Hamilton Memorial Gardens
(Partial Listing)

5401 Highway 153
Hixson, TN 37343-4990

This is an extremely large and relatively new cemetery located in the Hixson area of Chattanooga on Highway 153. The cemetery is just north of Hixson Pike on Highway 153 on the left hand side of the road. Surveyed by Dennis Wilson, Jim Holcomb, Susan Kendall, Linda Coulter, and the Chattanooga Mormon Youth in 2000 - 2003. This is approximately 11,000 of the estimated 25,000 burials in this cemetery.

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Names of individuals in this cemetery were recorded as they appeared on the tombstones. No attempt was made to correct obvious errors or differences in spelling. Every attempt has been made to record this information correctly. However, mistakes are possible.  The information on this page may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other person or organization without the written consent of the contributor, the legal representative of the submitter, or The Hamilton County Tennessee Genealogy Society.

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SSDI = Social Security Death Index

Deceased Born Died Married Section Notes
Labanowitz, Michael J 1943 1976      
LaBare, Lorrance E "Larry" 1910 1995     wife-Sally M Wilson LaBare next
LaBare, Sally M Wilson 1913 1/14/2003     hus-Lawr. E "Larry" LaBare nx;obit:par-W I & Anne Wilson;son-Elton LaBare;dau-Elsye Hook & Peggy Masters
LaBelle, Inis M 2/1/1907 6/29/1995   Apostles "Gold Star Mother"
Lacey, Clyde R 1918 1982   Nativity wife-Miriam B Lacey next
Lacey, Miriam B 1918 1975   Nativity husband-Clyde R Lacey next
Lackey, Bruce P 1934 1988   Old Rugged Cross wife-Helen G Lackey next
Lackey, Helen G 1931     Old Rugged Cross husband-Bruce P Lackey next
Lackey, Lowery L, Sr 1908 1976   Nativity  
Lackey, Nova T 1911 6/8/2002     obit:son-Richard E Thomas;stepson-Lowery E Lackey Jr;gdau-Jane T Wall;gsons-Glenn Thomas & Bradley Lackey
Ladd, Billy M 9/5/1924 10/7/1972   Devotion  
LaFerry, Ruby R 6/5/1917 1/21/2005   Old Rugged Cross husband-Wm D LaFerry Jr next; dates from SSDI
LaFerry, William D, Jr 1913 1989   Old Rugged Cross Mason; wife-Ruby R LaFerry next
LaFollette, Beatrice A 1900 1980   Apostles husband-Wm F LaFollette next
LaFollette, William F 1884 1963   Apostles wife-Beatrice A LaFollette next
Lamasney, Marian R 12/8/1914 12/7/1998   Acacia Garden  
Lamb, Joe B, Sr 1921 1992   Old Rugged Cross wife-Katherine R Lamb next
Lamb, Katherine R 1929     Old Rugged Cross husband-Joe B Lamb Sr next
Lambert, A Lucy 1901 1990      
Lambert, Charles E 1929 1994   Apostles wife-Wylodean S Lambert next; "Married 36 Years"
Lambert, Elizabeth Ann 2/9/1935 11/10/1997      
Lambert, Virginia L 1923     Apostles husband-Wm H Lambert Jr next
Lambert, William H, Jr 1916 1998   Apostles wife-Virginia L Lambert next; WWII Veteran
Lambert, Wylodean S 1930 1988   Apostles husband-Charles E Lambert next; "Married 36 Years"
Lancaster, Lessie Ida 1903 1997      
Lance, Elsa Irene 1896 1968   Nativity  
Land, Stella Amanda 07/09/1898 3/5/1968      
Land, Versie M 1904 1989   Nativity E Star; husband-Lt Col W H Land, Sr. next
Land, W H, Lt Col, Sr 1895 1985   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Versie M Land next
Landreth, Charles F 1942       wife-Donna L Landreth next
Landreth, Donna L 1944 1988     husband-Charles F Landreth next
Landreth, H D Denny 1936       wife-Kathryn "Kathy" Landreth next
Landreth, Kathryn "Kathy" 1942 1996     husband-H D Denny Landreth next
Landreth, Michael 12/13/1960 12/13/1960   Apostles  
Lands, H Steve 1951     Masonic Garden wife-Rose Marie Lands next
Lands, Rose Marie 1944 2001   Masonic Garden husband-H Steve Lands next
Lane, Albert V, Jr 1931 1998   Apostles parents-Albert V Sr & Mabel C Lane next
Lane, Albert V, Sr 1904 1990   Apostles wife-Mabel C Lane next; son-Albert V Lane Jr
Lane, Barbara A 1933     Apostles husband-J Frank Lane next
Lane, Barbara M 1928       husband-Marvin D Lane next
Lane, Earl W, Rev 1909 1985   Apostles wife-Ila O Lane next
Lane, Gladys M 1901 1974     husband-Harry M Lane next
Lane, Harry M 1897 1967     wife-Gladys M Lane next
Lane, Ila O 1912 1977   Apostles husband-Rev Earl W Lane next
Lane, J Frank 1920 1980   Apostles wife-Barbara A Lane next
Lane, Mabel C 1909 1977   Apostles husband-Albert V Lane Sr next; son-Albert V Lane, Jr
Lane, Marvin D 1927       wife-Barbara M Lane next
Lane, Myrtle E 1915 1984   Sermon on the Mount  
Lane, Sherry A 1955 1990   Devotion  
Laney, Cora P 1915 1994   Apostles husband-Ira J Laney next; Joel Richard Laney
Laney, Ira J 1911 1998   Apostles wife-Cora P Laney next; Joel Richard Laney
Langford, Mack H 1905 1974      
Langston, Bess B 1909 1993     husband-George W Langston next
Langston, George W 1897 1972     wife-Bess B Langston next
Lanier, Christine A 1928 1994     husband-Phillip O Lanier next
Lanier, Hettie P 1888 1974   Nativity husband-Robert E Lanier next
Lanier, Phillip O 1924 1998     wife-Christine A Lanier next
Lanier, Robert E 1883 1973   Nativity wife-Hettie P Lanier next
Lankford, Lura Tweedy 11/9/1918 11/8/2008     husband-Robert Lee Lankford next; dates from SSDI
Lankford, Robert Lee 6/1/1918 11/17/1992     wife-Lura Tweedy Lankford next; dates from SSDI
Lanthripp, Thomas E 5/19/1950 1/21/1991      
Large, Harrison W 1889 1970   Apostles wife-Iva M Large next
Large, Iva M 1890 1970   Apostles husband-Harrison W Large next
Lasiter, Ellis C 1912 1981   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Frances H Lasiter next
Lasiter, Frances H 12/14/1910 12/9/2002   Masonic Garden husband-Ellis C Lasiter next; dates from SSDI
Lasiter, W C 1877 1967   Masonic Garden  
Lasley, Alvin R 1933       wife-Betty S Lasley next
Lasley, Bertha M 1904 1983   Gethsemane husband-Carl Lasley next
Lasley, Betty S 1937       husband-Alvin R Lasley next
Lasley, Carl 1901 1989   Gethsemane wife-Bertha M Lasley next
Lasley, Elbert 1911 1981   Gethsemane  
Lasley, Ella Mae 1928       husband-Ernest M Lasley next
Lasley, Ernest M 1925       wife-Ella Mae Lasley next
Lasley, Fannie J 1902 1992   Gethsemane husband-Hobert M Lasley next
Lasley, Freddie R, Sr 1937 1988     wife-Gloria I Lasley next
Lasley, Gloria I 1941       husband-Freddie R Lasley Sr next
Lasley, Hobert M 1897 1964   Gethsemane wife-Fannie J Lasley next
Lasley, Jewel R 1919 1992      
Laster, Anstie W "Butch" 11/14/1941 11/13/1998      
Latham, Hulen J D 1943 1990     wife-Linda G Latham next
Latham, Linda G 1947       husband-Hulen J D Latham next
Latimer, Burton J 1918     Masonic Garden  
Latimer, Jack 1914 1992   Masonic Garden  
Lauver, Harriett 9/15/1920 8/7/2010   Nativity husband-Paul Lauver next; dates from SSDI
Lauver, Paul 1917 1993   Nativity wife-Harriett Lauver next
LaValley, Charles P 3/8/1949 5/26/2001   Apostles  
LaValley, Charlyne B 1924 2000   Apostles husband-Philip D LaValley next
LaValley, Michael P 7/7/1975 12/5/1981   Apostles  
LaValley, Philip D 1924 1998   Apostles wife-Charlyne B LaValley next
Lavender, Mary Rita Appleton 1946 9/6/2002     obit:hus-W Neal Lavender;dau-Kristin Price & Laura Landon;par-George A Jr & Elizabeth Dietzen Appleton
Lavender, Robert Earl 12/3/1922 6/26/1995      
Lawrence, Bonnell K 1917     Apostles husband-Clarence F Lawrence next
Lawrence, Clarence F 1913 1979   Apostles wife-Bonnell K Lawrence next
Lawrence, James M 1921       wife-Jessie M Lawrence next
Lawrence, Jessie M 1928       husband-James M Lawrence next
Lawson, Anne E 1924 2000     husband-James A Lawson next
Lawson, Barbara P 1933     Old Rugged Cross husband-Olin T Lawson next
Lawson, Bessie W 1896 1978   Apostles husband-Claude B Lawson next
Lawson, Carolyn C 1940 1997   Apostles husband-James P Lawson next; "Married 30 Years"
Lawson, Charles G, Jr 1923 1986     wife-Thelma Lawson next
Lawson, Charles G, Sr 11/16/1897 9/12/1982     wife-Ellen H Lawson next
Lawson, Claude B 1895 1971   Apostles wife-Bessie W Lawson next
Lawson, Davis E 1893 1959   Nativity wife-Lillian B Lawson next
Lawson, Effie W 1923 1993   Devotion  
Lawson, Ellen H 11/03/1897 8/25/1990     husband-Charles E Lawson, Sr next
Lawson, James A 1928 1977     wife-Anne E Lawson next
Lawson, James P 1934     Apostles wife-Carolyn C Lawson next; "Married 30 Years"
Lawson, James W 1923 1994   Old Rugged Cross mason; wife-Juanita J Lawson next
Lawson, Juanita J 1922 1988   Old Rugged Cross husband-James W Lawson next
Lawson, Kenneth H 1911 1990      
Lawson, Lena T 3/3/1934 9/13/1998   *  
Lawson, Lillian B 1887 1961   Nativity husband-Davis E Lawson next
Lawson, Margaret B 1918 1999     husband-Reno A Lawson next
Lawson, Olin T 1930 1997   Old Rugged Cross wife-Barbara P Lawson next
Lawson, Reno A 1919 1983     wife-Margaret B Lawson next
Lawson, Thelma 1923       husband-Charles G Lawson Jr next
Lay, Betty H 1932       husband-L Paul Lay next
Lay, L Paul 1931 2000     wife-Betty H Lay next
Layman, Goldie M 1902 1966   Devotion  
Layman, Robert W 1922 1997   Devotion wife-Ruth M Layman next; Goldie M Layman
Layman, Ruth M 1926 2001   Devotion husband-Robert W Layman next; Goldie M Layman
Laymon, Elizabeth F 6/27/1914 10/27/2000   Apostles "Mom"; next-Samuel Ray Laymon
Laymon, Hazel K 10/8/1913 6/4/2008     husband-John Laymon next; dates from SSDI
Laymon, John 4/24/1910 6/14/1982     wife-Hazel K Laymon next; Pvt US Army, WWII
Laymon, Samuel Ray 1/30/1971 12/24/1989   Apostles  
Laymons, Agnes L 9/1/1919 2/1/2004   Apostles husband-Jimmy "Jim" Laymons next; dates from SSDI
Laymons, Jimmy "Jim" 1914 1984   Apostles wife-Agnes L Laymons next
Layne, A J 1928       wife-Jo Ann Layne next
Layne, Clara B 1922 1989   Nativity husband-Harry C Layne next
Layne, Clint E 1895 1961   Acacia Garden wife-Rita L Layne next
Layne, Harry C 1925 1997   Nativity wife-Clara B Layne next
Layne, Herschel C 1926 7/22/2002     obit:par-Clint & Rita Layne;wif-Peggy Claiborne Layne;sons-Ralph E & Bobby Claiborne;bro-Morton E Layne; US Navy, WWII
Layne, Jerry L, II 11/18/1875 2/28/1999   Nativity  
Layne, Jo Ann 1939       husband-A J Layne next
Layne, John B 1926 1995     wife-M Jean Layne next
Layne, John H 1916 1991 53 yrs   wife-Viloa T Layne next
Layne, Juanita W 1929 1998   Apostles  
Layne, M Jean 1927       husband-John B Layne next
Layne, Murl F 1939       husband-Wm R Layne next
Layne, Odessal 5/13/1914 12/5/1986     husband-Ray Layne next
Layne, Ray 2/26/1910 2/24/1987     wife-Odessal Layne next
Layne, Rita L 1890 1972   Acacia Garden husband-Clint E Layne next
Layne, Viola T 1920   53 yrs   husband-John H Layne next
Layne, William R 1931 1995     wife-Murl F Layne next
Layton, Charles E, Jr 1922 1979   Apostles wife-Olive D Layton next
Layton, Olive D 1920 1989   Apostles husband-Charles E Layton Jr next
Layton, Russell A 1912 1999   Sermon on the Mount  
Lazzaro, Carmela 1/21/1910 9/20/2001   Nativity  
Lea, James E, Jr. 5/29/1922 9/15/1985      
Lea, Marguerite M 1919 2000      
Leamon, Alvin A 1911 1980     wife-Mabel "Evelyn" McDaniel Leamon next
Leamon, Effie M 1910 1998   Devotion husband-James A Leamon next
Leamon, Ethel Rhea 1883 1961     husband-George Thomas Leamon Sr next
Leamon, George Thomas, Sr 08/03/1875 1963     wife-Ethel Rhea Leamon next
Leamon, George W 1913 1998     wife-Paralee B Leamon next
Leamon, James A 1908 1984   Devotion wife-Effie M Leamon next
Leamon, Lee Roy 1/11/1944 7/31/1998     next: Alvin A & Mabel E Leamon
Leamon, Mabel "Evelyn" McDaniel 1916 3/22/2002     hus-Alvin A Leamon;obit:sons-Leroy & Ray Leamon;dau-Linda Davis & Sarah McDaniel;bro-Louie McDaniel
Leamon, Paralee B 2/26/1921 3/4/2007     husband-George W Leamon next; dates from SSDI
Leatherwood, Donald W 1899 1972   Apostles wife-Gena M Leatherwood next
Leatherwood, Gena M 1910 1982   Apostles husband-Donald W Leatherwood next
Leatherwood, Lacie N 1921       husband-Luther C Leatherwood next
Leatherwood, Luther C 1924       wife-Lacie N Leatherwood next
Lebelle, Charlotte H 1909 2000      
Ledbetter, Dorothy M 1923 6/6/2002     obit:hus-Thomas A Ledbetter;sons-Donald W & Dwight A Ledbetter;sis-Frances Williamson,Charlene Tate
Ledford, Clyde V, Jr 10/2/1959 8/8/1977   Apostles  
Ledford, Glenn C, Rev 1930 1975   Apostles  
Ledford, Imogene R 1905 1998     husband-Zanis S Ledford next
Ledford, James E 1914 1984   Old Rugged Cross wife-Juanita C Ledford next
Ledford, Juanita C 1919     Old Rugged Cross husband-James E Ledford next
Ledford, Larry Glen 1948 1992      
Ledford, Lee A 1923 1995     wife-Ruth L "T" Ledford next
Ledford, Lois Y 1902 1992   Devotion husband-Manna L "Doc" Ledford next
Ledford, M Alma 1898 1988     husband-Wm R Ledford next
Ledford, Manna L "Doc" 1897 1962   Devotion wife-Lois Y Ledford next
Ledford, Ruth L "T" 1926       husband-Lee A Ledford next
Ledford, William R 1892 1963     wife-M Alma Ledford next
Ledford, Zanis S 1902 1973     wife-Imogene R Ledford next
Lee, Arbra F 1901 1994   Gethsemane husband-Roy A Lee next
Lee, Arthur E 1903 1969   Apostles wife-Louise W Lee next
Lee, Betty J 1915        
Lee, Eula Swafford 1909 1/15/2003     obit:hus-Magness A Lee;dau-Betty Goodner;gson-David F Goodner;ggchild-Brian & Laura Goodner
Lee, Freda Orton 1940        
Lee, G R "Rick" 1949 1989   Old Rugged Cross wife-Judith P Lee next
Lee, Geraldine H 1930       husband-Jess Lee Jr next
Lee, Jess, Jr 1930 1991     wife-Geraldine H Lee next
Lee, Judith P 1949     Old Rugged Cross husband-G R "Rick" Lee next
Lee, Louise W 1908 1991   Apostles husband-Arthur E Lee next
Lee, M Catherine 1931     Gethsemane husband-Robert E Lee next
Lee, Mitchell Oma 1919 1998   Nativity  
Lee, N Gladys 1917 1986      
Lee, Ovena J 1918       husband-Robert M Lee next
Lee, Pansy L 1924 1991   Apostles  
Lee, Randall S 12/13/1952 1/31/1997     US Air Force
Lee, Robert E 1928 1988   Gethsemane wife-M Catherine Lee next; Roy A & Arbra F Lee
Lee, Robert M 1919       wife-Ovena J Lee next
Lee, Roy A 1898 1982   Gethsemane wife-Arbra F Lee next; Robert E & M Catherine Lee
Lee, Shirley E Garner 1947 1/10/2003     obit:sons-Kevin & Shane Lee;bro-Michael & Mark Garner
Leeper, Mary Z 1898 1975   Apostles husband-Seth Leeper next
Leeper, Seth 1898 1983   Apostles wife-Mary Z Leeper next
Leffew, Connie M 1954 1987     "Mother"
Leffew, Deborah K 1954       husband-Michael L Leffew next
Leffew, Michael L 1952       wife-Deborah K Leffew next
Leffew, Verna K 11/18/1931 8/21/1995      
Lehman, C A, Jr 5/7/1919 11/4/1993   Old Rugged Cross wife-Ruth S Lehman next; Tec 5 US Army WWII
Lehman, Lowell 1901 1963     wife-Norma W Lehman next
Lehman, Norma W 1902 1998     husband-Lowell Lehman next
Lehman, Ruth S 6/3/1923 11/29/1985   Old Rugged Cross husband-C A Lehman, Jr next
LeMaster, Gladys M 1899 2000   Apostles husband-Leonard O LeMaster next
LeMaster, Leonard O 1895 1974   Apostles wife-Gladys M LeMaster next
Leming, Gladys S 1927     Apostles husband-John B Leming Jr next
Leming, James Edward 1930 1989   Apostles wife-Norma Ruth Leming next
Leming, John B, Jr 1924 1970   Apostles wife-Gladys S Leming next
Leming, Larry Allen, Sr 1952 7/6/2002     obit:par-Jacob C & Vera Leming;wif-Ann Morrison Leming;son-Larry "Allen" Leming, Jr;dau-Amanda Coote
Leming, Norma Ruth 1934     Apostles husband-James Edward Leming next
Lemmon, Betty S 1926 1999      
Lemons, Elizabeth J 1905 1970     husband-Harry Lemons next
Lemons, Harry 1902 1978     wife-Elizabeth J Lemons next
Lemons, J L 1934 1990      
Lemons, Jean 1932        
Lemons, Jordan Robert 1987 2/16/2003     obit:dad-Robert Lemons Jr;gpar-Jean & Warren Harding and Bob & Jennell Lemons Sr;mom-Barbara Morrison
Lemons, Robert L, Jr. 11/13/1955 12/28/1998      
Lemons, Shirley A 1929       husband-Thomas S Lemons next
Lemons, Thomas S 1925 1992     wife-Shirley A Lemons next
Leonard, Governor E 1903 1993     wife-Reola M Leonard next
Leonard, Reola M 1905 1979     husband-Governor E Leonard next
Leopper, John W 1940 1998     wife-Shelia K Leopper next
Leopper, Sheila K 1947       husband-John W Leopper next
Lepley, Ila B 1921 1995   Old Rugged Cross husband-Lawrence W Lepley Sr next
Lepley, Lawrence W, Sr 1919 1988   Old Rugged Cross wife-Ila B Lepley next
LeQuire, Willie Lee 1928 7/29/2002     wif:Willie Mae C LeQuire; obit:dau-Tammy Stapleton & Glenda Beckham;son-Verne LeQuire; US Army Air Corps, WWII
LeQuire, Willie Mae C 1931 2001     husband: Willie Lee LeQuire next
Lerch, C L "Bud" 1913 1996   Acacia Garden wife-Mary Lynn Lerch next
Lerch, Mary Lynn 1915 1995   Acacia Garden husband-C L "Bud" Lerch next
Levi, Billie Berry 1926     Devotion husband-Joseph F Levi next
Levi, Carl Alexander 10/18/1908 11/29/1999   Acacia Garden wife-Erma Elizabeth Levi next
Levi, Edna I 1/4/1914 4/29/1996      
Levi, Edward H 1914 1997     wife-Reba J Levi next
Levi, Erma Elizabeth 10/19/1909 10/16/1997   Acacia Garden husband-Carl Alexander Levi next
Levi, Hannah M 1926 1993   Old Rugged Cross husband-Wilburn E Levi next
Levi, Joseph F 1920 1988   Devotion wife-Billie Berry Levi next; US Navy WWII
Levi, Lester 1905 1986     wife-Ora W Levi next
Levi, Ora W 1905 1988     husband-Lester Levi next
Levi, Reba J 1913 1998     husband-Edward H Levi next
Levi, Sidney J 1930 1973   Nativity  
Levi, Wilburn E 1925     Old Rugged Cross wife-Hannah M Levi next
Lewis, Alice Faye 1942 1983   Nativity  
Lewis, Charles Edward 7/14/1913 7/3/1958   Masonic Garden  
Lewis, Clarence M, Rev 10/8/1903 3/27/1963   Apostles wife-Leva Dodd Lewis next
Lewis, Cleo V 1922       husband-Nelson J Lewis next
Lewis, Clyde L 1924 1989   Apostles wife-Katherine B Lewis next
Lewis, Cora R 1876 1961      
Lewis, Don G 1938 1994     wife-Mona L Lewis next
Lewis, Dorothy L 1914 1996     husband-James L Lewis next
Lewis, Earl J 1924 1982     Pvt US Army, WWII
Lewis, Edgar Raymond 1891 1958     wife-Georgia Moore Lewis next
Lewis, Elizabeth 1924 8/27/2002     husband-Wayne Lewis next;obit:son-Gary Lewis;bro-Glenn Posey;sis-Lettie Chancey;gsons-Jeremy & Jonathan Lewis
Lewis, Elizabeth S 1916 2000   Apostles husband-Harold Lewis next
Lewis, Ella C 08/16/1893 11/25/1964   Masonic Garden E Star; husband-Henry H Lewis next
Lewis, Era Lou 1901 1993   Apostles husband-Samuel E Lewis next
Lewis, Frances E 6/8/1920 11/28/1972   Apostles husband-Howard Lee Lewis next
Lewis, Franklin T 1889 1970   Apostles wife-Lula G Lewis next
Lewis, Fred 1904 1995     wife-Pauline T Lewis next
Lewis, Fred Joe 1922 1999      
Lewis, Georgia Moore 1899 1994     husband-Edgar Raymond Lewis next
Lewis, Geraldine T 1937       husband-Glenn Lewis next
Lewis, Glenn 1944       wife-Geraldine T Lewis next
Lewis, Harold 1917 1985   Apostles wife-Elizabeth S Lewis next
Lewis, Henry H 03/19/1888 1/27/1958   Masonic Garden Mason; Wife-Ella C Lewis next
Lewis, Herbert C 1929 1990   Apostles wife-Monease Lewis next
Lewis, Herschal 1880 1965     wife-Mamie T Lewis next
Lewis, Hilda L 1917 2002   Apostles  
Lewis, Howard Lee 10/8/1914 8/17/1968   Apostles wife-Frances E Lewis next
Lewis, Inette 1909 1988      
Lewis, James E 1907 1999     wife-Dorothy L Lewis next
Lewis, Jeremy Neil 2/11/1970 2/11/1970   Masonic Garden  
Lewis, Katherine B 1926     Apostles husband-Clyde L Lewis next
Lewis, Leva Dodd 7/30/1901 3/3/1968   Apostles husband-Rev Clarence M Lewis next
Lewis, Loyce M 1917 1998   Devotion  
Lewis, Lula G 1890 1983   Apostles husband-Franklin T Lewis next
Lewis, Maddison LeVan 8/13/1991 8/13/1991      
Lewis, Mamie T 1888 1980     husband-Herschal Lewis next
Lewis, Martha V 7/30/1984 3/9/1996     "Mom"
Lewis, Mary F 4/30/1922 4/27/1996   Masonic Garden  
Lewis, Mavis Q 1916 1981     husband-Robert Lee Lewis next
Lewis, Mona L 1938       husband-Don G Lewis next
Lewis, Monease 1930     Apostles husband-Herbert C Lewis next
Lewis, Nelson J 1920 1976     wife-Cleo V Lewis next
Lewis, Nevely C 1944        
Lewis, Patrick Corey 4/7/1969 2/1/2001      
Lewis, Paul Melton 8/1/1915 8/3/1962   Masonic Garden Tn Tec 5 Co A 37 Engr Bn WWII
Lewis, Pauline T 1907 1999     husband-Fred Lewis next
Lewis, Perry A, Jr 1943 1973   Masonic Garden father-Perry A Lewis, Sr next
Lewis, Perry A, Sr 1910 1958   Masonic Garden Mason; son-Perry A Lewis Jr next
Lewis, Ralph D, Jr. 1913 1999   Nativity  
Lewis, Robert Lee 1911 1991     wife-Mavis Q Lewis next
Lewis, Samuel E 1897 1978   Apostles wife-Era Lou Lewis next; Willard L, Willie Frances, Herbert C & Monease Lewis
Lewis, Smith E 1913 1979   Devotion US Army
Lewis, Stanley Eugene 3/11/1943 2/11/1974      
Lewis, Steven R 5/21/1957 6/23/1988      
Lewis, Terry F, Sr 1944 1983   Apostles  
Lewis, Wayne 1918 1996     wife-Elizabeth Lewis next
Lewis, Wilda C 1926       husband-Wm S Lewis, Sr next
Lewis, Willard L 1922     Apostles wife-Willie Frances Lewis next
Lewis, William S, Sr 1922 1990     wife-Wilda C Lewis next
Lewis, Willie Frances 1928 1972   Apostles husband-Willard L Lewis next
Li, Wen Han 2/16/1919 11/7/1999      
Liebe, Almeda S "Peggy" 1931       husband-Elmer J Liebe next
Liebe, Elmer J 1932       wife-Almeda S "Peggy" Liebe next
Liechty, Alta S 1925     Old Rugged Cross husband-Christian W Liechty next
Liechty, Christian W 1924 1995   Old Rugged Cross wife-Alta S Liechty next
Light, J P 1910 1984     wife-Ruth J Light next
Light, Ruth J 2/11/1914 9/15/2003     husband-J P Light next; dates from SSDI
Light, Theresa Ann 1959 1997   Nativity  
Liles, Richard D "Danny" 1940 1973   Apostles  
Lillard, Charles E 1928 1986     wife-Mary F Lillard next
Lillard, Linda S 3/12/1956 7/24/1976   Apostles  
Lillard, Mary F 1932       husband-Charles E Lillard next
Lillard, Patricia A Morris 2/27/1942     Apostles hus-Warner Edward "Eddie" Lillard Jr next
Lillard, Warner Edward "Eddie", Jr 9/18/1938 5/8/2002   Apostles wife-Particia A Morris Lillard;obit:sons-Edward Scott & Jeffrey Adam Lillard;sis-Virginia Pslamonds; USAF SR Airman E4
Lindsey, Bethel S 1903 1992   Masonic Garden husband-Horace F Lindsey next
Lindsey, Cecil C 1896 1967   Apostles wife-Lula J Lindsey next
Lindsey, Delma C 1920 1988   Apostles  
Lindsey, Horace F 1902 1980   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Bethel S Lindsey next
Lindsey, Judith Lynn 1955 1974   Apostles  
Lindsey, Lillian M 12/4/1917 6/18/2007   Apostles dates from SSDI
Lindsey, Linda Henley 1944 1980   Apostles "Woodmen of the World" Emblem
Lindsey, Lula J 1896 1977   Apostles husband-Cecil C Lindsey next
Lindsey, Mary L 1935       husband-Nathaniel Lindsey next
Lindsey, Nathaniel 1932 1995     wife-Mary L Lindsey next
Liner, Andrew J 1942 1993   Old Rugged Cross wife-Joyce A Liner next
Liner, Joyce A 1937 1998   Old Rugged Cross husband-Andrew J Liner next
Lingerfelt, Edna K 4/1/1920 2/3/1973   Apostles  
Lingerfelt, M Carolyn 1918 1980      
Lingerfelt, Milinee M 1918 1989      
Lingerfelt, Pat R 1945       husband-Robert E "Gene" Lingerfelt next
Lingerfelt, Robert E "Gene" 1942       wife-Pat R Lingerfelt next
Link, Clyde 1937 1991      
Linn, John E 1911 1995     wife-Mabel S Linn next
Linn, Mabel S 5/28/1915 5/14/2008     husband-John E Linn next; dates from SSDI
Linz, Patrick W 1956       wife-Wanda S Linz next
Linz, Wanda S 1962       husband-Patrick W Linz next
Little, Fletcher 1927 6/5/2002     obit:par-George & Lugenia Little;sis-Jessie Lyle,Sarah Edwards & Catherine Williams;wif-Doris Wright Little;more
Littleton, Gillis J "Jack" 1919 1977   Masonic Garden  
Littrell, Charles F 1923 1982   Old Rugged Cross wife-Evelyn W Littrell next
Littrell, Elizabeth Ann 9/2/1930 6/21/1999   Acacia Garden "Wife, Mother"
Littrell, Evelyn W 1928     Old Rugged Cross husband-Charles F Littrell next
Lively, Gary E 7/2/1955 8/1/1988   Apostles  
Lively, Jesse W 1921 1990   Old Rugged Cross wife-Mary R Lively next
Lively, Maggie N 1903 1981   Apostles husband-Willard R Lively next
Lively, Mary Ellen Bettis 1916 9/20/2002   Apostles hus-Robert Edward "Ed" Lively, Sr;obit:par-Alfred David & Henrietta McInturff Bettis;bro-Carl,Ed & Gib Bettis
Lively, Mary R 1931     Old Rugged Cross husband-Jesse W Lively next
Lively, Robert E, Sr 1906 1976   Apostles wife-Mary B Lively next
Lively, Willard R 1898 1955   Apostles wife-Maggie N Lively next
Livingood, Alma L 1912 1989     husband-James W Livingood next
Livingood, James W 7/5/1910 4/3/2005     wife-Alma L Livingood next; dates from SSDI
Lloyd, Anna L 1907       husband-Milton L Lloyd next
Lloyd, Milton A 1900 1983     wife-Anna L Lloyd next
Locke, Anita S 1907     Apostles husband-Herman B Locke next
Locke, B F, Sr 5/6/1917 3/24/1996   Acacia Garden Mason; wife-Mary A Locke next
Locke, Herman B 1904 1996   Apostles wife-Anita S Locke next
Locke, Margaret E 6/25/1921 1/25/1983     "Mom"
Locke, Mary A 1/18/1917 1/23/1995   Acacia Garden husband-B F Locke, Sr next
Lockhart, Andrew J 1921 1985      
Lockhart, Arch F 1879 1970     wife-Nina F Lockhart next
Lockhart, Arnold W 1937 1996   Old Rugged Cross wife-Joy E Lockhart next
Lockhart, Beverly J 1949       husband-Larry G Lockhart next
Lockhart, Buford D 1901 1981   Sermon on the Mount wife-Minnie Y Lockhart next
Lockhart, C Dean 1938     Old Rugged Cross husband-Jack Lockhart next
Lockhart, Carol Sue McGhee 2/3/1942     Apostles husband-James Clayton Lockhart next
Lockhart, Jack 1934 1995   Old Rugged Cross wife-C Dean Lockhart next
Lockhart, James Clayton 2/27/1940 4/21/2002   Apostles wif-Carol Sue McGhee Lockhart nx;obit:par-Thomas Sr & Ella Mae Hudson Lockhart;sons-John & James Lockhart
Lockhart, Joy E 1944     Old Rugged Cross husband-Arnold W Lockhart next
Lockhart, Larry G 1949       wif-Beverly J Lockhart next
Lockhart, Minnie Y 1907 1996   Sermon on the Mount husband-Buford D Lockhart next
Lockhart, Nina F 1890       husband-Arch F Lockhart next
Lockman, John M 1920 2001   Devotion wife-Ruth D Lockman next
Lockman, Ruth D 1916     Devotion husband-John M Lockman next
Loftis, Mary E 1889 1962   Apostles husband-W Marion Loftis next
Loftis, W Marion 1885 1970   Apostles wife-Mary E Loftis next
Lofton, George J 1922 1987   Acacia Garden Mason; wife-Ruth B Lofton next
Lofton, Ruth B 1923 2002   Acacia Garden husband-George J Lofton next
Lofty, Julia Ann 1909 1996      
Logan, Edna Marie 1926        
Logan, Rivers          
Lombardo, Joseph, Jr 1932 1992   Nativity  
Lonas, Martha B 1927 1980   Masonic Garden  
Lones, Henry W 1923       wife-Melba K Lones next
Lones, Melba K 1927       husband-Henry W Lones next
Long, Alicia S 1906 1978   Acacia Garden  
Long, Ben H 1888 1966     wife-Mabel D Long next
Long, Boyd L 1927 1997     wife-Emma D Long next
Long, Carla G 1926       husband-Glen E Long next
Long, Emma D 1930       husband-Boyd L Long next
Long, Fred L 1900 1955   Apostles wife-Janie B Long next
Long, Glen E 1920 1995     wife-Carla G Long next
Long, Henry S 1912 1998   Masonic Garden wife-Virginia H Long next
Long, Hershel Vincent 1918 6/3/1995   Apostles wife-Mary "Evelyn" Spears Long next
Long, Janie B 1902 1993   Apostles husband-Fred L Long next
Long, Mabel D 1898 1986