Hamilton Memorial Gardens
"Ra - Ri"
(Partial Listing)

5401 Highway 153
Hixson, TN 37343-4990

This is an extremely large and relatively new cemetery located in the Hixson area of Chattanooga on Highway 153. The cemetery is just north of Hixson Pike on Highway 153 on the left hand side of the road. Surveyed by Dennis Wilson, Jim Holcomb, Susan Kendall, Linda Coulter, and the Chattanooga Mormon Youth in 2000 - 2003. This is approximately 11,000 of the estimated 25,000 burials in this cemetery.

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Names of individuals in this cemetery were recorded as they appeared on the tombstones. No attempt was made to correct obvious errors or differences in spelling. Every attempt has been made to record this information correctly. However, mistakes are possible.  The information on this page may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other person or organization without the written consent of the contributor, the legal representative of the submitter, or The Hamilton County Tennessee Genealogy Society.

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SSDI = Social Security Death Index

Deceased Born Died Married Section Notes
Rackley, Alfred 1923 1996     wife-Josie Rackley next
Rackley, Dixie D 11/4/1934 7/31/1995   Devotion  
Rackley, Josie 1924 1994     husband-Alfred Rackley next
Raczon, Catherine M 7/8/1913 7/23/2004   Nativity husband-John C Raczon next; married 63 yrs; Dates from SSDI
Raczon, John C 1912 1998   Nativity wife-Catherine M Raczon next; married 63 yrs
Rader, Ronnie C 2/27/1943 4/21/1981   Apostles  
Radford, Helena L 1886 1967     husband-John J Radford next
Radford, John J 1883 1963     wife-Helena L Radford next
Radpour, M Hossein 1901 1999      
Ragland, Charles I 1904 1969   Apostles wife-Edna W Ragland next
Ragland, Edna W 1903 1986   Apostles husband-Charles I Ragland next
Ragland, Norma L 10/10/1926 12/12/1991      
Ragsdale, Aubrey B 1928 1970   Apostles husband-James L Ragsdale Sr next
Ragsdale, James L, Sr 1927 1982   Apostles wife-Aubrey B Ragsdale next
Rainer, Steven A 1959 1987      
Raines, Charles W 1930 1999   Apostles wife-Wanda L Raines next
Raines, Claudia "Beatrice"   2/21/2003     from obit:hus-Raymond B Raines;son-Wm W Champion;niece-Lillian Whatley Bratcher
Raines, H Direld 5/15/1922 4/9/1997   Apostles Sgt US Army Air Corps WWII
Raines, James R 1916 1991     wife-Uverla C Raines next
Raines, Millie S 1918 2001   Apostles husband-Royce B Raines, Sr next
Raines, Nancy K  08/07/1894 1/3/1958   Apostles  
Raines, Patricia R 1930 1994   Apostles husband-Vernon O Raines next
Raines, Royce B, Sr 1917 1999   Apostles Mason; wife-Millie S Raines next
Raines, Uverla C 1917 1983     husband-James R Raines next
Raines, Vernon O 1926 1979   Apostles wife-Patricia R Raines next
Raines, Wanda L 1932     Apostles husband-Charles W Raines next
Rains, Bethel J 1932 1970   Nativity  
Rains, Fay T 1931     Sermon on the Mount husband-Ralph W Rains next
Rains, Gladys M 12/26/1915 11/26/1993   Nativity  
Rains, Layton L 1911 1983     wife-Ruby P Rains next
Rains, Ralph W 1916 1981   Sermon on the Mount wife-Fay T Rains next
Rains, Ruby P 1914 1997     husband-Layton L Rains next
Ramay, Frank 1876 1960   Apostles wife-Lena Ramay next; Joseph T & Lelia M Ramay
Ramay, Joseph T 1912 1988   Apostles wife-Lelia M Ramay next; Frank & Lena Ramay
Ramay, Lelia M 1930     Apostles husband-Joseph T Ramay next; Frank & Lena Ramay
Ramay, Lena 1883 1956   Apostles husband-Frank Ramay next; Joseph T & Lelia M Ramay
Ramey, Georgia T 1921     Prayer husband-Melvin D Ramey next
Ramey, Leroy John 1/21/1940 10/27/1998   Masonic Garden US Navy USS Hopewell
Ramey, Mayree Owens 1905 1963   Masonic Garden husband-Robert L Ramey, Sr next; son-Robert L Ramey Jr; 
Ramey, Melvin D 1914 1997   Prayer wife-Georgia T Ramey next
Ramey, Robert L, Jr 2/15/1927 6/24/1996   Masonic Garden parentsents-Robert L Sr and Mayree Owens Ramey next; US Navy WW II
Ramey, Robert L, Sr 1901 1964   Masonic Garden wife-Mayree Owens Ramey next; son-Robert L Ramey Jr
Ramey, Thomas Owen 12/17/1928 5/7/1956   Masonic Garden Tn AVN Cadt 3545 TNG AF WW II
Ramsay, Helen S 1914 1983   Masonic Garden  
Ramsey, George O 1915 2001   Apostles wife-Josephine R Ramsey next
Ramsey, Glenn B 1919 1996      
Ramsey, Irene A 1901 1981     husband-Oliver O Ramsey next
Ramsey, Josephine R 1921 1995   Apostles husband-George O Ramsey next
Ramsey, Mabel L 1913     Apostles husband-Marshall E Ramsey next
Ramsey, Marshall E 1912 1989   Apostles wife-Mabel L Ramsey next
Ramsey, Oliver O 1898 1974     wife-Irene A Ramsey next
Randolph, Clifford S 1924       wife-Wanda J Randolph next
Randolph, James D, Sr 1923 3/25/2002     from obit:parents-James A & Molly E Welch Randolph;wif-Ruth H Randolph;son-James D Jr;dau-Virginia & Charlotte; US Army Corps of Engineers, WWII
Randolph, Wanda J 1922       husband-Clifford S Randolph next
Rankhorn, Mary Ann 1943       husband-Wallace C Rankhorn next
Rankhorn, Wallace C 1940 1998     wife-Mary Ann Rankhorn next
Rankin, John H 2/25/1919 9/22/1979   Nativity  
Ransom, Lecia 2/23/1953 1/22/1998   Sermon on the Mount  
Ransom, Nell A 1937 2002   Prayer husband-Walter E Ransom next
Ransom, Walter E 1935     Prayer wife-Nell A Ransom next
Raper, Alta Ross 2/12/1911 1/31/1998     husband-Jack Herman Raper next
Raper, Jack Herman 10/17/1908 7/20/1999     wife-Alta Ross Raper next
Ratchford, Margaret Sertel 5/27/1929 5/29/1987   Old Rugged Cross "Wife, Mother"
Raulins, Bert F 2/16/1912 10/30/2000   Prayer wife-Elizabeth M Raulins next
Raulins, Elizabeth M 9/24/1913 12/28/2009   Prayer husband-Bert F Raulins next; Dates from SSDI
Raulston, Charles W 1/22/1935 8/11/1994   Nativity  
Raulston, Eloise C 1909 1985   Acacia Garden husband-George H Raulston next
Raulston, George H 1903 1996   Acacia Garden wife-Eloise C Raulston next
Raulston, Herbert 11/11/1922 1/13/2000   Prayer  
Raulston, Virgil F 10/13/1921 4/23/1999   Old Rugged Cross 1st Lt, US Army
Rautenbach, Rolf B 1915 1984      
Rawdon, Benjamin P 5/7/1920 7/16/1997   Old Rugged Cross wife-Mozzelle R Rawdon next; Dates from SSDI
Rawdon, Mozzelle R 1923 1986   Old Rugged Cross husband-Benjamin P Rawdon next
Rawlings, James Herbert 1899 1964   Devotion wife-Nelle K Rawlings next
Rawlings, Nelle K 1905 1982   Devotion husband-James Herbert Rawlings next
Rawlston, Dorothy McCoy 3/6/1915 10/24/1997     husband-George Marvin Rawwlston next
Rawlston, E Joe 1928 2002   Apostles wife-Emmeline L Rawlston next
Rawlston, Edwin L 1918 1987     wife-Elizabeth H Rawlston next; US Army
Rawlston, Elizabeth H 1922       husband-Edwin L Rawlston next
Rawlston, Emmeline L 1928 1984   Apostles husband-E Joe Rawlston next; Lawrence R Rawlston
Rawlston, Everett "Joe" 1929 8/31/2002     from obit:parents-Lawrence & Mae Rawlston;1st wif-Emmaline Lovelady Rawlston;2nd wif-Frances Brown Rawlston
Rawlston, George Marvin 1/2/1916 5/10/1996     wife-Dorothy McCoy Rawlston next
Rawlston, James Marvin 5/19/1938 2/22/1958      
Rawlston, Lawrence R 1906 1974   Apostles  
Ray, Caleb Dean 2/17/1998 2/22/1998   Babyland  
Ray, Cecil D 1900 1980   Masonic Garden wife-Jessie D Ray next
Ray, Charles T 1927       wife-Sara L Ray next
Ray, Cora Long 1884 1968   Apostles  
Ray, DeLora C 1960     Old Rugged Cross husband-Joseph T Ray next
Ray, Donald Lee 12/5/1934 11/20/1987     1st Lt US Army
Ray, Jessie D 5/20/1907 Jan-96   Masonic Garden husband-Cecil D Ray next; Dates from SSDI
Ray, Joseph T 1952 2000   Old Rugged Cross wife-DeLora C Ray next
Ray, Sara L 1930       husband-Charles T Ray next
Raymond, Gordon Dean 1938       wife-Kay Ellen Raymond next
Raymond, Kay Ellen 1940 1993     husband-Gordon Dean Raymond next
Reach, Dorothy J 1925     Masonic Garden husband-W G "Snow" Reach next
Reach, W G "Snow" 1916 1989   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Dorothy J Reach next
Reagan, Bernice F 1925     Apostles husband-Radford B Reagan next
Reagan, Radford B 1924 1999   Apostles wife-Bernice F Reagan next
Rector, Bessie W 1894 1974     husband-Carl H Rector next
Rector, Beulah E 1/14/1910 5/18/1955   Masonic Garden  
Rector, Carl H 1890 1980     wife-Bessie W Rector next
Rector, Daniel E 7/25/1939 2/22/1982   Sermon on the Mount  
Rector, Ethel Rowe 1910 1973      
Rector, Jack Berry 10/11/1922 11/10/1994      
Rector, Mary Leola 1905 1974   Apostles  
Rector, Max S 1920 1995      
Rector, Ted S 1919        
Redd, William C 1900 1986      
Redden, Doris E 1938 1993   Sermon on the Mount  
Reddick, Augustus F 1901 1979   Apostles Mason; wife-Mabel O Reddick next
Reddick, Mabel O 1902 1974   Apostles husband-Augustus F Reddick next
Reece, Anna L 1/7/1919 1/3/1979   Apostles  
Reece, Elizabeth D 1936       husband-Robert E Reece next
Reece, Elsie C 1890 1982   Apostles  
Reece, Gale A 4/30/1947 6/16/2001      
Reece, James L 1876 1962   Apostles  
Reece, James P 1926 1985   Old Rugged Cross  
Reece, Mildred M 2/3/1915 9/16/1978   Apostles husband-W Glenn Reece next
Reece, Robert E 1931 1997     wife-Elizabeth D Reece next
Reece, W Glenn 1/18/1913 12/20/1967   Apostles wife-Mildred M Reece next
Reed, Adrienne S 11/28/1940     Nativity husband-James H Reed next
Reed, April S 5/18/1929 10/20/1981     husband-Roy J Reed next
Reed, Bertice Sue 1938 1985      
Reed, David T 1935 2000     wife-Martha C Reed next
Reed, Elizabeth S 1930     Old Rugged Cross husband-Rev Robert E Reed next
Reed, Fred G, Jr 1917 1985   Masonic Garden wife-Gertrude P "Trudy" Reed next
Reed, George F 1926 1993   Old Rugged Cross wife-Martha R Reed next
Reed, Gertrude P "Trudy" 1920 1971   Masonic Garden husband-Fred G Reed, Jr next
Reed, Hazel D 1905 1996      
Reed, James H 12/26/1936 2/8/2000   Nativity wife-Adrienne S Reed next
Reed, James W 8/24/1961 10/28/1991      
Reed, Kate P 1911 1973     husband-Nowell C Reed next
Reed, Linda S 1945       husband-Paul M Reed next
Reed, Martha C 1939       husband-David T Reed next
Reed, Martha R 1922 1992   Old Rugged Cross husband-Goerge F Reed next
Reed, Nowell C 1907 1964     wife-Kate P Reed next
Reed, Paul M 1942       wife-Linda S Reed next
Reed, Robert E, Rev 1930 1993   Old Rugged Cross wife-Elizabeth S Reed next
Reed, Roy J 7/24/1922       wife-April S Reed next
Reed, Ruth M 3/1/1931 8/10/1997     "Mom"
Reed, Sarah L 1908 1984   Devotion  
Reed, Timothy Wayne 9/10/1962 2/27/1963   Babyland  
Reed, Verna I 1920 1991      
Reed, Walter D 11/23/1921 5/14/1993   Old Rugged Cross US Navy, Pvt
Reeder, Stella B 1906 2000     husband-Wm Marvin Reeder next
Reeder, William Marvin 1903 1975     wife-Stella B Reeder next
Rees, James H 1917 1961   Sermon on the Mount wife-Lillian L Rees next
Rees, James T 4/14/1937 6/15/1991   Sermon on the Mount  
Rees, Lillian L 1918 1979   Sermon on the Mount husband-James H Rees next
Reese, Gale A 4/30/1947 6/16/2001   Nativity  
Reese, John T 1933   6/11/1952 Prayer wife-Nina Tolley Reese next
Reese, Lois W 1909 1997      
Reese, Nina Tolley 1930   6/11/1952 Prayer husband-John T Reese next
Reeves, Allean H       Acacia Garden E Star; no dates; husband-Otis M "Mac" Reeves next
Reeves, Dewaine 12/16/1988 12/18/1988   Babyland  
Reeves, Edward J 1884 1972   Apostles wife-Flora V Reeves next
Reeves, Elsie C 1921 2000   Devotion husband-L B "Bill" Reeves next
Reeves, Flora V 1894 1983   Apostles husband-Edward J Reeves next
Reeves, Helen "Louise" Burroughs Smith 1924 4/2/2002     obit:hus-Joe T Smith & John Frank Reeves;parents-Jess & Bertha Burroughs;childrn-Fonda Holloway;Larry "Joe" Smith
Reeves, James M, Jr 8/2/1917 1/20/2003 10/10/1941   obit:Mary "Bernice" Harrison Reeves;sons-James M III & Robert H Reeves;sis-Lillian Hise
Reeves, L B "Bill" 1918 1994   Devotion wife-Elsie C Reeves next
Reeves, Laura R 1934       husband-Lee F Reeves next;"Married 49 Years"
Reeves, Lee F 1932 2001     wife-Laura R Reeves next; "Married 49 Years"
Reeves, Otis M "Mac" 1925 1996   Acacia Garden Mason; wife-Allean H Reeves next
Reeves, R A 1913 1979   Apostles wife-Ruth E Reeves next
Reeves, Ruth E 1919 2000   Apostles husband-R A Reeves next
Reichle, C Lucille 1910 2001   Nativity  
Reichle, F Garland 1906 1990   Nativity  
Reichman, Edna R 1896 1983   Devotion  
Reid, Claude N 1908 1989   Apostles wife-Irene F Reid next
Reid, Irene F 1904 1992   Apostles husband-Claude N Reid next
Reid, Jewell F 1923     Old Rugged Cross wife-Sendra W Reid next; "Married 55 Years"
Reid, Rosa Lee 1938     * husband-Thomas Reid, Sr next
Reid, Sendra W 1923 1999   Old Rugged Cross husband-Jewell F Reid next; "Married 55 Years"
Reid, Thomas, Sr 1935 2000   * wife-Rosa Lee Reid next
Reiffenstein, Angela D 1936 1989   Apostles husband-Kurt E Reiffenstein next; "1988 Bowlers Hall of Fame"
Reiffenstein, Kurt E 1932     Apostles wife-Angela D Reiffenstein next; USMC Retired 1949-1969
Reilly, John J 1905 1984   Old Rugged Cross wife-Myrtle D Reilly next
Reilly, Myrtle D 1927     Old Rugged Cross husband-John J Reilly next
Reis, Mollie Ida 12/6/1905 12/30/2002   Prayer  
Render, Eric Michael 2/26/1976 5/3/1985   Nativity  
Renegar, Dorothy H 1918 1997   Apostles husband-Ross F Renegar next
Renegar, Ross F 1912 1986   Apostles wife-Dorothy H Renegar next
Reno, Brenda Kay 6/4/1954 2/27/2001   Acacia Garden "Wife, Mom"; next
Reno, Cecil E 1908 1972   Apostles wife-Eugenia P Reno next
Reno, Dewey P, Jr 1930 1996     wife-Lucille J Reno next
Reno, Esta S 1917     Apostles husband-Willie L Reno next
Reno, Eugenia P 1911 1993   Apostles husband-Cecil E Reno next
Reno, Janie 1900 1964   Apostles see under Janie Reno St Claire
Reno, Loraine A 1914 1985   Nativity husband-Walter F Reno next
Reno, Lucille J 1935       husband-Dewey P Reno Jr next
Reno, Travis 11/4/1977 2/27/1993   Apostles *
Reno, Walter F 1909 1981   Nativity wife-Loraine A Reno next
Reno, Walter Leon 7/13/1951 2/27/2000   Acacia Garden "Brother"; next: Brenda Kay Reno
Reno, Willie L 1911 1984   Apostles wife-Esta S Reno next
Reppert, Charlie Martin 2/17/1983 7/20/1992   Old Rugged Cross  
Reppert, David Lee 11/28/1956 12/27/1989   Old Rugged Cross  
Revels, Edith P 11/1/1903 8/13/1990   Nativity husband-Warren E Revels next
Revels, Warren E 3/11/1905 9/18/1974   Nativity wife-Edith P Revels next
Reynolds, Ann S 1912 1999   Masonic Garden husband-Charley H Reynolds next
Reynolds, Charley H 1901 1978   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Ann S Reynolds next
Reynolds, Dorothy M 1922     Masonic Garden husband-James E Reynolds next
Reynolds, Essie Rae 12/25/1893 11/26/1981   Apostles husband-James R Reynolds Sr next
Reynolds, James E 1920 1988   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Dorothy M Reynolds next
Reynolds, James R, Sr 12/02/1891 7/30/1959   Apostles wife-Essie Rae Reynolds next
Reynolds, Jessie J 1897 1980   Apostles wife-Lillie S Reynolds next
Reynolds, John D, PFC 1947 1967   Apostles  
Reynolds, Lillie S 1899 1991   Apostles husband-Jessie J Reynolds next
Reynolds, Muriel E 1936       husband-Thomas A Reynolds next
Reynolds, Thomas A 1932 1987     wife-Muriel E Reynolds next
Reynolds, William Roy 7/8/1951 1/22/1994   Apostles SSGT USMC
Rhea, A Wesley 1880 1963   Apostles wife-Clara M Rhea next; Claude W & Lucile E Rhea
Rhea, Clara M 1880 1958   Apostles husband-A Wesley Rhea next; Claude W & Lucile E Rhea
Rhea, Claude W 1909 1974   Apostles wife-Lucile E Rhea next; A Wesley & Clara M Rhea
Rhea, J Baxter 1914 1966   Apostles wife-Nora G Rhea next
Rhea, James E "Slick" 5/13/1936 12/1/1991   Apostles  
Rhea, Lucile E 9/8/1909 11/16/2007   Apostles husband-Claude W Rhea next; Dates from SSDI
Rhea, Nannie M 1906 1972   Apostles husband-W L "Bill" Rhea next
Rhea, Nora G 1915 1995   Apostles husband-J Baxter Rhea next
Rhea, Thomas L 1889 1974     wife-Vicie B Rhea next
Rhea, Vicie B 1898 1959     husband-Thomas L Rhea next
Rhea, W L "Bill" 1906 1956   Apostles wife-Nannie M Rhea next; J Baxter, Nora G & James E "Slick" Rhea
Rhinehart, Mamie L 1912 1982     husband-Ralph L Rhinehart next
Rhinehart, Ralph L 1912 1991     wife-Mamie L Rhinehart next
Rhoades, Anna M 1913 1996      
Rhoades, Judith A 1943        
Rhodes, Cecil W 1924 1992     wife-Virginia B Rhodes next
Rhodes, Ida Lee 1892 1975   Masonic Garden E Star; husband-Lawrence W Rhodes next
Rhodes, Lawrence W 1891 1957   Masonic Garden wife-Ida Lee Rhodes next
Rhodes, Lawrence W "Bill", Jr 1915 1977   Apostles  
Rhodes, Virginia B 1924       husband-Cecil W Rhodes next
Ribbins, Berlena Spears 1957 1998   Prayer  
Rice, Anna F 1900 1983     husband-Kelso M Rice Sr next; son & dil-Kelso M Jr & Pearl E Rice
Rice, Betty J 1930 1998     husband-Elbert C Rice next
Rice, Edna M 1926     Old Rugged Cross husband-Raymond L Rice next
Rice, Elbert C 1934       wife-Betty J Rice next
Rice, Hubbie Lee 1905 1976   Masonic Garden  
Rice, Inez 1/17/1920 5/10/2007   Apostles "Mom"; husband-Jesse J Rice Sr next; Dates from SSDI
Rice, Jesse J, Sr 1918 1994   Apostles "Dad"; wife-Inez Rice next
Rice, Jesse O 1891 1970   Masonic Garden  
Rice, Kelso M, Jr 1916 1967     wife-Pearl E Rice next; parentsents-Kelso M Sr & Anna F Rice
Rice, Kelso M, Sr 1896 1986     wife-Anna F Rice next; son & dil-Kelso M Jr & Pearl E Rice
Rice, Leola H 1910 1989   Old Rugged Cross husband-Wm C Rice next
Rice, Lewis 1911 1984     wife-Louise F Rice next
Rice, Lisa A 1961 1982   Old Rugged Cross  
Rice, Louise F 1904 1990     husband-Lewis Rice next
Rice, Pearl E 1926 1993     husband-Kelso M Rice Jr next; inlaws-Kelso M Sr & Anna F Rice
Rice, Raymond L 1925 1993   Old Rugged Cross wife-Edna M Rice next
Rice, Sara K 1929 1980   Old Rugged Cross  
Rice, William C 1893 1990   Old Rugged Cross wife-Leola H Rice next
Rich, William E 1916 1991      
Richardson, Carrie A 1894 1990   Devotion husband-Charles M Richardson next
Richardson, Charles M 1895 1970   Devotion wife-Carrie A Richardson next
Richardson, Earl W 1915 7/18/2002     from obit:wif-Evelyn Shell Richardson;children:Don Richardson,Wendell & Duane Moore;Janice Brandenburger; US Army WWII
Richardson, G Ruth 1942     Prayer husband-Stephen T Richardson next
Richardson, James W 1921 1991      
Richardson, Jeanette 12/13/1913 1/17/1990   Apostles husband-Wm W Richardson next
Richardson, John D 1926     Apostles wife-Ruby Lee Richardson next
Richardson, Nannie A 1889 1969   Apostles  
Richardson, Ruby Lee 1922 1994   Apostles husband-John D Richardson next
Richardson, Stephen T 1942     Prayer wife-G Ruth Richardson next
Richardson, William W 1910 1977   Apostles wife-Jeanette Richardson next
Richeson, Joseph M 1884 1972   Apostles wife-Pearl P Richeson next
Richeson, Pearl P 1901 1990   Apostles husband-Joseph M Richeson next
Richie, C Columbus 1913 1991   Old Rugged Cross wife-Irene M Richie next
Richie, Fred E 05/11/1888 11/30/1957   Apostles wife-Malinda E Richie next
Richie, Irene M 1913 1992   Old Rugged Cross husband-C Columbus Richie next
Richie, John Henry 09/16/1891 11/10/1971   Apostles Tn Cpl Co G 159 Inf WWI
Richie, Malinda E 09/17/1888 8/20/1958   Apostles husband-Fred E Richie next; John Henry Richie
Ricketts, Aileen V 1930 1987      
Ricketts, Annie R 1886 1989   Apostles  
Ricketts, Carolyn S 1944 1994      
Ricketts, Evan W 1920 1969   Apostles  
Ricketts, Flancher W 1905 1982   Apostles wife-Inez S Ricketts next
Ricketts, Inez S 1918 1988   Apostles husband-Flancher W Ricketts next
Ricketts, Ollie M 1920 1989   Apostles  
Ricketts, Warner A 1962 1994      
Ricks, Mary M "Peggy" 1918     Gethsemane husband-Oral E "Ric" Ricks next
Ricks, Oral E "Ric" 1925 1918   Gethsemane wife-Mary M "Peggy" Ricks next
Ridge, Betty J 1930       husband-Claude L Ridge next
Ridge, Claude L 1927       wife-Betty J Ridge next
Ridge, George Allen 3/29/1921 7/16/1984   Nativity  
Ridge, Logan Joshua 8/29/1998 8/29/1998   Babyland  
Ridings, Jackie L 1935 1986   Old Rugged Cross  
Rievley, B Aileen 1919 2000 3/21/1937 Masonic Garden E Star; husband-Luther E Rievley next
Rievley, Luther E 1916 1995 3/21/1937 Masonic Garden Mason; wife-B Aileen Rievley next
Riggins, Cynthia A 1948     Old Rugged Cross husband-Reece J Riggins next
Riggins, Reece J 1945 1983   Old Rugged Cross wife-Cynthia A Riggins next
Riggs, Bessie M 1905     Apostles husband-Martin V Riggs next
Riggs, Cooper E, Sr 1/29/1914 7/30/1995   Apostles wife-Mary R Riggs next; S1 US Navy WWII
Riggs, James W 1883 1964   Apostles wife-Mossie M Riggs next
Riggs, Martin V 1891 1973   Apostles wife-Bessie M Riggs next
Riggs, Mary R 1915 1972   Apostles husband-Cooper E Riggs Sr next
Riggs, Mossie M 1890 1970   Apostles husband-James W Riggs next
Rigsby, Earl M 1916 1990   Old Rugged Cross wife-Mary T Rigsby next
Rigsby, Harold R 3/13/1918 2/6/2009     wife-Irene D Rigsby next; Dates from SSDI
Rigsby, Irene D 8/9/1919 9/7/2001     husband-Harold R Rigsby next; Dates from SSDI
Rigsby, Mary T 1918 1995   Old Rugged Cross husband-Earl M Rigsby next
Rigsby, Opal G 1924       husband-Tillman B Rigsby next
Rigsby, Tillman B 1923 1995     wife-Opal G Rigsby next
Rimel, John R 1915 1991   Old Rugged Cross wife-Louise T Rimel next
Rimel, Louise T 1918     Old Rugged Cross husband-John R Rimel next
Rinebolt, Guy S 1908 1995     Mason; wife-Mildred E Rinebolt next
Rinebolt, Mildred E 1908 1989     E Star; husband-Guy S Rinebolt next
Ringley, Geraldine B 4/29/1915 2/15/2010     husband-Lester D Ringley next; Dates from SSDI
Ringley, Lester D 1915 1986     wife-Geraldine B Ringley next
Ritch, Joyce Ann 1931     Old Rugged Cross husband-Paul A Ritch next
Ritch, Paul A 1935     Old Rugged Cross wife-Joyce Ann Ritch next
Ritchey, James E 3/31/1907 4/17/1981     wife-Tressie M Ritchey next
Ritchey, Myrtle 04/12/1897 5/10/1983   Devotion  
Ritchey, Tressie M 2/5/1907 3/11/1998     husband-James E Ritchey next
Ritchie, Harry N 1936        
Ritchie, Louise Alexander 1939 4/10/2002   Old Rugged Cross obit:parents-John R & Josie Alexander;sons-Wm & Ralph Monds;dau-Linda Hall,Patricia Ballew & Bobbie Katafias
Ritchie, Timothy L 10/24/1957 3/12/1985      
Ritchie, Travis Dale 4/17/1975 6/12/1987      
Ritter, Ferdinand C "Rit" 1920       wife-Shirley Atkinson Ritter next
Ritter, Shirley Atkinson 1923 1/22/2003     hus-Ferdinand C "Rit" Ritter nx;from obit:son-Tom Ritter;dau-Patty Ritter Straub;parents-Ellsworth & Mildred Atkinson;mr

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Names of individuals in this cemetery were recorded as they appeared on the tombstones. No attempt was made to correct obvious errors or differences in spelling. Every attempt has been made to record this information correctly. However, mistakes are possible.  The information on this page may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other person or organization without the written consent of the contributor, the legal representative of the submitter, or The Hamilton County Tennessee Genealogy Society.