Hamilton Memorial Gardens
(Partial Listing)

5401 Highway 153
Hixson, TN 37343-4990

This is an extremely large and relatively new cemetery located in the Hixson area of Chattanooga on Highway 153. The cemetery is just north of Hixson Pike on Highway 153 on the left hand side of the road. Surveyed by Dennis Wilson, Jim Holcomb, Susan Kendall, Linda Coulter, and the Chattanooga Mormon Youth in 2000 - 2003. This is approximately 11,000 of the estimated 25,000 burials in this cemetery.

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Names of individuals in this cemetery were recorded as they appeared on the tombstones. No attempt was made to correct obvious errors or differences in spelling. Every attempt has been made to record this information correctly. However, mistakes are possible.  The information on this page may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other person or organization without the written consent of the contributor, the legal representative of the submitter, or The Hamilton County Tennessee Genealogy Society.

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SSDI = Social Security Death Index

Deceased Born Died Married Section Notes
Pace, Pauline D 1900 1961   Devotion  
Pacheo, Kaitlin Paige 6/4/1998 6/4/1998   Babyland Twin
Pack, James W 1909 1989   Old Rugged Cross wife-Mamie N Pack next; WWII Vet
Pack, Mamie N 4/19/1917 1/26/2004   Old Rugged Cross husband-James W Pack next; dates from SSDI
Padgett, Edith M 1920       husband-Roy T Padgett next
Padgett, Ernest A 1928 1991     wife-Martha J Padgett next
Padgett, Kevin DeRoy 2002 4/3/2002     obit:infant son of Kevin Padgett & Mickie McClintock;gmom-Martha Padgett & Barbara Queen
Padgett, Martha J 1936       husband-Ernest A Padgett next
Padgett, Roy T 1911 1978     wife-Edith M Padgett next
Pafford, Willene J 1923 1995   Prayer shares marker with: Lillie Mae Mitchell
Page, Crave R 1920 1991     wife-Mildred C Page next
Page, Jennifer Nicole 10/19/1981 10/19/1981   Babyland  
Page, Mildred C 1925       husband-Crave R Page next
Pagleno, Ernesto 1895 1990   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Mary E Pagleno next
Pagleno, Mary E 1913 1991   Masonic Garden E Star; husband-Ernesto Pagleno next
Pahl, DeEtte S 1913 1985     husband-Robert Pahl next
Pahl, Robert 1907 1981     wife-DeEtte S Pahl next
Palchack, John, Jr          
Palmer, Bert B 05/15/1886 11/21/1974   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Edith H Palmer next
Palmer, Clarence E 1908 1969   Apostles wife-Selma H Palmer next
Palmer, Edith H 10/20/1897 12/4/1969   Masonic Garden E Star; husband-Bert B Palmer next
Palmer, Jarrod W 7/28/1990 11/27/1990   Babyland  
Palmer, Ralph L 7/29/1919 8/30/1992   Old Rugged Cross  
Palmer, Robert Lee 1919 4/3/2002     obit:wif-Ruth Watson Palmer;dau-Jesse Langston,Erlene Stewart,Carla Johnson;Ernestine & Carletha Palmer
Palmer, Selma H 1911 1997   Apostles husband-Clarence E Palmer next
Pannell, Violet G 1901 1998     husband-Wm Ray Pannell next
Pannell, William Ray 1901 1992     wife-Violet G Pannell next
Papay, Elsie M 1911 1970   Apostles husband-Joseph Papay next
Papay, Joseph 1913 1981   Apostles wife-Elsie M Papay next
Pardue, Edna E 1/17/1916 10/12/1994   Apostles husband-Joe M Pardue next; dates from SSDI 
Pardue, Joe M 1917 1992   Apostles wife-Edna E Pardue next
Parham, Betty Jean 1932 7/21/2002     obitit:dau-Rita Brock;sons-Gerald & Wayne Zielinski
Parham, Carole G 1932       husband-J C Parham next
Parham, Daily F 07/20/1893 4/11/1978   Apostles wife-Margaret Anna Parham next; Pvt US Army WWI
Parham, Fred M 1926 1984   Nativity wife-Myrna C Parham next
Parham, J C 1930 1995     wife-Carole G Parham next
Parham, Margaret Anna 1896 1973   Apostles husband-Daily F Parham next
Parham, Myrna C 1941     Nativity husband-Fred M Parham next
Parham, Robert N 12/18/1919 2/26/1999   Prayer  
Parham, Thomas Broughton 9/18/1919 12/22/1975   Masonic Garden Mason
Parham, Timothy 11/18/1962 11/18/1962      
Paris, Frances A 5/16/1903 5/3/1996      
Park, Daisy M 1939 1994   Old Rugged Cross husband-E McCoy Park next
Park, E McCoy 1941     Old Rugged Cross wife-Daisy M Park next
Park, Faye P 1941 1989   Apostles husband-Irby M Park next
Park, Irby M 1932     Apostles wife-Faye P Park next
Park, Martha Jo 1918 1990      
Parker, A Clayton 1928 1974     wife-Eugenia M Parker next; Mason
Parker, Alline L 1936     Old Rugged Cross husband-Jerry W Parker next
Parker, Barbara A 1937     Old Rugged Cross husband-Charles Ken Parker next
Parker, Billy Ray 6/21/1952 3/21/1994      
Parker, Brenda C 1946       husband-Jerry H Parker next
Parker, Carroll A 1914 1978   Apostles wife-Gladys Parker next
Parker, Charles Ken 1932 1993   Old Rugged Cross wife-Barbara A Parker next; Ruby D & Raymond B Parker; Debra A Parker Turner
Parker, Eugenia M 1928       husband-A Clayton Parker next; E Star
Parker, Fred C 1892 1977   Apostles wife-Grace S Parker next
Parker, Gladys 1912 2001   Apostles husband-Carroll A Parker next
Parker, Grace S 1892 1989   Apostles husband-Fred C Parker next
Parker, Homer H 1909 1980   Apostles wife-L Dee Parker next
Parker, James Clay 1904 1975   Nativity wife-Ruth "Cookie" Parker next
Parker, James Dean "Deanie", Jr 12/30/1952 10/28/1960      
Parker, Jerry H 1943       wife-Brenda C Parker next
Parker, Jerry W 1934 1993   Old Rugged Cross wife-Alline L Parker next
Parker, Kenneth L "Kenny" 1943 1992   Old Rugged Cross wife-Peggy L Parker next
Parker, L Dee 8/13/1917 2/15/2002   Apostles husband-Homer H Parker next; dates from SSDI 
Parker, Len 8/22/1907 3/23/1980     PVT US Army WWII
Parker, Leonard M 1903 1976      
Parker, Melvin L 3/19/1929       wife-Ruby L Parker next
Parker, Nola G 1922     Old Rugged Cross husband-Stewart J Parker Jr next
Parker, Peggy L 1945     Old Rugged Cross husband-Kenneth L "Kenny" Parker next
Parker, Randa Lynn 10/29/1991 5/9/1999      
Parker, Raymond B 7/1/1933 8/3/1993   Old Rugged Cross  
Parker, Reba F 8/15/1919 6/2/1973      
Parker, Ruby D 1910 1984   Old Rugged Cross  
Parker, Ruby L 1/9/1930 5/3/1996     husband-Melvin L Parker next
Parker, Ruth "Cookie" 1915 1999   Nativity husbandand-James Clay Parker next
Parker, Sherri A 7/13/1958 2/12/1993      
Parker, Stewart J, Jr 1923 1984   Old Rugged Cross wife-Nola G Parker next
Parker, Sue B 4/18/1931 11/17/1995      
Parkerson, Louise F 1910 1981   Old Rugged Cross husband-Otto J Parkerson next
Parkerson, Otto J 1909 1990   Old Rugged Cross wife-Louise F Parkerson
Parks, Beulah G 1911 2001   Masonic Garden husband-George Ray Parks next
Parks, Carrie N 8/2/1918 10/23/1992      
Parks, George Ray 1911 1967   Masonic Garden wife-Beulah G Parks next
Parlier, Loy Lester, Sr 1927 1986     wife-Sara E Creasman Parlier next
Parlier, Sara E Creasman 1926 9/22/2002     husband-Loy Lester Parlier, Sr;obit:par-Arnold Jackson & Bessie Hillis Creasman;dau-Debbie Mathis
Parnell, Elizabeth H 12/3/1916 5/24/1983 8/7/1935 Apostles husband-John E Parnell next
Parnell, John E 8/23/1912 3/12/1998 8/7/1935 Apostles wife-Elizabeth H Parnell next
Parnell, Thomas R, Jr 1944 1991   Nativity  
Parris, F Ray 1921 1981     wife-Frances M Parris next; Lowell Ray Parris
Parris, Frances M 1924       husband-F Ray Parris next; Lowell Ray Parris
Parris, Homer F 1910 1992   Nativity wife-Viola M Stone next
Parris, Ida D 1904 1986   Acacia Garden E Star; husband-John E Parris next
Parris, John E 1904 1965   Acacia Garden Mason; wife-Ida D Parris next
Parris, Lowell Ray 1951        
Parrish, Kara Christina 3/12/1986 3/12/1986      
Parrott, Beulah C 1905 1999   Sermon on the Mount husband-James T Parrott next
Parrott, James T 1904 1976   Sermon on the Mount wife-Beulah C Parrott next
Parrott, Joseph H, Sr 1914 1991   Masonic Garden  
Parry, Eva H 4/30/1912 12/24/2002 3/6/1935 Devotion husband-Samuel Rees "Sam" Parry;obitit:son-Sr Sam H Parry
Parry, Samuel Rees "Sam" 1904 1992 3/6/1935 Devotion wife-Eva H Parry next
Parsley, James C 1928 1988      
Parson, Eleanor H 3/28/1917 2/26/2007     husband-Glenn E Parson, Sr next; dates from SSDI 
Parson, Emily B 1934       husband-Glenn E Parson Jr next
Parson, Glenn E, Jr 1935 1980     wife-Emily B Parson next
Parson, Glenn E, Sr 1910 2001     wife-Eleanor H Parson next
Parson, James T 1924       wife-Phyllis McCallie Parson next
Parson, Phyllis McCallie 1935 1984     husband-James T Parson next
Parten, Sarah S 1938 1980      
Partin, Millie 3/10/1922 2/17/1991      
Paschal, Joseph M 1908 1988      
Passons, William Erby IV 4/16/1997 4/24/1997      
Patten, James E 4/16/1922 1/23/1986     wife-Mena P Patten next; PFC US Army WWII
Patten, Jewell L 1938       husband-John H Patten next
Patten, John H 1936       wife-Jewell L Patten next
Patten, Mena P 7/3/1919 5/2/1995     husband-James E Patten next
Patterson, Addie 1/5/1900 9/5/1986   Apostles husband-James Patterson next
Patterson, Audrey L Troxell 1907 1990   Everlasting Life Info courtesy Mary Rogers maryrogers513@gmail.com
Patterson, E Geneva 3/4/1914 6/11/2009     dates from SSDI
Patterson, Edwin Charles 8/2/1920 6/21/1973   Gethsemane  
Patterson, Elizabeth L 1910 1988   Apostles  
Patterson, Hayden Mark 8/29/2000 11/8/2000      
Patterson, Helen H 1915 1982   Apostles  
Patterson, James 10/13/1890 8/20/1982   Apostles wife-Addie Patterson next
Patterson, Loretta 1936 2000   Prayer husband-Paul D Patterson next
Patterson, Louise M 1906 1998     husband-Wm Harlon Patterson next
Patterson, Luella M 10/14/1915 7/11/2004     husband-Ralph Patterson next; dates from SSDI 
Patterson, Paul D 1935     Prayer wife-Loretta Patterson next
Patterson, Ralph 1914 2000   ** wife-Luella M Patterson next
Patterson, Raymond R 1906 1964   Apostles  
Patterson, Robert L 1894 1984      
Patterson, William Harlon 1904 1975     wife-Louise M Patterson next
Patton, Alta R 1917 1995   Apostles  
Patton, Carl 5/15/1916 10/21/2003     wife-Novella Patton next; dates from SSDI
Patton, Charlotte A 6/27/1936 10/23/1981   Old Rugged Cross  
Patton, H Ross 1912 1990   Old Rugged Cross wife-Mamie R Patton next
Patton, Kathleen M 1924 1982   Old Rugged Cross  
Patton, Mamie R 1916     Old Rugged Cross husband-H Ross Patton next
Patton, Novella 1917       husband-Carl Patton next
Patton, William C, MD 4/29/1936 3/2/1981      
Payne, B Herman 1896 1965   Apostles wife-Mary C Payne next
Payne, Brenda J 11/3/1946   6/27/1975   husband-Joe Parker Payne next
Payne, Clarence L 1903 1972   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Izoma M Payne next
Payne, Emory, Jr 1924 1977     wife-Virginia Suttle Payne next
Payne, Faye H 1917     Devotion husband-Wm B Payne next
Payne, Harold T 1924 1989     wife-Sara C Payne next
Payne, Helen M 4/18/1912 6/5/2004     husband-Lafayette G Payne next; dates from SSDI
Payne, Howard R 1929 1988   Old Rugged Cross wife-Thelma F Payne next
Payne, Ida Pauline 1913 1984     husband-Paul P Payne next
Payne, Izoma M 1907 1996   Masonic Garden husband-Clarence L Payne next
Payne, J Hoyt 1910 1991   Gethsemane wife-Millie Mae Payne next
Payne, Jim J 1907 1982   Apostles wife-Wilma J Payne next
Payne, Joe Parker 8/11/1934 3/25/1999 6/27/1975   wife-Brenda J Payne next
Payne, John H 1905 1974     wife-Maggie C Payne next
Payne, Johnny Lindquist 9/3/1957 7/26/1962   Apostles  
Payne, Lafayette G 5/11/1912 6/9/2005     wife-Helen M Payne next; dates from SSDI
Payne, Maggie C 1909 2000     husband-John H Payne next
Payne, Mary C 8/25/1905 4/17/1993   Apostles husband-B Herman Payne next
Payne, Mary Elizabeth 11/14/1908 10/24/1989     "Mom"
Payne, Mary K 1929       husband-Walter J Payne next
Payne, Michael David 1957 5/19/2002     obitit:par-W E & Elise Payne;bro-Elliott Payne
Payne, Paul P 1910 1977     wife-Ida Pauline Payne next
Payne, Richard A 4/13/1939 9/28/1976      
Payne, Sara C 1925       husband-Harold T Payne next
Payne, Sophia S 1924 1999     husband-Thomas H Payne next
Payne, Thelma F 1933     Old Rugged Cross husband-Howard R Payne next
Payne, Thomas H 1924 1988     wife-Sophia S Payne next
Payne, Virginia Suttle 1928 2000     husband-Emory Payne Jr next
Payne, Walter J 11/12/1915 4/30/2005     wife-Mary K Payne next; dates from SSDI
Payne, William B 1912 1976   Devotion wife-Faye H Payne next
Payne, Willie Mae 1912     Gethsemane husband-J Hoyt Payne next
Payne, Wilma J 11/2/1913 10/11/2004   Apostles husband-Jim J Payne next; dates from SSDI
Peace, Edward B 1931        
Peace, Lucille L 1919        
Peak, Rhonda Denise McGill 1971 1/31/2003   Apostles obitit:husband-Mikel Peak;sons-Brandon Mikel,Kermit Zachary & Tanner James Peak;par-Martha F & Dannie H McGill
Pearce, Betty J 1927 1996     husband-Paul H Pearce next
Pearce, Paul H 1929 2001     wife-Betty J Pearce next
Pearson, Anna M 1966     Nativity  
Pearson, Elizabeth L 1928 1989     husband-James B Pearson next
Pearson, Georgia "Christine" Marler 6/16/1917 1/8/2003 00/00/1935 Apostles husband-James F Pearson nx;obitit:par-Oscar & Ida Marler;sis-Annabelle Marler Wimberly
Pearson, Homer H 1899 1960   Apostles  
Pearson, J Atlee 1922 9/14/2002     obitit:Phyllis Minter Pearson;par-Jesse B & Letha Richey Pearson;sons-Keith & Thomas B Pearson; 8th USAF 92nd Bomb Grp, WWII
Pearson, James B 1921 1991     wife-Elizabeth L Pearson next
Pearson, James F 1905 1993 00/00/1935 Apostles wife-Georgia "Christine" Marler Pearson next
Pearson, James H 1888 1965   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Mae T Pearson next
Pearson, Mae T 1897 1985   Masonic Garden E Star; husband-James H Pearson next
Pearson, Reba M 1928 1988      
Pearson, Sylvia I 1926 1993   Nativity  
Pearson, Williard O 7/5/1908 5/3/1999      
Pece, Mary A 07/13/1891 7/5/1959   Gethsemane  
Pece, Robert L 2/25/1925 6/1/1976   Gethsemane  
Peck, Fannie H 1922 1972   Apostles husband-Robert R Peck next
Peck, Robert R 1922 1989   Apostles wife-Fannie H Peck next
Peek, Charles D 1908 1992   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Lillian H Peek next
Peek, Charles K 1942       wife-Charlotte A Peek next
Peek, Charlotte A 1944       husband-Charles K Peek next
Peek, Lillian H 1916 1983   Masonic Garden E Star; husband-Charles D Peek next
Pelfrey, Alex Keith 10/12/1990 11/18/1990   Babyland  
Pelfrey, Andy J 09/21/1899 12/16/1973   Apostles wife-Fannie N Pelfrey next
Pelfrey, Clyde B, Sr 1932     Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Doris L Pelfrey next
Pelfrey, Daniel Gene 4/4/1985 4/4/1985      
Pelfrey, Doris L 1931 1986   Masonic Garden husband-Clyde B Pelfrey Sr next
Pelfrey, Fannie N 12/5/1909 10/6/1966   Apostles husband-Andy J Pelfrey next
Pelfrey, Harold Eugene 5/9/1966 5/9/1966   Masonic Garden  
Pelfrey, J H "Rab" 1911 1978   Apostles wife-Marie G Pelfrey next
Pelfrey, James A 1929 1976   Old Rugged Cross  
Pelfrey, Lake A 1908 1971   Devotion wife-Veda R Pelfrey next
Pelfrey, Madge M 1910 1990   Masonic Garden husband-Oliver M Pelfrey next
Pelfrey, Marie G 1914 1995   Apostles husband-J H "Rab" Pelfrey next
Pelfrey, Oliver M 1905 1976   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Madge M Pelfrey next
Pelfrey, Veda R 1915     Devotion husband-Lake A Pelfrey next
Pelham, Ruth E 7/30/1920 11/16/1985   Apostles  
Pemberton, Donald E 1920 1982   Old Rugged Cross PFC US Army WWII, Korea
Pendergraph, Bessie L 1891 1965   Masonic Garden  
Pendergraph, Faye Sisk 1920 1998   Masonic Garden husband-Howard C Pendergraph next
Pendergraph, Howard C 1915 1963   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Faye Sisk Pendergraph next; dates from SSDI
Pendergraph, Opal O 2/24/1923 2/14/2009   Masonic Garden E Star; husband-Raymond Pendergraph next
Pendergraph, Raymond 7/20/1920 12/14/1988   Masonic Garden wife-Opal O Perdergraph next; MOMM2 US Navy WWII
Pendergrass, Amanda P 1892 1977   Apostles  
Pendergrass, Bruce B 12/7/1923 3/12/1990     wife-Willodeen S Pendergrass next
Pendergrass, Clyde 1919 1970     wife-Edna Pendergrass next
Pendergrass, Donna Morrow 1954 2/7/2003     obitit:mom-Myrtle Swinney,dad-Dewey Morrow;husband-Danny Pendergrass;children-Ben & Amanda Pendergrass
Pendergrass, Edna 8/9/1919 9/26/2010     husband-Clyde Pendergrass next; dates from SSDI
Pendergrass, Edna M 1888 1981   Apostles husband-Thomas J Pendergrass next
Pendergrass, Harold D 1947 2001   Masonic Garden wife-Sandra Gail Pendergrass next; S Ross Pendergrass
Pendergrass, Howard L 4/26/1926 4/27/2001   Apostles Tec 4 US Army WWII
Pendergrass, Maggie M 1924 1995   Old Rugged Cross "Mom"; husband-Ralph R Pendergrass next
Pendergrass, Martha E 1892 1982   Masonic Garden  
Pendergrass, Nellie R 4/28/1920 5/18/2005   Old Rugged Cross husband-Victor L Pendergrass next; dates from SSDI
Pendergrass, Phillip M 1948 1976   Sermon on the Mount  
Pendergrass, Ralph R 1911 1998   Old Rugged Cross "Dad"; wife-Maggie M Pendergrass next
Pendergrass, S Ross 1921 1998   Masonic Garden Mason
Pendergrass, Sandra Gail 1944 1990   Masonic Garden husband-Harold D Pendergrass next
Pendergrass, Thomas J 1886 1965   Apostles wife-Edna M Pendergrass next
Pendergrass, Victor L 1909 1985   Old Rugged Cross wife-Nellie R Pendergrass next
Pendergrass, Willodeen S 9/8/1925 1/14/2003     husband-Bruce B Pendergrass nx;obit:children-Wayne & Brenda Pendergrass;gchild:Marcus & Cherrity Davis
Pendleton, Betty J 1928        
Pendleton, Howard M 1921 1989   Old Rugged Cross wife-Nell C Pendleton next
Pendleton, Nell C 6/29/1917 11/1/2010   Old Rugged Cross husband-Howard M Pendleton next; dates from SSDI
Penland, Joseph Bradley 5/18/1992 5/29/1992      
Penney, Albert Grant 01/25/1895 5/18/1966   Devotion wife-Delphia Ann Penney
Penney, Beatrice 8/24/1920 6/10/1995   Old Rugged Cross  
Penney, D Larry 1942 1984      
Penney, Delphia Ann 10/4/1900 9/8/1972   Devotion husband-Albert Grant Penney next
Penney, Edra 1928 1982   Apostles  
Penney, Evelyn E 1932     Apostles "Mom"; husband-Harold E Penney Sr next
Penney, H Jane 1897 1974   Apostles husband-Joe S Penney next
Penney, Harold E, Sr 1931 1978   Apostles "Dad"; wife-Evelyn E Penney next
Penney, Hazel S 1921 2000   Apostles husband-Roy Lee Penney next
Penney, Joe S 1890 1958   Apostles wife-H Jane Penney next
Penney, Mary E 12/31/1955 3/16/1984      
Penney, Mildred E 1922 1992   Nativity  
Penney, Rhonda Gay 9/25/1957 11/15/1957   Apostles  
Penney, Ronald R 1941 1959      
Penney, Roy Lee 1/10/1914 12/26/2003   Apostles wife-Hazel S Penney next; dates from SSDI
Penney, Ruby B 1907 1999   Masonic Garden E Star; husband-Will W Penney next
Penney, Virgil W 1913 1963   Devotion  
Penney, Will W 1897 1967   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Ruby B Penney next
Penney, Willie Mae 1921 1997      
Pennington, Beulah C 1901 1980     husband-James L Pennington next
Pennington, James L 1903 1985     wife-Beulah C Pennington next
Penny, Debbie S 1961       husband-Wm L Penny next
Penny, Jo Ann 10/30/1968 3/15/1992      
Penny, William L 1959       wife-Debbie S Penny next
Peoples, Clinton H 1935 1990   Nativity  
Perkey, Beulah C 1912 1993     husband-John D Perkey next
Perkey, Charles G 1941 1989   Gethsemane Mason; wife-Nancy E Perkey next
Perkey, Debby L 1954     Nativity husband-Earl L "Sonny" Perkey Jr next
Perkey, Earl L "Sonny", Jr 1954 2001   Nativity wife-Debby L Perkey next
Perkey, John D 1910 1965     wife-Beulah C Perkey next
Perkey, John Paul 1938 1978      
Perkey, Lee Ed 1933 1976     wife-Patsy Jo Perkey next
Perkey, Nancy E 1942     Gethsemane husband-Charles G Perkey next
Perkey, Patsy Jo 1936       husband-Lee Ed Perkey next
Perkey, Robert Lee 1961 1987      
Perkins, Dixie I 1915 1990   Apostles husband-Ralph C Perkins next
Perkins, Franklin Winslow "Ty", Jr 10/31/1915 1/27/1972   Apostles wife-Virginia H "Gina" Perkins next
Perkins, Franklin Winslow, Sr 1880 1958   Devotion wife-Myrtice "Donna" N Perkins next
Perkins, Harry Waite 1907 1988   Apostles wife-Margaret Lee Perkins next
Perkins, Juanita 1921 1/7/2003     obitit:childrn:Peggy Carlisle,Kathy Carpenter & James E Perkins;sis-Virginia Winnie,Ruby Quarles,Lillian Nalley
Perkins, Margaret Lee 1911 1999   Apostles husband-Harry Waite Perkins next
Perkins, Myrtice "Donna" N 1888 1983   Devotion husband-Franklin Winslow Perkins, Sr next
Perkins, Ralph C 1915 1989   Apostles wife-Dixie I Perkins next
Perkins, Sidney D 1905 1970   Apostles wife-V Corinne Perkins next
Perkins, V Corinne 1921     Apostles husband-Sidney D Perkins next
Perkins, Virginia H "Gina" 7/19/1918     Apostles husband-Franklin Winslow "Ty" Perkins Jr next
Permenter, Alice M 8/1/1906 5/9/2003     husband-Eugene S Permenter next; dates from SSDI
Permenter, Eugene S 1905 1987     wife-Alice M Permenter next
Perry, Clara T 1891 1975   Apostles husband-Ollie D Perry next
Perry, Ella Ruth 8/25/1922 6/25/1994     husband-Isham Albert next
Perry, Ernest C 1914 1980   Apostles wife-Grace V Perry next
Perry, Grace V 1924     Apostles husband-Ernest C Perry next
Perry, Hubert H, Jr 1929 1998   Apostles wife-Jacqueline Perry next
Perry, Isham Albert 8/3/1910 1/6/1996     wife-Ella Ruth Perry next
Perry, Jacqueline 1930     Apostles husband-Hubert H Perry Jr next
Perry, Lucy A 1895 1989   Gethsemane husband-Robert E Perry next
Perry, Nellie S 1903 1989   Apostles husband-Peter H Perry next
Perry, Ollie D 1890 1967   Apostles wife-Clara T Perry next
Perry, Peter H 1895 1962   Apostles wife-Nellie S Perry next
Perry, Robert E 1886 1964   Gethsemane wife-Lucy A Perry next
Peters, Carol A 1948     Old Rugged Cross husband-James G Peters next
Peters, James G 1946 1991   Old Rugged Cross wife-Carol A Peters next
Peterson, David E "Eddie" 1984 2002   Prayer  
Peterson, Everett R 4/21/1914 12/24/1999     "Married 56 Years" US Army
Petty, Dorothy L 1923 1990   Old Rugged Cross E Star; husband-Wallace W Petty next
Petty, Elizabeth N 1918 1998     husband-Montague C Petty next
Petty, Ernest L 1903 1977   Apostles wife-Leona L Petty next
Petty, Fred 1901 1971   Apostles husband-Grace B Petty next
Petty, Grace B 1899 1970   Apostles husband-Fred Petty next
Petty, Harry H 1910 1985   Apostles wife-Lorene H Petty next
Petty, Jessie R 4/17/1919 10/30/2009     husband-Paul W Petty next; dates from SSDI
Petty, Leona F 1905 1989   Apostles husband-Ernest L Petty next
Petty, Lorene H 3/26/1916 3/20/2005   Apostles husband-Harry H Petty next; dates from SSDI
Petty, Montague C 1919 1980     wife-Elizabeth N Petty next
Petty, Paul W  1913 1993     wife-Jessie R Petty next
Petty, Wallace W 1911 1980   Old Rugged Cross Mason; wife-Dorothy L Petty next
Pettyjohn, Sarah V 1923 1998     husband-W Rex Pettyjohn next
Pettyjohn, W Rex 1924 1993     wife-Sarah V Pettyjohn next
Pharr, Alma Lela 1888 1972   Apostles husband-W T Ade Pharr next
Pharr, Buford J "Jack", Rev 10/17/1909 1/25/2003     obitit:par-Wm A & Lelia Crowder Pharr;wif-Mildred Burkett Pharr;dau-Betty Wynne,Frankie Simpkins
Pharr, W T Ade 1883 1969   Apostles wife-Alma Lela Pharr next
Phelps, Annie Maud 1/24/1907 12/10/1989      
Phelps, David Isaac 12/4/1934 12/1/1999      
Phelps, Helen S 1909 5/24/2002   Old Rugged Cross from obit:gdau-Glenda Bales, Joan Gillis & Shelia Coffman
Phelps, Virginia Ann 1929 1987      
Phelps, Virginia Rose 10/29/1917 4/28/1997   Apostles  
Phillips, Allie B 1900 1963   Masonic Garden husband-Walter B Phillips next
Phillips, Ann H 1918     Old Rugged Cross husband-Wm W Phillips next
Phillips, Anna Lucille 10/6/1924 6/27/1999   Devotion "Wife, Mother, Grandmother"
Phillips, B F "Skeet" 4/6/1911 3/31/1991 5/25/1929 Apostles Mason
Phillips, Cathy Louise 12/30/1958 3/6/1978   Nativity  
Phillips, Charles I 1912 1987     wife-Leola S Phillips next
Phillips, Cora P 1892 1972   Apostles  
Phillips, Coy L 1905 1981     wife-Ruth E Phillips next
Phillips, Fannie Lee 1922 1988     husband-Ray Phillips next
Phillips, Frances L 3/17/1919     Old Rugged Cross "Mom"; husband-James L Phillips next
Phillips, Hattie E 02/26/1889 8/29/1961   Devotion  
Phillips, James B, Sr 1942 1987   Old Rugged Cross  
Phillips, James L 4/17/1917 10/7/1991   Old Rugged Cross wife-Frances L Phillips next; S1 US Navy, WWII
Phillips, Jesse J, Sr 1903 1963   Nativity  
Phillips, Jessie E 1935     Old Rugged Cross "Mother"; husband-Ralph Awbrey Phillips Sr next
Phillips, Joe Stephen 8/25/1954 7/27/1976   Nativity  
Phillips, Leola S 1914       husband-Charles I Phillips next
Phillips, Patrick Nathaniel 12/26/1984 11/6/1986   Nativity  
Phillips, Ralph Awbrey, Sr 1927 1985   Old Rugged Cross "Father"; wife-Jessie E Phillips next
Phillips, Ray 1920 1971     wife-Fannie Lee Phillips next
Phillips, Robert H 11/12/1908 11/16/1969   Devotion Tn Pvt Ord Dept WWII
Phillips, Ruth E 1912 2000     husband-Coy L Phillips next
Phillips, T L, Rev 1906 3/29/2002     from obit:1st wif-Adell Phillips;2nd wif-Odena Phillips;sons-James C,W A & Mitchell Phillips;stepson-Ken Green
Phillips, Walter B 1895 1960   Masonic Garden wife-Allie B Phillips next
Phillips, Willard N, Sr 1915 1984     wife-Winnie M Phillips next; Mason
Phillips, William W 1912 1989   Old Rugged Cross wife-Ann H Phillips next
Phillips, Winnie M 1920       husband-Willard N Phillips, Sr next; E Star
Philpott, Don M 5/2/1956 8/13/1978      
Philpott, Lemuel M 2/9/1903 11/11/1981      
Phuong, Fernando Sanh 1934 1993      
Piazza, Gary Ray 11/28/1964 3/2/1972   Apostles  
Pickens, Irene E 1896 1978   Devotion husband-Robert A Pickens next
Pickens, Robert A 1882 1964   Devotion wife-Irene E Pickens next
Pickering, Hazel H 1897 1978   Apostles husband-W Luke Pickering next
Pickering, W Luke 1894 1977   Apostles wife-Hazel H Pickering next
Pickett,  Dave W 1881 1958   Masonic Garden wife-Louise P Pickett next
Pickett, Alice R 1918 1995   Apostles husband-Harrison R Pickett next
Pickett, Benjamin K 4/11/1919 12/5/2008   Apostles wife-Gladys P Pickett next; dates from SSDI
Pickett, Denise P 1952 1997   Old Rugged Cross  
Pickett, Ethel L 1899 1977     husband-W A Pickett next
Pickett, Ewing 1904 1976   Apostles wife-Myrtle K Pickett next
Pickett, Gladys P 1925 1999   Apostles husband-Benjamin K Pickett next; Harrison R & Alice R Pickett
Pickett, Grady 1903 1988   Gethsemane wife-Mattie C Pickett next
Pickett, Harrison R 1914 1995   Apostles wife-Alice R Pickett next; Benjamin K & Gladys P Pickett
Pickett, Ila Jean 1927 1990   Apostles husband-Reece Pickett next; Wm L Pickett
Pickett, Jack 1937 2000     wife-Patsy Pickett next; "Married 43 Years"
Pickett, Louise P 1883 1970   Masonic Garden husband-Dave W Pickett next
Pickett, Mattie C 1902 1980   Gethsemane husband-Grady Pickett next
Pickett, Myrtle K 1910 1981   Apostles husband-Ewing Pickett next
Pickett, Patsy C 1938 1/15/2003     husband-Jack Pickett nx "Marr 43 Years";obit:dau-Susan Kennedy;sons-Jack "Mike" & Robert D Pickett
Pickett, Reece 1923 1995   Apostles wife-Ila Jean Pickett next
Pickett, W A 1891 1975     wife-Ethel L Pickett next
Pickett, William L 1/28/1928 11/14/1967   Apostles  
Pickett, Wilton Albert "Bill" 2/28/1928 8/29/2002     obitit:par-Wm Albert & Christine Payne Pickett;wif-Mary Sue Cochran Pickett;son-Wm P Pickett
Pickler, A V 1910     Apostles "Married 60 Years"; wife-Evelyn M Pickler next
Pickler, Evelyn M 1916 1999   Apostles "Married 60 Years"; husband-A V Pickler next
Pierce, Betty C 10/1/1930 8/15/1993      
Pierce, Ira H, Sr 9/25/1916 10/18/1995   Prayer "husbandand, Father"; PFC US Army, WWII
Pierce, Jon R 1946       wife-Peggy A Pierce next
Pierce, Peggy A 1943       husband-Jon R Pierce next
Pierson, June 1939 1998   Apostles  
Pierson, Martha D 8/2/1904 7/27/1998     husband-Warner N Pierson next
Pierson, Warner N 6/12/1900 10/22/1957     wife-Martha D Pierson next
Pike, H Lloyd 1919 1996   Old Rugged Cross  
Pilkinton, Arthur Hensley 08/16/1899 10/23/1982      
Pinion, G Howard 1917 1999     wife-Marie K Pinion next
Pinion, Marie K 1928       husband-G Howard Pinion next
Pippin, Ilia Rebecca 1908 1996      
Pittard, Ewell B 1901 1990     wife-Mary Joe Pittard next
Pittard, Mary Joe 1907 1986     husband-Ewell B Pittard next
Pittman, Carter M 1918 1983     wife-Winnie Sue H Pittman next
Pittman, Catherine J 1925 2000   Nativity husband-James H Pittman next
Pittman, James H 1930     Nativity wife-Catherine J Pittman next
Pittman, John F "Johnny", Jr 10/3/1962 7/30/1993   Apostles  
Pittman, Johnny Doyle 1/30/1936 12/18/1996      
Pittman, Winnie Sue H 1920       husband-Carter M Pittman next
Pitts, B Haynes 1900 1983   Masonic Garden wife-Edna L Pitts next
Pitts, Doris P 1920       husband-Ira M Pitts next
Pitts, Edna L 1906 1983