Hamilton Memorial Gardens
(Partial Listing)

5401 Highway 153
Hixson, TN 37343-4990

This is an extremely large and relatively new cemetery located in the Hixson area of Chattanooga on Highway 153. The cemetery is just north of Hixson Pike on Highway 153 on the left hand side of the road. Surveyed by Dennis Wilson, Jim Holcomb, Susan Kendall, Linda Coulter, and the Chattanooga Mormon Youth in 2000 - 2003. This is approximately 11,000 of the estimated 25,000 burials in this cemetery.

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Names of individuals in this cemetery were recorded as they appeared on the tombstones. No attempt was made to correct obvious errors or differences in spelling. Every attempt has been made to record this information correctly. However, mistakes are possible.  The information on this page may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other person or organization without the written consent of the contributor, the legal representative of the submitter, or The Hamilton County Tennessee Genealogy Society.

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SSDI = Social Security Death Index

Deceased Born Died Married Section Notes
Jacks, Hugh A 1937       wife-Jo Ann M Jacks next
Jacks, Jo Ann M 1946       husband-Hugh A Jacks next
Jackson, Arlie F 1921 1993   Old Rugged Cross wife-Lila M Jackson next
Jackson, Arnett E 1915 1990   Apostles wife-Lucille V Jackson next
Jackson, Bertha M 1902 1983   Apostles husband-Elbert L Jackson Sr next
Jackson, Billy V 1927 1975     wife-Mamie W Jackson next
Jackson, Brenda Joy 1952 1991   Masonic Garden  
Jackson, Carl E 1911 1999     wife-Ora S Jackson next
Jackson, Catherine C 1921 1986     husband-George Miller Jackson next
Jackson, Cecelia M 1910 1998   Nativity husband-H Fletcher Jackson next
Jackson, Chase Alexander Adelman 3/11/1993 3/12/1993      
Jackson, Clarence J 1908 1985     wife-Doris A Jackson next
Jackson, Clarence W 1910 1987 8/5/1935 Sermon on the Mount wife-Lessie G Jackson next
Jackson, Doris A 1917       husband-Clarence J Jackson next
Jackson, E Mattie   6/3/2002     obit:par-Mildred Watson & Arthur Burgess;husband-Milton Jackson;sons-Anthony,John & Alfred Cantrell;more
Jackson, Easter Mae 1915 2001   Apostles husband-Luther B Jackson next
Jackson, Elbert L, Sr 1899 1997   Apostles wife-Betha M Jackson next
Jackson, Elizabeth Arnett 1869 1962   Apostles  
Jackson, Faye 1/5/1908 12/5/1995      
Jackson, Felton 8/23/1905 12/16/1957     "Father"
Jackson, George Miller 1912 1969     wife-Catherine C Jackson next
Jackson, H Fletcher 1912 1990   Nativity wife-Cecelia M Jackson next
Jackson, Hoyal 1901 1989   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Loma M Jackson next
Jackson, Irene G 1911 1979     husband-Jay H Jackson next
Jackson, Iula K 1920 1988     husband-Osborn V Jackson next
Jackson, James Randall 7/28/1972 4/5/1977   Masonic Garden  
Jackson, Jay H 1908       wife-Irene G Jackson next
Jackson, Lawrence 1907 1996   Apostles wife-Lula V Jackson next
Jackson, Leslie B 1913 1977   Nativity  
Jackson, Lessie G 10/25/1918 3/15/2006 8/5/1935 Sermon on the Mount husband-Clarence W Jackson next; death date from SSDI
Jackson, Lila M 1921 1987   Old Rugged Cross husband-Arlie F Jackson next
Jackson, Loma M 1904 1986   Masonic Garden E Star; husband-Hoyal Jackson next
Jackson, Lucille V 1919 1982   Apostles husband-Arnett E Jackson next
Jackson, Lula V 1907 2001   Apostles husband-Lawrence Jackson next
Jackson, Lular G 1876 1961   Apostles  
Jackson, Luther B 1910 1995   Apostles wife-Easter Mae Jackson next
Jackson, Mamie W 1931       husband-Billy V Jackson next
Jackson, Mary L 1929     Masonic Garden husband-Thomas H Jackson Sr next; "Married 40 Years"
Jackson, Ora S 1/7/1914 1/18/2002     husband-Carl E Jackson next; death date from SSDI
Jackson, Osborn V 12/19/1919 4/21/2004     wife-Iula K Jackson next; death date from SSDI
Jackson, Roberta P 01/04/1899 3/29/1981   Apostles husband-Wm D Jackson next
Jackson, Sarah S 05/07/1897 12/22/1985      
Jackson, Thomas H, Sr 1916 1988   Masonic Garden wife-Mary L Jackson next; "Married 40 Years"; WWII Vet
Jackson, William D 09/19/1894 12/25/1955   Apostles wife-Roberta P Jackson next
Jackson, William F 1911 1964   Apostles  
Jackson, William F, Jr 1/13/1955 10/23/2001   Masonic Garden "Brother"
Jagoditsch, John C 1922 1992     wife-Sarah T Jagoditsch next
Jagoditsch, Sarah T 1930       husband-John C Jagoditsch next
James, Charles Matthew 2/1/1992 2/2/1992      
James, Clarence O 12/16/1924 1/9/2001   Apostles wife-Mildred M James next; death date from SSDI
James, Clayton W 1924 6/30/2002     obit:sis-Edith Aycock & Hazel Hall;bro-Clinton James
James, Gurley M 1929 1986      
James, Joe E 12/3/1914 7/13/1986   Apostles  
James, Mary Alice 10/22/1903 7/25/1957     "Mother"
James, Mildred M 1925 1976   Apostles husband-Clarence O James next
James, Ronnie E, Jr 4/20/1975 6/26/1975      
Janow, Elsie M 1925 1988     husband-Tommie Janow next
Janow, Tommie 1921 1999     wife-Elsie M Janow next
Jarnagin, Bessie L 1934 1968   Apostles husband-Billy H Jarnagin next
Jarnagin, Billy H 1934     Apostles wife-Bessie L Jarnagin next
Jarnagin, John C 03/02/1897 1/20/1966   Apostles Mason
Jarnigan, Lucian R 1909 1968 00/00/1928 Apostles wife-Gladys Cofer Jarnigan Wattenbarger next; "Married 1928-1968"
Jarnigan, Mildred B 1929 1990   Apostles husband-Wm R Jarnigan next
Jarnigan, William R 1929 1978   Apostles wife-Mildred B Jarnigan next
Jarret, Joseph R, Rev 3/21/1932     **  
Jarrett, Imogene D 1930     Apostles husband-Max L Jarrett next
Jarrett, Max L 1930 1998   Apostles wife-Imogene D Jarrett next
Jarrett, Michael L 1962 1990   Apostles  
Jecks, Lyle P 10/5/1913 1/29/1981   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Marguerite M Jecks next
Jecks, Marguerite M 10/23/1914 2/22/1986   Masonic Garden E Star; husband-Lyle P Jecks next
Jecks, Thomas P 4/18/1948 3/21/1994   Masonic Garden Mason
Jeffers, Virginia Ruth 1935        
Jeffery, Eddie L 1951 1991     wife-Judy M Jeffery next
Jeffery, Judy M 1957       husband-Eddie L Jeffery next; Sonja L Jeffery
Jeffery, Justin E 9/15/1979 5/14/1992   Acacia Garden  
Jeffery, Sonja L 1978        
Jeffrey, Charles E III 10/7/1985 10/22/1985      
Jenewin, Lester E 1911 1992   Nativity  
Jenkins, Artie 1926 2001   Apostles husband-Charlie L Jenkins next
Jenkins, Carolyn Joy 1948 1999     husband-Tommy Steve Jenkins next
Jenkins, Charlie L 1918 1981   Apostles wife-Artie Jenkins next
Jenkins, Elizabeth P 2/27/1904 5/1/2001     husband-J R "Jack" Jenkins next; death date from SSDI
Jenkins, Emma B 1883 1978      
Jenkins, Howard E 1908 1995      
Jenkins, Howard E 1940 1976      
Jenkins, Irene S 4/30/1901 2/2/1986   Nativity  
Jenkins, J R "Jack" 1910 1975     Mason; wife-Elizabeth P Jenkins next
Jenkins, Lena Pauline 8/16/1912 4/13/2001   Nativity  
Jenkins, Richard G "Ricky" 5/7/1963 12/14/1972   Apostles  
Jenkins, Susan R 1961 1996   Old Rugged Cross  
Jenkins, Tommy Steve 1945       wife-Carolyn Joy Jenkins next
Jenkins, William A 11/26/1914 3/22/1991     Pvt US Army WWII
Jennings, Harry A 1923 1994     wife-Rita V Jennings next
Jennings, Myrtice E 1910 1992      
Jennings, Rita V 1922       husband-Harry A Jennings next
Jennings, Timothy P "Critter" 6/19/1978 11/22/1986      
Jennings, William L 1921 1975   Nativity  
Jenno, Alton J 1904 1980     Mason; wife-Verdell L Jenno next
Jenno, Clifford 4/25/1928 8/4/1985      
Jenno, Verdell L 12/16/1916 10/1/2007     husband-Alton J Jenno next; death date from SSDI
Jenny, B Elizabeth "Betty" 9/23/1920 8/12/2009   Old Rugged Cross husband-Orville W Jenny next; death date from SSDI
Jenny, Orville W 1916 1991   Old Rugged Cross wife-B Elizabeth "Betty" Jenny next
Jernigan, Albert E 1911 1981   Acacia Garden wife-Mary J Jernigan next
Jernigan, Carolyn H 1941 1994   Acacia Garden husband-James A Jernigan next
Jernigan, Clyde W 1905 1979   Apostles wife-Nell Ray Jernigan next
Jernigan, Gladys R 1910 1985   Old Rugged Cross  
Jernigan, James A 1941     Acacia Garden wife-Carolyn H Jernigan next
Jernigan, Mary J 1915 1980   Acacia Garden husband-Albert E Jernigan next
Jernigan, Nell Ray 1905 2000   Apostles husband-Clyde W Jernigan next
Jernigan, Staci C 1965 1981   Acacia Garden  
Jett, Dena A 1938     Apostles husband-Wm R Jett next
Jett, Elizabeth M 1906     Apostles husband-Groomer P Jett next
Jett, Groomer P 1905 1989   Apostles wife-Elizabeth M Jett next
Jett, William R 1933 1987   Apostles wife-Dena A Jett next
Joaquin, Raymond A 11/29/1967 3/17/1985   Sermon on the Mount  
Johns, Robbie J 6/10/1934 11/14/1980      
Johns, William C 9/4/1913 11/21/1993     wife-Winnie Hall Johns next; CPL US Army WW II
Johns, Winnie Hall 1910 1987     husband-Wm C Johns next
Johnson, Albert Baines 1914 1964     wife-Myrtice Lee Johnson next
Johnson, Andrew Garry 1951       twin-Anthony Larry Johnson next
Johnson, Annie L 1908     Apostles husband-Omer L Johnson next
Johnson, Anthony Larry 1951       twin-Andrew Garry Johnson next
Johnson, Aretta A 8/15/1925 3/7/1989      
Johnson, Arthur K 1905 1977     wife-Mary D Johnson next
Johnson, Barbara R 1932 1989   Devotion husband-Herbert H Johnson next
Johnson, Betty L 1927     Gethsemane husband-Kenneth K Johnson next
Johnson, Bettye A 1932       husband-Wm E Johnson next
Johnson, Blenford E 1919 1972   Gethsemane mother-Myrtle S Johnson next
Johnson, Bonnie J 1914 1996   Apostles husband-George T Johnson next
Johnson, Caither R 1921 1987      
Johnson, Carl M 1907       wife-Edna B Johnson next
Johnson, Cleo S 12/13/1906 6/14/1991     husband-Glenn A Johnson next
Johnson, Curtis L 1929       wife-Nila A Johnson next
Johnson, Donald J 1964 1964   Devotion  
Johnson, Edna B 1908 1990     husband-Carl M Johnson next
Johnson, Ernest H, Jr 1925       wife-Hazel C Johnson next
Johnson, Erskine N 1903 1977      
Johnson, Etta Margurite 11/19/1932 1/13/1933      
Johnson, Frances Loraine 1920 6/30/2002     obit:husband-H Buford Johnson
Johnson, George T 1911 1996   Apostles wife-Bonnie J Johnson next
Johnson, Glenn A 8/3/1905 12/12/1980     wife-Cleo S Johnson next
Johnson, Hardie D 1903 1989     wife-Ruth McClure Johnson next
Johnson, Haskell W 1913 1984      
Johnson, Hazel C 1926 88/00/1994     husband-Ernest H Johnson Jr next
Johnson, Helen G 1921 2001   Apostles husband-Merrell W Johnson next; "Married 61 Years"
Johnson, Herbert H 1929 1991   Devotion wife-Barbara R Johnson next
Johnson, James M "Mickey" 5/6/1968 5/6/1968      
Johnson, Jimmy J 1921 1959     "Stepson of Carrie Haney"
Johnson, Jimmy Lloyd 10/24/1937 9/29/1996      
Johnson, Jo Ann Sewell 3/7/1947 11/5/1989 12/30/1966   husband-Leslie Johnson next
Johnson, John Franklin 2/11/1917 10/31/1956   Apostles  
Johnson, Keith C 1950 1997      
Johnson, Kenneth K 1922     Gethsemane Mason; wife-Betty L Johnson next
Johnson, Leslie 12/18/1946   12/30/1996   wife-Jo Ann Sewell Johnson next
Johnson, Lola H 9/17/1904 8/5/1995      
Johnson, Lola R 1912     Apostles husband-Walter Johnson next
Johnson, Loweta T 1929     Apostles husband-Thomas R Johnson next
Johnson, Mary D 1916 1996     husband-Arthur K Johnson next
Johnson, Mary Lou 1916 1993      
Johnson, Melrose L 1928 1986   Nativity  
Johnson, Merrell W 1915     Apostles wife-Helen G Johnson next; "Married 61 Years"
Johnson, Mettie L 1910 1997     husband-Robert E Johnson next
Johnson, Minnie May Smith 3/19/1908 3/3/2008   Nativity death date from SSDI
Johnson, Myrtice Lee 1914 1996     husband-Albert Baines Johnson next
Johnson, Myrtle S 1882 1969   Gethsemane son-Blenford E Johnson next
Johnson, Nila A 1928       husband-Curtis L Johnson next
Johnson, Nola M 1913 1997   Apostles husband-Thomas S Johnson next; George T, Bonnie J & Robert G Johnson
Johnson, Omer L 1900 1972   Apostles wife-Annie L Johnson next
Johnson, Pearl M 1890 1991   Acacia Garden  
Johnson, Phillip J 1981 1998   Nativity  
Johnson, Rebecca 11/15/1939 12/6/1990   Nativity  
Johnson, Reece L 4/2/1932 1/9/1985      
Johnson, Rita Mae 5/16/1922 7/31/1975      
Johnson, Robert E 1915 1985     Mason; wife-Mettie L Johnson next
Johnson, Robert G 4/3/1930 1/31/1997   Apostles PFC US Army
Johnson, Robert L, Sr 9/28/1926 2/17/1983   Apostles US Navy WWII
Johnson, Ruth McClure 1913       husband-Hardie D Johnson next; Sylvia Inez & Etta Margurite Johnson
Johnson, S Chad 3/26/1969 4/5/1995   Devotion  
Johnson, Sarah L 1919 1990      
Johnson, Sylvia Inez 1931        
Johnson, Taylor Jade 3/7/1998 3/7/1998   Babyland  
Johnson, Thomas R 1928 1977   Apostles wife-Loweta T Johnson next
Johnson, Thomas S 1909 1964   Apostles wife-Nola M Johnson next
Johnson, W Rodney 1940 1990   Devotion  
Johnson, Walter 1911 1972   Apostles wife-Lola R Johnson next
Johnson, William E 1929 1993     wife-Bettye A Johnson next
Johnson, Zack 1906 1992   Nativity  
Johnston, Arnold 1926 1984   Apostles wife-Lola E Johnston next
Johnston, Billy J 1927 1995     wife-Iva G Johnston next
Johnston, Dollie F 1899 1976   Apostles husband-Robert Johnston next
Johnston, Herbert 1920 1972   Apostles wife-Marie Johnston next
Johnston, Iva G 1931       husband-Billy J Johnston next
Johnston, James Sidney 7/14/1940 5/11/1999   Devotion wife-Linda Jones Johnston next
Johnston, Linda Jones 5/23/1949 11/28/1995   Devotion husband-James Sidney Johnston next
Johnston, Lola E 1925 1993   Apostles husband-Arnold Johnston next
Johnston, Marie 1927     Apostles husband-Herbert Johnston next
Johnston, Marjorie A 12/3/1921     Devotion "Married 58 years"; husband-Wm Benjamin Johnston next
Johnston, Maude E 1904 1997   Apostles  
Johnston, Nina G 6/16/1914 10/29/2003     husband-Oscar K Johnston next; death date from SSDI
Johnston, Nola S 1916 1990   Apostles husband-Sam H Johnston next
Johnston, Omun S 1901 1978     husband-Samuel M Johnston next
Johnston, Oscar K 1911 1991     wife-Nina G Johnston next
Johnston, Randall F 10/12/1939 11/11/1981   Apostles  
Johnston, Robert 1895 1973   Apostles wife-Dollie F Johnston next
Johnston, Sam H 1918     Apostles wife-Nola S Johnston next
Johnston, Samuel L 1871 1958   Apostles next: Maude E Johnston
Johnston, Samuel M 1898 1976     wife-Omun S Johnston next
Johnston, William Benjamin 8/14/1914 3/29/1998   Devotion "Married 58 years"; wife-Marjorie A Johnston next
Jollay, Louise S 9/6/1911 12/11/2007   Apostles husband-Malcolm Jollay next; death date from SSDI
Jollay, Malcolm 3/10/1907 10/15/1988   Apostles wife-Louise S Jollay next
Jolley, Curtis E 1943 1990 2/2/1963   wife-Gloria J Jolley next
Jolley, Gloria J 1944   2/2/1963   husband-Curtis E Jolley next
Jolley, J Robert 2/12/1929 10/20/1975   Apostles  
Jolley, James Edward "Jim" 1934 6/15/2002   Apostles wife-Shelba C Jolley next; obit:son-Dr Jay Jolley;bro-Robert Jolley;niece-Donna Sweeney
Jolley, Michael Donald 10/10/1965 10/10/1965   Apostles  
Jolley, Paul E 8/28/1921 5/11/1994   Masonic Garden wife-Sara Helen Jolley next; Cpl US Army
Jolley, Sara Helen 1/28/1921 11/10/1999   Masonic Garden husband-Paul E Jolley next
Jolley, Shelba C 1945     Apostles husband-James E Jolley next
Jolly, Betty J 1928     Apostles husband-George W Jolly Jr next
Jolly, George W, Jr 1921 1978   Apostles wife-Betty J Jolly next
Jones, Albert A 1917 1997   Old Rugged Cross wife-Johnnie O Jones next
Jones, Aston B 1921       wife-Claire Jones next
Jones, Aubrey L 1926 1981   Old Rugged Cross wife-Betty F Jones next
Jones, B F 1917 1986      
Jones, Barbara L 6/23/1900 11/12/1976      
Jones, Bertha M 1900 1982   Masonic Garden husband-Dave C Jones next
Jones, Betty B 1902 1988     husband-Sam C Jones next
Jones, Betty F 1929     Old Rugged Cross husband-Aubrey L Jones next
Jones, C Marie 1912     Old Rugged Cross husband-Walter P Jones next
Jones, Carl E 1924     Nativity  
Jones, Carl N 1897 1971   Apostles wife-Effie B Jones next
Jones, Charles L 1946 1966   Devotion  
Jones, Charlotte E 1908     Old Rugged Cross husband-Rev Glen C (DD) Jones next
Jones, Charlotte M 1922 1975     husband-Donald W Jones next
Jones, Claire 1906 1998     husband-Aston D Jones next
Jones, Cleveland 3/30/1926 3/2/1997      
Jones, Daisy West 1909 7/20/2002     obit:husband-Russell O Jones;son-Albert R Jones;gdau-Sharon R Campbell;gson-Steven R Jones
Jones, Darius L 1918 1977   Devotion wife-Mary E Jones next; Charles L Jones
Jones, Dave C 1892 1980   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Bertha M Jones next
Jones, Donald F 1931 1978      
Jones, Donald W 1913 1975     wife-Charlotte M Jones next
Jones, Donnie Lee 1913     Old Rugged Cross husband-Edward C Jones next
Jones, Dorothy S 1927 1978   Apostles husband-James E Jones next
Jones, Edward C 1907 1984   Old Rugged Cross wife-Donnie Lee Jones next
Jones, Effie B 1896 1980   Apostles husband-Carl N Jones next
Jones, Ellen W 1913 1995     husband-Wm L Jones next
Jones, Eloise Barker 11/2/1910 4/15/2000      
Jones, Emma G 1894 1969   Masonic Garden E Star; husband-Jesse R Jones next
Jones, Eula L 1912     Devotion husband-Everett W Jones next
Jones, Evelyn 1931 2/17/2003     obit:Rev B J "Bobby" Jones;sons-Dan & Stevie Jones;dau-Sharon Sheets;sis-Margaret Cotham,Carolyn Curtis
Jones, Everett W 1911 1989   Devotion wife-Eula L Jones next
Jones, F Lloyd 1922 1995   Nativity wife-Malvada H Jones next
Jones, Frankie Jo 8/30/1943 6/27/2000   Apostles  
Jones, Fred       Sermon on the Mount  
Jones, Ghisel M 1903 1984   Apostles husband-Wm L Jones next
Jones, Gilbert Wallace 3/12/1928 2/3/1990   Nativity  
Jones, Glen C, Rev (DD) 1911 1987   Old Rugged Cross "Minister-Church of the Nazarene";wife-Charlotte E Jones next
Jones, Gregory Earl 9/1/1957 9/12/2000      
Jones, Gussie M 5/9/1921 4/18/1994   Old Rugged Cross "mother, grandmother"
Jones, Harlow B 1901 1973   Devotion wife-Mae D Jones next
Jones, Hattie L 1906 1993      
Jones, Irene C 1910 1970   Acacia Garden husband-Robert N Jones next
Jones, Irene P 1910 1992     husband-Silas A Jones next
Jones, J Jackie 1939       husband-Stanley Ray Jones next
Jones, James E 1931     Apostles wife-Dorothy S Jones next
Jones, James F 11/10/1902 11/21/1963   Apostles wife-Rosa Lee C Jones next; Jessie N Jones
Jones, James W 1940 1987   Gethsemane  
Jones, Jesse R 1896 1986   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Emma G Jones next
Jones, Jessie N 2/18/1905 2/22/1996   Apostles  
Jones, Jewell 1934     Devotion shares stone with Sebe Jones
Jones, Jimmie L 1934 1994     wife-Kathryne F Jones next
Jones, John Arthur 1911 1983   Old Rugged Cross wife-Myrtle Pairlee Jones next
Jones, John E, Jr 6/7/1926     Apostles wife-Thelma L Jones next
Jones, Johnnie B 1916 1978   Apostles husband-Robert J Jones next
Jones, Johnnie O 1917     Old Rugged Cross husband-Albert A Jones next
Jones, Kathryne F 1930       husband-Jimmie L Jones next
Jones, Laura M 1944 7/19/2002     obit:husband-Lewis W Jones;bro-James & B F Davis;sis-Kathy Darwin,Florine Davis & Barbara Mathis
Jones, Laura R 1917     Gethsemane husband-Robert Donald Jones next; James W Jones
Jones, Lenwyde 1963 1986      
Jones, Leroy       Sermon on the Mount  
Jones, Lizzie L 08/14/1880 9/16/1970   Apostles  
Jones, Lloyd L, Rev 10/2/1912 2/7/2002   Apostles wife-Mildred A Jones next
Jones, Lois       Sermon on the Mount  
Jones, Lonnie L 1931 1999      
Jones, Lula M 1922 1998      
Jones, Mae D 1903 1990   Devotion husband-Harlow B Jones next
Jones, Malvada H 1926     Nativity husband-F Lloyd Jones next
Jones, Marvin 1921 1972   Devotion next: Willie Ginn Jones
Jones, Mary E 1921     Devotion husband-Darius L Jones next
Jones, Mary Lou 1927 1992   Masonic Garden  
Jones, Mildred A 6/12/1915 10/5/1989   Apostles husband-Rev Lloyd L Jones next
Jones, Mildred W 1918     Devotion husband-Tyree E Jones next
Jones, Myrtle Pairlee 1931     Old Rugged Cross husband-John Arthur Jones next
Jones, Robert Donald 1917 1995   Gethsemane wife-Laura R Jones next; James W Jones
Jones, Robert J 1911 1978   Apostles wife-Johnnie B Jones next
Jones, Robert N 1908 1971   Acacia Garden Mason; wife-Irene C Jones next
Jones, Robin M 1962 1985   Masonic Garden  
Jones, Ronald J 1/18/1952 1/29/1977   Old Rugged Cross  
Jones, Rosa Lee C 8/8/1905 4/14/1972   Apostles husband-James F Jones next; Jessie N Jones
Jones, Sam C 1899 1978     wife-Betty B Jones next
Jones, Sebe 1915 1989   Devotion shares stone with Jewell Jones
Jones, Sharon Ann 5/25/1960 4/15/1962   Apostles  
Jones, Silas A 1894 1987     wife-Irene P Jones next
Jones, Stanley Ray 1942       wife-J Jackie Jones next
Jones, Sue C 1936     Nativity  
Jones, Thelma E 1909 1990     husband-Wm G Jones next
Jones, Thelma L 12/25/1919 7/6/2000   Apostles husband-John E Jones Jr next
Jones, Tyree E 1901 1958   Devotion wife-Mildred W Jones next
Jones, Vivian       Sermon on the Mount  
Jones, Walter P 1916 1988   Old Rugged Cross wife-C Marie Jones next
Jones, William G 1906 1996     wife-Thelma E Jones next
Jones, William L 1904 1990   Apostles wife-Ghisel M Jones next
Jones, William L 1906 1996     wife-Ellen W Jones next
Jones, Willie Ginn 1877 1972   Devotion  
Jordan, Addie J 1880 1965   Apostles husband-Cass G Jordan next
Jordan, Ansel H 1912 2000     wife-Zaida S Jordan next
Jordan, Bonnie S 1913       husband-Paul J "Jack" Jordan next; Judith Loren Jordan
Jordan, Cass G 1888 1962   Apostles wife-Addie J Jordan next
Jordan, Elaine G 1926 1997   Apostles  
Jordan, Homer L 1922 1985     wife-Ruth B Jordan next
Jordan, Jesse T 1917 1989      
Jordan, Judith Loren 11/29/1961 8/3/1986      
Jordan, Paul J "Jack" 1907 1971     wife-Bonnie S Jordan next; Judith Loren Jordan
Jordan, Ruth B 1922       husband-Homer L Jordan next
Jordan, Zaida S 1913       husband-Ansel H Jordan next
Jorges, James O 1/24/1928 2/15/2003     obit:par-O W & Mary Poore Gray Jorges;son-James Gray Jorges;dau-Linda L Ziffra & Amy F Jorges
Joyce, Bertha S 1912     Apostles Mausoleum husband-Wm X Joyce next
Joyce, William X 1905 1968   Apostles Mausoleum wife-Bertha S Joyce next
Joyner, Ernest L 1902 1992     wife-Lula Lee Joyner next
Joyner, Joseph E 12/22/1914 4/22/1977   Nativity  
Joyner, Lula Lee 1910 1987     husband-Ernest L Joyner next
Julian, Ernest S 1912 1989     wife-Lydia N Julian next
Julian, Joe L 1910 1966   Apostles wife-Kathleen O Julian next
Julian, Kathleen O 3/19/1915 1/2/2006   Apostles husband-Joe L Julian next; death date from SSDI
Julian, Lydia N 1932       husband-Ernest S Julian next
Justice, Myrtle Barker 1900 1983      
Justice, Oscar W 1915 1976      

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Names of individuals in this cemetery were recorded as they appeared on the tombstones. No attempt was made to correct obvious errors or differences in spelling. Every attempt has been made to record this information correctly. However, mistakes are possible.  The information on this page may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other person or organization without the written consent of the contributor, the legal representative of the submitter, or The Hamilton County Tennessee Genealogy Society.