Hamilton Memorial Gardens
"Sa - Sl"
(Partial Listing)

5401 Highway 153
Hixson, TN 37343-4990

This is an extremely large and relatively new cemetery located in the Hixson area of Chattanooga on Highway 153. The cemetery is just north of Hixson Pike on Highway 153 on the left hand side of the road. Surveyed by Dennis Wilson, Jim Holcomb, Susan Kendall, Linda Coulter, and the Chattanooga Mormon Youth in 2000 - 2003. This is approximately 11,000 of the estimated 25,000 burials in this cemetery.

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Names of individuals in this cemetery were recorded as they appeared on the tombstones. No attempt was made to correct obvious errors or differences in spelling. Every attempt has been made to record this information correctly. However, mistakes are possible.  The information on this page may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other person or organization without the written consent of the contributor, the legal representative of the submitter, or The Hamilton County Tennessee Genealogy Society.

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SSDI = Social Security Death Index

Deceased Born Died Married Section Notes
Saari, Frances P 1927 1995     husband-Wm R Saari next
Saari, William R 1916       wife-Frances P Saari next
Sadler, Georgia Bell 05/22/1898 11/15/1975   Apostles  
Sadler, Jeffrey H 1/5/1967 5/7/1968   Sermon on the Mount  
Sales, Gloria Nichols 10/11/1933 2/10/1997   Apostles  
Sales, Marvin C 10/14/1937 8/7/1996   Apostles Sgt US Army
Sallee, Clarence D, Jr, Rev 1916 8/22/2002     from obit:par-Clarence D Sr & Emma Gertrude Reed Sallee;wif-Alice L Sallee;sons-Clarence D III & G Steven Sallee
Salling, Bernice Green 1/20/1905 3/7/1995     husband-Link H Salling next
Salling, Link H 1891 1960     wife-Bernice Green Salling next
Salyers, Adaline M 1930       husband-Creed E Salyers Jr next
Salyers, Creed E, Jr 7/23/1922 10/7/2003     wife-Adaline M Salyers next; dates from SSDI
Samples, Billy Wayne 1952 1994     wife-Pearlene W Samples next
Samples, Frankie Lee Merritt 1915 12/26/2002   Gethsemane hus-Wm Samples nx;from obit:par-Wm E & Sallie Mae Merritt;sons-Ray D & Chas E Samples;bro-Edward Merritt Sr;m
Samples, Junior Leroy 1957 1973   Devotion  
Samples, Pearlene W 1958       husband-Billy Wayne Samples next
Samples, William 11/9/1911 8/8/2003   Gethsemane "Dad"; wife-Frankie Lee Merritt Samples next; dates from SSDI
Sampson, Cina Beatty 1961 1999   Old Rugged Cross shares stone with: Tonya Beatty Holcomb
Sampson, Herbert F 1907 1997     wife-Margaret M Sampson next
Sampson, Margaret M 1913 1996     husband-Herbert F Sampson next
Sanders, Charles L 1931 1990     wife-Ruby C Sanders next
Sanders, Gertie Mae Belk 1919 1/14/2003     from obit:hus-Howard Sanders;bro-Fred,Houston & Verbon Belk;dau-Louise Schwichtenberg;son-J P Ford
Sanders, Howard H 1920 1977   Apostles  
Sanders, J G "Tully" 1904 1990     wife-Jennie Q "Tootsie" Sanders next
Sanders, James H 1918 1992   Old Rugged Cross wife-Orstine L Sanders next
Sanders, Jennie Q "Tootsie" 1906 1987     husband-J G "Tully" Sanders next
Sanders, Jessie Mae 1916 2001   Prayer husband-Samuel Paul Sanders next
Sanders, Kener L 1894 1977   Nativity  
Sanders, Merlie B 1912 1988   Nativity  
Sanders, Michael Lee 4/13/1981 8/10/1982   Apostles  
Sanders, Minnie Mae 1925 1984   Apostles  
Sanders, Orstine L 12/18/1919 12/24/2008   Old Rugged Cross husband-James H Sanders next; dates from SSDI
Sanders, Ozelle T 1929 1962   Devotion  
Sanders, Ruby C 1930       husband-Charles L Sanders next
Sanders, Samuel Paul 1912 1995   Prayer wife-Jessie Mae Sanders next
Sanders, Steve A 3/9/1954 3/7/1998   Nativity  
Sanders, W Neale 1927 1969   Apostles  
Sando, Katherine "Kitty" 1920 1996     husband-Vernon R Sando next
Sando, Vernon R 1922       wife-Katherine "Kitty" Sando next
Sands, Darrell Edwin 12/3/1956 4/6/1981      
Sargent, Connie O'Haver 10/22/1961 7/28/1990   Apostles  
Sargent, Gustavus F 1886 1972   Devotion wife-Jeam M Sargent next
Sargent, Jean M 1892 1957   Devotion husband-Gustavus F Sargent next
Sarrell, William A 1899 1961     wife-Anna E Sarrell Boyd next; Wm D "Bill" Sarrell; Robert Wesley Boyd
Sarrell, William D "Bill" 1929 1978      
Sartain, James P, Sr 1920     Old Rugged Cross wife-Ritta C Sartain next
Sartain, Ritta C 1919 1996   Old Rugged Cross husband-James P Sartain, Sr next
Sartan, Marshal A 1/19/1990 1/19/1990   Babyland  
Sartin, Lester P 1917 1989   Apostles wife-Margaret L Sartin next
Sartin, Louis A 11/15/1928 10/23/1986      
Sartin, Margaret L 1921 1979   Apostles husband-Lester P Sartin next
Satterfield, Agnes M 8/22/1906 1/27/1958     husband-V E "Banjo" Satterfield next
Satterfield, Helen S 7/3/1920   6/7/1940 Apostles husband-John E Satterfield next
Satterfield, John E 12/22/1919 3/31/2001 6/7/1940 Apostles wife-Helen S Satterfield next
Satterfield, V E "Banjo" 5/25/1901 8/5/1982     "husband of Adele L Satterfield"; another wife next: Agnes M Satterfield
Sauer, Hazel F 1905 1990   Apostles  
Sawyer, Rachel H 3/26/1912 11/5/1999   Old Rugged Cross  
Scales, Bertha M 5/13/1917 6/25/1992     husband-Roy W Scales next
Scales, Effie D 1915       husband-Robert Scales next
Scales, Robert 1916 1992     wife-Effie D Scales next
Scales, Roy W 4/12/1907 7/1/1976     wife-Bertha M Scales next
Scalf, Myldred Rozzell 1919 1985      
Scarborough, R Kenneth 1937 1990      
Scarbrough, Jesse H 2/6/1905 10/14/1970   Devotion wife-Rada S Scarbrough next
Scarbrough, Rada S 5/29/1915 4/23/1996   Devotion husband-Jesse H Scarbrough next
Scasbrick, Bill E 8/3/1962 12/9/1962   Apostles *
Scates, Mable Lee 1923 1998   Apostles husband-Robert Scates Jr next; Robbie Dean Scates
Scates, Robbie Dean 1949 1977   Apostles  
Scates, Robert, Jr 1922 1992   Apostles wife-Mabel Lee Scates next; Robbie Dean Scates
Schaffer, Mary E 1920 1976      
Schaich, Ruby L 9/27/1931 7/24/2001   Prayer  
Schateer, Martin C 1910 1996     wife-Ruby B Schateer next
Schateer, Ruby B 1909 2000     husband-Martin C Schateer next
Schendel, Linda L 1942        
Schild, George R 1929 1993   Old Rugged Cross wife-Ida E Schild next
Schild, Ida E 1932     Old Rugged Cross husband-George R Schild next
Schild, Joseph E 1913 1993     wife-Leona J Schild next
Schild, Leona J 1915 1992     husband-Joseph E Schild next
Schillhahn, Alma J 3/2/1931     Devotion Mausoleum husband-W S Schillhahn next
Schillhahn, W S 8/6/1925     Devotion Mausoleum wife-Alma J Schillhahn next
Schligher, Glenna M 1926 1988     husband-Robert R Schligher next' Robert D "Doug" Schligher
Schligher, Robert D "Doug" 1968 1976      
Schligher, Robert R 1926 1992     wife-Glenna M Schligher next; Robert D "Doug" Schligher
Schmid, Adolph J 1901 1975   Apostles Mason
Schmid, Birdie E 1900 1965   Apostles husband-Michael H Schmid next
Schmid, Frank J "Smitty" 02/12/1899 8/7/1961   Sermon on the Mount  
Schmid, Katie J 1905 1994   Apostles husband-Otto Schmid next
Schmid, Michael H 1896 1993   Apostles wife-Birdie E Schmid next
Schmid, Otto 1903 1977   Apostles wife-Katie J Schmid next
Schmits, Ernestine Thompson 7/21/1917 7/27/1999   Nativity  
Schmits, William Herbert III "Rusty" 7/10/1953 4/13/2000   Nativity  
Schmitt, Ernest E 1920 1998   Prayer wife-Nellie C Powers Schmitt next
Schmitt, Nellie C Powers 1921     Prayer husband-Ernest E Schmitt next
Schmitt, Shirley Ruth Childress 1935 4/15/2002     from obit:par-Hershel O & Ruby Jewell Childress;hus-Chas L Schmitt Sr;sons-Chuck,Raymond & Ritchie Schmitt
Schober, Mary Lou 1908 1998     husband-Otto J Schober next
Schober, Otto J 1911 1992     wife-Mary Lou Schober next
Schonhoff, Clem C 1925     Old Rugged Cross Mason; wife-Patricia C Schonhoff next; "Married 47 Years"
Schonhoff, Patricia C 1927 2001   Old Rugged Cross DAR; husband-Clem C Schonhoff next; "Married 47 Years"
Schreeder, James Hallanan "Jim" 1940     Apostles wife-Judith "Judy" Standifer Schreeder next
Schreeder, Judith "Judy" Standifer 1940 1995   Apostles husband-James Hallanan "Jim" Schreeder next
Schroyer, C Ed 1934     Apostles Mason; wife-Doris M Schroyer next
Schroyer, Doris M 1935     Apostles husband-C Ed Schroyer next
Schuessler, Joseph William "Bill" III 1942 3/24/2002     from obit:par-Mae Edith & Joseph W Schuessler Jr;wif-Betty Schuessler;son-Stuart W Schuessler;dau-Kimberly;m
Schuhmacher, Clarcy D 7/16/1910 8/26/1993   Apostles  
Schuhmacher, Joseph W 8/3/1903 7/21/1966   Apostles  
Schuhmacher, Mary V 09/29/1880 11/21/1957   Apostles  
Schuhmacher, Victoria Louise 7/30/1906 5/25/1992   Apostles  
Schultz, Lydia 12/05/1890 10/7/1977   Nativity  
Schumann, Addrianna 10/01/1893 1/28/1974   Apostles husband-Wm Schumann next
Schumann, William 02/23/1887 11/18/1958   Apostles wife-Addrianna Schumann next
Schwieger, Charles A 9/4/1919 7/21/2008   Apostles wife-M Ellen Schwieger next; dates from SSDI
Schwieger, M Ellen 1925 1993   Apostles husband-Charles A Schwieger next
Scoggins, Buford F, Sr 1904 1994   Apostles wife-Opal G Scoggins next
Scoggins, Opal G 1907 1991   Apostles husband-Buford F Scoggins, Sr next
Scott, Betty R 6/26/1924     Apostles "Wife, Mother"; husband-Tracy A Scott next
Scott, Charles E 1/8/1958 9/5/1995   Masonic Garden Mason
Scott, Charles T 1912 1978     wife-Ruby L Scott next
Scott, Claude E 1907 1985   Acacia Garden  
Scott, Earle D 1890 1961   Devotion wife-Lura H Scott next
Scott, Edward 1904 1991   Old Rugged Cross wife-Maude A Scott next
Scott, J Ashley 5/25/1977 7/29/1981   Old Rugged Cross  
Scott, Lura H 1888 1970   Devotion husband-Earle D Scott next
Scott, Margaret H 1889 1968   Apostles husband-Walter F Scott next
Scott, Mary B 1906 1990   Apostles husband-Thomas V Scott next
Scott, Maude A 3/27/1909 10/16/2001   Old Rugged Cross husband-Edward Scott next; dates from SSDI
Scott, Ona Lee 1897 1974   Apostles  
Scott, Ruby L 1916       husband-Charles T Scott next
Scott, Thomas V 1901 1968   Apostles wife-Mary B Scott next
Scott, Tracy A 12/15/1909 7/1/1997   Apostles wife-Betty R Scott next; Tec 5 US Army WWII
Scott, Walter F 1887 1971   Apostles wife-Margaret H Scott next
Scroggins, Joseph J 1898 1979   Apostles wife-Maggie B Scroggins next
Scroggins, Maggie B 1899     Apostles husband-Joseph J Scroggins next
Scrudder, Billie B 11/5/1928     Old Rugged Cross husband-Henry E Scrudder, Sr next
Scrudder, Henry E, Sr 7/26/1928 3/24/1999   Old Rugged Cross wife-Billie B Scrudder next
Scruggs, Charles C 1908 1993   Acacia Garden Mason; wife-Inez R Scruggs next
Scruggs, Inez R 1909 1990   Acacia Garden husband-Charles C Scruggs next
Scruggs, Monica Brown 1922 1993     husband-Willard M Scruggs next
Scruggs, Willard M 1918 3/30/2002     wife-Monica Brown Scruggs obit:dad-Hugh A Scruggs;bro-Gerald Scruggs;dau-Joan Sullivan & Jean Walker; Army Air Corps, WWII
Scuder, Mary Lois 1939 1995      
Seagroves, James Bee "J B" 10/12/1912 2/6/1998   Apostles  
Seals, Richard P 8/16/1962 8/31/1998   Prayer  
Sears, Hazel E 11/16/1924 11/4/2004   Apostles husband-Leonard L Sears next; dates from SSDI
Sears, Leonard L 1924 1992   Apostles wife-Hazel E Sears next
Seaver, D W, Jr 1915 1987   Apostles wife-Della B Seaver next; Katherine B Seaver
Seaver, Della B 1923 1979   Apostles husband-D W Seaver Jr next; Katherine B Seaver
Seaver, Katherine B 1886 1974   Apostles  
Seay, Carl, Jr 1929        
Seay, Jonah 1922       wife-Mabel Marie King Seay next
Seay, Linda Exum 1942        
Seay, Mabel Marie King 1925 2/11/2003     hus-Jonah Seay nx;from obit:par-Fullen King & Clearca Russ;childrn:Merelyn Moses,Patricia,Brice & Dwight Seay;m
Seay, Margaret Louise Bragg   5/4/2002     from obit:hus-Joseph Oliver Seay;childrn:Karen Bailey,Sharon Eiland;Jeff Seay;Cedric Seay;bro-John K,Jessie L Bragg
Seay, Nancy Scott 2/23/1953 10/24/2001   Devotion  
Sedman, Arch 1893 1958   Apostles wife-Gertrude G Sedman next
Sedman, Frank M 1919 1999   Apostles wife-Marjorie M Sedman next
Sedman, George W 1915 1989     wife-Glada V Sedman next; Kevin Scott Sedman; WWII vet
Sedman, Gertrude G 1898 1987   Apostles husband-Arch Sedman next
Sedman, Glada V 1926       husband-George W Sedman next; Kevin Scott Sedman
Sedman, Harold J 1941       wife-Maida C Sedman next
Sedman, Jesse J 6/3/1921 3/12/2008   Old Rugged Cross wife-W Maxine Sedman next; dates from SSDI
Sedman, Kevin Scott 3/7/1959 9/10/1973      
Sedman, Maida C 1942       husband-Harold J Sedman next
Sedman, Margaret F 1892 1989   Apostles husband-Wm M Sedman next; Nellie J Sedman
Sedman, Marjorie M 1925     Apostles husband-Frank M Sedman next
Sedman, Nellie J 1920 2001   Apostles  
Sedman, W Maxine 1924     Old Rugged Cross husband-Jesse J Sedman next
Sedman, William M 1891 1970   Apostles wife-Margaret F Sedman next; Nellie J Sedman
Seepe, Mildred L 1933       husband-Robert L Seepe next
Seepe, Robert L 1935 1999     wife-Mildred L Seepe next
Segers, Clayton L, Sr 1895 1971   Apostles wife-Cotha M Segers next
Segers, Cotha M 1895 1976   Apostles husband-Clayton L Segers Sr next
Seidler, Mitchell S 1918       wife-Shirlee J Seidler next
Seidler, Shirlee J 1920 1997     husband-Mitchell S Seidler next
Seitz, James Belton 7/7/1960 7/7/1960   Apostles  
Selcer, Beulah P 1916 1988   Apostles husband-Wallace G Selcer next
Selcer, Wallace G 1911 1976   Apostles wife-Beulah P Selcer next
Self, Ruthene A         husband-Wallace S Self next
Self, Wallace S 1946 1995     wife-Ruthene A Self next
Selvidge, Addie S 1900 2000   Nativity husband-William Earl Selvidge next
Selvidge, William Earl 1895 1983   Nativity wife-Addie S Selvidge next; WW I
Semenick, Michael T 1897 1972   Devotion wife-Susie B Semenick next
Semenick, Susie B 1905 1973   Devotion husband-Michael T Semenick next
Semmer, Betty T 1916 1967     husband-Frederick L Semmer next
Semmer, Frederick L 1917 1962     wife-Betty T Semmer next
Senters, Augusta T 1898 1987   Nativity husband-Spurgeon C Senters next
Senters, Erma R 8/5/1931 12/2/1998      
Senters, Price K 1927 1992      
Senters, Spurgeon C 1896 1976   Nativity wife-Augusta T Senters next
Seritt, Helen Smith 7/22/1914 11/25/2001   Old Rugged Cross husband-Henry T Seritt next
Seritt, Henry T 10/3/1907 3/20/1992   Old Rugged Cross wife-Helen Smith Seritt next; US Navy, WWII
Settles, Fairy D 2/18/1912 1/20/2004   Nativity husband-Thomas R Settles next; dates from SSDI
Settles, George C 1931 1992      
Settles, Linda Sue 9/19/1942 9/29/1975   Apostles  
Settles, Norma Ruth 12/3/1939 6/27/1957   Apostles  
Settles, Ruth J 09/14/1897 7/3/1971   Apostles husband-Wm M Settles next; Norma Ruth & Linda Sue Settles
Settles, Thomas R 1897 1985   Nativity wife-Fairy D Settles next
Settles, William M 11/16/1896 7/17/1970   Apostles wife-Ruth J Settles next; Norma Ruth & Linda Sue Settles
Sewell, Ethel M 1932     Devotion husband-J C Sewell next
Sewell, J C 1929 1991   Devotion wife-Ethel M Sewell next
Sewell, James L 1951 1977   Devotion  
Sewell, Randy M 1960 1986   Devotion  
Sewell, Robert J 1923 1987   Nativity  
Sexton, B C 1899 1962   Devotion wife-Lula S Sexton next
Sexton, Jim L 1933       wife-Phyllis B Sexton next
Sexton, Lula S 1900 1990   Devotion husband-B C Sexton next
Sexton, Phyllis B 1937       husband-Jim L Sexton next
Shadden, Teresa Annette 5/26/1969 2/15/1999   Masonic Garden "Wife, Mother"
Shadrick, Charles E 12/17/1960 1/31/1989   Apostles US Navy
Shadwick, Angela Lynn 5/12/1962 8/26/2001   Prayer husband-Jeffery T Shadwick next; "Married 23 Years"
Shadwick, Belle W 1903 1994   Apostles husband-Rufus F Shadwick next; Ernest R Shadwick
Shadwick, Clifford E 5/28/1921 6/27/1995     PFC US Army WW II, Purple Heart
Shadwick, Ernest R 6/11/1926 9/14/1973   Apostles Tn Pvt US Army WWII
Shadwick, Flora Gentry 1915 1999     husband-T Ray Shadwick next
Shadwick, Herman 1/12/1918 5/12/2003   Apostles wife-Ruby M Shadwick next; dates from SSDI
Shadwick, Jeffery T 11/18/1959     Prayer wife-Angela Lynn Shadwick next; "Married 23 Years"
Shadwick, John Thomas 06/25/1885 2/1/1962   Apostles  
Shadwick, Mary F "Mollie" 12/29/1898 6/20/1979   Apostles  
Shadwick, Michael Allen 7/16/1953 9/22/1972   Apostles  
Shadwick, Roe Ellon 1923 1984   Apostles  
Shadwick, Roy R 1915 1996   Apostles wife-Susie C Shadwick next; Mary F "Mollie" & John Thomas Shadwick
Shadwick, Ruby 1918 4/4/2002   * from obit:hus-Herman Shadwick;sons-John,James H & George Shadwick;
Shadwick, Ruby M 1917 2002   Apostles husband-Herman Shadwick next
Shadwick, Rufus F 1896 1969   Apostles wife-Belle W Shadwick next; Ernest R Shadwick
Shadwick, Susie C 1925     Apostles husband-Roy R Shadwick next; Mary F "Mollie" & John Thomas Shadwick
Shadwick, T Ray 1913 1971     wife-Flora Gentry Shadwick next
Shahan, Beulah Mae 1911 1985   Acacia Garden husband-Drue L Shahan next
Shahan, Drue L 1895 1975   Acacia Garden wife-Beulah Mae Shahan next
Shamblin, Horace J 05/31/1897 5/7/1979   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Mary B Shamblin next
Shamblin, Mary B 05/30/1899 11/1/1957   Masonic Garden husband-Horace J Shamblin next
Shanks, Alice K 1924 2001     husband-Ralph H Shanks next
Shanks, Ralph H 1920 1994     wife-Alice K Shanks next
Shannon 1/30/1984 1/28/1997   Apostles  
Shannon, Bertha 1915 1973   Apostles husband-Ernest Shannon next; Henry Clay & Florine B Shannon
Shannon, Dorothy T 4/27/1918 11/23/1980   Masonic Garden husband-Paul Shannon next
Shannon, Ernest 1908 1971   Apostles wife-Bertha Shannon next; Henry Clay & Florine B Shannon
Shannon, Florine B 3/16/1913 10/19/1983   Apostles husband-Henry Clay Shannon next; Ernest & Bertha Shannon
Shannon, Floyd C 1890 1975     wife-Ida H Shannon next
Shannon, Henry Clay 3/10/1900 11/11/1965   Apostles wife-Florine B Shannon next; Ernest & Bertha Shannon
Shannon, Ida H 1908 1986     husband-Floyd L Shannon next
Shannon, Ila H 8/22/1919 11/7/2007   Apostles husband-M E "Gene" Shannon next; dates from SSDI
Shannon, James F 1909 1975     wife-Ora B Shannon next
Shannon, James W 1927       wife-Pauline M Shannon next
Shannon, M E "Gene" 1919 1969   Apostles wife-Ila H Shannon next
Shannon, Ola M 1897 1987   Apostles husband-Warner Shannon next
Shannon, Ora B 1909 1973     husband-James F Shannon next
Shannon, Paul 4/25/1919     Masonic Garden wife-Dorothy T Shannon next
Shannon, Pauline M 1931       husband-James W Shannon next
Shannon, Warner 1884 1976   Apostles wife-Ola M Shannon next
Sharp, Gerald G 1926 1990     PFC US Army WWII
Sharp, Joe H 1914 1995   Old Rugged Cross wife-W Estelle Sharp next
Sharp, Joy Murdock 1929 6/13/2002     from obit:sons-Maurice & Randy Murdock;dau-Debbie Rogers;sis-in-law-Bertha Hardeman;4 grandchildren
Sharp, Mary M 1877 1964   Apostles  
Sharp, Pat L 1919 1980   Apostles  
Sharp, W Estelle 1918     Old Rugged Cross husband-Joe H Sharp next
Sharp, Woodrow C 1917 1962   Apostles  
Sharpe, Jess A 1913 1976   Masonic Garden  
Sharpe, Kenneth E 9/21/1960 10/18/1989   Nativity  
Shattuck, Clarence E, Sr 1910 1992   Apostles wife-Grace Geneva Shattuck next
Shattuck, Cloey K 1931     Prayer husband-Glyn A Shattuck next
Shattuck, Glyn A 1920 1999   Prayer wife-Cloey K Shattuck next
Shattuck, Grace Geneva 1918 2000   Apostles husband-Clarence S Shattuck Sr next
Shattuck, Lisa Gail 10/7/1969 5/1/1971   Apostles  
Shaver, Cathy R 1947     Apostles husband-George W Shaver Jr next
Shaver, George W, Jr 1942 1995   Apostles wife-cathy R Shaver next
Shaw, Donald C 1902 1984     wife-Ocheana M Shaw next
Shaw, Ocheana M 1904 1988     husband-Donald C Shaw next
Shealey, Willie Skillern 1891 1983      
Shearer, Gary E 09/11/0969 6/17/1987      
Sheehan, Robert W 1929 3/26/2002     from obit:wif-Shirley T Sheehan;mother-in-law-Ruby Thomasson; US Army, Korea
Sheetz, Donnie Ray 1954 1998   Nativity  
Shell, Katherine C 1926 1997     husband-Lester L Shell Sr; Larry E Shell
Shell, Larry E 1949 1980      
Shell, Lester L, Sr 1927 1997     wife-Katherine C Shell next; Larry E Shell
Shelley, Carrie Bell 1887 1959   Masonic Garden husband-Charles Moses Shelley next; Charles R & Sue A Shelley
Shelley, Charles Moses 1881 1962   Masonic Garden wife-Carrie Bell Shelley next; Charles R & Sue A Shelley
Shelley, Charles R 1913 1966   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Sue A Shelley next; Charles Moses & Carrie Bell Shelley
Shelley, Sue A 1918     Masonic Garden E Star; husband-Charles R Shelley next; Charles Moses & Carrie Bell Shelley
Shelton, Carl C 1928 1993   Apostles wife-N Sue Shelton next
Shelton, Clara J 1933 1990   Apostles husband-Jack D Shelton next
Shelton, Dollie P 1916 1964      
Shelton, George W 1919 1984   Apostles wife-Hildegard L Shelton next
Shelton, Hildegard L 1912 1994   Apostles husband-George W Shelton next
Shelton, Jack D 1930 1978   Apostles wife-Clara J Shelton next
Shelton, James A 5/9/1923 3/26/2010   Old Rugged Cross wife-Sylvia R Shelton next; Dates from SSDI
Shelton, James C 1923 1990   Old Rugged Cross wife-Vera B Shelton next; 
Shelton, N Sue 1935 1997   Apostles husband-Carl C Shelton next
Shelton, Pearl M 1904 1988      
Shelton, Sylvia R 1926 1986   Old Rugged Cross husband-James A Shelton next
Shelton, Vera B 1928     Old Rugged Cross husband-James C Shelton next
Shenouda, Ramy 1980 1996      
Shepherd, James E 10/9/1907 11/5/1977   Apostles wife-Ruth B Shepherd next
Shepherd, James Eldon 11/2/1946     Apostles  
Shepherd, Ruth B 6/18/1916 4/4/1989   Apostles husband-James E Shepherd next
Sherfey, Charles C 8/10/1916 1/18/2011     wife-Mary Keller Sherfey next; Dates from SSDI
Sherfey, Mary Keller 1924       husband-Charles C Sherfey next
Sherlin, Paul W 1909 1987   Masonic Garden Mason
Sherrill, Catherine W 1934 1986   Acacia Garden husband-Earl R Sherrill next
Sherrill, Earl R 8/7/1917 7/25/2008   Acacia Garden Mason; wife-Catherine W Sherrill next; Dates from SSDI
Sherrill, Ivan L, Sr 12/4/1929 1/11/1981   Apostles  
Sherrill, Martha A 9/23/1945     Apostles  
Shields, Clayton Robert 06/26/1896 6/28/1984   Devotion wife-Eva Morrison Shields next
Shields, Eva Morrison 09/30/1897 10/23/1990   Devotion husband-Clayton Robert Shields next
Shipley, Amber Michelle 2/16/1985 2/17/1985      
Shipley, Bessie L 1894       husband-J Neely Shipley next; Harold G Shipley
Shipley, C A, Jr 1929 1997     wife-Martha Jean Shipley next
Shipley, Carl 7/6/1921 5/30/1981     US Army WWII
Shipley, Charlie 1937     Sermon on the Mount wife-Mary B Shipley next; Jennie & Maggie Shipley
Shipley, Daisy B 1916 1979   Apostles  
Shipley, Elmer T 1898 1978   Apostles wife-Velva L Shipley next
Shipley, Gerelene S 1937       husband-Paul Z Shipley next
Shipley, Harold G 1919 1987      
Shipley, Hattie U 1937     Apostles  
Shipley, J Neely 1894 1979     wife-Bessie L Shipley next; Harold G Shipley
Shipley, Jackie 1953 1984   Old Rugged Cross  
Shipley, Jennie 1909 1997   Sermon on the Mount  
Shipley, Jewell M 1922 1990     husband-W Eugene Shipley next
Shipley, Joshua Carr 3/2/1984 3/2/1984   Babyland  
Shipley, Kenneth C, Dr 9/18/1925 3/25/1983   Apostles  
Shipley, Lula Jobe 08/09/1873 12/27/1954   Apostles  
Shipley, Maggie 1902 1995   Sermon on the Mount  
Shipley, Martha Jean 1936 1990     husband-C A Shipley Jr next
Shipley, Mary B 1930     Sermon on the Mount husband-Charlie Shipley next
Shipley, May Belle 1916 1992      
Shipley, Millie G 1891 1973     husband-Sherd Shipley next
Shipley, Paul Z 1937 1990     wife-Gerelene S Shipley next
Shipley, Prudie E 1924 1970   Devotion husband-Willard A Shipley next
Shipley, Sherd 1891 1966     wife-Millie G Shipley next
Shipley, Velva L 1906 1983   Apostles husband-Elmer T Shipley next
Shipley, W Eugene 1920       wife-Jewell M Shipley next
Shipley, W W 1915 1986   Apostles  
Shipley, Willard A 6/27/1924 3/12/1999   Devotion wife-Prudie E Shipley next; Cox US Army WWII
Shipley, William Leon 1926 1972     US Navy
Shipp, Debbie L 1956 1981   Apostles  
Shirley, Albert L 1916 1999     wife-Rebecca Marvine Shirley next
Shirley, Claude W 08/09/1886 2/12/1958   Devotion "Father"; wife-Ida N Shirley next
Shirley, Edgar W 1916 1985     wife-Lorene B Shirley next
Shirley, Edith W 8/15/1906 12/25/2004   Devotion husband-Orval R Shirley next; Dates from SSDI
Shirley, Ida N 02/19/1883 4/16/1963   Devotion "Mother"; husband-Claude W Shirley next
Shirley, Lorene B 1923 1990     husband-Edgar W Shirley next
Shirley, Orval R 1911 1999   Devotion wife-Edith W Shirley next
Shirley, Rebecca Marvine 1919 1989     husband-Albert L Shirley next
Shockley, Ada B 1922 1988     husband-Clifford H Shockley next
Shockley, Clifford H "Bud" 1921 1994     wife-Ada B Shockley next
Shockley, John T 1907 1966   Gethsemane wife-Ruth B Shockley next
Shockley, Ruth B 9/8/1908 4/8/2007   Gethsemane husband-John T Shockley next; Dates from SSDI
Shoemake, S Tracey 8/7/1958 7/27/1999     "Father"
Shook, Charles L 1931       wife-Hettie E Shook next
Shook, Hettie E 1929 1996     husband-Charles L Shook next
Shores, Daniel E 1937       wife-Donna Jean Shores next
Shores, Donna Jean 1937 2001     husband-Daniel E Shores next
Short, Alvin F 5/11/1905 10/20/1989   Apostles wife-Elsie W Short next
Short, Elsie W 2/14/1910 10/22/1985   Apostles husband-Alvin F Short next
Shotwell, Hazel D 08/29/1893 12/17/1988   Apostles  
Shreeve, Mabel A 8/3/1911 11/6/2003   Devotion husband-W A "Dick" Shreeve next; Dates from SSDI
Shreeve, W A "Dick" 1913 1977   Devotion wife-Mabel A Shreeve next
Shropshire, Blanch Brady 11/2/1921 8/27/1999   Devotion  
Shropshire, Freeda L 1923 1998   Old Rugged Cross husband-Lloyd R Shropshire next
Shropshire, Lloyd R 1920 1990   Old Rugged Cross wife-Freeda L Shropshire next
Shull, Agnes N 10/12/1913 4/27/2001   Apostles husband-Harvey E Shull next
Shull, Anna Lee 1905 1971     husband-Charles R Shull next
Shull, Betty C 1935       husband-James W Shull next
Shull, Charles D 1930 1980      
Shull, Charles R 1900 1963     wife-Anna Lee Shull next; Charles D Shull
Shull, Harvey E 1907 1973   Apostles wife-Agnes N Shull next
Shull, James W 1929 1997     wife-Betty C Shull next
Shull, Mary Catherine Potts 10/4/1926 3/20/1996   Apostles  
Shull, Patricia N 1935 1999     "Mom"; husband-Wm E Shull next
Shull, William E 1934       "Dad"; wife-Patricia N Shull next
Shuminoff, Mahlon J 1916        
Shuminoff, Rassie L 1916 1990      
Sibold, Harold G 1925 1981     wife-Mary E Sibold next
Sibold, Mary E 1936       husband-Harold G Sibold next
Siler, Frances B 1934     Old Rugged Cross husband-Frank M Siler Jr next
Siler, Frank M, Jr 1931 1990   Old Rugged Cross wife-Frances B Siler next
Silva, Jennifer D 2/16/1983 8/4/1984      
Silva, Santiago S, Rev 10/1/1909 12/16/1982   Nativity  
Simcox, Arthur C 1909 1993   Apostles wife-Hazel D Simcox next
Simcox, Hazel D 1917 1989   Apostles husband-Arthur C Simcox next
Simmons, Earl D 1891 1973   Apostles  
Simmons, Fredierike 1926       husband-Wesley M Simmons next
Simmons, James W 1929 4/20/2002     from obit:wif-Willene Webster Simmons;son-Jack Simmons;dau-Janice Lanier;par-Nasby Simmons & Edna McKinney;Korean War vet
Simmons, Linda Lee 1942 1962     "Daughter"; shares stone with: Muriel S Simmons
Simmons, Maylea Danielle 2/14/1996 2/14/1996   Babyland  
Simmons, Muriel S 1913 1958     shares stone with: Linda Lee Simmons
Simmons, Wesley M 1907 1978     wife-Fredierike Simmons next
Simms, Margaret B 1879 1961   Acacia Garden "Mom"
Simpson, Anne E 1960       husband-James B Simpson next
Simpson, Chester W 1907 1990     wife-Roxie E Simpson next
Simpson, Christopher J 4/23/1993 4/23/1993     twin-Jayme G Simpson next
Simpson, Dick Hamill 1929 1981   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Marilyn Jeanne Simpson next
Simpson, Dorothy A 8/20/1920 4/29/1994   Masonic Garden E Star
Simpson, J G "Jack", IV 6/9/1953 11/19/1968   Masonic Garden  
Simpson, James B 1922 1995      
Simpson, James B 1957       wife-Anne E Simpson next
Simpson, Jayme G 4/23/1993 4/23/1993     twin-Christopher J Simpson next
Simpson, Jenny Lea 7/21/1958 1/29/1987   Masonic Garden  
Simpson, Lelia G 1906 1996   Apostles husband-Robert H Simpson next
Simpson, Marilyn Jeanne 1933     Masonic Garden husband-Dick Hamill Simpson next
Simpson, Mildred L 1918 1968   Nativity  
Simpson, Nell F 1918 1986   Apostles husband-Virgil N Simpson next
Simpson, Paul E 1919 1985   Old Rugged Cross wife-Rayetta Simpson next
Simpson, Rayetta 1937     Old Rugged Cross husband-Paul E Simpson next
Simpson, Robert C 12/20/1940 3/1/1990   Old Rugged Cross  
Simpson, Robert H 1907 1995   Apostles wife-Lelia G Simpson next
Simpson, Roxie E 1907 1990     husband-Chester W Simpson next
Simpson, Thomas E, III 10/16/1962 7/8/1978   Apostles  
Simpson, Virgil N 1915 1994