Hamilton Memorial Gardens
(Partial Listing)

5401 Highway 153
Hixson, TN 37343-4990

This is an extremely large and relatively new cemetery located in the Hixson area of Chattanooga on Highway 153. The cemetery is just north of Hixson Pike on Highway 153 on the left hand side of the road. Surveyed by Dennis Wilson, Jim Holcomb, Susan Kendall, Linda Coulter, and the Chattanooga Mormon Youth in 2000 - 2003. This is approximately 11,000 of the estimated 25,000 burials in this cemetery.

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Names of individuals in this cemetery were recorded as they appeared on the tombstones. No attempt was made to correct obvious errors or differences in spelling. Every attempt has been made to record this information correctly. However, mistakes are possible.  The information on this page may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other person or organization without the written consent of the contributor, the legal representative of the submitter, or The Hamilton County Tennessee Genealogy Society.

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SSDI = Social Security Death Index

Deceased Born Died Married Section Notes
Taliaferro, Beatrice B 4/4/1905 6/24/1994   Apostles  
Taliaferro, Richard L 8/2/1949 7/10/1974      
Tallent, Mary C 1898 1958   Apostles husband-Oscar W Tallent next
Tallent, Oscar W 1894 1971   Apostles wife-Mary C Tallent next
Talley, Annie B 1900 1982   Apostles husband-Robert R Talley next
Talley, Robert R 1903 1981   Apostles wife-Annie B Talley next
Talley, Sara F 1935       husband-Thomas J Talley Jr next
Talley, Thomas J, Jr 1931       wife-Sara F Talley next
Tally, Fannie P 1909 1964   Apostles "Mom"
Talmadge, Nancy M 1912 2000   Sermon on the Mount *
Tankersley, Ann K 1906 1986     husband-Sim E Tankersley next
Tankersley, Clara B 1907 1999   Devotion  
Tankersley, Herbert L, Jr 12/8/1936 8/26/2000   Devotion  
Tankersley, Sim E 1901 1975     wife-Ann K Tankersley next
Tanner, Henry F "Curly" 1930 1990   Apostles  
Tanner, Stephen S "Steve" 1947 1964   Apostles  
Tanser, Arthur S 1909 1989   Apostles wife-Della M Tanser next
Tanser, Della M 1913 1988   Apostles husband-Arthur S Tanser next
Tarter, Alice Griffith 11/28/1906 3/8/1987      
Tate, Alfred S 1912 1996     wife-Anna Bell Tate next
Tate, Anna Bell 1917 1994     husband-Alfred S Tate next
Tate, Colonel S 1915       wife-Mary F Tate next
Tate, Eda L 1905 1983   Apostles husband-Theodore R Tate next; Glenda Tate Hansen
Tate, Hazel R 1940       husband-Roy E Tate next
Tate, Lua Walker 1921       husband-Max D Tate next
Tate, Mary F 1915 1997     husband-Colonel S Tate next
Tate, Max D 1917 1999     Mason; wife-Lua Walker Tate next
Tate, Phoebe Jane Westmoreland 1934 3/23/2002     obit:par-Lawrence P "Ram" & Edna Melton Westmoreland;son-David A Tate;dau-Patricia A Bowman;more
Tate, Roy E 1933       wife-Hazel R Tate next
Tate, Sandra A 1942 1989      
Tate, Theodore R 1905 1984   Apostles wife-Eda L Tate next
Tatum, Byron C, Jr 1945 1984   Apostles parents-Byron C Sr & Mildred P Tatum next
Tatum, Byron C, Sr 1901 1987   Apostles wife-Mildred P Tatum next; son-Byron C Tatum Jr
Tatum, Mildred P 1919 1958   Apostles husband-Byron C Tatum Sr next; son-Byron C Tatum Jr
Taylor, Adele P 1921       husband-Alvin A Taylor next
Taylor, Alvin A 1908 1991     wife-Adele P Taylor next
Taylor, Amos L 1926 1995   Devotion wife-Mamie J Taylor next
Taylor, Audie 1893 1986   Masonic Garden husband-Emmet W Taylor next
Taylor, Beatrice C 1910 1999      
Taylor, Carralee K 1934        
Taylor, Cora K 1888 1965      
Taylor, Daniel W, Jr 1912 1994   Nativity  
Taylor, Delores 1937     Apostles husband-Wm Taylor next
Taylor, Dylan James 5/14/1996 10/25/1996   Babyland  
Taylor, Emmet W 1890 1991   Masonic Garden wife-Audie Taylor next
Taylor, Florence B 1897 1981      
Taylor, Frances M 1920 1980     husband-Richard A Taylor next
Taylor, Glenda J 1950 1976   Apostles husband-Richard L Taylor next
Taylor, Glenn I 1898 1983   Old Rugged Cross wife-Laura Jane Taylor next
Taylor, H B 1932 1990     wife-JoAnn Taylor next
Taylor, Infant Girl 7/3/1956 7/3/1956   Apostles  
Taylor, JoAnn 1939       husband-H B Taylor next
Taylor, John 2/14/1929 1/16/2000   Acacia Garden wife-Nellie M Taylor next; "Married 50 Years"
Taylor, Kaitlyn Marie 5/14/1996 7/15/1996   Babyland  
Taylor, Kate G 1905 1973   Devotion husband-Oscar R Taylor next
Taylor, Laura Jane 1903 2/17/2003   Old Rugged Cross hus-Glenn I Taylor nx;obit:dau-Glenda Howard;son-W R "Bud" Taylor
Taylor, Lota B 1907 1990   Apostles husband-Theodore W Taylor next
Taylor, Maggie Lou 1/18/1936     Old Rugged Cross "Mom"; husband-O'Neal E Taylor Sr next
Taylor, Mamie J 1931     Devotion husband-Amos L Taylor next
Taylor, Mattie S 1906 1977   Apostles husband-Roy C Taylor next
Taylor, Nellie I 6/24/1913 4/19/1999   Masonic Garden husband-Thomas L Taylor next
Taylor, Nellie M 9/23/1931 10/23/2001   Acacia Garden husband-John Taylor next; "Married 50 Years"
Taylor, O'Neal E, Sr 7/3/1920 2/3/1994   Old Rugged Cross wife-Maggie Lou Taylor next
Taylor, Oscar R 1889 1982   Devotion wife-Kate G Taylor next
Taylor, Richard A 1917 1997     wife-Frances M Taylor next
Taylor, Richard L 1943     Apostles wife-Glenda J Taylor next
Taylor, Robert Phillip 5/20/1955 5/22/1955   Apostles  
Taylor, Roy C 1900 1976   Apostles wife-Mattie S Taylor next
Taylor, Ruth Rozell 1916     Nativity  
Taylor, Theodore W 1901 1993   Apostles wife-Lota B Taylor next
Taylor, Thomas L 9/13/1912 7/10/1981   Masonic Garden wife-Nellie I Taylor next
Taylor, Tracey Scott 1962 1983   Apostles  
Taylor, W Herman 1905 1959   Apostles  
Taylor, William 1929 1992   Apostles wife-Delores Taylor next; Tracey Scott Taylor
Teasley, Jimmie T 5/7/1931 9/13/1981   Acacia Garden Mason
Tedder, Bobbie L 1928     Old Rugged Cross husband-Wm R Tedder next
Tedder, William R 1916 1989   Old Rugged Cross wife-Bobbie L Tedder next
Teem, Billy L 1933 1969      
Temple, Clarence V 8/13/1903 3/1/1984     "Father"; wife-Julia A Temple next
Temple, Julia A 3/17/1905 11/29/1956     "Mother"; husband-Clarence V Temple next
Templeton, Billy J 1933 1981     wife-Virginia L Templeton next
Templeton, Virginia L 1938       husband-Billy J Templeton next
Tench, James Theron 2/11/1981 2/11/1981      
Tennyson, Michael W 1961 1992   Nativity S/O Paul & Shirly Hudson Tennyson
Terry, Donald J 1929 1973      
Terry, Ortress S 1904 1989      
Teschner, Fred C 1895 1999   Masonic Garden wife-Jackie L Teschner next; "Married 62 Years"
Teschner, Jackie L 3/25/1910 2/1/2009   Masonic Garden husband-Fred C Teschner next; "Married 62 Years"; Dates from SSDI
Tharp, Jimmie L 1942 1997     wife-Lenita K Tharp next
Tharp, Lenita K 1943       husband-Jimmie L Tharp next
Thatcher, Bessie C 1907 1992   Nativity  
Thaxton, Ned W 7/23/1924 1/27/1995   Apostles  
Thedford, James A 1934 1979      
Thoma, Michal M 1888 1974     husband-Roy E Thoma next
Thoma, Roy E 1888 1967     wife-Michal M Thoma next
Thomas, Alice 04/24/1892 4/11/1962   Apostles husband-Evan Thomas next
Thomas, Bess M 5/22/1905 3/22/1983   Apostles husband-James C Thomas next
Thomas, Brady W 1907 1986     wife-Sallie A Thomas next
Thomas, Charles G, Sr 1924 1995   Masonic Garden wife-Jean P Thomas next
Thomas, Clarence E 1911 1955   Apostles wife-Dorothy C Thomas next
Thomas, Clifford L, Jr 1916 2000     wife-Dorothy L Thomas next
Thomas, Daniel W 1915 1990     wife-Ruby M Thomas next
Thomas, David 2/18/1966 2/16/1995      
Thomas, Davis L, Jr 1916 1963   Masonic Garden wife-Roberta D Thomas next
Thomas, Denise B 1953 1976      
Thomas, Dorothy C 1912 1993   Apostles husband-Clarence E Thomas next
Thomas, Dorothy L 1913       husband-Clifford L Thomas, Jr next
Thomas, Edgar J 1908 1992     wife-Elizabeth M Thomas next
Thomas, Edith J 1914 1985   Apostles husband-Oral R Thomas next
Thomas, Edna E 1885 1973   Apostles  
Thomas, Elizabeth M 1908 1988     husband-Edgar J Thomas next
Thomas, Elizabeth M 1908 1991   Apostles husband-Roy M Thomas next
Thomas, Emmett Leon, Jr 1/31/1943     Apostles parents-Emmett Leon Sr & Pauline C Thomas
Thomas, Emmett Leon, Sr 11/8/1910 8/22/1989   Apostles wife-Pauline C Thomas next;son-Emmett Leon Thomas Jr
Thomas, Eunice H 1917     Apostles husband-Wm Henry Thomas next
Thomas, Evan 09/24/1885 2/1/1974   Apostles wife-Alice Thomas next
Thomas, EvieLee W 6/29/1924 10/25/1994     husband-Ronald C Thomas next
Thomas, Herman F 1911 1987   Apostles wife-Ruth B Thomas next
Thomas, Irene Legg 4/11/1931     Apostles husband-J Ervin Thomas Sr next;son-J Ervin Thomas
Thomas, J Ervin, Jr 11/11/1956 11/11/1956   Apostles parents-J Ervin Sr & Irene Legg Thomas
Thomas, J Ervin, Sr 11/28/1917 5/17/1986   Apostles wife-Irene Legg Thomas next; son-J Ervin Thomas
Thomas, James C 8/27/1908 10/14/1992   Apostles wife-Bess M Thomas next; Dates from SSDI
Thomas, James Glenn 2/4/1917 11/16/1959   Apostles  
Thomas, Jean P 1926     Masonic Garden husband-Charles G Thomas, Sr next
Thomas, Jimmy A 1940 1981      
Thomas, Michael David 3/1977 12/1985   Apostles Information provided by Jean Thomas Morrison
Thomas, Milburn W 8/12/1920 1/16/2006     wife-Minnie A Wolfe Thomas next; Dates from SSDI
Thomas, Minnie A Wolfe 1920 1999     husband-Milburn W Thomas next
Thomas, Nora O 1922 1987     husband-Capt Wm L Thomas next
Thomas, Oral L 1914 1985   Apostles wife-Edith J Thomas next
Thomas, Paul C 2/14/1920 10/16/1975   Apostles  
Thomas, Pauline S 2/28/1912 5/14/1995   Apostles husband-Emmett Leon Thomas Sr;son-Emmett Leon Thomas Jr
Thomas, Phyllis A 1941       husband-Roger L Thomas next
Thomas, Roberta D 1909 1979   Masonic Garden husband-Davis L Thomas Jr next
Thomas, Roger L 1938       wife-Phyllis A Thomas next
Thomas, Ronald C 5/26/1915 1/13/1975     wife-EvieLee W Thomas next
Thomas, Roy M 1905 1979   Apostles wife-Elizabeth M Thomas next
Thomas, Ruby M 1908 1983     husband-Daniel W Thomas next
Thomas, Ruth B 1911 1999   Apostles husband-Herman F Thomas next
Thomas, Sallie A 1906       husband-Brady W Thomas next
Thomas, Vivian L 1920 1983   Old Rugged Cross husband-Wm L Thomas next
Thomas, William Henry 1907 1975   Apostles wife-Eunice H Thomas next
Thomas, William L 1913 1994   Old Rugged Cross wife-Vivian L Thomas next
Thomas, William L, Capt 1895 1978     wife-Nora O Thomas next
Thomas, Zeke 1919 1989      
Thomasson, Ruby L 11/27/1913 1/4/2004     husband-Tommy A Thomasson next; Dates from SSDI
Thomasson, Tommy A 1911 1993     wife-Ruby L Thomasson next
Thome, Arthur F 8/29/1900 5/19/1973     wife-Maisie P Thome next
Thome, Maisie P 07/19/1896 3/23/1988     husband-Arthur F Thome next
Thomison, James P 1929 1987   Acacia Garden wife-Norma J Thomison next
Thomison, Lucille Riordan 1911 5/9/2002     obit:son-Jerry Riordan;dau-Ann True, Brenda Phelps & Martha McDaniel;sis-Dorothy Howard
Thomison, Norma J 1931     Acacia Garden husband-James P Thomison next
Thompson, Ala T 1914 1994     husband-James C Thompson next
Thompson, Alice T 1920     Gethsemane husband-James W Thompson next
Thompson, Anna Ruth 1927 1972     husband-Sam W Thompson next
Thompson, Annie Mercer 1890 1965   Devotion husband-Matthew A Thompson next
Thompson, Austin G 1920 1994     wife-Doris E Thompson next
Thompson, B Hill 1890 1982   Nativity wife-Mary R. Thompson next
Thompson, Carleen W 1919     Apostles husband-Everett R Thompson next
Thompson, Carrie C 1902 1989     husband-Olie E Thompson Sr next
Thompson, Cecil C 1906 1984   Old Rugged Cross wife-Dorothy L Thompson next
Thompson, Charlie M 1926     Prayer  
Thompson, Christopher L 12/2/1959 12/2/1959   Apostles  
Thompson, Delma D 1923 1975   Devotion wife-Helen M Thompson next
Thompson, Delmar 1909 1996   Old Rugged Cross wife-Helen Williams Thompson next
Thompson, Doris E 1924       husband-Austin G Thompson next
Thompson, Dorothy King 8/26/1926 7/16/1982   Nativity husband-Howard W Thompson next
Thompson, Dorothy L 1921     Old Rugged Cross husband-Cecil C Thompson next
Thompson, Dortha S 1899 1965   Apostles  
Thompson, Everett R 1917 1979   Apostles  
Thompson, Floyd E 1925 1995   Prayer  
Thompson, Floyd L 1914 1986     wife-Ruth L Thompson next
Thompson, George W 1916 2000     wife-Margaret K Thompson next
Thompson, Georgia L 9/8/1922 6/2/1983   Apostles  
Thompson, Gus 1909 1973     wife-Louise M Thompson next
Thompson, Hazel H 1907 1975      
Thompson, Helen E 1925     Devotion husband-Delma D Thompson next
Thompson, Helen Williams 1914 1996   Old Rugged Cross husband-Delmar Thompson next
Thompson, Howard W 3/3/1927 9/22/1986   Nativity wife-Dorothy King Thompson next
Thompson, James C 1912 1991     wife-Ala T Thompson next
Thompson, James Ray 1921 1996   Nativity wife-Ruth A Thompson next
Thompson, James W 1915 1977   Gethsemane wife-Alice T Thompson next
Thompson, John B, Jr 1943 1993   Apostles  
Thompson, John Burton 1917 2001   Nativity wife-Margaret Kendall Thompson next
Thompson, John W 7/11/1926 3/1/1998   Apostles  
Thompson, Joyce C 1940 1965   Apostles  
Thompson, Louis E 12/5/1924 4/17/1994   Apostles wife-Sara W Thompson next; "Married 48 Years"
Thompson, Louise M 1914 1977     husband-Gus Thompson next
Thompson, Margaret K 1916 1998     husband-George W Thompson next
Thompson, Margaret Kendall 1918 1993   Nativity husband-John Burton Thompson next
Thompson, Mary R 1895 1996   Nativity husband-B. Hill Thompson next
Thompson, Matthew A 1881 1962   Devotion wife-Annie Mercer Thompson next
Thompson, Olie E, Sr 1901 1971     wife-Carrie C Thompson next
Thompson, Robert P 1920       wife-Willie R Thompson next
Thompson, Robert W 1956 1992      
Thompson, Ruth A 1923     Nativity husband-James Ray Thompson next
Thompson, Ruth L 1915 1987     husband-Floyd L Thompson next
Thompson, Sam W 1910 1988     wife-Anna Ruth Thompson next
Thompson, Sara W 8/15/1927     Apostles husband-Louis EThompson next; "Married 48 Years"
Thompson, Willene J 1935 1994      
Thompson, William R 8/5/1930 1/27/1992   Apostles  
Thompson, Willie R 1920       husband-Robert P Thompson next
Thomsen, Natasha Diane 2/13/1972 2/14/1972      
Thomson, Anna 1899 1975     husband-Harold Thomson next
Thomson, Harold 1904 1968     wife-Anna Thomson next
Thorn, Eddie B 1894 1969   Apostles wife-Ethel B Thorn next
Thorn, Ethel B 1893 1961   Apostles husband-Eddie B Thorn next
Thornburg, Daniel B, Jr 1926 1975   Apostles wife-Marie S Thornburg next
Thornburg, Daniel B, Sr 1894 1978   Apostles wife-Eula M Thornburg next
Thornburg, Eula M 1901 1977   Apostles husband-Daniel B Thornburg Sr next
Thornburg, Henry A "Ham" 1931     Devotion wife-Jane M Thornburg next
Thornburg, Jane M 1934     Devotion husband-Henry L "Ham" Thornburg next
Thornburg, Marie S 1930     Apostles husband-Daniel B Thornburg Jr next
Thorne, Leonard L 11/23/1906 3/21/1972   Apostles  
Thornton, Charles C 06/21/1889 10/20/1957   Devotion  
Thornton, Jane M 1/4/1909 12/1/1970   Devotion  
Thorton, James Laverne 1928     Apostles Mausoleum wife-Reba Cummings Thorton next
Thorton, Reba Cummings 1928     Apostles Mausoleum husband-James Laverne Thorton next
Thrailkill, Fred L 1923       wife-Margaret L Thrailkill next
Thrailkill, Margaret L 1927       husband-Fred L Thrailkill next
Threat, Cary, Jr 9/23/1934 12/7/1995      
Thurman, Charles F 1911 1979   Gethsemane wife-Lecil M Thurman next
Thurman, Dewey 1925        
Thurman, Geneva B 1921       husband-Paul M Thurman next
Thurman, Grace F 2/29/1924 1/21/1993   Masonic Garden  
Thurman, Lecil M 1921     Gethsemane husband-Charles F Thurman next
Thurman, Mayme E 2/14/1911 11/1/1994      
Thurman, Paul M 1916 1994     wife-Geneva B Thurman next
Thurman, Samuel C 1892 1990   Apostles wife-Stella M Thurman next
Thurman, Sarah Ann 1887 1983      
Thurman, Stella M 1896 1959   Apostles husband-Samuel C Thurman next
Thurman, Talma H 1898 1975   Devotion husband-Walter F Thurman next
Thurman, Walter F 1893 1963   Devotion wife-Talma H THurman next
Tigner, Alice C 1928     Apostles husband-Porter C Tigner next
Tigner, Porter C 1924 1990   Apostles wife-Alice C Tigner next
Till, Everett C 3/5/1922 4/25/1998   Apostles  
Tiller, Betty J 1935       husband-Charles W Tiller next
Tiller, Charles W 1935 1988     wife-Betty J Tiller next
Tiller, Fred P 1932       wife-Joan C Tiller next
Tiller, Joan C 1943 1994     husband-Fred P Tiller next
Tilley, Bertha M 1893 1973   Sermon on the Mount husband-Ernest C Tilley next
Tilley, Ernest C 1888 1961   Sermon on the Mount wife-Bertha M Tilley next
Tilley, Mary Jane Blanton 1946 3/25/2002     from obit:par-Evert & Dorothy Knight Blanton;hus-Harold Tilley;dau-Sherry Qualls;bro-Ralph Blanton;more
Tillman, Dorothy J 3/11/1930 10/20/1994   Devotion "Mom"
Tingle, Gordon W 1916 1985   Old Rugged Cross wife-Louise D Tingle next
Tingle, Jeffrey Wayne 1967 2000   Old Rugged Cross  
Tingle, Louise D 1917 1999   Old Rugged Cross husband-Gordon W Tingle next
Tinker, John P 1914 1997   Nativity wife-Leila L Tinker next
Tinker, Leila L 1912 1989   Nativity husband-John P Tinker next
Tippens, Pauline Kennedy 1919 1974   Apostles  
Tipps, David Randy 4/16/1959 10/4/1998   Nativity  
Tipton, Diane G 1947     Old Rugged Cross husband-Samuel E Tipton next
Tipton, Lillian D 1919 1994     husband-Robert L Tipton next
Tipton, Robert L 1915 1992     wife-Lillian D Tipton next
Tipton, Samuel E 1935 1992   Old Rugged Cross wife-Diane G Tipton next
Tittle, Pearl W 6/26/1916 4/19/2005   Old Rugged Cross husband-W Howard Tittle Jr next; Dates from SSDI
Tittle, W Howard, Jr 1913 1/24/2003   Old Rugged Cross wif-Pearl W Tittle nx;obit:par-Howard Sr & Jessie Tittle;son-Bill Tittle;dau-Sherry Case;bro-Allen & Corbin Tittle;m
Todd, Deborah E 1941       husband-James C Todd next
Todd, James C 1940 1995     wife-Deborah E Todd next
Tolbert, Beulah B 1917 1976      
Tolbert, Clara Katherine 1931 1998      
Tolbert, E Charlie 1913 1999      
Tolbert, Earlene B 1929     Masonic Garden husband-Frank H Tolbert next
Tolbert, Frank H 1921 1989   Masonic Garden wife-Earlene B Tolbert next
Tolbert, Ralph C 1923 1972   Nativity  
Tolbert, Ray C 1911 1956   Apostles  
Tolbert, William Major 1911 1984      
Tole, Argie Ellen 1931 1987   Apostles "Mom"
Toles, Louie J 1904 1988   Nativity wife-Nannie S Toles next; Phyllis Toles West next
Toles, Nannie S 1905 1990   Nativity husband-Louie J Toles next; Phyllis Toles West next
Tollett, Evelyn A 1933 2000   Prayer husband-Lee W Tollett next
Tollett, Lee W 1928     Prayer wife-Evelyn A Tollett next
Tombras, James 1923       Shares marker with Louis M Tombras
Tombras, Louis M 1919 1992     Shares marker with James Tombras
Tomerlin, Edna J 1911 1994   Apostles  
Tomisek, Bessie G 1916 1984     husband-James J Tomisek next
Tomisek, James J 1914 1984     wife-Bessie G Tomisek next
Tompkins, James C 2/4/1909 7/25/1983   Apostles wife-Leola I Tompkins next
Tompkins, Leola I 1/21/1903 11/26/1989   Apostles husband-James C Tompkins next
Tone, Van A 3/14/1917 1/11/1993   Masonic Garden "husband, Father"; next: Van A "Tony" Tone
Tone, Van A "Tony" 6/27/1941 1/23/1983   Masonic Garden  
Toney, Evan H J 6/27/1941 6/23/1983      
Torbett, Nella Mae C 8/15/1921 3/6/2001   Nativity husband-Samuel F Torbett next
Torbett, Samuel F 12/26/1919 10/8/1979   Nativity wife-Nella Mae C Torbett next
Torrance, James Moore 1926       wife-Mary Jane Torrance next
Torrance, Mary Jane 1926 1993     husband-James Moore Torrance next
Townsend, Myrll L 1904 1989   Old Rugged Cross husband-Orra M Townsend next
Townsend, Orra M 1903 1993   Old Rugged Cross wife-Myrll L Townsend next
Traffanstedt, Mildred Y 1941       husband-Willie J Traffanstedt next
Traffanstedt, Willie J 1926 1990     wife-Mildred Y Traffanstedt next
Trammell, Edmond W 1921 1980   Old Rugged Cross wife-Nola A Trammell next
Trammell, Nola A 1925 1999   Old Rugged Cross husband-Edmond W Trammell next
Trantham, Ada "Ruth" Melton 3/16/1935 1/4/2003   Prayer obit:par-James & Alice Melton;dau-Marlene Garren;sons-Ken,David,Bruce & Bryon Trantham
Trantham, Grace S 04/21/1886 3/27/1964      
Travis, Audrey Fay 1911 5/5/2002     obit:hus-Marshall Travis;dau-Frances Hale;gchildren:Vicki, Tommy & Kay Hale
Travis, Luther H 1898 1991   Apostles wife-Okla K Travis next
Travis, Okla K 1901 1981   Apostles husband-Luther H Travis next
Treadway, Alex S 1893 1965   Apostles wife-Lottie P Treadway next; Dorothy R Treadway
Treadway, Dorothy M 1925 1988   Apostles next: Alex S & Lottie P Treadway next
Treadway, Lottie P 1901 1988   Apostles husband-Alex S Treadway next; Dorothy R Treadway
Treece, Bonnie D 1/30/1922 11/26/2000     husband-Charles T. Treece next
Treece, Charles T 7/13/1918 3/8/1993     wife-Bonnie D. Treece next
Tretham, Carson C 1913 1981     wife-Gladys F Trentham next
Tretham, Gladys F 1915 1996     husband-Carson C Trentham next
Trevor, Mary E Hill 11/13/1918 6/21/2011   Apostles husband-Thomas Wilson Trevor, Jr next; Dates from SSDI
Trevor, Thomas Wilson, Jr 1916 2002   Apostles wife-Mary E Hill Trevor next
Trew, E Lake 1909 1981     wife-Helen V Trew next
Trew, Helen V 1915 1973     husband-E Lake Trew next
Tribble, Edna R 1920 1992   Apostles husband-Wm O Tribble next; Wiley Tribble
Tribble, Wiley 6/25/1923 7/19/1994   Apostles next: Wm O & Edna R Tribble
Tribble, Wiley E 1892 1975   Apostles wife-Zelma L Tribble next
Tribble, William O 1916 1972   Apostles wife-Edna R Tribble next; Wiley Tribble
Tribble, Zelma L 1901 1960   Apostles husband-Wiley E Tribble next
Trimble, Carolyn M 1947 1993   Nativity husband-William W Trimble next
Trimble, Helen T 1915 1992     husband-Kenneth L Trmible next
Trimble, Kenneth L 1912 1983     wife-Helen T Trimble next
Trimble, William W 1934     Nativity wife-Carolyn M Trimble next
Trimm, Carolyn J 1927       husband-Loyal Trimm next
Trimm, Christine 1931     Masonic Garden husband-Wm E Trimm next
Trimm, Joseph H 1912 1990     wife-Margaret E Trimm next
Trimm, Loyal 1916 2000     wife-Carolyn J Trimm next
Trimm, Margaret E 12/8/1918 1/2/2009     husband-Joseph H Trimm next; Dates from SSDI
Trimm, Ruth E 1930 1992      
Trimm, William E 1923 1992   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Christine Trimm next
Tripp, Hiram G 1912 1990     wife-Margaret E Tripp next
Tripp, Margaret 1915 1978     husband-Hiram G Tripp next
Trotter, Cathleen P 1922 1998   Old Rugged Cross husband-James W Trotter 
Trotter, Elizabeth S 1924 2001   Old Rugged Cross *
Trotter, Forrest W 2/9/1917 12/2/2005   Devotion wife-Mildred J Trotter next; Dates from SSDI
Trotter, Frank B 1910 1981   Apostles wife-Maebell R Trotter next
Trotter, James W 1922 1997   Old Rugged Cross wife-Cathleen P Trotter next; Lincoln W & Maude V Trotter
Trotter, Lincoln W 1918 1992   Old Rugged Cross wife-Maude V Trotter next; James W & Cathleen P Trotter
Trotter, Maebell R 1912 1986   Apostles husband-Frank B Trotter next
Trotter, Maude V 3/22/1902 11/21/1983   Old Rugged Cross husband-Lincoln W Trotter next
Trotter, Mildred J 1917 1998   Devotion husband-Forrest W Trotter next
Troughton, Frances G 1909 1985   Old Rugged Cross husband-Robert H Troughton next
Troughton, Robert H 1908 1991   Old Rugged Cross wife-Frances G Troughton next
Troxell, George Washington, Jr. 1913 2009 1936 Gethsemane h/o Mary Troxell;Info courtesy Mary Rogers maryrogers513@gmail.com
Troxell, George Washington, Sr. 1885 1959 1906 Gethsemane h/o Nora Cornelia Troxell;Info courtesy Mary Rogers maryrogers513@gmail.com
Troxell, Joseph Leroy 1923 1981   Gethsemane h/o Lois Fay Troxell; Info courtesy Mary Rogers maryrogers513@gmail.com
Troxell, Lois Fay 1928 2012   Gethsemane w/o Joseph Troxell;Info courtesy Mary Rogers maryrogers513@gmail.com
Troxell, Mary Ridley 1918 1995 1936 Gethsemane w/o George Troxell, Jr.; Info courtesy Mary Rogers maryrogers513@gmail.com
Troxell, Maurine B 10/8/1918 4/2/1992      
Troxell, Nora Cornelia Shubirg 1884 1974 1906 Gethsemane w/o George Troxell, Sr.; Info courtesy Mary Rogers maryrogers513@gmail.com
Troxler, M Ralph 1906 1958      
True, Blanche L 1894 1972     husband-R Earle True next; 
True, R Earle 1889 1971     wife-Blanche L True next
Trundle, Winnie R 08/28/1898 1/16/1955   Apostles  
Trusley, Katherine R 1915 1966   Apostles  
Trusley, Patricia A 4/13/1936 11/18/1991      
Tryon, Martha B 1930 1964      
Tucker, Barbara F 1933     Masonic Garden husband-George F Tucker next
Tucker, Carolyn D 1947 1995   Apostles husband-John S Tucker Sr next; son-John S Tucker, Jr
Tucker, Charles L, Sr 1915 1983     wife-Vina K Tucker next
Tucker, Christopher C 1971 1978      
Tucker, Daniel Patrick 1978 1994      
Tucker, Dorothy F 1919 1966   Apostles E Star; husband-Wm A Tucker, Jr next; Tillie Tucker Smith
Tucker, Elva M 1892 1974   Devotion husband-John D Tucker next
Tucker, George F 1931 2000   Masonic Garden wife-Barbara F Tucker next
Tucker, John D 1891 1964   Devotion wife-Elva M Tucker next
Tucker, John S, Jr 6/9/1973 6/9/1973   Apostles par-John S Sr & Carolyn D Tucker next
Tucker, John S, Sr 1940     Apostles wife-Carolyn D Tucker next; son-John S Tucker, Jr
Tucker, Lynda Young 1944        
Tucker, Rodney L 1/27/1948 7/1/1995   Prayer  
Tucker, Vina K 1917 1982     husband-Charles L Tucker Sr next
Tucker, William A, Jr 1915 1978   Apostles Mason; wife-Dorothy F Tucker next; Tillie Tucker Smith
Tuggle, Martha L 1924     Apostles husband-Willie E Tuggle next
Tuggle, Willie E 1924 1997   Apostles wife-Martha L Tuggle next
Turley, Ora Lee 1917 1996      
Turnbull, Betty I 1929 1998      
Turnbull, David H 1929 1989   Old Rugged Cross wife-Trudy K Turnbull next
Turnbull, Helen L 1905 1995     husband-Leonard F Turnbull next
Turnbull, Leonard F 1902 1969     wife-Helen L Turnbull next
Turnbull, Trudy K 1939     Old Rugged Cross husband-David H Turnbull next
Turner, Betty D 1929 2001   Prayer husband-Robert L Turner next
Turner, Billy Eugene 2/20/1936 1/26/1972   Acacia Garden wife-Lucille S Turner next
Turner, Carl J 1920 1999   Old Rugged Cross wife-Ruby M Turner next
Turner, Charles H 1905 1989     wife-Evelyn W Turner next
Turner, Debra A Parker 1953 1983   Old Rugged Cross  
Turner, Earnest L 1922 1992   Apostles wife-Mae Ola Turner next
Turner, Elva Parrott 1924   9/30/1949   husband-Thomas Martin Tunner next
Turner, Evelyn W 1908 1994     husband-Charles H Turner next
Turner, Geneva M 1920 1970      
Turner, Gladys P 12/12/1912 12/16/2004     husband-J Manson Turner next; Harold L Turner; Dates from SSDI
Turner, H Porter 1905 1972   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Thula G Turner next
Turner, Harold L 1934 1993      
Turner, J Manson 1899 1990     wife-Gladys P Turner next; Harold L Turner
Turner, Jennifer       Nativity  
Turner, Jesse J 1909 1991   Acacia Garden  
Turner, Lucille S 5/26/1906 12/26/1982   Acacia Garden husband-Billy Eugene Turner next
Turner, Mae Ola 1923     Apostles husband-Earnest L Turner next
Turner, Marcheile 1908 1986     husband-Sam F D Turner next
Turner, Robert L 1926 1998   Prayer wife-Betty D Turner next
Turner, Ruby M 1918     Old Rugged Cross husband-Carl J Turner next
Turner, Sam F D 1902       wife-Marcheile Turner next
Turner, Thomas L 1925 2001   Nativity  
Turner, Thomas Martin 1928 1991 9/30/1949   wife-Elva Parrott Turner next
Turner, Thula G 1905 1980   Masonic Garden E Star; husband-H Porter Turner next
Tutterow, Jerry E 1938 2002   Prayer wife-Joann P Tutterow next
Tutterow, Joann P 1940     Prayer husband-Jerry E Tutterow next
Twomey, Miriam B 7/4/1913 3/14/2005   Prayer husband-Robert G Twomey, Sr next; "Married 69 Years", Dates from SSDI
Twomey, Robert G, Sr 1904 2001   Prayer wife-Miriam B Twomey next; "Married 69 Years"
Tyer, David H 1914 1985     wife-Julia M Tyer next
Tyer, Julia M 1913       husband-David H Tyer next
Tyner, George B 1914 1975   Gethsemane wife-Jean P Tyner next
Tyner, Jean P 1916     Gethsemane husband-George B Tyner next
Tyree, Dora F 1894 1972      
Tyree, Jack F 1919 1994     wife-Mary R Tyree next
Tyree, Mary R 3/4/1922 5/11/2009