Hamilton Memorial Gardens
(Partial Listing)

5401 Highway 153
Hixson, TN 37343-4990

This is an extremely large and relatively new cemetery located in the Hixson area of Chattanooga on Highway 153. The cemetery is just north of Hixson Pike on Highway 153 on the left hand side of the road. Surveyed by Dennis Wilson, Jim Holcomb, Susan Kendall, Linda Coulter, and the Chattanooga Mormon Youth in 2000 - 2003. This is approximately 11,000 of the estimated 25,000 burials in this cemetery.

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Names of individuals in this cemetery were recorded as they appeared on the tombstones. No attempt was made to correct obvious errors or differences in spelling. Every attempt has been made to record this information correctly. However, mistakes are possible.  The information on this page may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other person or organization without the written consent of the contributor, the legal representative of the submitter, or The Hamilton County Tennessee Genealogy Society.

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SSDI = Social Security Death Index

Deceased Born Died Section Notes
Nabors, James L 8/10/1916 10/2/1975 Acacia Garden Mason
Nail, Elizabeth B 1917 1977 Apostles husband-John A Nail next
Nail, John A 1917 1981 Apostles wife-Elizabeth B Nail next
Nall, Anne Sherman 1945 1985    
Nall, George Ralph 1914 1984    
Nance, Cedric T 1890 1963 Devotion wife-Jennie N Nance next
Nance, Charles E 1926 1999   wife-Margaret A Nance next
Nance, Donald L 1936 1996   wife-Patricia M Nance next
Nance, Gail S 1944   Devotion husband-Gerald L Nance next
Nance, Gerald L 1937 1979 Devotion wife-Gail S Nance next
Nance, Ima V 1931 1983 Nativity husband-Jessie Nance Jr. next
Nance, Jennie N 1902 1976 Devotion husband-Cedric T Nance next
Nance, Jessie, Jr 1923 1995 Nativity wife-Ima V Nance next
Nance, Kenneth Eugene 12/20/1930 3/20/1997    PFC US Army
Nance, Margaret A 1933     husband-Charles E Nance next
Nance, Patricia M 1936     husband-Donald L Nance next
Nance, Ronald Lee 7/18/1956 6/29/2001 Nativity  
Nance, Shane P 9/20/1967 9/20/1967    
Napier, Fred M 1932 1992 Old Rugged Cross wife-Jenell Napier next
Napier, Jenell 1938   Old Rugged Cross husband-Fred M Napier next
Naramore, Coy L 1906 1987 Nativity  
Naremore, Ira F 1920 1996 Nativity  
Narrimore, Bettye Jo Schuhmacher 1934 6/1/2002   obit:par-Joseph & Clarcey Schuhmacher;hus-Leonard Narrimore;dau-Sherry Harris,Lachone Roe & Bev Narrimore
Nation, Daniel Allen 6/16/1969 6/17/1969    
Nation, Ed D 6/23/1913 4/1/2000 Nativity Tec 5 US Army WWII
Nation, Oscar L 1908 1995   wife-Willie R Nation next
Nation, Vadie L 02/20/1885 9/9/1956 Apostles husband-W M "Matt" Nation next
Nation, W M "Matt" 01/28/1880 4/7/1957 Apostles wife-Vadie L Nation next
Nation, Willie R 1910 1996   husband-Oscar L Nation next
Navel, Ernest William 1922 1980 Apostles wife-Lottie M Navel next
Navel, Lottie M 1926   Apostles husband-Ernest Wm Navel next
Nazerian, Maliheh 4/6/1902 11/7/1995 *  
Neal, Curtis D 1911 1974 Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Emily M Neal next
Neal, Emily M 8/19/1919 3/17/2003 Masonic Garden E Star; husband-Curtis D Neal next; dates from SSDI
Neal, Fred S 1905 1971 Apostles wife-Johnnie D Neal next
Neal, Freddy 1934 2000 Apostles wife-Lydia V Neal next; Malcolm & Virginia Neal
Neal, Grace E 1906 1985 Apostles  
Neal, Hazel S 1899 1977    
Neal, Jewel 1918 1972 Apostles  
Neal, Johnnie D 1906   Apostles husband-Fred S Neal next
Neal, Lula M 1921 1973 Nativity husband-Wayne W Neal next
Neal, Lydia V 1941   Apostles husband-Freddy Neal next; Malcolm & Virginia Neal
Neal, Malcolm 1910 1995 Apostles wife-Virginia Neal next; Freddy & Lydia V Neal
Neal, Travis A 7/23/1984 11/24/1997 Devotion  
Neal, Virginia 1916 1999 Apostles husband-Malcolm Neal next
Neal, Wayne W 1924 1999 Nativity wife-Lula M Neal next
Needham, Charlene E 1929     husband-Ray A Needham next
Needham, Ray A 1928     wife-Charlene E Needham next
Neeley, Pearl G 5/13/1914 7/18/2010 Gethsemane husband-T Burl Neeley next; dates from SSDI
Neeley, Roy E, Jr 1942 1978 Nativity  
Neeley, T Burl 1913 1968 Gethsemane wife-Pearl G Neeley next
Neighbors, Archie R 1/13/1931 11/24/1997   wife-Joelynn R Neighbors next
Neighbors, Joelynn R 12/26/1947     husband-Archie R Neighbors
Neira, Martha H "De" 9/5/1917 7/4/2010 Old Rugged Cross husband-Rafael J Neira next; dates from SSDI
Neira, Rafael J 1910 1996 Old Rugged Cross wife-Martha H "De" Neira next
Nelms, Annie Bell 1904 1986 Masonic Garden E Star; husband-Hubert Wayne Nelms next
Nelms, Daniel E "Danny" 1949 1970 Acacia Garden next: David E & Mary E Nelms
Nelms, David E 1917 1980 Acacia Garden wife-Mary E Nelms next
Nelms, Hubert Wayne 1904 1983 Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Annie Bell Nelms next
Nelms, Mary E 1918   Acacia Garden husband-David E Nelms next
Nelms, Ralph S 3/6/1911 7/27/1971 Apostles wife-Thelma Gertrude Nelms next
Nelms, Thelma Gertrude 8/16/1906 8/20/1981 Apostles husband-Ralph S Nelms next
Nelson, Albert F 1909 1978    
Nelson, Edith C 10/28/1922 2/25/2006 Nativity husband-Ward E Nelson next; dates from SSDI
Nelson, Ethel B 1909 1985   husband-Wm R Nelson next
Nelson, Irene 1925   Apostles husband-Rolland Q Nelson next
Nelson, Jane C 1936   Apostles husband-Lucious H Nelson next
Nelson, Lucious H 1926 1996 Apostles wife-Jane C Nelson next
Nelson, Rolland Q 1923 2002 Apostles wife-Irene Nelson next
Nelson, Sarah A 1889 1976 Nativity  
Nelson, Ward E 6/29/1917 2/19/2002 Nativity wife-Edith C Nelson next
Nelson, William R 1904 1989   wife-Ethel B Nelson next
Nettles, Frank A 11/1/1900 10/15/1957 Apostles wife-Jessie G Nettles next
Nettles, Jessie G 11/15/1909 12/4/2002 Apostles husband-Frank A Nettles next
Neville, Gary L 1952 1988    
Newbold, Brenda A 1944   Apostles husband-Nathan C Newbold III next
Newbold, Maxine H 1915 1981 Apostles husband-Nathan C Newbold Jr next
Newbold, Nathan C, III 1941 1977 Apostles wife-Brenda A Newbold next; par-Nathan C Jr & Maxine H Newbold
Newbold, Nathan C, Jr 1912 1998 Apostles wife-Maxine H Newbold next; son & dil--Nathan C III & Brenda A Newbold
Newell, Hazel B 1905 1979 Masonic Garden husband-Porter H Newell next
Newell, James E 1922 1984 Masonic Garden  
Newell, Porter H 1900 1968 Masonic Garden wife-Hazel B Newell next; James E Newell
Newman, Archie H 1911 1994 Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Daisy H Newman next
Newman, Daisy H 1915 1984 Masonic Garden husband-Archie H Newman next
Newman, Elinor L 1925 1985    
Newman, Hattie Mae 02/10/1888 1/11/1970 Apostles  
Newman, James W 1953 1998   wife-Karen D Newman next
Newman, Karen D 1956     husband-James W Newman next
Newman, Lawrence W 1913 1998 Nativity  
Newman, Steven D 1949 1991 Nativity  
Newman, William D, Jr 1927 1989    
Newton, L Mae 1914   Apostles husband-Leonard S Newton next
Newton, Leonard S 1906 1978 Apostles wife-L Mae Newton next
Nichols, Anthony Shelton "Tony" 5/31/1974 6/2/1974    
Nichols, Beverly Alice 9/2/1964 10/28/1972    
Nichols, Charles D 1957     wife-Doris J Nichols next
Nichols, Della Mae 1904 1987    
Nichols, Doris J 1963     husband-Charles D Nichols next
Nichols, Ethel 1901 1996 Nativity  
Nichols, Ethel S 1902 1987 Apostles husband-Robert L Nichols Sr next
Nichols, Ezell 3/1/1909 2/24/1993    
Nichols, Glenda P 1939 1986    
Nichols, Helen B 1919 1983    
Nichols, John H 1883 1958 Apostles wife-Maggie S Nichols next
Nichols, John R 1935     wife-Rachel W Nichols next
Nichols, Kate W 1912 1991 Apostles husband-Martin C Nichols next
Nichols, Maggie S 1885 1960 Apostles husband-John H Nichols next
Nichols, Martin C 1907 1961 Apostles wife-Kate W Nichols next
Nichols, Nathaniel 7/25/1926 12/21/1988 Apostles Pvt US Army WWII
Nichols, Nora 1935 9/14/2002   see under Nora Nichols McDowell
Nichols, Pauline B 1914 1982   husband-Thomas L Nichols next
Nichols, Rachel W 1934     husband-John R Nichols next
Nichols, Robert L, Sr 1904 1972 Apostles wife-Ethel S Nichols next
Nichols, Ruby S 1932     husband-Walter Nichols next
Nichols, Thomas L 1911 1991   wife-Pauline B Nichols next
Nichols, Walter 1939 1988   wife-Ruby S Nichols next
Nicholson, Dennis C 8/26/1918 6/9/1991   US Army
Niles, C E 1941   Old Rugged Cross wife-Phyllis O Niles next
Niles, Phyllis O 1942 1995 Old Rugged Cross husband-C E Niles next
Niswonger, Helen Lane 1904 1989   husband-Thomas E Niswonger next
Niswonger, Thomas E 1904 1976   wife-Helen Lane Niswonger next
Nixon, Ethel M 11/10/1914 10/31/1994 Sermon on the Mount husband-Roy E Nixon next
Nixon, Roy E 12/10/1905 11/17/1965 Sermon on the Mount wife-Ethel M Nixon next
Noblitt, Betty M 1937      
Noe, Edward T 1919 1991    
Nolan, Charles E, Sr 5/3/1940 11/9/1997 Old Rugged Cross US Navy
Nolan, Lawrence A 7/26/1919 12/11/1991   US Army WWII
Nolan, Mildred H 1914     husband-Wm M Nolan next
Nolan, William M 1915 1994   wife-Mildred H Nolan next
Noll, L M "Bill" 4/17/1927 12/18/1995    
Noll, Lillie Mae 1/5/1931      
Norman, Walter W 1880 1971 Masonic Garden wife-Willie A Norman next
Norman, William L 9/8/1901 11/10/1976 Nativity PFC US Army
Norman, Willie A 1883 1968 Masonic Garden husband-Walter W Morgan next
Norrell, Lera 11/13/1930 5/28/1975 Apostles  
Norris, Catharine Buffon 1925 1961 Devotion "Mother"; dau-Tiffany Norris next
Norris, Cecil C 1/30/1918 8/12/2003 Devotion dates from SSDI
Norris, Cleve W 1908 1970 Apostles wife-Hazel O Norris next
Norris, Estelle G 1915 2001 Apostles "Wife, Mom"; husband-Lester A Norris next
Norris, Franklin D 1934 1993 Apostles  
Norris, Hazel O 1919   Apostles husband-Cleve W Norris next
Norris, Lester A 1908 1976 Apostles Mason; wife-Estelle G Norris next
Norris, Tiffany 1951 1961 Devotion  
Norris, Wilburn D 1916 1996 Devotion  
North, Anna C Holden 1912 1/5/2003   obit:par-Wm A & Sarah Holden;hus-Wilburn N North;son-Darrell North
Northrup, Charles W 04/01/1891 6/16/1968 Apostles wife-Gertrude E Northrup next
Northrup, Dena L 1899 1968 Apostles husband-Frank V Northrup next
Northrup, Frank V 1894 1971 Apostles wife-Dena L Northrup next
Northrup, Gertrude E 5/5/1901 3/26/1975 Apostles husband-Charles W Northrup next
Norton, Dorothy W 3/11/1900 1/8/1994 Apostles  
Norwood, Conrad B 1907 1963 Apostles wife-Marie G Norwood next
Norwood, Johnnie L 1928   Apostles husband-Melvin L Norwood next
Norwood, Marie G 1908 1989 Apostles husband-Conrad B Norwood next
Norwood, Melvin L 1923 1994 Apostles wife-Johnnie L Norwood next
Nowlin, Hazel S 1912 1980 Apostles  
Nowlin, James Richard, Sr 7/7/1944 5/3/1993   wife-Sue P Nowlin next; US Navy
Nowlin, Sue P 5/15/1946     husband-James Richard Nowlin, Sr next
Nunley, Mary Grace 1919 1991   husband-Warren G Nunley next
Nunley, Warren G 1920 1988   wife-Mary Grace Nunley next
Nunnelley, John P 3/11/1941 1/11/1999   wife-Sandra L Nunnelley next
Nunnelley, Sandra L 2/8/1951     husband-John P Nunnelley next
Nye, Betty R 1928   Masonic Garden E Star; husband-George B Nye next
Nye, George B 1928   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Betty R Nye next

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Names of individuals in this cemetery were recorded as they appeared on the tombstones. No attempt was made to correct obvious errors or differences in spelling. Every attempt has been made to record this information correctly. However, mistakes are possible.  The information on this page may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other person or organization without the written consent of the contributor, the legal representative of the submitter, or The Hamilton County Tennessee Genealogy Society.