Hamilton Memorial Gardens
"Hi - Hy"
(Partial Listing)

5401 Highway 153
Hixson, TN 37343-4990

This is an extremely large and relatively new cemetery located in the Hixson area of Chattanooga on Highway 153. The cemetery is just north of Hixson Pike on Highway 153 on the left hand side of the road. Surveyed by Dennis Wilson, Jim Holcomb, Susan Kendall, Linda Coulter, and the Chattanooga Mormon Youth in 2000 - 2003. This is approximately 11,000 of the estimated 25,000 burials in this cemetery.

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Names of individuals in this cemetery were recorded as they appeared on the tombstones. No attempt was made to correct obvious errors or differences in spelling. Every attempt has been made to record this information correctly. However, mistakes are possible.  The information on this page may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other person or organization without the written consent of the contributor, the legal representative of the submitter, or The Hamilton County Tennessee Genealogy Society.

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SSDI = Social Security Death Index

Deceased Born Died Married Section Notes
Hickey, Terry V 1934 2002   Prayer wife-Wanda Ava Lee Hickey next
Hickey, Wanda Ava Lee 1937     Prayer husband-Terry V Hickey next
Hickman, Carl A 1912 1981   Masonic Garden wife-Edna Mae Hickman next; Patricia Ann, Robert E & Marieta L Hickman
Hickman, Charlie J 1901 1978     wife-Nellie L. Hickman next
Hickman, Edna Mae 1913 1973   Masonic Garden husband-Carl A Hickman next; Patricia Ann, Robert E & Marieta L Hickman
Hickman, Ellis 8/19/1903 3/8/1988   Old Rugged Cross wife-Mamie J Hickman next; "Married 40 Years"
Hickman, Grady L 1931     Prayer wife-Rosemary V Hickman next
Hickman, Jesse 02/16/1888 12/23/1962   Apostles Tn Pvt Co E 117 Inf WWII Ph
Hickman, Juanita M 1922 00//00/2001     husband-Rev. Mitchell L Hickman next
Hickman, Mamie J 6/20/1918 6/25/2001   Old Rugged Cross husband-Ellis Hickman next; "Married 40 Years"
Hickman, Marieta L 1917 1989   Masonic Garden husband-Robert E Hickman next; Carl A, Edna Mae & Patricia Ann Hickman
Hickman, Martha Avonelle Estill 1924 4/9/2002     from ob:hus-Almer Jack Hickman Sr;son-Almer, Jr;dau-Patricia Kopecky,Wilma McClure,Eva J Morris,Ellen Hobbs
Hickman, Mitchell L, Rev 1920 1992     wife-Juanita M Hickman next
Hickman, Nellie L 1906 1980     husband-Charlie J Hickman next
Hickman, Patricia Ann 6/1/1946 5/23/1947   Masonic Garden  
Hickman, Paul E, Sr 4/9/1922 1/22/1990   Apostles US Navy WWII
Hickman, Robert E 1916 1999   Masonic Garden wife-Marieta L Hickman next; Carl A, Edna Mae & Patricia Ann Hickman
Hickman, Ronald L 1947 1995      
Hickman, Rosa Shadrick Hixson 9/16/1923 2/15/2002     obit:par-G E & Ina Shadrick;hus-Willard Hixson & Hobert Hickman;son-Joe Craft & Fred Hixson
Hickman, Rosemary V 1928 1998   Prayer husband-Grady L Hickman next
Hicks, Debbie S 7/26/1955 5/24/1996   Nativity  
Hicks, Frances Slowe B 9/29/1918 1/18/1976   Nativity  
Hicks, Frankie E 1958 1987   Apostles  
Hicks, Freed H 1926 1985   Apostles wife-Marjorie S Hicks next
Hicks, James E 1933 1990      
Hicks, James T 1943     Prayer wife-Joyce A Hicks next
Hicks, Jim Otis 1935 1978   Apostles wife-Nancy K Hicks next
Hicks, Jimmy A 1938 1996     wife-Mildred H Hicks next
Hicks, Joyce A 1939 1999   Prayer husband-James T Hicks next
Hicks, Kenneth H 1934 1993     wife-Nancy B Hicks next
Hicks, Marjorie S 1933     Apostles husband-Freed H Hicks next
Hicks, Mildred H 1938       husband-Jimmy A Hicks next
Hicks, Nancy B 1939       husband-Kenneth H Hicks next
Hicks, Nancy K 1938     Apostles husband-Jim Otis Hicks next
Hicks, R 1950 1995      
Hicks, Richard L 1938 1995   Prayer  
Hicks, Robbie Lee 11/12/1998 11/12/1998   Babyland  
Hicks, Wanda C 1960     Apostles  
Higdon, Dorothy C 1926 1977   Apostles husband-Lawrence Higdon next
Higdon, Edith Ann 12/24/1888 2/23/1956   Masonic Garden husband-Wm H Higdon next
Higdon, Ina Louise 1939 1985   Gethsemane husband-Joe C Higdon next
Higdon, Jean Arnold 10/9/1931     Old Rugged Cross husband-Paul W Higdon next
Higdon, Joe C 1938 1986   Gethsemane wife-Ina Louise Higdon next
Higdon, Larry 1948 1998   Nativity  
Higdon, Lawrence, Jr 1923     Apostles wife-Dorothy C Higdon next; Mary B Higdon
Higdon, Leslie O 1918 1987     wife-Margaret L Higdon next
Higdon, Mamie L 7/21/1901 11/7/1980   Old Rugged Cross "Mom"; husband-Pete Higdon next
Higdon, Margaret L 1922       husband-Leslie O Higdon next
Higdon, Mary B 1895 1984   Apostles  
Higdon, Paul W 10/1/1931 5/16/2000   Old Rugged Cross wife-Jean Arnold Higdon next
Higdon, Pete 6/4/1964 6/14/1995   Old Rugged Cross wife-Mamie L Higdon next
Higdon, William H 09/05/1879 3/1/1973   Masonic Garden wife-Edith Ann Higdon next
Higgins, Barbara 1903 1968   Apostles  
Higgins, Barbara Dent 1948 1966   Gethsemane  
Higgins, Betha M 1913     Prayer husband-Coy W Higgins next
Higgins, Carol E 1939       husband-Everett W Higgins next
Higgins, Charles 1925 1987     wife-Thelma W Higgins next
Higgins, Coy W 1912 1999   Prayer wife-Betha M Higgins next
Higgins, Donna G 1940       husband-James A Higgins next
Higgins, Estil I 1905 1995     wife-Grace L Higgins next
Higgins, Everett W 1934       wife-Carol E Higgins next
Higgins, Grace L 1911 1988     husband-Estil I Higgins next
Higgins, Hazel P 1917 1999   Apostles husband-Kenneth W Higgins next
Higgins, James A 1937 1991     wide-Donna G Higgins next
Higgins, Kenneth W 1917 1996   Apostles wife-Hazel P Higgins next
Higgins, Loneda V 1921       husband-Raymond E Higgins next
Higgins, Lyndsay Nichole 11/11/1991 11/11/1991      
Higgins, Raymond E 1916 1983     wife-Loneda V Higgins next
Higgins, Ruth B 1924 1987   Devotion "Mom"
Higgins, Thelma W 1927       husband-Charles Higgins next
High, Jami Susan 1961 1983      
Highers, Robbie B 1921 1989   Apostles E Star; husband-Thomas B Highers next
Highers, Thomas B 1919 1982   Apostles Mason; wife-Robbie B Highers next
Highfield, Bessie S 1921 1978   Apostles  
Hight, Lorena M   6/5/1995   Prayer  
Hill, Belvina Pat 08/16/1889 11/22/1954   Apostles  
Hill, Bettye Jo G 1926 2001   Apostles husband-Raymond H Hill next
Hill, Bradley Dale 11/8/1981 11/8/1981      
Hill, David A 1958 1977   Apostles  
Hill, Ernest C 1909 1991   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Odelle H Hill next
Hill, Essie O 04/25/1897 6/7/1973   Apostles  
Hill, Fathia Harris 7/25/1936 7/13/2002   Old Rugged Cross par-Charles W & Evie G Harris next;obit:dau-Linda Hill Cook;son-Charles Hill
Hill, Geraldine "Gerri" 10/25/1925     Apostles "Wife, Mother, Grandmother"; husband-James H Hill next
Hill, Hailie Madison 6/8/1996 6/18/1997      
Hill, James Henry 8/6/1918 5/12/1999   Apostles "husband, Father, Grandfather"; wife-Geraldine "Gerri" Hill next; Pvt US Army WWII
Hill, John Daniel "Danny" 1960 1993      
Hill, John E 1915 1996   Devotion Mason; wife-Lucinda S Hill next
Hill, Lucinda S 1912     Devotion E Star; husband-John E Hill next
Hill, Odelle H 1917 2000   Masonic Garden E Star; husband-Ernest C Hill next
Hill, P Ray 1929 1998      
Hill, Raymond H 1927     Apostles wife-Bettye Jo G Hill next
Hill, Rodney C, Sr 1945 1981   Apostles  
Hillard, Gene 1914 1977     wife-Margaret W Hillard next
Hillard, Margaret W 1919       husband-Gene Hillard next
Hilliard, Dorothy E 1927     Apostles husband-Sim E Hilliard next
Hilliard, Erskin T 3/16/1916 1/31/1957   Apostles Mason; wife-Willie Johnson Hilliard next
Hilliard, Sim E 1914 1996   Apostles wife-Dorothy E Hilliard next
Hilliard, Willie Johnson 12/15/1915 7/26/1998   Apostles husband-Erskin T Hilliard next
Hillman, Delores F       Apostles  
Hillman, Theodore C 1919 1961   Apostles  
Hilton, David Glenn 5/20/1926 12/28/1978   Masonic Garden wife-Winifred McPherson Hilton next; TSGT USAF, WWII Korea Vietnam
Hilton, Winifred McPherson 4/22/1928 7/23/1995   Masonic Garden husband-David Glenn Hilton next
Hiltz, Harold F 1901 1983   Old Rugged Cross wife-Nora L Hiltz next
Hiltz, Nora L 1916 1980   Old Rugged Cross husband-Harold F Hiltz next
Hinch, Margaret C 3/31/1927 12/29/1988      
Hinch, Nellie R 08/24/1897 4/10/1963      
Hinchey, Mary Elizabeth 1918 1978   Sermon on the Mount  
Hindman, Joshua G 11/30/1983 12/26/1983   Babyland  
Hindman, Mary Ruth 1914 1995     husband-Willie L Hindman next
Hindman, Willie L 1911 1997     wife-Mary Ruth Hindman next
Hinds, Betty Ruth C 1930 1997   Nativity husband-Jack Edward Hinds next
Hinds, Jack Edward 1929 7/5/2002   Nativity 1st wif-Betty Ruth C Hinds;obit:par-Thomas T & Marie Hinds;2nd wif-Betty Mae Hinds;sons-Tom,Clark & Ken; US Army
Hineman, Martha Marie 3/22/1915 4/14/2001   Old Rugged Cross husband-Wm John Hineman next
Hineman, William John 1/30/1911 5/26/1986   Old Rugged Cross wife-Martha Marie Hineman next
Hines, Aileen C 1911 1998   Masonic Garden husband-Ralph L Hines next
Hines, E LaVern 1930 1997   Masonic Garden wife-Norma G Hines next; Ralph L & Aileen C Hines
Hines, Eunice E 1930 1984   Old Rugged Cross  
Hines, Lilla B 09/18/1894 3/29/1990   Old Rugged Cross  
Hines, Norma G 1930     Masonic Garden husband-E LaVern Hines next; Ralph L & Aileen C Hines
Hines, Ralph L 1908 1978   Masonic Garden wife-Aileen C Hines next; E LaVern & Norma G Hines
Hines, Sonasta H 1971     Old Rugged Cross  
Hinkle, Ruth P 1902 1975      
Hinkle, Wade H 1877 1958      
Hinrichsen, Stephanie Rose 5/13/1986 11/9/1992   Old Rugged Cross  
Hinton, Bessie S 1932       husband-Bobby Lee Hinton next
Hinton, Bobby Lee 3/3/1932 8/3/1989     wife-Bessie S Hinton next; PFC US Army Korea
Hinton, Guy B 1921 1989   Apostles  
Hinton, Inez O 1902 1992   Apostles husband-Silas B Hinton, Jr next
Hinton, Margaret L 1951 2001   Nativity husband-Travis J Hinton next
Hinton, Silas B, Jr 1904 1971   Apostles wife-Inez O Hinton next
Hinton, Travis J 1954     Nativity wife-Margaret L Hinton next
Hisdon, F Evelyn 12/13/1931 6/7/2001   Prayer  
Hise, Elsie G 1896 1975   Nativity husbandand-Luther M Hise next
Hise, Luther F 1923 1991   Nativity wife-Ruth B Hise next
Hise, Luther M 1893 1970   Nativity wife-Elsie G Hise next
Hise, Ruth B 1925     Nativity husbandand-Luther F Hise next
Hisey, John P, Sr 1903 1981   Apostles  
Hisey, Kathryn R 1920 1997      
Hite, Ada E 1922 1997   Devotion husband-Fred H Hite next; Lula J Hite
Hite, Fred H 1918 1973   Devotion wife-Ada E Hite next; Lula J Hite
Hite, Lula J 1889 1972   Devotion  
Hixon, Darrell 11/26/1957 9/4/1980      
Hixon, Myrtle V 1921 1990   Gethsemane husband-Wm J Hixon next
Hixon, William J 1916 1986   Gethsemane wife-Myrtle V Hixon next
Hixson, Aaron Stanley 5/19/1980 4/6/1981      
Hixson, Alvin 1936 1978     wife-Jean H Hixson next
Hixson, Alvin J 1906 1982     wife-Ida W Hixson next
Hixson, Braxton B 1911 1985     wife-Helen W Hixson next
Hixson, Carl P 1887 1965   Masonic Garden  
Hixson, Cecil D 1916 1995     wife-Myrtle G Hixson next
Hixson, Charlie 1903 1964     wife-Lucile Hixson next
Hixson, Christine L 1905     Apostles husband-Cowart N Hixson next
Hixson, Corrine D 1911 1986   Apostles husband-Olin P Hixson Sr next; son-Olin P Hixson Jr; Ephriam F, Dessie M & Edward T Hixson
Hixson, Cowart N 1901 1970   Apostles wife-Christine L Hixson next
Hixson, Daniel Robert 2/1/1977 7/26/1998   Nativity  
Hixson, Dessie M 04/07/1894 3/19/1985   Apostles husband-Ephriam F Hixson next; Olip P Jr & Sr, Corrine D & Edward T Hixson
Hixson, Edward T 3/14/1928 3/4/1944   Apostles  
Hixson, Elena C 2/18/1919 9/3/1999     husband-Pleasant A Hixson Sr next; son-Pleasant A Hixson Jr
Hixson, Ephriam F 9/11/1988 5/3/1955   Apostles wife-Dessie M Hixson next; Tn PFC 534 Mtr Trk Co MTC WWI
Hixson, Ethel Walker 05/06/1889 8/28/1965   Masonic Garden husband-Robert Frank Hixson next
Hixson, Eugene A 1910 1976   Masonic Garden wife-Ophia R Hixson next
Hixson, Eva Lee 1910 1984   Masonic Garden husband-J Ralph Hixson next
Hixson, Helen W 1915 1985     husband-Braxton B Hixson next
Hixson, Ida W 1903 1992     husband-Alvin J Hixson next
Hixson, J Ralph 1913 2000   Masonic Garden wife-Eva Lee Hixson next; Robert L, Luella S, Robert Swingle, Rhonda Harrell, & Carl P Hixson next
Hixson, James S 4/27/1961 11/14/1982   Devotion  
Hixson, Jean H 1938 2001     husband-Alvin Hixson next
Hixson, Lucile 1908 1988     husband-Charlie Hixson next
Hixson, Luella S 1898 1993   Masonic Garden husband-Robert L Hixson next; J Ralph, Eva Lee, Carl P, Robert Swingle & Rhonda Harrell Hixson
Hixson, Malcolm P 1911 1986   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Pearl M Hixson next; Wm E H, Ophia M, Eugene A & Ophia R Hixson
Hixson, Marvin L 1938     Devotion wife-Joyce E Hixson next; James S & Michael L Hixson
Hixson, Michael R 10/13/1959     Devotion next: James S, Marvin L & Joyce E Hixson
Hixson, Myrtle G 1919       husband-Cecil D Hixson next
Hixson, Norma June 7/13/1928 2/12/1997   Apostles "Wife"
Hixson, Olin P, Jr 1934 1975   Apostles par-Olin P Sr & Corrine D Hixson next
Hixson, Olin P, Sr 1910 1992   Apostles wife-Corrine D Hixson next; son-Olin P Hixson Jr; Ephriam F, Dessie M & Edward T Hixson
Hixson, Ophia M 1887 1975   Masonic Garden husband-Wm E H Hixson next
Hixson, Ophia R 1914 1972   Masonic Garden husband-Eugene A Hixson next
Hixson, Pearl Millard 1910 6/11/2002   Masonic Garden hus-Malcolm P Hixson nx;obit:dau-Carolyn Walden;bro-Pat & John Millard;sis-Betty Denton
Hixson, Pleasant A, Jr 1940 1961     parents-Pleasant A Sr & Elena C Hixson next
Hixson, Pleasant A, Sr 1909 1964     wife-Elena C Hixson next; son-Pleasant A Hixson Jr
Hixson, Raymond 1903 1964   Apostles Mason; wife-Vera A Hixson next
Hixson, Rhonda Harrell 1927 1996   Masonic Garden husband-Robert Swingle Hixson next
Hixson, Robert Frank 09/11/1884 2/17/1962   Masonic Garden wife-Ethel Walker Hixson next
Hixson, Robert L 1897 1990   Masonic Garden wife-Luella S Hixson next
Hixson, Roger Swingle 1926 1996   Masonic Garden wife-Rhonda Harrell Hixson next
Hixson, Samuel Clinton 1903 1969      
Hixson, Terry Lee 8/6/1957 5/18/1975      
Hixson, Thomas J 1925 1968   Apostles  
Hixson, Vance Sean 2/4/1968 3/14/1968      
Hixson, Vera A 1906 1997   Apostles husband-Raymond Hixson next
Hixson, William E H 1886 1969   Masonic Garden wife-Ophia M Hixson next
Hoback, Arthur R 1911 1959   Apostles wife-June F Hoback next
Hoback, June F 1919 2002   Apostles husband-Arthur R Hoback next
Hobbs, Alexander G, Jr 1921 1980     wife-Grace H Hobbs next; SGT US Army WW II
Hobbs, Grace H 1924       husband-Alexander G Hobbs Jr next
Hobbs, Jessie K 10/11/1921 11/20/1987   Masonic Garden  
Hobbs, Patricia S 1936       husband-Ray C. Hobbs next
Hobbs, Ray C 1930 1984     wife-Patricia S Hobbs next
Hobbs, Woodrow W 1917 1998      
Hobson, J D 1932        
Hockenjos, Albert H 1911 6/20/2002     Mason; wife-Juanita M Hockenjos next
Hockenjos, Juanita M 1911 1993     husband-Albert H Hockenjos next
Hodge, Betty M 1936     Old Rugged Cross husband-John D Hodge next
Hodge, John D 1931 1990   Old Rugged Cross wife-Betty M Hodge next
Hodges, Adrian A 1916 1996     wife-Nora I Hodges next
Hodges, Bobbie S 1939       husband-John W Hodges next
Hodges, Brandie Michelle 5/4/1981 5/4/1981      
Hodges, Brenda Kay Watson 1945 3/5/2003     obit:par-Clarence L & Tommie Watson;hus-Wm M "Buddy" Hodges;son-Darren T Hodges;bro-Butch,Mike & Rick
Hodges, David L 1933 1989     wife-Elizabeth N Hodges next
Hodges, Doraine 1917 1991   Apostles husband-Robert Hodges next
Hodges, Elizabeth N 1926       husband-David L Hodges next
Hodges, Geneva Alice McNew 4/1/1920 8/31/2001   Devotion husband-James Hobart "Jim" Hodges next
Hodges, Herbert H, Jr 1954 1982   Nativity  
Hodges, James Hobart "Jim" 7/20/1919 3/30/2002   Devotion wif-Geneva Alice McNew Hodges nx;obit:par-Charles L & Ruby Sims Hodges;dau-Judy Hodges Winfrey;more
Hodges, John W 1935       wife-Bobbie S Hodges next
Hodges, Nora I 1910       husband-Adrian A Hodges next
Hodges, Robert 1917 1994   Apostles wife-Doraine Hodges next
Hoffman, Janet M 1932       husband-Paul J Hoffman next
Hoffman, Lorraine M 1954        
Hoffman, Paul J 1926       wife-Janet M Hoffman next
Hogan, F Lebron 1942 1982   Devotion wife-Lois W Hogan next
Hogan, Lois W 1944     Devotion husband-F Lebron Hogan next
Hogsett, Helen A 1921       husband-Sydney N Hogsett Jr next
Hogsett, Sydney N, Jr 1917 1987     wife-Helen A Hogsett next
Hogue, George T 1962 1990   Apostles  
Hogue, Margaret E 1920 1974   Devotion husband-Clyde W Hogue next
Holbert, William B 1929 1966   Gethsemane  
Holcomb, Barbara Jean Kelley 8/24/1931 9/18/2002 8/24/1949 Old Rugged Cross obit:hus-Cheyne Franklin Holcomb Sr;sons-David Michael & Timothy Nathan Holcomb;gsons-Matt,Ben & Noah H
Holcomb, Irma P 1919 2000   Apostles  
Holcomb, Reba J 1931     Apostles husband-Thomas J Holcomb Jr next
Holcomb, Thomas J, Jr 1930 1968   Apostles wife-Reba J Holcomb next
Holcomb, Tonya Beatty 1957     Old Rugged Cross  
Holden, Stephen W 1953 1997   Apostles  
Holder, William J 11/20/1917 4/27/1977      
Holderby, Lavonda K 7/6/1958 12/26/1999   Prayer "Sis"
Holdman, Albert H 8/6/1941 10/5/1990      
Holland, Aaron J 1918 1996     wife-Viola C Holland next
Holland, Charlotte J 1920     Nativity E Star; husband-Ray D Holland next
Holland, Ray D 1919     Nativity Mason; wife-Charlotte J Holland next
Holland, Viola C 1918       husband-Aaron J Holland next
Hollandsworth, Cecil C 12/27/1896 8/23/1961   Apostles  
Hollandsworth, Landon R 6/19/1903 6/8/1967   Apostles  
Hollingsworth, Duke S 1910 1996   Old Rugged Cross wife-Mary Mabel Hollingsworth next
Hollingsworth, Mary Mabel 1924     Old Rugged Cross husband-Duke S Hollingsworth next
Hollingsworth, Phyllis L 1953 1998     husband-Roger D Hollingsworth next
Hollingsworth, Roger D 1949       wife-Phyllis L Hollingsworth next
Holloway, Barbara A 1939     Apostles husband-Carroll L Holloway next; Nathan C Holloway
Holloway, Carroll L 1938 1993   Apostles wife-Barbara A Holloway next; Nathan C Holloway
Holloway, George W 1931 1957     "Father"; wife-Jean L Holloway next
Holloway, Harold J 1919 2000     wife-Mary C Holloway next
Holloway, Infant 04/00/2001 04/00/2001      
Holloway, Jean L 1932       "Mother"; husband-George W Holloway next
Holloway, Mary C 1927 1989     husband-Harold J Holloway next
Holloway, Nathan C 1962 1983   Apostles  
Holloway, Rosa C 1907 2000   Nativity husbandand-W Benton Holloway next
Holloway, Saddie T 12/19/0000 3/16/1997   Nativity  
Holloway, W Benton 1905 1988   Nativity wife-Rosa C Holloway next
Holman, James W 1920 1990   Old Rugged Cross wife-Rose Marie Holman next
Holman, Rose Marie 1923     Old Rugged Cross husband-James W Holman next
Holmes, Dorothea R 12/1/1920 7/22/1970     husband-James T Holmes, Jr next
Holmes, E Gray 1911 1971   Apostles wife-Johnnie S Holmes next
Holmes, James T, Jr 1/8/1915 7/28/1996     wife-Dorothea R Holmes next
Holmes, Johnnie S 1913     Apostles husband-E Gray Holmes next
Holt, Jane G 1928 1999     husband-Rufus D Holt next
Holt, Nancy E 1913 5/2/2002      
Holt, Rufus D 1919       wife-Jane G Holt next
Holt, Ruth S 1915 1980     husband-Thomas Gordon Holt next
Holt, Thomas Gordon 1900 1964     wife-Ruth S Holt next
Homer, Charles 4/22/1914 2/6/1957   Nativity  
Honeycutt, Beulah Mae 1894 1988   Apostles husband-Walter J Honeycutt, Sr next
Honeycutt, E Melvin 1906 1990 ######## Old Rugged Cross  
Honeycutt, Helen J 1926     Apostles husband-Walter J Honeycutt Jr next
Honeycutt, Keith R 1911 1996 ######## Old Rugged Cross husband?-E Melvin Honeycutt next
Honeycutt, Martin I 1923 4/21/2002     from obit: wif-Ruby Irene Honeycutt
Honeycutt, Walter J, Jr 1921 1994   Apostles Mason; wife-Helen J Honeycutt next
Honeycutt, Walter J, Sr 1880 1964   Apostles wife-Beulah Mae Honeycutt next
Hood, Billy L "Slick" 11/2/1930 9/28/1979      
Hoodenpyl, Nora B 1896 1960     husband-Roy E Hoodenpyl next
Hoodenpyl, Roy E 1898 1966     wife-Nora B Hoodenpyl next
Hoodenpyle, Danny Lynn 1951 1986   Old Rugged Cross shares marker with: Donald Owen Hoodenpyle
Hoodenpyle, Donald Owen 1957 1990   Old Rugged Cross shares marker with: Danny Lynn Hoodenpyle
Hooper, Charles M, Sr 1914       wife-Vera B Hooper next
Hooper, Vera B 1915 2000     husband-Charles M Hooper, Sr next
Hoover, Gertrude D 1905 1971   Apostles husband-Glenn M Hoover next
Hoover, Glenn M 1897 1974   Apostles wife-Gertrude D Hoover next
Hoover, Glyndon L 1921 1979   Masonic Garden husband-James D Hoover next
Hoover, James D 1920 1990   Masonic Garden wife-Glyndon L Hoover next
Hoover, James S, Sr 4/3/1926 5/8/1980     wife-Wanda S Hoover next; RM 3 US Navy WW II
Hoover, Wanda S 6/27/1939       husband-James S Hoover next
Hope, Eugene D 1921 1968      
Hope, June H 1902 1983      
Hopkins, Eunice V 1920 1994   Apostles husband-John A Hopkins next
Hopkins, John A 1901 1984   Apostles wife-Eunice V Hopkins next
Hoppel, E Elmas 1915 1991   Old Rugged Cross wife-Mary P Hoppel next
Hoppel, Mary P 1916     Old Rugged Cross husband-E Elmas Hoppel next
Hopper, Chanler Joshua 8/2/1999 8/2/1999      
Hopper, Florence A 1890 1973   Apostles husband-Quillian P Hopper next
Hopper, Quillian P 1887 1984   Apostles wife-Florence A Hopper next
Hornberger, Clarence E 1909 1991      
Hornbrook, Annie E 1895 1987     husband-James I Hornbrook next
Hornbrook, James I 1888 1970     wife-Annie E Hornbrook next
Horne, C Leroy 1938 1966   Devotion wife-Joyce Dedo Horne next
Horne, Chester R 1894 1969      
Horne, Eloise E 1924 1983   Apostles husband-Ernest H Horne next
Horne, Ernest A 1919     Apostles wife-Eloise E Horne next
Horne, Howard D 1928     Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Virginia J Horne next
Horne, Joyce Dedo 11/18/1941 8/11/1966   Devotion husband-C Leroy Horne next
Horne, Virginia J 1931 1993   Masonic Garden E Star; husband-Howard D Horne next
Horsman, Norma Louise   3/21/2002     from obit:hus-Don Horsman;par-Eugene Hodges & Rachel Pigeon Horsman;sons-Dan,David & Bruce Horsman
Horton, Connie, Jr 1922 1999   Prayer "Deacon"; wife-Nanette O Horton next
Horton, George A 1905 1979     Mason; wife-Leona H Horton
Horton, Leona H 1916       husband-George A Horton next
Horton, Lucille Y 1915     Apostles husband-W Herbert Horton next
Horton, Nanette O 1924     Prayer husband-Connie Horton, Jr next
Horton, Patsy 8/30/1928 5/13/1999      
Horton, Ruby Jewell Scott 1932 2/5/2003     obit:Horace & Ona Jones Scott;hus-Bill Horton;dau-Teresa Ann Brannon;sis-Robbie Childs
Horton, W Herbert 1912 1986   Apostles wife-Lucille Y Horton next
Hostetler, Leroy L 1904     Old Rugged Cross wife-Louella E Hostetler next
Hostetler, Louella E 1907 1992   Old Rugged Cross husband-Leroy L Hostetler next
Houk, Elsie M 1909 1980   Apostles  
Hourigan, Edgar Lee, Sr 1910 1978   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Mary Ann Hourigan next
Hourigan, Mary Ann 1914 1994   Masonic Garden E Star; husband-Edgar Lee Hourigan Sr next
Houser, Johnny L 1958 1987      
Houser, Melvin D 1918 1996     wife-Willa D Houser next
Houser, Orville M 1912 1991     Pfc US Army WWII
Houser, Willa D 1924       husband-Melvin D Houser next
Houston, Bill 1921 1983   Apostles wife-Nora Lee Houston next; Michael Kevin Houston
Houston, John H 1918 1999     wife-Lillian H Houston next
Houston, Lillian H 1915 1991     husband-John H Houston next
Houston, Mamie B 1917 1993   Acacia Garden husband-R E "Ted" Houston, Jr next
Houston, Michael Kevin 3/25/1959 3/25/1959   Apostles  
Houston, Nora Lee 1924     Apostles husband-Bill Houston next; Michael Kevin Houston
Houston, R E "Ted", Jr 1917 1990   Acacia Garden wife-Mamie B Houston next
Houston, Stephen W 5/9/1958 5/9/1958   Apostles  
Houts, Effie       Sermon on the Mount  
Houts, Fred       Sermon on the Mount  
Howard, Alton J 1903 1990     wife-Effie L Howard next
Howard, Anna Belle 1897 1978     husband-Lavoy M Howard next
Howard, Cora C 1914     Devotion husband-John C Howard next
Howard, Effie L 1904 1983     husband-Alton J Howard next
Howard, Glenda 1926     Old Rugged Cross husband-Mitchell Howard next
Howard, Helen P 1920 1982     husband-Woodrow Howard next
Howard, John C 1914 1967   Devotion wife-Cora C Howard next
Howard, Lavoy M 1896 1960     wife-Anna Belle Howard next
Howard, Mitchell 1923 1996   Old Rugged Cross wife-Glenda Howard next
Howard, Paris C 1941 1977     wife-Sandie Howard next
Howard, R Kathleen 3/23/1919 1/4/1997   Masonic Garden Sgt US Army WW II
Howard, Ruby H 1917 1986   Old Rugged Cross husband-Samuel M Howard next
Howard, Samuel M 1908 1996   Old Rugged Cross wife-Ruth H Howard next
Howard, Sandie 1942 1990     husband-Paris C Howard next
Howard, Varnell V 1908 1980   Nativity  
Howard, Virginia M 1911 2000   Nativity  
Howard, Woodrow 1918 1991     wife-Helen P Howard next
Howe, Brandon Ryan 10/9/1991 10/9/1991      
Howell, Charles Baswell 3/26/1976 3/26/1976   Babyland  
Howell, Lawrence C 1932 1990   Old Rugged Cross wife-Norrene Howell next
Howell, Norrene 1933     Old Rugged Cross husband-Lawrence C Howell next
Howell, Robert Lee 1922 1993      
Howell, Wilbert O 1913 1984      
Howlett, Elizabeth A 1898 1911     husband-Harry R Howlett next
Howlett, Harry R 1894 1978     wife-Elizabeth A Howlett next
Hubbard, Bob Maurice 11/23/1934 8/9/1980   Gethsemane Mason; next: Earl & Pearl S Hubbard
Hubbard, Earl 1906 1998   Gethsemane wife-Pearl S Hubbard next
Hubbard, Ellen Ruth 1919 2001   Nativity  
Hubbard, Pearl S 1908 1994   Gethsemane husband-Earl Hubbard next; Bob Maurice Hubbard
Hudgins, Frances R 1901 1997   Devotion husband-Kendred W Hudgins next
Hudgins, Kendred W 1903 1988   Devotion wife-Frances R Hudgins next
Hudley, Georgie P 1916 1994   Nativity  
Hudley, Roy E 1913 2000   Nativity  
Hudson, Everence W 1903 1989     husband-James Roy Hudson next
Hudson, James E 1930 4/11/2002     from/obit:wif-Bernice Olene Hudson;dau-Joyce Standley & Doris Steadman;sis-Margaret Smith
Hudson, James Roy 1906 1988     wife-Everence W Hudson next
Hudson, Jerldean Havner 1951 1991      
Hudson, Margaret E 1902 1991      
Hudson, Mattie B 1913     Nativity husbandand-Robert C Hudson next
Hudson, Paul G 1931     Nativity  
Hudson, Robert C 1906 1990   Nativity wife-Mattie B Hudson next
Hudson, Shirley J 1945     Nativity  
Huff, Arbutus A 1913 1999   Apostles husband-Charlie C Huff Sr next; son & dil-Charles C Jr & Lela L Huff
Huff, Charles C, Jr 1939 2002   Apostles wife-Lela L Huff next; par-Charlie C Sr & Arbutus A Huff
Huff, Charlie C, Sr 1906 1978   Apostles wife-Arbutus A Huff next; son & dil-Charles C Jr & Lela L Huff
Huff, Don N 1941 7/7/2002     obit:par-Claude & Addie McDaniel Huff;wif-Mary Huff;sons-Rusty & Rick Huff;dau-Angie Andrews
Huff, Earl R 1900 1968   Masonic Garden hufe-Juanita D Huff next
Huff, Juanita D 1905 1990   Masonic Garden husband-Earl R Huff next
Huff, Lela L 1938     Apostles husband-Charles C Huff Jr next; inlaws-Charlie C Sr & Arbutus A Huff
Huffine, Lucille W 1913 1970      
Huffine, Melvin T 1938 1966      
Huffman, Ellen M 12/28/1916 3/25/1956   Apostles husband-Paul E Huffman next
Huffman, Paul D 4/9/1914 4/28/1963   Apostles wife-Ellen M Huffman next
Hufstetler, Dessie Mae 1907 1991   Apostles husband-Hubert A Hufstetler next
Hufstetler, Franklin R, Sr 12/22/1933       wife-Martha C Hufstetler next
Hufstetler, Hubert A 1901 1955   Apostles wife-Dessie Mae Hufstetler next; Ruby Hufstetler
Hufstetler, Martha C 8/22/1940 4/22/2001     husband-Franklin R Hufstetler, Sr next
Hufstetler, Ruby 7/2/1925     Apostles  
Huggins, Beatrice Owens 7/13/1916 9/8/1995     husband-William Parkey Huggins next
Huggins, Marie Gayhart 1921     Old Rugged Cross husband-Troy Bernard Huggins next
Huggins, Ozaline 1914 1974      
Huggins, Troy Bernard 1914 1977   Old Rugged Cross wife-Marie Gayhart Huggins next
Huggins, William Parkey 8/7/1914 11/21/1994     wife-Beatrice Owens Huggins next
Hughes, Anne H 1949 1973      
Hughes, Annie G 1935     Nativity husbandand-Joseph Hughes next
Hughes, Charlotte V 1940 1996   Apostles  
Hughes, Christine T 3/17/1921 9/4/1990   Masonic Garden husband-John Thomas Hughes, Sr next
Hughes, Claire F 1955