Hamilton Memorial Gardens
"Sm - Sy"
(Partial Listing)

5401 Highway 153
Hixson, TN 37343-4990

This is an extremely large and relatively new cemetery located in the Hixson area of Chattanooga on Highway 153. The cemetery is just north of Hixson Pike on Highway 153 on the left hand side of the road. Surveyed by Dennis Wilson, Jim Holcomb, Susan Kendall, Linda Coulter, and the Chattanooga Mormon Youth in 2000 - 2003. This is approximately 11,000 of the estimated 25,000 burials in this cemetery.

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Names of individuals in this cemetery were recorded as they appeared on the tombstones. No attempt was made to correct obvious errors or differences in spelling. Every attempt has been made to record this information correctly. However, mistakes are possible.  The information on this page may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other person or organization without the written consent of the contributor, the legal representative of the submitter, or The Hamilton County Tennessee Genealogy Society.

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SSDI = Social Security Death Index

Deceased Born Died Married Section Notes
Smallen, Charles David 11/19/1925 11/6/1973   Apostles  
Smalley, J Bryan 10/17/1896 1/24/1981     wife-Katherine T Smalley next
Smalley, Katherine T 1/28/1904 10/31/1990     husband-J Bryan Smalley next
Smartt, Allene Y 1928     Apostles husband-Robert M Smartt next
Smartt, Beulah M 1911 1990   Apostles  
Smartt, Louis C 1909 1988   Devotion  
Smartt, Robert M 1927 1999   Apostles wife-Allene Y Smartt next; Beulah M Smartt
Smickle, Donald R 1919 1996   Apostles wife-Frances J Smickle next
Smickle, Frances J 6/5/1920 12/23/2005   Apostles husband-Donald R Smickle next; Dates from SSDI
Smith, Albert L 1901 1989     wife-Nancy R Smith next
Smith, Alisha Faye 1941     Prayer E Star
Smith, Alta 1899 1993   Apostles  
Smith, Amanda 1932 2002   Prayer husband-Charlie Smith next
Smith, Ann R 1913 1993     husband-Luther H Smith next
Smith, Ann T 1890 1978      
Smith, Annie C 1900 1966   Masonic Garden  
Smith, Annie E 06/20/1894 4/25/1977   Apostles husband-John Y Smith next
Smith, Annie L 1898 1968      
Smith, Arthur D 1898 1962   Apostles wife-Mildred C Smith next
Smith, Augusta 1918     Apostles husband-Ben A Smith next; "Married 60 Years"
Smith, Ben A 1914 1996   Apostles wife-Augusta Smith next; "Married 60 Years"
Smith, Bertha M 1906 1994   Devotion husband-John H Smith next
Smith, Bertie M 1910 1996     husband-Roy R Smith next
Smith, Bess P 1925     Apostles husband-James E Smith next
Smith, Bessie W 1912 1987     husband-Thomas Smith next
Smith, Betty F 10/22/1908 8/25/1980   Apostles husband-Robert S Smith next
Smith, Betty Jean 7/11/1925 5/3/1985   Masonic Garden  
Smith, Betty O 1927 1986     husband-Lee F Smith next
Smith, Betty W 1918 1991   Masonic Garden husband-Fred R Smith, Jr next
Smith, Bobby Gene 6/15/1933 1/21/1990     USAF Korea
Smith, Boyd D 9/26/1905 2/2/1961      
Smith, Buddy E 1904 1994   Apostles Mason; wife-Estella M Smith next
Smith, Burma E 1913 2000      
Smith, Carl P 12/25/1899 11/9/1975   Apostles wife-Effie M Smith next
Smith, Carol B 1950       husband-J Ron Smith next
Smith, Cecil L 1917 1991     wife-Norma J Smith next
Smith, Charles Stephen "Stevie" 1954 1966   Apostles  
Smith, Charlie 1941     Prayer wife-Amanda Smith next
Smith, Charlie L 1925 1999     wife-Juanita Smith next
Smith, Clara B 1908 1968   Apostles husband-John O Smith next
Smith, Claude S 1898 1960   Apostles wife-Julia A Smith next
Smith, Clifford P 9/13/1912 6/22/1981      
Smith, Clint 12/22/1901 10/18/1972     wife-Mayme E Smith next
Smith, Clinton D 1913 1989   Old Rugged Cross wife-Mildred G Smith next
Smith, Cloyd E 1935       wife-Joyce A Smith next
Smith, Creed W 1902 1976   Apostles wife-Myrtle P Smith next
Smith, Cynthia Marie 8/1/1963 8/1/1963   Babyland  
Smith, D Frank 1906 1981   Apostles wife-Dalphia L Smith next
Smith, Dalphia L 1911 1987   Apostles husband-D Frank Smith next
Smith, Daniel S 1874 1961   Apostles wife-Zora M Smith next
Smith, Delilah E 1908 1988      
Smith, Dewey Ray, Sr 12/12/1985 5/23/1993   Apostles  
Smith, Donnette 5/9/1969     Prayer husband-Stephen Lee Smith next
Smith, Eddy Byron 4/25/1961 9/17/1999   Old Rugged Cross wife-Verinda Ruth Smith next
Smith, Edith Manning 1912 1974   Apostles  
Smith, Edna Correll 1910     Gethsemane husband-George Louis Smith next
Smith, Edna L 1941       husband-James O Smith next
Smith, Effie A 04/18/1886 11/6/1968   Masonic Garden  
Smith, Effie D 1903 1979     husband-T Herschel Smith next
Smith, Effie M 7/5/1902 12/6/1956   Apostles husband-Carl P Smith next
Smith, Elijah J 1910 1991     wife-Mary R Smith next
Smith, Elizabeth B 1952 1974     husband-Jerryl L Smith next
Smith, Elizabeth M 1925     Apostles husband-Vernon A Smith next
Smith, Ella A 1899 1982   Apostles husband-Embree A Smith next
Smith, Ellen Barker 02/26/1857 10/14/1959   Apostles  
Smith, Embree A 1887 1975   Apostles wife-Ella A Smith next
Smith, Estella M 1980     Apostles husband-Buddy E Smith next
Smith, Ester N 7/8/1924 11/3/1987     husband-Richard Lee Smith next
Smith, Esther Joe 1893 1982   Devotion  
Smith, Etta M 08/03/1898 4/5/1984   Apostles  
Smith, Eva B 3/12/1908 2/16/1984      
Smith, Evelyn 1921 1979   Devotion husband-Robert S Smith next
Smith, Flonnie M 3/22/1910 3/11/2004   Apostles husband-James "Ike" Smith next; Dates from SSDI
Smith, Flora M 1905 1977     husband-Wm A Smith next
Smith, Floyd W 1915 1981   Masonic Garden wife-Grace P Smith next
Smith, Fred R, Jr 1915 1981   Masonic Garden wife-Betty W Smith next
Smith, Fred T 1900 1993   Apostles Mason; wife-Jennie L Smith next
Smith, G Stan 3/4/1959 11/17/1977   Apostles  
Smith, Genevieve C 1918 1996     husband-Jesse V Smith next
Smith, George C, Sr 1921 1981   Gethsemane wife-Sally M Smith next
Smith, George D 11/17/1923 10/4/1998   Devotion Capt US Army Air Forces, WWII
Smith, George H 5/11/1917 3/5/2000   Apostles wife-Helen M Smith next
Smith, George Louis 1904 1967   Gethsemane wife-Edna Correll Smith next
Smith, George N 3/28/1932 12/3/1997     "Mom"; wife-Pearl B Smith next
Smith, Geraldine T 10/26/1928 4/7/1991      
Smith, Gilbert S 1943 1971      
Smith, Gladys P 1927 1982   Apostles husband-Robert D Smith next
Smith, Glyn W, Sr 1925 2000     wife-Mary B Smith next
Smith, Grace P 1922     Masonic Garden husband-Floyd W Smith next
Smith, Gwendolyn G 1919 1999   Apostles husband-J O Smith next
Smith, Hal 2/22/1914 2/7/2003   Nativity wife-Ruth S Smith next; Dates from SSDI
Smith, Harry L 1902 1991   Apostles wife-Marie T Smith next
Smith, Hazel P 1927 1974   Nativity  
Smith, Helen M 1921     Apostles husband-George H Smith next
Smith, Henry A 1903 1981      
Smith, Herbert "Bert" 4/6/1961 2/28/1976   Nativity  
Smith, Herbert A 5/30/1935 11/27/1972      
Smith, Howard P 1925 1986   Apostles wife-Kathleen D "Kitty" Smith next
Smith, J Alex 1894 1978   Apostles Mason; wife-Josephine L Smith next
Smith, J C 1917 1992   Apostles wife-Lora K Smith next
Smith, J Earnest 1905 1975     wife-Tennie A Smith next
Smith, J O 1919     Apostles wife-Gwendolyn G Smith next
Smith, J Richard 1942       wife-Kay N Smith next
Smith, J Robert 1908 1979     wife-Ruth H Smith next
Smith, J Ron 1948 1996     wife-Carol B Smith next
Smith, J Stephen "Steve" 1956 1973   Apostles  
Smith, James "Ike" 1906 1988   Apostles wife-Flonnie M Smith next
Smith, James Arnold 5/1/1918 2/20/1965   Sermon on the Mount wife-Pearl A Smith next
Smith, James D 6/25/1931 5/30/1999      
Smith, James E 1919 1997   Apostles wife-Bess P Smith next
Smith, James Lee 4/28/1964 5/15/1986      
Smith, James O 1937       wife-Edna L Smith next
Smith, Jennie L 1900 1975   Apostles E Star; husband-Fred T Smith next
Smith, Jerry W 1950 2001   Prayer wife-M Suzanne Smith next
Smith, Jerryl L 1952 1974     wife-Elizabeth B Smith next
Smith, Jesse V 1910 2000     wife-Genevieve C Smith next
Smith, Jessie A 1932 1983      
Smith, Jessie H 1905 1992   Apostles husband-Roscoe H Smith next
Smith, Jimmie D Rains 1/17/1943 12/8/1994     Mother and Grandmother"
Smith, Joe A 5/21/1913 7/3/1968      
Smith, Joe D 1910 1974     wife-Mary W Smith next
Smith, John H 1900 1957   Devotion wife-Bertha M Smith next
Smith, John O 1900 1984   Apostles wife-Clara B Smith next
Smith, John Y 10/06/1887 5/10/1960   Apostles wife-Annie E Smith next
Smith, Joseph V 1914 1979   Apostles  
Smith, Josephine L 1897 1994   Apostles husband-J Alex Smith next
Smith, Joyce A 1939 1996     husband-Cloyd E Smith next
Smith, Juanita 1925 1976     husband-Charlie L Smith next
Smith, Julia A 1901 1994   Apostles husband-Claude S Smith next
Smith, June G 1883 1957   Devotion  
Smith, Junior Lee 2/10/1927 10/30/1957   Apostles  
Smith, Kathleen D "Kitty" 1930     Apostles husband-Howard P Smith next
Smith, Kathryn T 4/8/1913 10/26/1994   Devotion husband-Wm Dillard Smith Sr next; son-Wm Dillard Smith Jr
Smith, Kay N 1948       husband-J Richard Smith next
Smith, Larry W 2/10/1956 11/16/1980   Old Rugged Cross  
Smith, Lee F 1921 1978     wife-Betty O Smith next
Smith, Lillian NaJean 1930       husband-Terrell Smith next
Smith, Lora K 11/8/1915 8/25/2010   Apostles husband-J C Smith next; Dates from SSDI
Smith, Lori A 1967     Sermon on the Mount shares stone with Samuel D Smith Sr
Smith, Louie W 1916 1967   Sermon on the Mount shares stone with Robert H Smith
Smith, Luther H 1909 1999     wife-Ann R Smith next
Smith, M Catherine 1929       husband-Vernon C Smith next
Smith, M Imogene 1929       husband-Wm H Smith next
Smith, M Suzanne 1951     Prayer husband-Jerry W Smith next
Smith, Marie F 1911 1987   Old Rugged Cross  
Smith, Marie T 1915 1976   Apostles husband-Harry L Smith next
Smith, Marry T 1905 1997     next: Norman Jean Smith
Smith, Martha B 1934 1995     husband-Thomas J Smith next
Smith, Martha H 1921 1997     husband-Reuben R Smith next
Smith, Mary B 1929 2001     husband-Glyn W Smith next
Smith, Mary Lee 1911 7/27/2002     see under Mary Lee Smith Vitatoe
Smith, Mary R 1915       husband-Elijah J Smith next
Smith, Mary W 1908 1992     husband-Joe D Smith next
Smith, Mason J 1921 1969     wife-Rita P Smith next; Eva B & Joe A Smith
Smith, Mayme E 10/07/1899 1/2/1962     husband-Clint Smith next
Smith, Mildred C 1898 1970   Apostles husband-Arthur D Smith next; Ruby R Smith
Smith, Mildred G 1916 1994   Old Rugged Cross husband-Clinton D Smith next
Smith, Myrtle P 1903 1972   Apostles husband-Creed W Smith next
Smith, Nancy R 1905 2001     husband-Albert L Smith next
Smith, Noah N 5/10/1914 12/16/1975   Apostles  
Smith, Norma Dean 9/4/1938 6/19/1976      
Smith, Norma J 1923       husband-Cecil L Smith next
Smith, Norma S 1935     Apostles husband-Robert S Smith next
Smith, Ollie Frances 02/15/1887 3/7/1959   Apostles "Mom"
Smith, Patricia Ann 1954 1984      
Smith, Pauline S 10/25/1929 12/27/2000   Prayer  
Smith, Pearl A 8/9/1918 4/23/1993   Sermon on the Mount husband-James Arnold Smith next
Smith, Pearl B 9/23/1931       "Mom"; husband-George N Smith next
Smith, Peter W 1927 1997     wife-Sally A Smith next
Smith, Rabie A 1897 1965   Apostles  
Smith, Rache Dean 10/16/1931 3/18/1995      
Smith, Rachel Lee 1903 1983      
Smith, Ralph Danville 5/10/1941 9/19/1976      
Smith, Ralph Dean 1931 1995      
Smith, Reuben R 1903 1973     wife-Martha H Smith next
Smith, Richard Lee 12/26/1917 2/28/1977     wife-Ester N Smith next; Cpl US Army WWII Korea
Smith, Rita P 1927 1983     husband-Mason J Smith next
Smith, Robert D 1920 1989   Apostles wife-Gladys P Smith next
Smith, Robert E 1929 1977   Apostles wife-Norma S Smith next
Smith, Robert H 1942 1986   Sermon on the Mount shares stone with Louie W Smith
Smith, Robert S 12/14/1905 8/5/1974   Apostles wife-Betty F Smith next; Pfc US Army
Smith, Robert S 1921     Devotion wife-Evelyn Smith next
Smith, Robert W 1923 1989     wife-Ruby L Smith next
Smith, Roma M 1911 1965   Apostles husband-Theodore R Smith next
Smith, Roscoe H 1900 1972   Apostles wife-Jessie H Smith next
Smith, Roy G 10/15/1923 5/4/1993   Devotion GM 2 US Navy WWII
Smith, Roy L 1914       wife-Stella L Smith next
Smith, Roy R 1909 1988     wife-Bertie M Smith next
Smith, Ruby L 1921 1992     husband-Robert W Smith next
Smith, Ruby R 12/31/1905 10/22/1993   Apostles  
Smith, Ruth H 1911 1996     husband-J Robert Smith next
Smith, Ruth S 1914 1991   Nativity husband-Hal Smith next
Smith, Saleayur Luceal 1900 1988      
Smith, Sally A 1942       husband-Peter W Smith next
Smith, Sally M 1921 1998   Gethsemane husband-George C Smith, Sr next
Smith, Samuel D, Sr 1938 1997   Sermon on the Mount  
Smith, Sayde B 12/23/1905 4/1/1991      
Smith, Stella L 1908 1985     husband-Roy L Smith next
Smith, Stephen Lee 8/4/1974 9/21/1998   Prayer wife-Donnette Smith next
Smith, Susie H 1905       husband-Willis M Smith next
Smith, T Herschel 1898 1963     wife-Effie D Smith next
Smith, Tennie A 1912 1976     husband-J Earnest Smith next
Smith, Terrell 1925 1995     wife-Lillian NaJean Smith next
Smith, Theodore R 1904 1978   Apostles wife-Roma M Smith next
Smith, Thomas 1912       wife-Bessie W Smith next
Smith, Thomas C 11/22/1943 9/14/1999      
Smith, Thomas J 1935 1990     wife-Martha B Smith next
Smith, Tillie Tucker 8/23/1909 1/2/2000   Apostles  
Smith, Tommy J 1934     Apostles wife-Virginia Faye Smith next
Smith, Verinda Ruth 10/6/1966     Old Rugged Cross husband-Eddy Byron Smith next
Smith, Vernon A 1923 1993   Apostles wife-Elizabeth M Smith next
Smith, Vernon C 1929       wife-M Catherine Smith next
Smith, Virginia Faye 1938 1975   Apostles husband-Tommy J Smith next
Smith, Wesley G 1933 2001   Old Rugged Cross wife-Wilma L Smith next
Smith, William A 1907 1986     wife-Flora M Smith next
Smith, William Dillard, Jr 11/11/1938 6/7/1959   Devotion parents-Wm Dillard Sr & Kathryn T Smith
Smith, William Dillard, Sr 12/25/1910 7/29/2001   Devotion wife-Kathryn T Smith next; son-Wm Dillard Smith Jr
Smith, William Edward 12/18/1870 4/25/1961   Masonic Garden  
Smith, William H 1925 1994     wife-M Imogene Smith next
Smith, Willis M 1903 1991     wife-Susie H Smith next
Smith, Wilma L 1931     Old Rugged Cross husband-Wesley G Smith next
Smith, Zora M 1973 1959   Apostles husband-Daniel S Smith next
Smitt, Johnny L 5/21/1950 11/22/1999   Nativity  
Smolik, James F 1891 1974      
Smotherman, James L 09/20/1893 10/22/1972     wife-Mary Ida Smotherman next; Tn Pvt Co H 117 Inf WWI
Smotherman, Mary Ida 07/01/1891 3/19/1973     "Grandmother"; husband-James L Smotherman next
Smothers, Godfrey L 1931 1999   Prayer wife-L Faye Smothers next
Smothers, L Faye 1936     Prayer husband-Godfrey L Smothers next
Smyth, Norma F 1932 1989   Old Rugged Cross husband-Wm E Smyth next
Smyth, William E 1927     Old Rugged Cross wife-Norma F Smyth next
Sneed, Billy J 1935 1999      
Sneed, Billy S 1932 1996     wife-Fay L Sneed next
Sneed, Eleanor "Mamo" 4/24/1943 7/24/1997      
Sneed, Fay L 1935       husband-Billy S Sneed next
Sneed, Grady 1927 1/22/2003     from obit:par-Bart & Kate Sneed;wif-Beulah Sneed;dau-Pam Sneed McNabb;sons-Tom & Don Sneed; US Navy WWII, USS Rodman
Sneed, Jack "Ebb" 1954 1980      
Sneed, Jack L 1922 1992     wife-Mary B Sneed next; Jack "Ebb" & Eleanor "Mamo" Sneed
Sneed, L A "Snake" 1951 1989   Old Rugged Cross shares marker with: Roy Adam Sneed
Sneed, Mary B 1921 1999     husband-Jack L Sneed next; Jack "Ebb" & Eleanor "Mamo" Sneed
Sneed, Reba R 9/5/1922 2/25/2006   Masonic Garden E Star; husband-Wayne E Sneed next; Dates from SSDI
Sneed, Roy Adam 1974 1993   Old Rugged Cross shares marker with: L A "Snake" Sneed
Sneed, Wayne E 1922 1979   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Reba R Sneed next
Snider, Francis P 1910 1973     husband-Sam M Snider next
Snider, Sam M 1906 1976     wife-Francis P Snider next
Snodgrass, James E 2/26/1946 2/17/2002   Apostles wife-Lynda F Snodgrass next
Snodgrass, Lynda F 3/28/1948     Apostles husband-James E Snodgrass next
Snyder, Elise D 1921 1975     husband-S T "Sam" Snyder next
Snyder, Gary L 1949 1998      
Snyder, Katherine F 1942       husband-T C Snyder next
Snyder, Larry M 1946       wife-Margie B Snyder next
Snyder, Margie B 1954       husband-Larry M Snyder next
Snyder, Robert K 1/29/1935 12/28/1974      
Snyder, S T "Sam" 1913       wife-Elise D Snyder next
Snyder, Shirley R 1938 1979      
Snyder, T C 1914 1992     wife-Katherine F Snyder next
Sobel, Murray 1920 1999   Nativity  
Solomon, John F Jr. 1918 1990     wife-Roberta M Solomon next
Solomon, Roberta M 1921 1994     husband-John F Solomon, Jr. next
Sons, Douglas 1924 2001   Apostles wife-Opalean Sons next; "Married 55 Years"
Sons, Opalean 1925     Apostles husband-Douglas Sons next; "Married 55 Years"
Sorrick, Edward E, Jr 1930       wife-Iris H Sorrick next
Sorrick, Iris H. 1934       husband-Edward E Sorrick Jr next
Sowell, Dora S 1918       husband-Maurice Judson Sowell next
Sowell, Leroy J 11/29/1926 6/11/1990   Old Rugged Cross PFC USAF, WWII
Sowell, Maurice Judson 1911 1993     wife-Dora S Sowell next
Spain, Jack L, III 1/29/1976 1/29/1976   Babyland  
Sparkman, Charles C 08/01/1889 3/30/1963     wife-Etta L Sparkman next
Sparkman, Etta L 11/18/1894 12/23/1974     husband-Charles C Sparkman next
Spear, Albert E 1929       wife-Rose M Spear next
Spear, Rose M 1931       husband-Albert E Spear next
Spears, Betty Ann Adams 1922   12/25/1949 Apostles husband-John Jackson Spears next
Spears, John Jackson 3/3/1920 3/25/1990 12/25/1949 Apostles wife-Betty Ann Adams Spears next
Spears, Pauline D 1919 1990   Apostles husband-Samuel L Spears next
Spears, Samuel L 1916 1974   Apostles wife-Pauline D Spears next
Speer, Mary Louise 7/10/1908 5/19/1995   Devotion husband-Paul R Speer next; Dates from SSDI
Speer, Paul R 1904 1976   Devotion wife-Mary Louise Speer next
Speir, Iva F 1913 1999   Old Rugged Cross husband-James L Speir next
Speir, James L 1917 1992   Old Rugged Cross wife-Iva F Speir next
Spence, Estelle J 1908 1982   Apostles husband-John G Spence next
Spence, Jack K 1919 1981   Apostles wife-Lena Mae Spence next
Spence, John G 1893 1975   Apostles wife-Estelle J Spence next
Spence, Lena Mae 1914 1975   Apostles husband-Jack K Spence next
Spencer, David M, Jr 1951 1996      
Spiess, Bertha Mae 1913 1988      
Spitnale, Patricia A 1941 1997   Nativity  
Spivey, Ola Dean 1923 1997     husband-Riley S Spivey next
Spivey, Riley S, Jr 1930 1986     wife Ola Dean Spivey next
Splawn, Charles R 1932 1983   Devotion  
Sprayberry, Larry G 1942       wife-Virginia P Sprayberry next
Sprayberry, Virginia P 1955       husband-Larry G Sprayberry next
Springfield, Carlos L 1904 1980   Devotion  
Springfield, Opal C 7/16/1906 11/2/1990   Devotion husband-Wm Frank Springfield next
Springfield, William Frank 10/22/1902 9/18/1956   Devotion wife-Opal C Springfield next
Sprouse, Ethel R 1912 1989   Old Rugged Cross husband-Walter E Sprouse next
Sprouse, Walter E 1918 1984   Old Rugged Cross wife-Ethel R Sprouse next
Spuhler, Jeremy R 9/12/1972 8/7/1977      
Spurgeon, Elnora E 1914 1991   Masonic Garden  
Spurgeon, Harvey A 1936 1958   Masonic Garden  
St Clair, Addie "Susie" 10/10/1907 9/5/1997   Apostles husband-Marvin O St Clair next
St Clair, Carolyn L 9/14/1911 10/7/1999   Masonic Garden E Star; husband-Hubert C St Clair next
St Clair, David D 1941 1990   Old Rugged Cross wife-Jo Ann St Clair next
St Clair, Franklin D 1933 1972   Apostles  
St Clair, Hubert C 4/10/1901 5/21/1959   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Carolyn L St Clair next
St Clair, Jo Ann 1940     Old Rugged Cross husband-David D St Clair next
St Clair, Marvin O 1903 1959   Apostles wife-Addie "Susie" St Clair next
St Claire, Barney 1893 1990   Apostles wife-Janie Reno St Claire next
St Claire, Dewey William 1929 1970   Apostles  
St Claire, Janie Reno 1900 1964   Apostles husband-Barney St Claire next
Stacy, David W 1952       wife-Diane H Stacy next
Stacy, Diane H 1954       husband-David W Stacy next
Stafford, Ailas F 1928       husband-Alvin A Stafford next
Stafford, Alvin A 1923 1987     wife-Ailas F Stafford next
Staggs, Carolyn H 1934       husband-Vernon Staggs next
Staggs, Vernon 1931 1999     wife-Carolyn H Staggs next
Staley, Bessie M 1905 1981   Apostles husband-Clifford N Adams next
Staley, M Floyd 1909 1991   Apostles wife-Bessie M Staley next
Stallings, James R 1901 1981     wife-Sara C Stallings next
Stallings, Katie 1929 1996   Devotion husband-Wm Stallings next
Stallings, Sara C 1905 1980     husband-James R Stallings next
Stallings, William 1934     Devotion wife-Katie Stallings next
Stamey, Hazel E 1931     Old Rugged Cross husband-James K Stamey next
Stamey, James K 1926 1995   Old Rugged Cross wife-Hazel E Stamey next
Standard, Fannie Lou 1911 1996   Prayer husband-Leroy V Standard, Sr next
Standard, Leroy V, Sr 4/29/1913 12/29/2001   Prayer wife-Fannie Lou Standard next; Dates from SSDI
Standefer, James E 1912 1999   Prayer wife-Loraine G Standefer next; "Married 68 Years"
Standefer, Loraine G 3/23/1910 3/18/2004   Prayer husband-James E Standefer next; "Married 68 Years"; Dates from SSDI
Standifer, Betty Cofer 9/12/1915 9/18/1997   Apostles husband-Charles B Standifer next
Standifer, Charles B 10/4/1913 2/1/2006   Apostles wife-Betty Cofer Standifer next; Dates from SSDI
Standifer, Geneva M 1911 1985     "Wife of J Arlie Standifer"
Standifer, Glen L 1906 1985   Old Rugged Cross wife-Mildred S Standifer next
Standifer, J Arlie 1907 1995     husband of Geneva M. Standifer
Standifer, Jeff 4/4/1955 6/25/1991   Apostles  
Standifer, Mildred S 1913 1995   Old Rugged Cross husband-Glen L Standifer next
Stanfield, C D, Sr 1924     Old Rugged Cross wife-Delmues H Stanfield next
Stanfield, Delmues H 1927 1995   Old Rugged Cross husband-C D Stanfield Sr next
Stanfield, Ellis F 1909 1972   Apostles wife-Gladys L Stanfield next
Stanfield, Gladys L 1921     Apostles husband-Ellis F Stanfield next
Stanfield, Glenda P 1952 1990   Old Rugged Cross husband-Jack D Stanfield next
Stanfield, Jack D 1949     Old Rugged Cross wife-Glenda P Stanfield next
Stanford, Clifford "C J" 5/3/1928     Apostles Mason; wife-Lillie M Smith Stanford next
Stanford, Lillie M Smith 10/31/1925 6/5/2000   Apostles DAR; husband-Clifford "C J" Stanford next
Stanley, Chris 2/10/1964 12/25/1979   Apostles  
Stannford, Robert L 1915 1976      
Stansberry, Clyde J, Sr 11/19/1915 6/4/2009   Apostles wife-Polly D Stansberry next; Dates from SSDI
Stansberry, Joseph A 1910 1983     wife-Mildred W Stansberry next
Stansberry, Mildred W 1913 1993     husband-Joseph A Stansberry next
Stansberry, Polly D 1914 2000   Apostles husband-Clyde J Stansberry Sr next
Stansbury, Emily W 1917 1960   Apostles  
Stansbury, Hugh E 1909 1980   Apostles wife-Josephine A Stansbury next
Stansbury, Josephine A 1913 1998   Apostles husband-Hugh E Stansbury next
Stansell, Freddie A 12/29/1918 8/10/1959   Devotion  
Stapp, Joseph Al 1/1/1927 4/20/2000   Old Rugged Cross wife-Martha A Stapp next; S2 US Navy, WWII
Stapp, Martha A 6/7/1931     Old Rugged Cross husband-Joseph Al Stapp next
Stappenbeck, Richard F 4/7/1917 9/17/1996   Prayer Captain, US Army, WWII, Doctor
Stargel, Becky Jayne 1952 1973   Apostles  
Starnes, C Eldred 1937 1982   Old Rugged Cross wife-Judith H Starnes next
Starnes, Frances Hazel 4/14/1931 4/18/1983   Old Rugged Cross husband-Samuel S Starnes next
Starnes, Judith H 1943     Old Rugged Cross husband-C Eldred Starnes next
Starnes, Samuel Lewis 10/4/1949 1/27/1996   Old Rugged Cross  
Starnes, Samuel S 10/17/1927     Old Rugged Cross wife-Frances Hazel Starnes next
Starr, Carrie J 1904 1987     husband-Charles S Starr next
Starr, Charles S 1903 1976     wife-Carrie J. Starr next
Staton, L C 1923     Old Rugged Cross wife-Willene Staton next
Staton, Marvin 9/5/1906 4/18/1986   Old Rugged Cross Tec 5, US Army WWII
Staton, Willene 1924 1998   Old Rugged Cross husband-L C Staton next
Steave, Mamie L 1905 1986   Old Rugged Cross  
Steele, Branden Timothy 7/8/1996 7/8/1996   Babyland  
Steele, Don E 1957 1973   Masonic Garden  
Steele, Jerry E 1942 1995     wife-Peggy L Steele next
Steele, John B 1914 1987      
Steele, John L 1915 1971     Mason; wife-Thelma H Steele next
Steele, John W 1897 1978   Apostles wife-Russie L Steele next
Steele, Peggy L 1943       husband-Jerry E Steele next
Steele, Russie L 1899 1988   Apostles husband-John W Steele next
Steele, Thelma H 1913 1998     husband-John L Steele next
Steele, Wesley Alan 12/2/1991 12/6/1991      
Steffy, Barbara W 1942 1989   Nativity  
Steinman, Elsie D 1920 1997     husband-James W Steinman, Sr next
Steinman, James W Sr 1913 1999     wife-Elsie D Steinman next
Stephens, Ada W 8/12/1908 2/12/1986   Devotion  
Stephens, Anna H "Gomy" 03/18/1899 11/27/1988      
Stephens, Anne B 1920 1978   Apostles  
Stephens, Arthur 1887 1957   Apostles wife-Grace E Stephens next
Stephens, Dewey B 1898 1989   Apostles wife-Edna R Stephens next
Stephens, Dorothy Mae 1921 1973   Apostles husband-Hobert Mack Stephens next
Stephens, Edna R 1893 1988   Apostles husband-Dewey B Stephens next
Stephens, Frances A 1931 1998   Old Rugged Cross husband-O Norris Stephens next
Stephens, Franklin Gene 1955 2001   Apostles shares marker with: Alfred L Massey
Stephens, George W 1892 1963   Apostles wife-Mary Roberts Stephens next
Stephens, Grace E 1893 1968   Apostles husband-Arthur Stephens next
Stephens, Herbert 1922       wife-Mary Frances H Stephens next
Stephens, Herman M 3/23/1915 4/6/1970   Apostles  
Stephens, Hobert Mack 1916     Apostles wife-Dorothy Mae Stephens next
Stephens, Mary Frances H 1924       husband-Herbert Stephens next
Stephens, Mary Roberts 1891 1978   Apostles husband-George W Stephens next
Stephens, O Norris 1928 1982 Old Rugged Cross wife-Frances A Stephens next
Stephens, Rosie D 1/16/1940 11/20/1999   Apostles  
Stephenson, Doris A 1926       husband-Ray C Stephenson next
Stephenson, Emma Guess 8/11/1905 6/19/1963   Apostles  
Stephenson, John H 07/22/1896 7/9/1958   Apostles wife-Minnie B Stephenson next
Stephenson, Minnie B 09/15/1898 8/26/1974   Apostles husband-John H Stephenson next
Stephenson, Ray C 1918 1999     wife-Doris A Stephenson next
Sterchi, Juanita R 10/25/1913 1/23/2011   Devotion husband-Robin E Sterchi next; Dates from SSDI
Sterchi, Robin E 1910 1996   Devotion wife-Juanita R Sterchi next
Sterchi, Vesta Ann 3/25/1904 3/21/1991   Masonic Garden  
Stevens, Amelia LeNette