastings, Helen L 1922 1988   Masonic Garden E Star; husband-John D Hastings Sr next
Hastings, John D, Sr 1916 2001   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Helen L Hastings next
Hastings, William Price 1912 1973   Acacia Garden Mason; wife-Clara M Hastings next; Alma Hastings Knight
Haston, Ben R 1910 2001   Nativity  
Hatch, Blanche N 1904 1981   Devotion husband-Dewitt C Hatch next
Hatch, Dewitt C 1904 1975   Devotion wife-Blanche N Hatch next
Hatcher, Allie M 1928 1985   Apostles Mausoleum husband-Joseph W Hatcher Sr next
Hatcher, Charles H 1918 1992   Apostles wife-Earnesta P Hatcher next
Hatcher, Earnesta P 1922     Apostles husband-Charles H Hatcher next
Hatcher, George Robert 1/4/1931 11/11/1996   Prayer wife-Margaret A Hatcher next; US Army, Korea
Hatcher, Joseph W, Sr 1925     Apostles Mausoleum wife-Allie M Hatcher next
Hatcher, Margaret A 9/17/1944 9/14/1995   Prayer husband-George Robert Hatcher next
Hatfield, Bettye B 1939       husband-Wade J Hatfield next
Hatfield, Dortha Thompson 1/30/1921 1/4/2003   Apostles obit:hus-Charles W Hatfield;sis-Sally Griffin;bro-George W,Lewis E & John W Thompson
Hatfield, Julius J 1914       wife-Marie N Hatfield next; Wade J & Bettye B Hatfield
Hatfield, Leila H 1906 1998   Apostles husband-Sam A Hatfield next
Hatfield, Lora W 1885 1969   Apostles  
Hatfield, Marie N 1915       husband-Julius J Hatfield next
Hatfield, Sam A 1907 1970   Apostles wife-Leila H Hatfield next
Hatfield, Wade J 1939       wife-Bettye B Hatfield next
Hatmaker, Charles E 1916 1983      
Hauner, Lawrence R 1916 2000     wife-Wilda G Hauner next
Hauner, Wilda G 1936       husband-Lawrence R Hauner next
Hausman, Lillian A 1898 1993      
Hawes, G W, Sr 1921 1978     wife-Lilian H Hawes next
Hawes, Lilian H 1927       husband-G W Hawes, Sr next
Hawk, Chester H 12/15/1912 11/3/1987      
Hawk, Daniel Ray 6/20/1957 12/11/1987      
Hawk, Donald F 1/22/1920 4/12/2000     wife-Evelyn Frances Craig Hawk next; PFC US Army WWII
Hawk, Evelyn Frances Craig 12/1/1921 5/30/2002     hus-Donald F Hawk;obit:dau-Donna Faye Hawk Long & Mary Chloette Hawk Wilson;son-Gary Francis Hawk;m
Hawk, Gary M 12/23/1954 10/20/1998      
Hawk, Geneva R 1914       husband-Peyton R Hawk next
Hawk, Peyton R 1910 1996     wife-Geneva R Hawk next
Hawkins, Albert E 1912 2000   Apostles wife-Gladys B Hawkins next
Hawkins, Bernice 4/16/1913 4/18/1998      
Hawkins, Cynthia Diane "Cindy" 10/12/1962 1/1/1966   Apostles  
Hawkins, Edgar M 1893 1964     wife-Hattie M Hawkins next
Hawkins, Gary C 1941 00//00/1993     wife-Linda C. Hawkins next
Hawkins, Gladys B 1916     Apostles husband-Albert E Hawkins next
Hawkins, Hattie M 02/25/1896 11/10/1983     husband-Edgar M Hawkins next
Hawkins, L Evelyn 5/30/1915 12/7/1995   Prayer  
Hawkins, Linda C 1942 1986     husband-Gary C Hawkins next
Hawkins, Mary E 5/15/1929     Apostles "Wife"; husband-Willie A Hawkins next; Michael Ray Hawkins
Hawkins, Michael Ray 1952 1974   Apostles  
Hawkins, Minnie H 1895 1981     husband-Robert C Hawkins next
Hawkins, Robert C 1890 1975     wife-Minnie H Hawkins next
Hawkins, Willie A 4/20/1925 1/14/2002   Apostles wife-Mary E Hawkins next; Michael Ray Hawkins; US Navy Seaman 1st Class
Hawthorne, Charles E 1923 1993     Mason; wife-Thelma B Hawthorne next
Hawthorne, Thelma B 1923       husband-Charles E Hawthorne next
Hayden, Viola E 1898 1996      
Hayes, A T, Rev 1886 1967   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Loma L Hayes next; Mary H Brewer, "H" for hayes?
Hayes, Alan L 1955       wife-Debra D Hayes next
Hayes, B Almeda 1925 1987   Old Rugged Cross husband-Wm P Hayes, Sr next
Hayes, Calvin Carl, Sr 1937 2001   Nativity wife-Esther V Banther Hayes next
Hayes, D Patrick 1911 1999   Masonic Garden wife-Mary Fay Hayes next
Hayes, Daniel Evan 1960 1999      
Hayes, Debra D 1956       husband-Alan L Hayes next
Hayes, Dollie F 12/8/1943 5/14/1997      
Hayes, Douglas F 1930       wife-Geraldine J Hayes next
Hayes, Edward LeBron 11/13/1958 2/24/1959   Apostles  
Hayes, Esther V Banther 1938     Nativity husband-Calvin Carl Hayes, Sr. next
Hayes, Euphemia W 1911 1968   Apostles husband-Hoyal S Hayes next
Hayes, Florence C 1896 1961     husband-M R Hayes, Sr next
Hayes, Geraldine J 1930       husband-Douglas F Hayes next
Hayes, Hoyal S 1904 1968   Apostles wife-Euphemia W Hayes next
Hayes, Lois L 1927       husband-Robert W Hayes next
Hayes, Loma L 1887 1967   Masonic Garden E Star; wife-Rev A T Hayes next; Mary H Brewer, "H" for Hayes?
Hayes, M R, Sr 1895 1974     wife-Florence C Hayes next
Hayes, Mary Fay 1918     Masonic Garden husband-D Patrick Hayes next
Hayes, Oliver J 1908 1992     wife-Wilma C Hayes next
Hayes, Robert C 1924 1978   Apostles  
Hayes, Robert W 1927 1987     wife-Lois L Hayes next
Hayes, William P, Sr 1920     Old Rugged Cross wife-B Almeda Hayes next
Hayes, Wilma C 1915 1979     husband-Oliver J Hayes next
Haymore, Robert D "Dan", III 12/3/1960 5/22/1996   Acacia Garden Rifle & Dog on Marker
Haynes, Blondie E 1909 1986   Devotion "Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen"; wife-Vera M Haynes next
Haynes, Charles E 1930     Prayer wife-Helen L Haynes next
Haynes, Charlie G 1903 1988   Apostles wife-Marie K Haynes next
Haynes, Frances W 1912       husband-Gordon L Haynes next
Haynes, Gordon L 1909 1997     wife-Frances W Haynes next
Haynes, Helen L 1931 1996   Prayer husband-Charles E Haynes next
Haynes, James Edward 1935 6/27/2002     obit:par-Vernon & Edith Meeks Haynes;wif-Betty Pressnell Haynes;childrn-Roxie Lyons,Timothy & Russell Haynes
Haynes, Jerry F 1941     Prayer wife-Shelby J Haynes next; "Married 36 Years"; "Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen"
Haynes, John B 1906 1993      
Haynes, John W, Capt 1945 1971      
Haynes, Marie K 1905 1981   Apostles husband-Charlie G Haynes next
Haynes, Marion       Old Rugged Cross  
Haynes, Mary N 1915 1986   Apostles husband-Wm Marshall Haynes next
Haynes, Miss Richard 8/18/1916 7/31/1993      
Haynes, Shelby J 1941 2000   Prayer husband-Jerry F Haynes next; "Married 36 Years"
Haynes, Thelma O 1914 1990      
Haynes, Vera M 1913     Devotion husband-Blondie E Haynes next
Haynes, William Bub 1895 1980   Apostles  
Haynes, William Marshall 1910 1987   Apostles wife-Mary N Haynes next
Hays, Olga E 1915 1996     husband-Philip J Hays next
Hays, Philip J 1914       wife-Olga E Hays next
Hayslett, Elizabeth H 1947 1982   Old Rugged Cross husband-Thomas L Hayslett, Jr next
Hayslett, Thomas L, Jr 1948     Old Rugged Cross wife-Elizabeth H Hayslett next
Headen, Sarah H 1912 1993   Nativity husbandand-William J Headen next
Headen, William J 1909 1982   Nativity wife-Sarah H Headen next
Headrick, Clyde H 1905 1989   Apostles wife-Lillian Headrick next
Headrick, Lillian 1901 1978   Apostles husband-Clyde H Headrick next
Headrick, William L "Bill" 9/23/1953 5/20/2001      
Heard, Charles H 1887 1969   Apostles wife-Dollie G Heard next
Heard, Dollie G 1898 1977   Apostles husband-Charles H Heard next
Heard, Hilda W 1939     Masonic Garden husband-James B Heard next
Heard, James B 1935 1989