Hamilton Memorial Gardens
"Ro - Ry"
(Partial Listing)

5401 Highway 153
Hixson, TN 37343-4990

This is an extremely large and relatively new cemetery located in the Hixson area of Chattanooga on Highway 153. The cemetery is just north of Hixson Pike on Highway 153 on the left hand side of the road. Surveyed by Dennis Wilson, Jim Holcomb, Susan Kendall, Linda Coulter, and the Chattanooga Mormon Youth in 2000 - 2003. This is approximately 11,000 of the estimated 25,000 burials in this cemetery.

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Names of individuals in this cemetery were recorded as they appeared on the tombstones. No attempt was made to correct obvious errors or differences in spelling. Every attempt has been made to record this information correctly. However, mistakes are possible.  The information on this page may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other person or organization without the written consent of the contributor, the legal representative of the submitter, or The Hamilton County Tennessee Genealogy Society.

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SSDI = Social Security Death Index

Deceased Born Died Married Section Notes
Roach, Edgar C 1913 1985   Old Rugged Cross wife-Hilda W Roach next
Roach, Hilda W 1921 1984   Old Rugged Cross husband-Edgar C Roach next
Roark, Alvon D 1919 1996   Devotion wife-Joyce G Roack next
Roark, Joyce G 1927     Devotion husband-Alvon D Roark next
Robbins, Billy T 12/2/1963 11/26/1991      
Robbins, Charlotte G 9/12/1900 7/14/1995   Apostles husband-Oral E Robbins next
Robbins, Emily J 1875 1966      
Robbins, Finley G 8/21/1923 12/9/1987   Apostles wife-Martha B Robbins next; Oral E & Charlotte G Robbins
Robbins, Martha B 10/11/1922 4/30/1989   Apostles husband-Finley G Robbins next
Robbins, Oral E 1/3/1901 3/15/1963   Apostles wife-Charlotte G Robbins nexts
Roberson, Dorthy H 1924 1982   Nativity husband-Norman K Roberson next
Roberson, Florrie A 1910 1997   Apostles husband-James A Roberson Sr next; son-James A Roberson Jr
Roberson, Fredanna L 5/17/1905 1/14/1998     husband-John W Roberson next
Roberson, Harold M 2/17/1943 9/20/1990      
Roberson, Hermia Walker 11/1/1907 2/14/1993     husband-James Andrew Roberson next
Roberson, James A, Jr 3/19/1937 9/28/2002   Apostles parents-James A Sr & Florrie A Roberson next
Roberson, James A, Sr 1911 1975   Apostles wife-Florrie A Roberson next; son-James A Roberson Jr
Roberson, James Andrew 4/5/1908 3/21/1993     wife-Hermia Walker Roberson next
Roberson, James H 1918 1983   Apostles wife-Mary L Roberson next
Roberson, James P 1901 1985     wife-Mildred H Roberson next
Roberson, John W 2/10/1916 9/16/1998     wife-Fredanna L Roberson next; CM2 (A) US Navy WWII
Roberson, Johnny L 1922 1990   Nativity  
Roberson, Linda Sue 1942 1995   Nativity  
Roberson, Marshall E 1921       wife- Mary D Roberson next
Roberson, Mary D 1923 1994     husband-Marshall E Roberson next
Roberson, Mary L 1921     Apostles husband-James H Roberson next
Roberson, Mildred H 9/22/1909 1/19/2000     husband-James P Roberson next; Dates from SSDI
Roberson, Norman K 1921 1989   Nativity wife-Dorthy H Roberson next
Roberson, Trilla Byrd 1938     Old Rugged Cross husband-Wm Rush Roberson next
Roberson, William Rush 1935 1999   Old Rugged Cross wife-Trilla Byrd Roberson next
Roberts, Agnes B 1919 1991   Old Rugged Cross husband-James H Roberts next
Roberts, Agnes G 1927     Masonic Garden husband-Dillon C Roberts next
Roberts, Billy L 1930 1988   Nativity wife-Wanda S Roberts next
Roberts, David Burl 6/1/1923 9/1/1969   Apostles Tn Tec 4 181 FA Bn WWII
Roberts, Dillon C 1920 1971   Masonic Garden wife-Agnes G Roberts next
Roberts, Evelyn C 1926 1985   Old Rugged Cross husband-Felix D Roberts next
Roberts, Everett M 10/30/1902 9/10/1958   Devotion  
Roberts, Felix D 1911 1991   Old Rugged Cross wife-Evelyn C Roberts next
Roberts, Guy G 1915 995     wife-Louvella Roberts next
Roberts, Harley, Sr 1945 2/12/2003     from obit:wif-Carolyn Downey Roberts;sons-David & Harley Jr Roberts;dau-Cindy Pickett,Connie & Hollie Roberts
Roberts, Harold T 1924 1987   Apostles wife-Jimmie S Roberts next
Roberts, Hayden E, Jr 5/30/1935 2/20/1989   Apostles parents-Hayden E Sr & Marie K Roberts; M V "George" Roberts
Roberts, Hayden E, Sr 1912 1992   Apostles wife-Marie K Roberts next; son-Hayden E Roberts Jr; M V "George" Roberts
Roberts, James B "Chuck", Jr 1920 1972   Devotion wife-Willie Lee Roberts next
Roberts, James H 1912 1985   Old Rugged Cross wife-Agnes B Roberts next; Felix D & Evelyn C Roberts
Roberts, Jesse L 1898 1975     wife-Margaret A Roberts next
Roberts, Jimmie S 1935 2000   Apostles husband-Harold T Roberts next
Roberts, John E 1926 1982   Acacia Garden Mason; wife-Lorena L Roberts next
Roberts, Kate Q 1896 1989      
Roberts, Leland Wilson 1921 3/6/2003     from obit:wif-Hazel Roberts;dau-Joyce Ownbey,Judy Norman & Joan Brown;USMC
Roberts, Lorena L 1928     Acacia Garden husband-John E Roberts next
Roberts, Louvella 1924 1998   Prayer husband-Guy G Roberts next
Roberts, M V "George" 02/10/1870 2/10/1958   Apostles  
Roberts, Margaret A 1909 1990     husband-Jesse L Roberts next
Roberts, Marguerite T 1923 1989   Old Rugged Cross husband-Troy L Roberts next
Roberts, Marie C 1/17/1932 4/5/2002     from obit:hus-Wm D Roberts;childrn:Gary S,Wm M & George D Roberts;Donna M White & Valarie L Stiling;more
Roberts, Marie K 1915 2000   Apostles husband-Hayden E Roberts Sr next; son-Hayden E Roberts Jr; M V "George" Roberts
Roberts, Paul 1910 1977   Apostles wife-Sarah Jane Roberts next
Roberts, Ruth R 1922     Apostles husband-Wm A Roberts next
Roberts, Ruth S 1913 2000   Devotion husband-W Arnold Roberts next
Roberts, Sandra C 1953 1979   Apostles  
Roberts, Sarah Jane 1917 1992   Apostles husband-Paul Roberts next
Roberts, Troy L 1912 1982   Old Rugged Cross wife-Marguerite T Roberts next
Roberts, W Arnold 1908 1980   Devotion wife-Ruth S Roberts next
Roberts, Wanda S 1936     Nativity husband-Billy L Roberts next
Roberts, Wayne 2/19/1955 12/3/2000   Nativity  
Roberts, William A 1921 1980   Apostles Mason; wife-Ruth R Roberts next
Roberts, Willie Lee 1924     Devotion husband-James B "Chuck" Roberts, Jr
Robertson, Betty Rudder 1935       husband-Robert T Robertson next
Robertson, Cecile M 1912       husband-Wm T Robertson next
Robertson, Ethel A 5/8/1921     Old Rugged Cross husband-Jesse V Robertson next
Robertson, Jesse V 1/19/1914 5/10/1982   Old Rugged Cross wife-Ethel A Robertson next
Robertson, Marshall L 1911 1959      
Robertson, Robert T 1918 1998     wife-Betty Rudder Robertson next
Robertson, William T 1911 1997     wife-Cecile M Robertson next
Robinson, A Bryant 1910 1978   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Sibyl W Robinson next
Robinson, Carroll V 1899 1976   Acacia Garden Mason; wife-Louise C Robinson next
Robinson, David C, Jr 1912 2000   Nativity  
Robinson, Eddie J 1908 1998   Nativity  
Robinson, James J 1919 2002   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-wife-Lily M Robinson next
Robinson, Lillian C 1922 1987      
Robinson, Lily M 1925     Masonic Garden husband-James J Robinson next
Robinson, Louise C 9/18/1905 8/6/1988   Acacia Garden E Star; husband-Carroll V Robinson next; Dates from SSDI
Robinson, Martha Ann 11/1/1906 10/9/1995      
Robinson, Notie T 7/16/1911 1/1/1985      
Robinson, Philip Wayne 11/28/1958 4/6/1983   Apostles 1st LT USAF
Robinson, Ray Albert, Jr 3/5/1956 4/4/1992   Apostles  
Robinson, Roscoe L 1893 1980     wife-Vida E Robinson next
Robinson, Sibyl W 1914 1995   Masonic Garden E Star; husband-A Bryant Robinson next
Robinson, Stephanie Ann 1969 1986   Apostles  
Robinson, Vida E 1907 1985     husband-Roscoe L Robinson next
Rocke, Grace R 1923 1993     husband-Louis J Rocke next
Rocke, Louis J 1924 1999     wife-Grace R Rocke next
Rockholt, Frank 4/11/1914 4/27/1989     PVT US Army WWII
Rockwell, Mary Elizabeth 1911 1966   Apostles  
Rockwell, Olive Belle 1906 1985   Apostles  
Rockwell, Olive D 1878 1966   Apostles  
Roddy, Allene M 1928       husband-Kenneth R Roddy next
Roddy, Kenneth R 1924       wife-Allene M Roddy next
Rodecker, Betty P 12/1/1923 10/5/1994      
Rodecker, Donald K 9/4/1953 10/14/2001      
Roden, Mae 1923 1967      
Rodgers, Charlie W 1916 1996     wife-Rena K Rodgers next
Rodgers, Rena K 1922       husband-Charlie W Rodgers next
Rodriguez, Adonis F 1940 1996   Apostles "First pastor of the Hispanic Baptist Church"
Roe, Bernard G 1927 1981     wife-Doris E Roe next
Roe, Doris E 1936       husband-Bernard G Roe next
Rogers, Albert F, Jr 1926 1974   Gethsemane wife-Katherine B Rogers next
Rogers, Ambus K 02/27/1876 2/1/1961      
Rogers, Anna Lou 1917 1998      
Rogers, Arbie J 05/26/1879 3/16/1978      
Rogers, Arlie F, Sr, Rev 1927 1981   Nativity  
Rogers, B Howard 1914 1991     wife-Virginia C Rogers next
Rogers, Bertha M 1923     Old Rugged Cross husband-James S A Rogers next
Rogers, Betty J 1/31/1935 2/6/1996   Apostles  
Rogers, C J, Jr 1927     Apostles wife-Roberta C Rogers next; Nancy Lynn Rogers
Rogers, Catherine E 1937     Old Rugged Cross husband-Ronald G Rogers next; Kenneth G Rogers
Rogers, Charles D 1898 1972   Apostles wife-Esther L Rogers next
Rogers, Charles E 1941 1986   Nativity  
Rogers, Charles H 1910 1990     wife-Kitt A Rogers next
Rogers, Claude 1941 1994   Apostles wife-Virginia Rogers next
Rogers, Cynthia Marlene 1957 1997   EverlastingLife Info courtesy Mary Rogers maryrogers513@gmail.com
Rogers, Darrious C, Jr 1921 1995     wife-Floyce Horne Rogers next
Rogers, Dorothy M 2/21/1928 4/25/1999   Old Rugged Cross "Mom"
Rogers, Edith B 1931 1989     husband-Elmer L Rogers next
Rogers, Elizabeth W 1915 1982   Apostles husband-Ronald J Rogers next
Rogers, Ella B 8/5/1906 3/22/1987   Apostles husband-Sevier T Rogers next
Rogers, Elmer L 1927       wife-Edith B Rogers next
Rogers, Ester Mae 1933 1986   Old Rugged Cross husband-Wilson R Rogers next
Rogers, Esther L 1896 1979   Apostles husband-Charles D Rogers next
Rogers, Ethel S 1898 1981   Apostles husband-Samuel M Rogers next
Rogers, Faye Darlene Baker 1936 2014 1956 Prayer w/o William Elbert Rogers; Info courtesy Mary Rogers maryrogers513@gmail.com
Rogers, Floyce Horne 1914 1993     husband-Darrious C Rogers, Jr next
Rogers, Frank D 1925       wife-Nola K Rogers next
Rogers, Fred, Sr 1901 1978     wife-Sarah J Rogers next
Rogers, Gary "Keith" 1958 2001   Apostles  
Rogers, Howard 1910 2001   Masonic Garden wife-Madge E Rogers next
Rogers, Hugh D 1890 1961      
Rogers, Imogene 7/14/1929     Apostles "Wife, Mom"; husband-Leslie E Rogers next
Rogers, Ira 1901 1979   Apostles wife-Vesta E Rogers next
Rogers, Jack L 1916 1976   Apostles wife-Marie C Rogers next
Rogers, James S A 1923 1996   Old Rugged Cross wife-Bertha M Rogers next
Rogers, Janet Cloud 1918 1/31/2003     from obit:hus-D T Rogers;dau-Janice Shuford;son-Tommy Rogers;dad-G T Cloud;bro-George L & Wm T Cloud;more
Rogers, Joe E 11/19/1933 3/28/1995     US Army
Rogers, John C 1904 1984   Apostles wife-Lucille B Rogers next
Rogers, Katherine B 1927     Gethsemane husband-Albert F Rogers Jr next
Rogers, Kenneth G 1958 1982   Old Rugged Cross  
Rogers, Kitt A 1914 1996     husband-Charles H Rogers next
Rogers, Le Roy 1908 1976   Nativity  
Rogers, Leslie A 9/17/1927 7/11/1992   Apostles wife-Imogene Rogers next; SWC US Navy Vietnam
Rogers, Lloyd J 1916 1997   Nativity wife-Nellaver V Rogers next
Rogers, Louise B 6/171919 8/3/2005   Prayer husband-Wm D Rogers next; Dates from SSDI
Rogers, Lucille B 1906 1999   Apostles husband-John C Rogers next
Rogers, Madge E 12/12/1912 10/28/2002   Masonic Garden husband-Howard Rogers next; Dates from SSDI
Rogers, Marie C 1920     Apostles husband-Jack L Rogers next
Rogers, Mary R 1886 1974   Apostles  
Rogers, Nancy Lynn 12/22/1955 12/22/1955   Apostles  
Rogers, Nellaver V 8/7/1912 2/11/2002   Nativity husband-Lloyd J Rogers next; Dates from SSDI
Rogers, Nellie K 8/12/1922 8/27/1993      
Rogers, Nola K 1931       husband-Frank D Rogers next
Rogers, Paul T 6/16/1913 6/20/1974     Msgt US Army
Rogers, Pauline R S 1904 1993     husband-Ray J Rogers next
Rogers, Ray J 1922 1957     wife-Pauline R S Rogers next
Rogers, Roberta C 1927 1996   Apostles husband-C J Rogers next
Rogers, Roger D 12/2/1939 3/11/1987     SP4 US Army
Rogers, Ronald G 1936     Old Rugged Cross wife-Catherine E Rogers next; Kenneth G Rogers
Rogers, Ronald J 1919 1992   Apostles wife-Elizabeth W Rogers next
Rogers, Samuel M 1890 1963   Apostles wife-Ethel S Rogers next
Rogers, Sarah J 1902 1990     husband-Fred Rogers, Sr next
Rogers, Sevier T 8/9/1904 6/11/1992   Apostles wife-Ella B Rogers next
Rogers, Shanie Lynn White 1978 3/6/2003     from obit:hus-Dewayne Rogers;dau-Payton Nicole Rogers;dad-Paul White;mom-Debbie Green
Rogers, Steven E, Sr 7/22/1957 4/4/1999   Old Rugged Cross  
Rogers, Thomas E 1930 1987      
Rogers, Vesta E 1901 1980   Apostles husband-Ira Rogers next
Rogers, Virginia 1940     Apostles husband-Claude Rogers next
Rogers, Virginia C 1918 1969     husband-B Howard Rogers next
Rogers, Virginia Lynn 2/9/1958 2/9/1958   Masonic Garden  
Rogers, W T "Tom", Sr 1943 1999      
Rogers, William D 1918 2001   Prayer wife-Louise B Rogers next
Rogers, William Elbert 1934 2012 1956 Prayer h/o Faye Baker Rogers; Info courtesy Mary Rogers maryrogers513@gmail.com
Rogers, Wilson R 1924 1991   Old Rugged Cross wife-Ester Mae Rogers next
Rogers, Zoe Vern 1910 4/27/2002     frob obit:hus-LeRoy Rogers;dau-Jean R Thomas;gsons-Craig L & Henry A Thomas;sis-Sal Hughes
Rohde, Arthur J 1920 1991     wife-Evelyn A Rohde next
Rohde, Evelyn A 1925 1993     husband-Arthur J Rohde next
Roland, Kathryn Jane Daniels 12/18/1906 7/11/2002     from obit:parents-Ben & Alice Gordon Daniels;hus-Charles Edward Roland;sons-Chas P & Donald E Roland
Rollins, Minnie M 1919        
Romanchik, Joseph W 1925 1986   Devotion wife-Omah S Romanchik
Romanchik, Omah S 1926     Devotion husband-Joseph W Romanchik next
Romano, Carmalo B 1911 1997   Apostles wife-Irene E Romano next
Romano, Irene E 1916 2000   Apostles husband-Carmalo B Romano next
Romano, Janice M 1963 1981      
Romans, Edgar E 1921 1970   Apostles wife-Josephine Z Romans next
Romans, Josephine Z 1920 2/15/2002   Apostles hus-Edgar E Romans nx;from obit:son-Charles E & Paul D Romans;dau-Hanna Witherspoon & Linda Carol Romans;m
Roper, Caroline 1885 1959     husband-J H Roper next
Roper, J H 1886 1966     Mason; wife-Caroline Roper next
Rose, Ella M 1930 1997   Prayer husband-Ernest L Rose next
Rose, Ernest L 1930     Prayer wife-Ella M Rose next
Rose, Franklin D 4/25/1964 4/11/1992   Acacia Garden "Dad"
Rose, Hugh L 1915 1986     wife-Myrtle T Wilkey Rose next
Rose, Myrtle T Wilkey 1922 8/17/2002     husband-Hugh L Rose obit:parents-J C & Ada McClure Wilkey;son-James D Rose;sis-Gladys Marler & Idella Moon
Rose, Nancy H 1891 1978     husband-Samuel C Rose next
Rose, Rose L 1923 1957   Apostles husband-Thomas R Rose next
Rose, Samuel C 1887 1973     wife-Nancy H Rose next
Rose, Thomas R 1920 1988   Apostles wife-Rose L Rose next
Roseberry, Charles E, Sr 5/27/1937 8/23/1995   Old Rugged Cross  
Rosette, Anthony Preston 11/23/1963 12/12/1963      
Ross, Charles Pat 1933 1995      
Ross, David William 10/5/1954 11/1/1955   Apostles  
Ross, Edith B 1916 1992   Apostles husband-Luther O Ross next
Ross, Kenneth E 1936     Old Rugged Cross wife-Wilma D Ross next
Ross, Kenneth E, II 1946 1969   Devotion next: parentsents: Kenneth E Sr & Louise K Ross; Stella P Ross
Ross, Kenneth E, Sr 1909 1991   Devotion wife-Louise K Ross next; Stella P Ross; son-Kenneth E Ross II
Ross, Louise K 1913 1994   Devotion husband-Kenneth E Ross Sr next; son-Kenneth E Ross II; Stella P Ross
Ross, Luther O 1915     Apostles wife-Edith B Ross next
Ross, Milford W 1913 1971     wife-Willie Mae Ross next
Ross, Sara C 7/8/1911 12/23/1968   Apostles  
Ross, Stella P 09/09/1885 3/13/1958   Devotion  
Ross, Willie Mae 1913 1977     husband-Milford W Ross next
Ross, Wilma D 1936 1996   Old Rugged Cross husband-Kenneth E Ross next
Roth, Thomas E 2/22/1923 10/17/1990   Masonic Garden Mason
Rothwell, Alice M 1894 1982   Apostles husband-James L Rothwell next
Rothwell, Grace W 7/14/1911 4/8/2003     husband-James L Rothwell next; Dates from SSDI
Rothwell, James L 1919 1999   Apostles wife-Alice M Rothwell next
Rothwell, James L 8/15/1907 9/11/1960     wife-Grace W Rothwell next
Rouse, Chester 1918 1971     wife-Christine A Rouse next
Rouse, Christine A 1912 1995     husband-Chester Rouse next
Rouse, Goldie D 1923 2001   Prayer  
Rouse, Paula J 2/9/1933 2/18/1991   Nativity  
Rowe, James 1904 1989     wife-Lolita Rowe next; Ethel Rowe Rector
Rowe, Lolita 1906 1963     husband-James Rowe next; Ethel Rowe Rector
Rowlett, Maude Kinslow 7/31/1915 8/16/1993     husband-W H Ben Rowlett next
Rowlett, W H Ben 8/27/1910       wife-Maude Kinslow Rowlett next
Roy, Deborah Kay 1/4/1959 3/24/1959   Apostles  
Royse, Ezra I 7/3/1904 11/14/1981   Nativity wife-Irene B Royse next
Royse, Irene B 5/7/1907 1/24/1989   Nativity husband-Ezra I Royse next
Rozzell, Evelyn DeShazo 1923     Apostles husband-Everett A Rozzell Jr next; inlaws-Everett A Sr & Jessie S Rozzell
Rozzell, Everett A, Jr 1922 1978   Apostles wife-Evelyn DeShazo Rozzell next; parentsents: Everett A Sr & Jessie S Rozzell
Rozzell, Everett A, Sr 1894 1959   Apostles "Father"; wife-Jessie S Rozzell next; son-Everett A  Jr & dil- Evelyn DeShazo Rozzell
Rozzell, Jessie S 1898 1971   Apostles "Mother"; husband-Everett A Rozzell Sr next; son-Everett A Jr & dil-Evelyn DeShazo Rozzell
Ruane, Beverly McBroom 1946 1983      
Rucker, Birdie M 8/26/1916 4/2/2005     husband-Charles M Rucker next; Dates from SSDI
Rucker, Charles M 3/10/1907 12/4/1975     wife-Birdie M Rucker next; PFC US Army WWII
Rudd, Charles E 1926 1998   Nativity wife-Charlotte H Rudd next
Rudd, Charlotte H 1928     Nativity husband-Charles E Rudd next
Rudel, Chrystal G 1907       E Star; husband-Jack H Rudel next
Rudel, Jack H 1905 1985     Mason; wife-Chrystal G Rudel next
Rudnik, Betty Ann 1932 1993     husband-Gust Rudnik next
Rudnik, Bradley A 1958        
Rudnik, Gust 1927       wife-Betty Ann Rudnik next
Rue, Jesse H 9/6/1913 3/20/1958   Apostles wife-Sarah E Rue next
Rue, Melissa L 5/1/1958 5/1/1958   Apostles  
Rue, Sarah E 9/1/1926     Apostles husband-Jesse H Rue next
Ruffin, Cecil 4/17/1930 12/13/1989      
Rule, Dale Duncan 1967 1972   Sermon on the Mount  
Running, Benjamin R 4/8/1910 7/31/2001     wife-Ruth J Running next; Dates from SSDI
Running, Ruth J 1914 1961     husband-Benjamin R Running next
Rushford, Clifton D 1966 1998      
Rushlow, Clement D 1895 1984     wife-Gwendoline M Rushlow next
Rushlow, Gwendoline M 1896 1975     husband-Clement D Rushlow next
Russ, Edith R 1904 1986   Apostles husband-George Dewey Russ, Sr next; son-George Dewey Russ, Jr
Russ, George Dewey, Jr 5/2/1927 12/9/1997   Apostles parentsents-George Dewey Sr & Edith R Russ next; MAM 3 US Navy WWII
Russ, George Dewey, Sr 1899 1972   Apostles wife-Edith R Russ next; son-George Dewey Russ, Jr
Russell Perry L 1895 1970     wife-Birdie S Russell next
Russell, Birdie S 1906 2001     husband-Perry L Russell next
Russell, Franklin E 1917 1984     SF3 US Navy WWII
Russell, Grace M 1921       husband-Ross F Russell next
Russell, Jeanette H 1946       husband-Tobe Russell Jr next
Russell, John A 1903 1978   Apostles  
Russell, Kristie Lashel 1976 9/12/2002     from obit:parents-Alvin B & Lena H Russell;bro-Demontez & Quinton Russell;gparents-Bobby L Sr & Bessie Hinton
Russell, Lebron W "Bronny", Jr 4/28/1966 7/13/1999   Prayer  
Russell, Mary L 1907 1989      
Russell, Ross F 5/7/1919 1/9/2011     wife-Grace M Russell next; Dates from SSDI
Russell, Tobe, Sr 1914 1990     wife-Jeanette H Russell next
Russey, John Terry 1948 1994   Nativity  
Rutherford, Homer L 1909 1988     Tec 5 US Army WWII
Rutherford, Lee Roy 11/22/1904 12/7/1971     wife-Lillian Nadine Rutherford next
Rutherford, Lillian Nadine 2/26/1913 7/28/1998     husband-Lee Roy Rutherford next
Rutledge, Beulah Watson 9/28/1904 3/21/1988     husband-Richard E Rutledge next
Rutledge, Frank M 1918 1978   Devotion wife-Lois M Rutledge next
Rutledge, Lois M 1913 1986   Devotion husband-Frank M Rutledge next
Rutledge, P Jackson "Trey", III 6/20/1995 1/28/1996   Babyland  
Rutledge, Richard E 10/18/1898 1/23/1985     wife-Beulah Watson Rutledge next; U.S. Army
Ryabchuk, Angela I 12/3/1997 12/3/1997   Babyland  
Ryans, Margaret D 1923     Apostles husband-Thomas W Ryans next
Ryans, Thomas W 1917 1976   Apostles wife-Margaret D Ryans next
Ryder, Frances M 1944       husband-Phillip A Ryder next
Ryder, Phillip A 1937       wife-Frances M Ryder next
Ryles, Alphonso 4/2/1939 1/12/1998      
Rynes, Lucille H 1907 1999   Apostles husband-Ralph H Rynes next
Rynes, Ralph H 1904 1989   Apostles wife-Lucille H Rynes next
Ryon, Ethel L 1896 1972   Devotion husband-James C Ryon Sr next
Ryon, James C, Sr 1893 1978   Devotion wife-Ethel L Ryon next

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Names of individuals in this cemetery were recorded as they appeared on the tombstones. No attempt was made to correct obvious errors or differences in spelling. Every attempt has been made to record this information correctly. However, mistakes are possible.  The information on this page may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other person or organization without the written consent of the contributor, the legal representative of the submitter, or The Hamilton County Tennessee Genealogy Society.