Hamilton Memorial Gardens
"Ma - Mc"
(Partial Listing)

5401 Highway 153
Hixson, TN 37343-4990

This is an extremely large and relatively new cemetery located in the Hixson area of Chattanooga on Highway 153. The cemetery is just north of Hixson Pike on Highway 153 on the left hand side of the road. Surveyed by Dennis Wilson, Jim Holcomb, Susan Kendall, Linda Coulter, and the Chattanooga Mormon Youth in 2000 - 2003. This is approximately 11,000 of the estimated 25,000 burials in this cemetery.

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Names of individuals in this cemetery were recorded as they appeared on the tombstones. No attempt was made to correct obvious errors or differences in spelling. Every attempt has been made to record this information correctly. However, mistakes are possible.  The information on this page may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other person or organization without the written consent of the contributor, the legal representative of the submitter, or The Hamilton County Tennessee Genealogy Society.

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SSDI = Social Security Death Index

Deceased Born Died Married Section Notes
Mabry, Dymple M 1931     Apostles husband-Horace S "Buck" Mabry next
Mabry, Horace S "Buck" 1924 1976   Apostles wife-Dymple M Mabry next
Mabry, Lois 1917     Apostles husband-Rodney Mabry next
Mabry, Rodney 1914 1987   Apostles wife-Lois Mabry next
Machen, Austin C 1942 1992   Old Rugged Cross wife-Betty A Machen next
Machen, Betty A 1941     Old Rugged Cross husband-Austin C Machen next
Maddox, James, Sr 9/29/1919 11/1/2007     wife-Rosie Mae Maddox next; dates from SSDI
Maddox, Jean G 1932     Nativity husband-Preston Maddox next
Maddox, Preston 1925     Nativity wife-Jean G Maddox next
Maddox, Rosie Mae 1921 1989     husband-James Maddox, Jr next
Maddux, Carrie R 1902 1996     husband-Wm S Maddux next
Maddux, William S 1902 1986     wife-Carrie R Maddux next
Madewell, Landy H 6/18/1913 11/27/2003   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Lillian B Madewell next; dates from SSDI
Madewell, Lillian B 1/29/1922 7/1/2004   Masonic Garden E Star; husband-Landy H Madewell next; dates from SSDI
Magill, Barbara J 1933       husband-John Magill next
Magill, John 1923 1987     wife-Barbara J Magill next
Mahaffey, Claudia 1903 1998     husband-Marson Mahaffey next
Mahaffey, Lossie D 1912 1980   Old Rugged Cross "D.A.V."; wife-Ruby L Mahaffey next
Mahaffey, Marson 1897 1979     wife-Claudia Mahaffey next
Mahaffey, Ruby L 1914 1996   Old Rugged Cross husband-Lossie D Mahaffey next
Maharrey, David Owen 12/24/1971 12/24/1971   Apostles  
Maharrey, Edward D 1941       wife-Samantha A Maharrey next
Maharrey, Samantha A 1941       husband-Edward D Maharrey next
Mahoney, Helen U 1913 1989     husband-James E Mahoney, Jr next
Mahoney, James E, Jr 1911 1977     wife-Helen U Mahoney next
Makely, Helen C 1901 1993     husband-Ralph C Makely next
Makely, Ralph C 1900 1993     wife-Helen C Makely next
Malichis, Nicholas Anthony 5/23/1980 6/3/1980   Apostles  
Mallard, Christopher Brian 1/24/1981 1/24/1981      
Mallard, James Adam, III 10/28/1981 12/19/1981   Babyland  
Malone, David N 1934 1979      
Malone, Francis J "Bud" 1943 1997     wife-Ilene B Malone next
Malone, Ilene B 1944       husband-Francis J Malone next
Malone, James H, Rev 1914 1990   Old Rugged Cross wife-Nellie R Malone next
Malone, Joel B 1938 1975     sister-Norma Gail "Cookie" Malone next
Malone, John M 1909 1977     wife-Mary Edith Malone next
Malone, Lola L 1912 1994   Old Rugged Cross husband-Marshall A Malone next
Malone, Marshall A 11/23/1905 3/24/2001   Old Rugged Cross wife-Lola L Malone next; dates from SSDI
Malone, Mary Edith 1909 1983     husband-John M Malone next
Malone, Mavis J 1930 1992   Old Rugged Cross husband-Wm E Malone next
Malone, Nellie R 1915 1992   Old Rugged Cross husband-Rev James H Malone next
Malone, Norma Gail "Cookie" 1946 1984     brother-Joel B Malone next
Malone, William E 1931     Old Rugged Cross wife-Mavis J Malone next
Malpass, Joyce D 2/6/1935 3/29/1997   Apostles  
Mangum, Emmett M 1908 1994     wife-Mae Mangum next
Mangum, Mae 1907 1959     husband-Emmett M Mangum next
Manley, Christopher M 7/30/1974 9/3/1995      
Manning, Bertha Hale 12/14/1918 7/11/1982     "wife"
Manning, Carl R 1917 1995     wife-Nell M Manning next; "Married 55 Years"
Manning, Elizabeth A 1916 1998   Apostles husband-Paul Manning next
Manning, Elsie L 1915 1999   Apostles husband-Virgil Manning next
Manning, Frances H 1921 1995   Nativity  
Manning, James C 12/25/1915 3/23/1988      
Manning, Luther 1916 1982     wife-Margaret Manning next
Manning, Mamie G 1891 1967   Apostles husband-Wm A "Jack" Manning next
Manning, Margaret 1920       husband-Luther Manning next
Manning, Max David, Sr 1942 4/6/2002     obit:wife-Martha Schlosshan Manning;childrn-Tracy,James Richard Sr,Sheri Ann & Max David Jr Manning; dates from SSDI
Manning, Nell M 2/8/1918 8/9/2005     husband-Carl R Manning next; "Married 55 Years"
Manning, Patsy A 8/24/1922 10/25/1979      
Manning, Paul 1916 1985   Apostles wife-Elizabeth A Manning next
Manning, Virgil 1909 1994   Apostles wife-Elsie L Manning next
Manning, William A "Jack" 1885 1987   Apostles wife-Mamie G Manning next
Mannon, Lenna 10/15/1924 7/7/1999   Devotion husband-Walter Mannon next
Mannon, Walter 11/5/1924 3/19/1997   Devotion wife-Lenna Mannon next; US Army WWII
Marchmon, Inez M 1936       husband-Willard J Marchmon next
Marchmon, Willard J 1929 1985     wife-Inez M Marchmon next
Mariakis, Alexander Nicholas 5/11/1988        
Marler, Charles E 10/19/1927 7/9/1983   Masonic Garden US Army WWII
Marler, Charles Victor 7/15/1954 9/20/1998   Masonic Garden "Dad"; next: Charles A Marler
Marler, Ernest A 1904 1963   Masonic Garden  
Marler, Gladys 10/11/1914 11/10/2002     dates from SSDI
Marler, Ida E 1885 1968   Apostles husband-J O Marler next
Marler, J O 1889 1968   Apostles wife-Ida E Marler next
Marler, Mary L 1934 1992   Nativity husbandand-Paul E Marler next
Marler, Paul E 1931     Nativity wife-Mary L Marler next
Marlowe, Julius F 1893 1979     wife-Mozelle W Marlowe next
Marlowe, Mozelle W 1901 1992     husband-Julius F Marlowe next
Marr, Ethel J 1935       husband-James F Marr next
Marr, James F 1926       wife-Ethel J Marr next
Marsh, Cora Lee 1905 1984   Apostles husband-James Elmore Marsh next
Marsh, Dorothy M 1925 2001     husband-Wm C Marsh next
Marsh, Edgar L 1918 1998   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Edna B Marsh next
Marsh, Edna B 1920 1986   Masonic Garden E Star; husband-Edgar L Marsh next
Marsh, James Elmore 1902 1983   Apostles wife-Cora Lee Marsh next
Marsh, William C 1928       wife-Dorothy M Marsh next
Marshall, Anna Christine 8/17/2000 8/17/2000      
Marshall, Beatrice H 8/1/1913 5/14/2010   Masonic Garden husband-Charles G Marshall next; dates from SSDI
Marshall, Betty E 5/15/1930 7/9/1995      
Marshall, Charles G 1910 1996   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Beatrice H Marshall next
Marshall, George H 1876 1957   Apostles  
Marshall, James C 1928 1987   Old Rugged Cross wife-Patsy H Marshall next
Marshall, Jimmye Belle Smallen 1924 1983   Masonic Garden husband-John L Marshall Jr next
Marshall, John L, Jr 1922 12/27/2002   Masonic Garden wife-Jimmye Belle Smallen Marshall next
Marshall, Lizzie W 1898 1981   Apostles  
Marshall, Patsy H 1936     Old Rugged Cross husband-James C Marhsall next
Marshall, Phillip Alan 8/16/1979 9/7/1979   Masonic Garden  
Marshall, Ronald Wayne 7/29/1957 7/8/1993      
Marshall, Theresa Jo 1939 1991      
Martin, Alice K 1920     Apostles husband-Thomas S Martin next
Martin, Billy R 10/20/1926 2/4/1988   Apostles  
Martin, Bonnie Y 1935 1978   Nativity  
Martin, Carl R, Jr 1922 1991   Nativity  
Martin, Charles W 1901 1959   Apostles wife-Lucy A Martin next; Billy R Martin
Martin, D C 1906 1996   Apostles wife-Doshia Martin next
Martin, Donald B 1922 1997   Devotion wife-Margaret A "Peggy" Martin next; Army Air Corps, WWII
Martin, Doshia 1/19/1909 3/10/2008   Apostles husband-D C Martin next; dates from SSDI
Martin, Elizabeth Sertel 4/22/1925 5/11/1983     "wife, Mother"
Martin, Frances E 1930       husband-Will Martin next
Martin, George C 1925 2000     wife-Gladys W Martin next
Martin, Georgia B 1924       husband-James B Martin next
Martin, Gill D 1945 1977   Nativity  
Martin, Gladys W 1930       husband-George C Martin next
Martin, Harville 1894 1962   Devotion wife-Tommye T Martin next
Martin, Howard W 1911 1980   Apostles wife-Sarah W Martin next
Martin, Irene S 1922 1986     husband-John S Martin next
Martin, Jack W 1928       wife-Sue Worley Martin next
Martin, James B 1918       wife-Georgia B Martin next
Martin, John A 1879 1957   Apostles next: Louise F Martin
Martin, John S 1915 1996     wife-Irene S Martin next
Martin, Lorrie Ann 3/11/1954 3/30/1986   Devotion  
Martin, Louise F 1906 1993   Apostles  
Martin, Lucy A 1900 1997   Apostles husband-Charles W Bowman next
Martin, Lula B 1896 1969     husband-Sam Martin next
Martin, Margaret A "Peggy" 1925     Devotion wife-Donald B Martin next
Martin, Marie W 1922 1999     husband-Wm T Martin next
Martin, Neana D 1950       husband-Ronald L Martin next
Martin, Olive B 1904 1990   Nativity husbandand-Walter Lee Martin next
Martin, Reva E 2/10/1913 7/14/2001   Apostles husband-Samuel N Martin next; dates from SSDI
Martin, Ronald L 1949       wife-Neana D Martin next
Martin, Sam 1885 1971     wife-Lula B Martin next
Martin, Samuel N 1909 1973   Apostles wife-Reva E Martin next
Martin, Sarah W 1911 1991   Apostles husband-Howard W Martin next
Martin, Sue Westbrook 1929 9/20/2002     obit:par-Newton & Winnie Westbrook;hus-Jasper M Martin;son-Robert C Martin;sis-Charlsie W Power;more
Martin, Sue Worley 1932       husband-Jack W Martin next
Martin, Thomas A 1915 1990   Nativity  
Martin, Thomas H 1916 1991   Nativity  
Martin, Thomas S 1913 1989   Apostles wife-Alice K Martin next
Martin, Tommye T 1903 1994   Devotion husband-Harville Martin next
Martin, Walter Lee 1907 1986   Nativity wife-Olive B Martin next
Martin, Will 1931 1998     wife-Frances E Martin next
Martin, William T 1919 1990     wife-Marie W Martin next
Masengale, Corrine E 1914 1996   Nativity husbandand-Gordon L Massengale next
Masengale, Gordon L 1907 1979   Nativity wife-Corrine E Masengale next
Masic, Drago 1912 1989     wife-Trudy Masic next
Masic, Trudy 1920       husband-Drago Masic next
Maskevich, A Lavonne 2/20/1922 2/8/1998   Apostles "wife"; husband-Joseph Anton Maskevich next
Maskevich, Joseph Anton 6/21/1921 12/16/1998   Apostles wife-A Lavonne Maskevich next; AOFC US Navy Korea, WWII
Mason, Buford D 1904 1971      
Mason, C Stephen 1926       wife-Mary C Mason next
Mason, Mart V 11/11/1905 2/23/1983 10/10/1925 Apostles wife-Rosine C Mason next
Mason, Mary C 1930       husband-C Stephen Mason next
Mason, Rosine C 5/1/1910 11/8/1990 10/10/1925 Apostles husband-Mart V Mason next
Mason, Virginia A 10/2/1927 10/20/1986   Nativity  
Massengale, Glen L 1944 1995     wife-Lillie M Massengale next
Massengale, Lillie M 1946       husband-Glen L Massengale next
Massengale, Nellie E 1912 1979     husband-Sam A Massengale next
Massengale, Sam A 1912 1992     wife-Nellie E Massengale next
Massengale, William Fred 6/30/1915 11/27/1984   Apostles  
Massey, Bettye J 1938 1994   Gethsemane husband-John C Massey next
Massey, Edith C 1902 1993     husband-Joseph W Massey next
Massey, John C 1944     Gethsemane wife-Bettye J Massey next
Massey, Joseph W 1899 1968     wife-Edith C Massey next
Masters, Charlie H 1894 1973   Apostles wife-Ida R Masters next
Masters, Ida R 1901 1983   Apostles husband-Charlie H Masters next
Masterson, Harold E "Gene" 1926 1974   Nativity  
Matherly, Goldie L 1908 1967      
Matherly, William J, Sr 1888 1967      
Mathes, Fleta Lee 5/6/1904 12/1/1993   Devotion  
Mathews, Charles C 1919       wife-Geneva H Mathews next
Mathews, Geneva H 1917 1988     husband-Charles C Mathews
Mathis, Barbara Jean 7/11/1936 8/2/1997      
Mathis, Ernest L 1934 1987   Old Rugged Cross wife-Minnie M Mathis next
Mathis, J Carl 1929 1990      
Mathis, J Houston 1901 1961      
Mathis, Minnie M 1926     Old Rugged Cross husband-Ernest L Mathis next
Matson, Roger A 1938 1988      
Matson, Sandra W 1943 1996      
Matteson, Doris R 1921 1990      
Matthew, D Jane 1928 2000     husband-Joseph L Matthew next
Matthew, Joseph L 1927 1974     wife-D Jane Matthew next
Matthews, Curtis L 1934 1998   Nativity  
Matthews, J Clinton 1897 1987   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Margaret J Matthews next
Matthews, Margaret J 1904 2000   Masonic Garden E Star; husband-J Clinton Matthews next
Matthews, Philip R 1/31/1925 3/7/1997     US Army Air Corps WWII
Mauldin, Helen I 1931 1986     husband-Morris G Mauldin next
Mauldin, Morris G 1923 1981     wife-Helen I Mauldin next
Maurer, Ruby Y 3/6/1916 2/3/2009     husband-Wm J Maurer next; dates from SSDI
Maurer, William J 12/3/1912 9/26/1997     wife-Ruby Y Maurer next; dates from SSDI
Maxwell, Bernice S 1924     Old Rugged Cross husband-Nathaniel Maxwell next
Maxwell, Nathaniel 1917 1988   Old Rugged Cross wife-Bernice S Maxwell next
May, Billy R, Sr 1933 1985      
May, Ewell 1910 1987   Nativity wife-Mary S May next
May, James W 1939       wife-Shirley J May next
May, LaDelle Parks 1908 5/9/2002     obit:hus-Clyde T May;par-Joe & Mattie Parks;son-Joe M May
May, Mary S 1915     Nativity husbandand-Ewell May next
May, Shirley J 1941       husband-James W May next
Mayes, Octa D 1894 1975   Apostles husband-Wm H Mayes next
Mayes, William H 1883 1970   Apostles wife-Octa D Mayes next
Mayfield, Jerry B 1939 1997     wife-Patricia A Mayfield next; "Married 31 Years"
Mayfield, Patricia A 1947       husband-Jerry B Mayfield next; "Married 31 Years"
Mayhew, Charlie 3/11/1921 10/22/1985     wife-M Jewell Mayhew next; US Army WWII
Mayhew, J Jewell 1931 1999     husband-Charlie Mayhew
Mayhew, John, Jr 5/4/1925 12/24/1987     wife-Ruby Mae Mayhew next; US Army Korea
Mayhew, Ruby Mae 6/20/1928 4/24/1994     husband-John Mayhew Jr. next
Maynard, Edith E 3/16/1921 7/12/1993   Apostles husband-Olney Maynard next
Maynard, Hazel S 1909 1972     husband-Oscar L Maynard next
Maynard, Olney 4/20/1919 2/18/1975   Apostles wife-Edith E Maynard next; US Army
Maynard, Oscar L 1901 1971     wife-Hazel S Maynard next
Maynor, Alfred W "Bozo" 1911 1990   Devotion wife-Mildred Ruth Maynor next
Maynor, Bettye Holloway 1938       husband-Paul W Maynor Sr next
Maynor, Florence D 1891 1968   Gethsemane husband-Thomas A Maynor Sr next
Maynor, Lula R 1898 1982      
Maynor, Mildred Ruth 1927 1983   Devotion husband-Alfred W "Bozo" Maynor next
Maynor, Paul W, Sr 1933       wife-Bettye Holloway Maynor next
Maynor, Robert R 5/16/1931 10/5/2001   Gethsemane  
Maynor, Robert R "Bobby", II 1968 1985   Gethsemane  
Maynor, Thomas A, Sr 1885 1983   Gethsemane wife-Florence D Maynor next; Robert R & Robert R "Bobby" Maynor II
Maynor, Willie M 1897 1964      
Mays, Donna Carrol 1950       husband-Richard W Mays next
Mays, Mildred S       Devotion husband-Robert E Mays next
Mays, Richard W 1952 1994     wife-Donna Carrol Mays next
Mays, Robert E 1930 1992   Devotion wife-Mildred S Mays next
McAllister, Estelle W 1919 1983     husband-Watson C McAllister next
McAllister, Janice Kinley 1917 1959   Gethsemane husband-Ralph V F McAllister next
McAllister, John R 1914 1990     wife-Sarah L McAllister next
McAllister, Ralph V F 7/26/1911 3/11/1984   Gethsemane wife-Janice Kinley McAllister next; Ssgt US Army WWII
McAllister, Sarah L 1918 2000     husband-John R McAllister next
McAllister, Watson C 5/26/1918 2/5/2003     wife-Estelle W McAllister next; dates from SSDI
McAlpin, Curtis L 1921 1989   Old Rugged Cross wife-Edith M McAlpin next
McAlpin, Edith M 1923 1998   Old Rugged Cross husband-Curtis L McAlpin next
McAlpin, Floyd L 1939 1991     wife-T Irene McAlpin next
McAlpin, T Irene 1940       husband-Floyd L McAlpin next
McAmis, Frank H 1903 1971   Apostles  
McArthur, Evelyn H 1929     Masonic Garden husband-Grady E McArthur next
McArthur, Grady E 1926 2000   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Evelyn H McArthur next
McBay, Joe T 1930       wife-Joyce R McBay next
McBay, Joyce R 1928 1985     husband-Joe T McBay next
McBride, Catherine E 1926 1993   Nativity husbandand-Gerald W McBride next
McBride, Gerald W 1919 1988   Nativity wife-Catherine E McBride next
McBroom, Bessie B 1912 1995   Apostles husband-Marvin F McBroom next; Henry H, John W & Dorothy O McBroom
McBroom, David Bryan MD 1948 1988   Devotion  
McBroom, Dorothy O 1911 1991   Apostles husband-John W McBroom next
McBroom, Henry H 1881 1968   Apostles  
McBroom, John W 1917 1994   Apostles wife-Dorothy O McBroom next
McBroom, Marvin F 1909 1975   Apostles wife-Bessie B McBroom next
McBryar, Arthur, Jr 3/26/1920 2/16/1998   Masonic Garden parents-Arthur Sr & Lena B McBrayer next; US Army WW II
McBryar, Arthur, Sr 1892 1981   Masonic Garden wife-Lena B McBryar next; son-Arthur McBrayer Jr
McBryar, Lena B 1900 1982   Masonic Garden husband-Arthur McBryar, Sr next; son-Arthur McBrayer Jr
McCabe, Pauline W 1926 2001     husband-Robert A McCabe next
McCabe, Robert A 1919 1996     wife-Pauline W McCabe next
McCaffrey, Joseph P 1901 1971   Masonic Garden wife-Mabel S McCaffrey next
McCaffrey, Mabel S 1903 1999   Masonic Garden husband-Joseph P McCaffrey next
McCain, Libbie A 1910 1982   Nativity husbandand-Thomas A McCain next
McCain, Thomas A 7/13/1911 8/15/2006   Nativity wife-Libbie A McCain next; dates from SSDI
McCallie, Charles David 1926 1987     wife-Joyce O McCallie next
McCallie, Joyce O 1936       husband-Charles David McCallie next
McCallister, Lena S 1911 1992     husband-W Spence McCallister next
McCallister, Mamie C 05/04/1883 4/7/1970     husband-Wm H McCallister next
McCallister, W Spence 3/2/1916 9/12/2003     wife-Lena S McCallister next; dates from SSDI
McCallister, William H 04/04/1886 2/24/1970     wife-Mamie C McCallister next
McCalman, James R 1907 1970   Apostles wife-Julia C McCalman next
McCalman, Julia C 10/6/1909 4/4/2008   Apostles husband-James R McCalman next; ; dates from SSDI, died in FL
McCamish, Clayton E 8/7/1906 2/15/1997   Old Rugged Cross shares marker with: J C & Delia B McCamish; dates from SSDI
McCamish, Delia B 1902 1985   Old Rugged Cross shares marker with: Clayton E & J C McCamish
McCamish, J C 1906 1983   Old Rugged Cross shares marker with: Clayton E & Delia B McCamish
McCampbell, Charles A 1917 1978     wife-Kathryn W McCampbell next
McCampbell, Kathryn W         husband-Charles A McCampbell next
McCardell, Nell R 1924     Apostles husband-Wm G McCardell next
McCardell, William G 1915 1980   Apostles wife-Nell R McCardell next
McCartt, Gregory Scott "Greg" 12/13/1970 4/2/1994     "Brother"
McClain, Alma Ellena F 1919 1997     husband-John N McClain next
McClain, John N 1916       wife-Alma Ellena F McClain
McClary, L Ronald 1910 1984   Apostles wife-Nell L McClary next
McClary, Nell L 1913 1992   Apostles husband-L Ronald McClary next
McClenden, Bernice R 3/4/1934 8/4/1997   Nativity  
McClintock, Louis Scott 1905 1964      
McCloud, John B 1911 1996   Acacia Garden Mason; wife-Mae B McCloud next
McCloud, Mae B 1910 1998   Acacia Garden husband-John B McCloud next
McClure, Buna Ruth 1915 1992   Old Rugged Cross husband-John M McClure next
McClure, Charlie M 1916 1995   Apostles wife-Hazel B Roberts McClure next
McClure, George N 1913 2/15/2002   Nativity obit:wife-Gertrude McClure;sons-Wm N,Harold,Sammy Ray,Danny L & Mike C McClure;dau-Martha A Robertson
McClure, Georgia B 1923 1998   Apostles "Mom"; "R.N."
McClure, Gertrude M 5/6/1917 11/7/2001   Nativity dates from SSDI
McClure, Harold N 1935 1991     Mason; wife-Jackie D McClure next
McClure, Hazel B Roberts 1918 9/10/2002   Apostles hus-Charlie M McClure nx;obit:par-Charlie & Lizzie Roberts;dau-Carolyn Jones,Sandra Harvey & Marilyn Maynard
McClure, Helen E 1936     Old Rugged Cross husband-James W McClure next
McClure, Helen F 1938     Old Rugged Cross husband-Paul O McClure next
McClure, Isabel Hale 1907 1991     husband-Kenneth Curtis Hale next
McClure, Jackie D 1936       husband-Harold N McCLure next
McClure, James W 1930 1988   Old Rugged Cross wife-Helen E McClure next
McClure, John M 1911 1998   Old Rugged Cross wife-Buna Ruth McClure next
McClure, Kenneth Curtis 1907 1988     wife-Isabel Hale McClure next
McClure, Paul O 1933 1992   Old Rugged Cross wife-Helen F McClure next
McClure, Russell Lee 3/13/1963 4/9/1990      
McClurkin, Cecil B 1900 1985      
McCollum, Berta L 4/25/1945 7/19/1997   Apostles  
McCollum, Ronald Parks 12/24/1959 11/29/1981   Acacia Garden US Navy
McConnell, Ida M 1899 1990      
McConnell, James R 1930       wife-Jo Anne A McConnell next
McConnell, Jo Anne A 1934       husband-James R McConnell next
McCord, Donald R 1941 1984   Old Rugged Cross  
McCormack, Lola E 1910 1995   Apostles  
McCormack, Mary Lou 12/15/1891 6/2/1987   Apostles husband-Wm A McCormack Sr next
McCormack, William A, Jr 1918 1976   Apostles  
McCormack, William A, Sr 01/07/1887 8/6/1956   Apostles wife-Mary Lou McCormack next
McCormick, Bergen 1914 1982      
McCormick, Caroll Rogers 1937   12/17/1966 Devotion husband-James Paul McCormick next
McCormick, James Paul 1937 1993 12/17/1966 Devotion wife-Caroll Rogers McCormick next
McCormick, John H 1921 1986   Apostles wife-Marguerite L McCormick next
McCormick, Marguerite L 1924 1996   Apostles husband-John H McCormick next
McCormick, Stephanie Brooke 2/19/1981 9/9/1981      
McCoy, Cowan "Tiger" Huddleston 10/28/1921 5/14/2002     obit:hus-Frazier A McCoy Jr;sons:James F & David B McCoy;sis-Margaret H Price;bro-James F Huddleston
McCoy, Nancy B 1941 00//00/1990     husband-Quint H McCoy next
McCoy, Quint H 1936       wife-Nancy B McCoy next
McCrary, Georgia A 1914 1994   Devotion husband-James J McCrary next
McCrary, James J 1905 1990   Devotion wife-Georgia A McCrary next
McCrary, Jo A 1943       husband-Robert E McCrary Sr next
McCrary, Robert E, Sr 1938       wife-Jo A McCrary next
McCrory, Hubert L 1902 1973     wife-Treva R McCrory next
McCrory, Treva R 1906 1996     husband-Hubert L McCrory next
McCroskey, Clara Mae 1904 1988   Apostles husband-Raymond B McCroskey next
McCroskey, James E 1929 1955   Apostles  
McCroskey, Raymond B 1902 1968   Apostles wife-Clara Mae McCroskey next; James E McCroskey
McCuiston, Bertie L 1918 1994     husband-Louis A McCuiston next
McCuiston, Louis A 5/3/1909 1/11/2003     wife-Bertie L McCuiston next; dates from SSDI
McCulley, Belle 1894 1963   Masonic Garden husband-Joe W Sherman next; Sherman H McCulley
McCulley, Joe W 1899 1979   Masonic Garden wife-Belle McCulley next; Sherman H McCulley
McCulley, Sherman H 1928 1996   Masonic Garden US Army
McCulloch, Mary K 1929        
McCurdy, Bruce W 1928 1991 6/30/1950 Devotion wife-V Colleen McCurdy next
McCurdy, Tennie L 1903 1989   Devotion "Mom"; husband-W Almond McCurdy next
McCurdy, V Colleen 1930   6/30/1950 Devotion husband-Bruce W McCurdy next
McCurdy, W Almond 1898 1960   Devotion wife-Tennie L McCurdy next
McCurry, Glenn H 1933 1993   Old Rugged Cross wife-Shirley A McCurry next
McCurry, Johnny Michael, Sr 1947 1/20/2003     obit:par-John D & Augustine McCurry;wife-Wanda Jackson McCurry;sons-John M Jr & Billy Daniel McCurry; US Army Vietnam
McCurry, Shirley A 1933     Old Rugged Cross husband-Glenn H McCurry next
McDade, Clyde F 1945       wife-Gwendolyn K McDade next; US Navy
McDade, Gwendolyn K 1949 1996     husband-Clyde F McDade next
McDaniel, A Virginia 1919 1987     husband-Leon P McDaniel Sr next
McDaniel, Chester H 1920 1994     wife-Mary E McDaniel next
McDaniel, Clyde M 1911 1989   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Georgia W McDaniel next
McDaniel, Essie Mae 1936 1997      
McDaniel, Georgia W 1910 1977   Masonic Garden E Star; husband-Clyde M McDaniel next
McDaniel, Hubert F 1896 1977   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Mae H McDaniel next
McDaniel, L Paul, Jr 1944 1995     "Married 30 years"; wife-Shelia G McDaniel next
McDaniel, Leon P, Sr 1917 1993     wife-A Virginia McDaniel next
McDaniel, Mae H 1904 1975   Masonic Garden husband-Hubert F McDaniel next
McDaniel, Mary E 1923       husband-Chester H McDaniel next
McDaniel, Mildred D 1914 1995   Masonic Garden husband-Wm E McDaniel next
McDaniel, Shelia G 1946       "Married 30 years"; husband-L Paul McDaniel Jr next
McDaniel, William E 1910 1998   Masonic Garden wife-Mildred D McDaniel next
McDaris, Charles T 1957       wife-Susan L McDaris next
McDaris, Delores Brannon 1937 1966      
McDaris, Martin V, Sr 5/14/1901 5/21/1980   Masonic Garden Mason
McDaris, Nettie D 4/23/1905 4/11/1983   Masonic Garden E Star; next-Martin V McDaris, Sr.
McDaris, Susan L 1957       husband-Charles T McDaris next
McDonald, Inez M 1912 1991   Nativity  
McDonald, James L 1909 1981      
McDonald, Jeffrey G 1966 1991   Nativity  
McDonald, Lucille "Giggy" 6/4/1917 9/14/1994      
McDonald, Sharon Sims 6/27/1958 8/31/1990      
McDonough, Andrew J 1908 1989     wife-Sylvia J McDonough next
McDonough, Sylvia J 1908 1975     husband-Andrew J McDonough next
McDowell, Ether F 02/03/1898 4/29/1985   Apostles "Mother"; husband-James T McDowell next
McDowell, James T 09/24/1893 6/1/1982   Apostles wife-Ether F McDowell next; Pvt US Army WWI
McDowell, Mary Eloise 1921 1/16/2003     obit:hus-Clarence L McDowell;dau-Joyce Ann Edwards & Donna Faye Pitts;gchild:Wm C "Bill" Edwards II
McDowell, Nora Nichols 1935 9/14/2002     obit:par-Roy C & Velma Nichols;dau-Tara Willingham;sis-Pat Prather & Shirley Nichols;gson-Brandon Willingham
McDowell, Steven L 1954 1989   Nativity  
McEachern, Dee Etta 1946 1990   Old Rugged Cross husband-Lloyd T McEachern next
McEachern, Lloyd T 1945     Old Rugged Cross wife-Dee Etta McEachern next
McElveen, Lorene R 1931 1977   Nativity  
McEwen, Michelle Raye 9/09/1967  1/08/1971   Everlasting Life d/o-Lanna McEwen Whitehead
McFalls, Anne H 1920 1991     husband-Samuel R McFalls next
McFalls, Samuel R 1912 1988     wife-Anne H McFalls next
McFarland, William E 1929     Old Rugged Cross wife-Wilma L McFarland next
McFarland, Wilma L 1931 1992   Old Rugged Cross husband-Wm E McFarland next
McGaha, Columbus A 1925 2001   Nativity wife-Jennie E McGaha next
McGaha, Jennie E 1926     Nativity husband-Columbus A McGaha next
McGee, Johnnie L 1929 2001     Mason; wife-Sarah E McGee; "Married 44 Years"
McGee, Sarah E 1925 1999     husband-Johnnie L McGee; "Married 44 Years"
McGhee, Robert L 1923 1984      
McGill, Alvin G 1925 1998   Nativity wife-Betty J McGill next
McGill, Betty J 1927     Nativity husbandand-Alvin G McGill next
McGill, Casey Alexander "Alex" 1993 1994      
McGill, Frances L 1933     Old Rugged Cross husband-Frederick E McGill next
McGill, Frederick E 1927 1997   Old Rugged Cross wife-Frances L McGill next
McGill, Sue J 1921 1994      
McGlohon, Gordon V 1943       wife-Marilyn T McGlohon next
McGlohon, Marilyn T 1947       husband-Gordon V McGlohon next
McGowan, Hazel S 1910 2000   Nativity  
McGowan, Kathleen L 1935 1981      
McGrew, James F 6/13/1921 9/6/1995     wife-Rhonda I McGrew next; dates from SSDI
McGrew, Rhonda I 1915 1992     husband-James F McGrew next
McGriff, Linda L 1938       husband-Lowell K McGriff next
McGriff, Lowell K 1931 1994     wife-Linda L McGriff next
McInnis, Alton Lee 1925 1985     wife-Jaquelene Rose McInnis next
McInnis, Jaquelene Rose 1929       husband-Alton Lee McInnis next
McInturf, James E 3/20/1929 7/2/1993   Nativity CPL US Army Korea
McIntyre, Donald G 1929     Nativity wife-Janice R McIntyre next
McIntyre, Janice R 1936     Nativity husbandand-Donald G McIntyre next
McKamey, James K 1921 1998   Old Rugged Cross wife-Lillie M McKamey next
McKamey, Lillie M 1930     Old Rugged Cross husband-James K McKamey next
McKay, Josephine S 7/13/1907 12/31/2000     husband-Thomas A McKay next; dates from SSDI
McKay, Thomas A 1905 1995     wife-Josephine S McKay next
McKee, Betty Sue 1934 1972