Hamilton Memorial Gardens
(Partial Listing)

5401 Highway 153
Hixson, TN 37343-4990

This is an extremely large and relatively new cemetery located in the Hixson area of Chattanooga on Highway 153. The cemetery is just north of Hixson Pike on Highway 153 on the left hand side of the road. Surveyed by Dennis Wilson, Jim Holcomb, Susan Kendall, Linda Coulter, and the Chattanooga Mormon Youth in 2000 - 2003. This is approximately 11,000 of the estimated 25,000 burials in this cemetery.

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Names of individuals in this cemetery were recorded as they appeared on the tombstones. No attempt was made to correct obvious errors or differences in spelling. Every attempt has been made to record this information correctly. However, mistakes are possible.  The information on this page may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other person or organization without the written consent of the contributor, the legal representative of the submitter, or The Hamilton County Tennessee Genealogy Society.

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SSDI = Social Security Death Index

Deceased Born Died Married Section Notes
Wick, Eunice C 1914       husband-Fred E Wick next
Wick, Fred E 1907 1992     wife-Eunice C Wick next
Wickersham, Ralph H 1901 1984   Old Rugged Cross wife-Sarah E Wickersham next
Wickersham, Sarah E 1902 1981   Old Rugged Cross husband-Ralph H Wickersham next
Wiggins, Adam Neal II 11/30/1997 11/30/1997   Babyland  
Wiggins, Donald J 1/14/1927 8/9/1996     wife-Jean Odam Wiggins next; S2 US Navy WWII
Wiggins, Jean Odom 10/21/1928 7/27/1997     husband-Donald J Wiggins next
Wiggs, Rhonwyn B 1909 2002   Masonic Garden husband-Wm H Wiggs Jr next
Wiggs, William H, Jr 1913 1998   Masonic Garden wife-Rhonwyn B Wiggs next
Wilbanks, Helen Rebecca 6/28/1915 1/23/1998      
Wilbanks, Rita M 1960        
Wilbourn, Deborah B 4/4/1971 4/27/1974      
Wilcox, Billy F, Sr 1924 1992   Nativity  
Wilcox, Christopher S 1/19/1957 9/25/1982      
Wilcox, Patricia A 1947     Nativity  
Wilder, Jennings B 11/14/1896 9/17/1954   Apostles wife-Ruth A Wilder next
Wilder, Ruby F 1902 1986   Apostles husband-Wm J Wilder next
Wilder, Ruth A 1910 1994   Apostles husband-Jennings B Wilder next
Wilder, William J 1895 1965   Apostles wife-Ruby F Wilder next
Wilhelm, Carmen L 1928 1995     husband-Joseph B Wilhelm next
Wilhelm, Joseph B 1923 1990     wife-Carmen L Wilhelm next
Wilhoite, Annie V 1918       husband-C Frank Wilhoite next
Wilhoite, C Frank 1913 1979     wife-Annie V Wilhoite next
Wilhoite, George C 1920 1978     wife-Lorene V Wilhoite next
Wilhoite, Lorene V 1919 1989     husband-George C Wilhoite next
Wilhoite, Ruby G 10/9/1903 10/10/1979   Apostles  
Wilkerson, Artie E 1910       husband-Grady L Wilkerson next
Wilkerson, Castel R 1923 1998     wife-Martha M Wilkerson next
Wilkerson, Grady L 1906 1984     wife-Artie E Wilkerson next
Wilkerson, Harry H 1913 1980     wife-Josephine L Wilkerson next
Wilkerson, Josephine L 1918       husband-Harry H Wilkerson next
Wilkerson, Martha M 1924 1974     husband-Castel R Wilkerson next
Wilkerson, Philip D 1941       shares stone with: Stuart H Wilkerson; Grady L & Artie E Wilkerson
Wilkerson, Stuart H 1942 1997     shares stone with: Philip D Wilkerson; Grady L & Artie E Wilkerson
Wilkey, Alfred Vernon, Sr 4/4/1950 10/8/1985      
Wilkey, Clifton P 8/11/1964   4/12/1991   wife-Sherrie Kay Wilkey next
Wilkey, Dorothy H       Masonic Garden no dates; husband-T Lynnwood Wilkey next
Wilkey, Elizabeth B 1885 1969   Masonic Garden husband-Thomas E Wilkey next
Wilkey, Max R, Jr 1932 3/29/2002   Nativity wife-Wanda Lovell Wilkey; obit:par-Max R Sr & Rosa Wilkey;son-Roger Wilkey;dau-Karen Thompson; USAF, Korea
Wilkey, Max R, Sr 1910 1999     wife-Rosa H. Wilkey next
Wilkey, Nathan W 1883 1964   Apostles *
Wilkey, Rosa H 1913 1995     husband-Max R Wilkey, Sr next
Wilkey, Sherrie Kay 4/27/1960 6/27/1998 4/12/1991   husband-Clifton P Wilkey next
Wilkey, T Lynnwood 1904 1976   Masonic Garden wife-Dorothy H Wilkey next; Thomas E & Elizabeth B Wilkey
Wilkey, Thomas E 1879 1958   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Elizabeth B Wilkey next; T Lynnwood & Dorothy H Wilkey
Wilkey, Vernon L 7/14/1925 3/1/1998      
Wilkey, Wanda Lovell 1939     Nativity husband-Max R Wilkey, Jr next
Wilkins, Dan T, Jr 07/00/1957 08/00/1957   Apostles  
Wilkins, Nellie E 1906 1997   Apostles  
Willard, Richard A 1/28/1971 12/22/1999      
Willerson, Roger D 1945 1998   Prayer  
Williams, Alice C 6/18/1933 8/1/1995      
Williams, Archie M 1909 1985   Masonic Garden wife-Bessie C Williams next
Williams, Augusta 1917 2000   Prayer shares stone with: Susie Williams
Williams, Augusta G, Jr 1919 1984   Apostles wife-Mary Lula T Williams next
Williams, Bessie C 1906 1984   Masonic Garden husband-Archie M Williams next; J Cowart Williams; Mary F Cowart; is "C" for Cowart?
Williams, Blanche R 1899 1989   Apostles husband-Mark Williams next
Williams, Bonnie T 1929       husband-W W Williams next
Williams, Charles E "Eddy" 1944 1993   Apostles wife-Henrietta G "Etta" Williams next
Williams, Charlotte Pope 1945        
Williams, Don C, Sr 1924 1988   Old Rugged Cross wife-Geneva M Williams next
Williams, Donald M 1927 1990     wife-Joyce Frances Williams next
Williams, Doyle M 1916 1983   Apostles wife-Michalene K Williams next
Williams, Effie E 1905 1991   Apostles husband-Jesse B Williams next
Williams, Ellen I 1922 1974      
Williams, Emmitt S 1922       wife-Martha L Williams next
Williams, Gary Scott 1/9/1970 12/27/1999   Apostles  
Williams, Geneva M 1930     Old Rugged Cross husband-Don C Williams Sr next
Williams, George W 1899 1978     wife-Gladys C Williams next
Williams, Gladys C 1911       husband-George W Williams next
Williams, Gladys L 1902 1996      
Williams, Grace Elsea 1896 1985   Apostles husband-Jehu A Williams next
Williams, Granville Henry "Wormy", Jr 1922 1/28/2003   Old Rugged Cross mason;wife-Mildred R Williams next;obit:sons-Gary,Terry & Duane Williams;dau-Sondra Scott Ierubino; US Army WWII
Williams, Gussie M B 4/23/1935 5/28/1993      
Williams, Harvey Clinton 1909 1992     wife-Lona Mabel Crittenden Williams next
Williams, Henrietta G "Etta" 1947     Apostles husband-Charles E "Eddy" Williams next
Williams, J Cowart 9/27/1928 10/13/1980   Masonic Garden  
Williams, Jeanette 1934       husband-Leonard C "Huck" Williams next
Williams, Jehu A 1891 1962   Apostles wife-Grace Elsea Williams next
Williams, Jesse B 1903 1957   Apostles wife-Effie E Williams next; Gary Scott Williams
Williams, Jesse E 6/15/1920 6/15/1999     wife-Lila H Williams next; US Navy WW II
Williams, Joyce Frances 1927 1991     husband-Donald M Williams next
Williams, Juanita Norcross 9/8/1918 10/18/1998   Nativity  
Williams, Leonard C "Huck" 1932 2000     wife-Jeanette Williams next
Williams, Levi Martin 1906 1993     wife-Sara Elizabeth Williams next
Williams, Lila H 8/8/1926       husband-Jesse E Williams next
Williams, Lona Mabel Crittenden 1911 6/3/2002     hus-Harvey Clinton Williams;obit:son-Richard Williams;dau-Alyce Faye Treece,Bety Allen,Carolyn Coolidge
Williams, Louise M 1905 1989   Masonic Garden husband-Roy L Williams next
Williams, Manor J 8/1/1956 4/26/1993      
Williams, Mark 1888 1963   Apostles wife-Blanche R Williams next
Williams, Martha L 1926 1990     husband-Emmitt S Williams next
Williams, Mary Lula T 1921     Apostles husband-Augusta G Williams Jr next
Williams, Michalene K 1926     Apostles husband-Doyle M Williams next
Williams, Mildred R 1927 1993   Old Rugged Cross husband-Granville Henry "Wormy" Williams, Jr next
Williams, Myrtle H 2/17/1926 3/25/1988      
Williams, Paul N 1936       wife-Sarah S Williams next
Williams, Preston Eugene 7/3/1924 3/14/1988   Devotion  
Williams, Reggie B 1934 1961      
Williams, Rose 10/1/1945 06/00/1993      
Williams, Roy L 1902 1970   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Louise M Williams next
Williams, Sara Elizabeth 1908 1988     husband-Levi Martin Williams next
Williams, Sarah S 1939 1992     husband-Paul N Williams next
Williams, Susie 1920     Prayer shares stone with: Augusta Williams
Williams, W W 1928 1998     wife-Bonnie T Williams next; USMC
Williams, William E 8/4/1934 9/17/1979   Apostles A3C USAF Korea
Williford, Annie L 1928       husband-Rufus F Williford next
Williford, John Victor 11/8/1974 12/20/1974   Babyland  
Williford, Rufus F 1927       wife-Annie L Williford next
Williges, Hanna 1905 1992     husband-Oscar Williges next
Williges, Oscar 1908 1991     wife-Hanna Williges next
Willingham, Violet Demos 10/15/1917 2/29/1996      
Willis, Donald Andrew 3/31/1955 12/14/2000      
Willoughby, Charles F 1870 1964   Apostles wife-Minnie M Willoughby next
Willoughby, Minnie M 1874 1968   Apostles husband-Charles F Willoughby next
Wills, Dwayne Thomas 12/17/1983 5/3/1984      
Willsen, Neil M 1915 1997      
Wilson, Addice J 1905 1977   Devotion "United Methodist Clergy"; wife-Carmen E Wilson next
Wilson, Agnes F 1913 1987     husband-Paul F Wilson, Sr next
Wilson, Amy Jo 8/15/1957 8/15/1957   Apostles  
Wilson, Barbara W 1937       husband-Bobby C Wilson next
Wilson, Betty G 1927     Apostles husband-Jack Wilson next
Wilson, Bobby C 1932 1988     wife-Barbara W Wilson next
Wilson, Carl 1914 7/15/2002   Prayer wif-Stacey B Dill Wilson nx;obit:wif-son-Gary W Wilson;dau-Rachel Belva;bro-John C & Jack Wilson
Wilson, Carl Doyle, Sr 1946 9/12/2002     obit:par-Ernest & Lula Sherlin Wilson;bro-Ronnie Lee Wilson;sis-Elizabeth Lee Welch;dau-Evette Stiller;more
Wilson, Carl Owen 12/20/1923 8/19/1992   Old Rugged Cross wife-Doris Rose Wilson next; US Army, WWII
Wilson, Carmen E 1906 1991   Devotion husband-Addice J Wilson next
Wilson, Clarence E 1919       wife-Virginia L Wilson next
Wilson, Clyde A 1908 1982     wife-Marie D Wilson next; Fletcher H & Ruby S Wilson
Wilson, Cora S 10/25/1913 12/28/1994   Apostles  
Wilson, Della May 1877 1967   Apostles  
Wilson, Delmont 1916 1/25/2003   Old Rugged Cross wife-Edith Smith Wilson;obit:par-W O & Addie Wilson;sons-Monty & Jim Wilson;bro-Jim,Tom,Wilbur & Walter W; US Army Air Crps, WWII, B24 pilot
Wilson, Doris Rose 8/30/1931     Old Rugged Cross husband-Carl Owen Wilson next
Wilson, Edith Smith 1915 1999   Old Rugged Cross husband-Delmost Wilson next
Wilson, Fletcher H 1905 1972     wife-Ruby S Wilson next
Wilson, Gertrude H 1915 1978     husband-J Troy Wilson next
Wilson, Harvey F 1905 1972   Apostles wife-Lena L Wilson next
Wilson, Hazel 5/20/1932 7/16/2000   Prayer  
Wilson, Heather Annette 8/14/1971 8/14/1971      
Wilson, Irene C 1914 1986   Apostles  
Wilson, Irene S 1902 1982   Apostles husband-L Finley Wilson next
Wilson, J Fletcher 1863 1960   Apostles  
Wilson, J Troy 1912 1971     wife-Gertrude H Wilson next
Wilson, Jack 1919 1996   Apostles wife-Betty G Wilson next
Wilson, Jacob L 9/15/1991 12/6/1991      
Wilson, James Eli, III "Budd" 6/17/1957 11/14/1998      
Wilson, James S 1927 1992   Old Rugged Cross wife-P Jean Wilson next
Wilson, John R 1916 1995   Nativity  
Wilson, L Finley 1892 1971   Apostles wife-Irene S Wilson next
Wilson, Laura E 1909 1992   Old Rugged Cross husband-Thomas H Wilson next
Wilson, Lawrence S 1926 1990      
Wilson, Lena L 1911 1996   Apostles husband-Harvey F Wilson next
Wilson, Lessie C 1915     Apostles  
Wilson, Lewis F 1927 2000     wife-Lillian W Wilson next
Wilson, Lillian W 1928       husband-Lewis F Wilson next
Wilson, Lou Nelle Knight 5/17/1918 8/13/1994   Apostles husband-Wm E Wilson next
Wilson, Marie D 1910 2001     husband-Clyde A Wilson next
Wilson, Mary Chloette Hawk 2/5/1949 4/9/1994     par-Donald F & Evelyn Frances Craig Hawk next
Wilson, P Jean 1933     Old Rugged Cross husband-James S Wilson next
Wilson, Paul F, Sr 1910 1978     wife-Agnes S Wilson next
Wilson, Raymond M 1901 1972   Masonic Garden  
Wilson, Raymond Sills 6/3/1923 1/13/1989   Apostles Cox US Navy WW II
Wilson, Robert J 3/31/1989 11/23/1989   Babyland  
Wilson, Roy Sylvester 10/3/1929 10/24/2000   Nativity US Army
Wilson, Ruby S 1905 1972     husband-Fletcher H Wilson next; Clyde A & Marie D Wilson
Wilson, Stacey B Dill 1919     Prayer husband-Carl Wilson next
Wilson, Thomas H 1931     Old Rugged Cross wife-Laura E Wilson next
Wilson, Virginia L 1917       husband-Clarence E Wilson next
Wilson, William A 1893 1984   Apostles  
Wilson, William E 2/21/1920 1/25/1990   Apostles wife-Lou Nelle Knight Wilson next
Wilson, William Ulysses 11/26/1909 7/23/1977     PFC US Army WWII
Wimberly, Lloyd J 12/25/1911 1/3/1996     wife-Martha C Wimberly next; PFC US Army WW II
Wimberly, Martha C 11/9/1926       husband-Lloyd J Wimberly next
Wimberly, Richard L 4/14/1957 4/25/1981      
Wimberly, Velma M 2/2/1922 5/8/1989      
Winder, Patricia F 1938     Old Rugged Cross husband-Paul Winder next
Winder, Paul 1927 2000   Old Rugged Cross wife-Patricia F Winder next
Windham, Hester V 1886 1977   Apostles husband-Warren L Windham next
Windham, Irene R 1912       husband-Wm A Windham next
Windham, Warren L 1881 1963   Apostles wife-Hester V Windham next
Windham, William A 1911 1977     wife-Irene R Windham next
Wine, Benjamin F 1924     Old Rugged Cross wife-Norma B Wine next
Wine, Norma B 1924     Old Rugged Cross husband-Benjamin F Wine next
Winesburgh, Ruby M 3/18/1928 10/6/1995      
Wingfield, Dennis A, Sr 1947 5/13/2002     obit:wif-Regina Wingfield;dau-Aimee Wingfield;son-Dennis Wingfield Jr;mom-Virginia Cookson;bro-Jeff Wingfield
Winnie, Arthur L 5/17/1914 5/4/1992   Old Rugged Cross  
Winnie, Harry W 1918 1990   Old Rugged Cross wife-Wilma M Winnie next
Winnie, Wilma M 1924     Old Rugged Cross husband-Harry W Winnie next
Winter, Obion Edwards 1889 1986     Shares marker with Wm Fred Winters
Winter, William Fred 1917 1980     Shares marker with Obion Edwards Winter; PFC US Army WWII
Winters, Connie C 1914 1991   Apostles husband-Henrt T Winters next
Winters, Henry T 1909 1996   Apostles wife-Connie C Winters next
Winters, Ronald K, Jr 1958 1982     LCPL USMC
Wise, Mollie M 1918 1980     husband-Wm H Wise next
Wise, William H 1917 1987     wife-Mollie M Wise next
Witherington, Janie C 1913 1981   Nativity  
Wittenzeller, Karl 1907 1983   Apostles wife-Martha M Wittenzeller next
Wittenzeller, Martha M 1909 1998   Apostles husband-Karl Wittenzeller next
Wittman, Denny 1935 1978   Apostles wife-Jo Wittman next
Wittman, Jo 1940     Apostles husband-Denny Wittman next
Wolcott, Vernon Raymon 3/15/1915 10/24/1987   Nativity WWII
Wolfe, Abe Jr. 1908 1989     wife-Vera S Wolfe next
Wolfe, Bill 1947 1989   Old Rugged Cross wife-Vickie I Wolfe next
Wolfe, Carrie B 1910 1984   Masonic Garden E Star; husband-Elmer T Wolfe next
Wolfe, Charles Alan "Foxy" 1931 6/20/2002     obit:par-Wm & Clara Cantrell Wolfe;twin sis-Clara Cantrell Wolfe;cous-Mary "Teet" Rich, Clarence E Harris
Wolfe, Clara F Cantrell 1907 1990   Old Rugged Cross husband-Wm C Wolfe next
Wolfe, David Wesley 1939       wife-Georgia M Stephenson Wolfe next
Wolfe, Eddie Mae 1898 1974   Apostles  
Wolfe, Elmer T 1906 1971   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Carrie B Wolfe next
Wolfe, Georgia M Stephenson 1941       husband-David Wesley Wolfe next
Wolfe, John Garner, Sr. 11/29/1903 10/15/1973   Nativity wife-Stella A Wolfe next
Wolfe, Lynn M 1902 1984   Masonic Garden wife-Pauline C Wolfe next
Wolfe, Pauline C 1908 1989   Masonic Garden husband-Lynn M Wolfe next
Wolfe, Stella A 1/2/1908 9/20/1987   Nativity husband-Joh Garner Wolfe, Sr next
Wolfe, Vera S 1919       husband-Abe Wolfe Jr. next
Wolfe, Vickie I 1949     Old Rugged Cross husband-Bill Wolfe next
Wolfe, William C 1900 1981   Old Rugged Cross wife-Clara F Cantrell Wolfe next
Wolff, Catherine B 1903 1977   Masonic Garden husband-George C Wolff next
Wolff, Clara L 1934        
Wolff, George C 1/28/1905 11/17/1957   Masonic Garden wife-Catherine B Wolff next
Wolff, Glenn A 1930       wife-Clara L Wolff next
Wolff, Glenn A 1953        
Wolff, Julia Alice 10/28/1939 5/1/1994   Masonic Garden  
Wolford, Pamela Parker 1960 1987   Apostles  
Womac, Evelyn A 1927     Acacia Garden husband-Ralph E Womac next
Womac, Ralph E 1908 1979   Acacia Garden Mason; wife-Evelyn A Womac next
Womack, Billy Jack 7/20/1937 6/30/1988   Devotion PFC US Army
Womack, Cleo S 1919 1997   Gethsemane husband-G W Womack next
Womack, Ellen G 1911 1967   Devotion  
Womack, Faye E C 4/1/1956 4/25/1993   Devotion husband-James L Womack next
Womack, Frances L 1925     Apostles husband-George E Womack next
Womack, G W 1922     Gethsemane wife-Cleo S Womack next
Womack, George E 1928 1978   Apostles wife-Frances L Womack next
Womack, Grace F 1927       husband-James L Womack, Jr next; Lorena C Womack
Womack, James C 1935 1981   Devotion  
Womack, James L 12/28/1949     Devotion wife-Faye E C Womack next
Womack, James L, Jr 1922 1992     wife-Grace F Womack next; Lorena C Womack
Womack, Kenneth E 2/13/1947 4/23/1981      
Womack, Lorena C 1895 1974      
Womack, Treston 1971 2001      
Wood, Barbara T 1944     Nativity husband-Clifton M Wood next
Wood, Calvin Coolidge 1924     Old Rugged Cross wife-Mary Margaret Wood next
Wood, Clarence F 1/20/1902 2/13/1995   Apostles wife-Veneta O Wood next; Wm Rogers & Paul Jackson "Jack" Wood
Wood, Clifton M 1936     Nativity wife-Barbara T Wood next
Wood, Elizabeth H "Nita" 1/9/1935 2/8/2001   Prayer  
Wood, Gregory K 1962 1986   Nativity  
Wood, Helen V 12/27/1939 10/2/1997   Prayer "Grandmother"; husband-Wm I Wood next
Wood, Hershel T 1933     Old Rugged Cross wife-Mildred A "Billie" Wood next
Wood, James LeRoy 6/24/1925 4/29/1999   Apostles TSGT USAF WWII, Korea, Vietnam
Wood, Mary Margaret 1928 2001   Old Rugged Cross husband-Calvin Coolidge Wood next
Wood, Mildred A "Billie" 1934 1994   Old Rugged Cross husband-Hershel T Wood next
Wood, Paul Jackson "Jack" 8/26/1929 10/26/1978   Apostles  
Wood, Robert M 1913 1971   Apostles  
Wood, Sue E May 6/16/1906 1/5/1956   Apostles husband-W Herschel Wood next
Wood, Uyless B 7/27/1919 4/26/1998   Devotion Pvt US Army WWII
Wood, Veneta O 4/17/1907 1/5/1993   Apostles husband-Clarence F Wood next; Wm Rogers & Paul Jackson "Jack" Wood
Wood, W Herschel 1905 1991   Apostles wife-Sue E May Wood next
Wood, Wilbur A 1924 1978   Apostles  
Wood, William I 4/9/1937     Prayer "Grandfather"; wife-Helen V Wood next
Wood, William Rogers 5/5/1956 4/6/1989   Apostles  
Woodard, Annie Belle 1904 1976   Devotion  
Woodard, Bernard E 1912 1987   Devotion  
Woodard, Florence V 1876 1963   Devotion  
Woodard, Jessie M 1905 1973   Masonic Garden husband-R Lee Woodard next
Woodard, Johnnie M 1906 1990   Devotion  
Woodard, R Lee 1901 1957   Masonic Garden wife- Jessie M Woodard next
Wooden, John E 1892 1979   Apostles wife-Lottie T Wooden next
Wooden, Lottie T 1894 1984   Apostles husband-John E Wooden next
Wooden, Valeda J 1912 1994   Apostles husband-W Creed Wooden next
Wooden, W Creed 1911 2000   Apostles wife-Valeda J Wooden next
Wooderson, Maude T 1934 1988   Old Rugged Cross  
Woods, Eden Nenette A Garingan 1968 4/15/2002     from obit:hus-Thomas Woods;son-Nicholas Thos Woods;dau-Brittany Woods;par-Evangelito & Chita Garingan
Woods, Rosa L 1899 1985   Apostles  
Woods, Thelma Mullis 1916 2/12/2003     obit:hus-Edwin M Woods Sr;dau-Barbara McClain;son-Edwin M Woods Jr;gchild:Angela Owens,Amy Alexander
Woodward, Lillie Belle 1919 1987     husband-Wm W Woodward next
Woodward, William W 1910 1993     wife-Lillie Belle Woodward next
Woody, Barbara Loy 1956 2/27/2003     obit:par-Rufus D & Eunice T Hill;sons-Mark Loy & Dakota Randall Beavers;dau-April Michele Loy Meyer
Woody, F Gene 1951 1996   Apostles  
Woolsey, C Cardinal, Jr 1944 1992      
Woolsey, Clarence Alton 1916 1992      
Woolsey, Rosanna R 1919        
Wooten, Felicia M 1909 1998   Old Rugged Cross  
Wooten, Inez B 1911 1998   Masonic Garden E Star; husband-James Crowley Wooten next
Wooten, James Crowley 1910 1984   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Inez B Wooten next
Wordlaw, Christine A 1931     Prayer "Mother"; husband-Leonard Wordlaw next
Wordlaw, Leonard 1926 2001   Prayer "Father"; wife-Christine A Wordlaw next
Workman, Burrell E, Jr 1915 1956     "Dad"; wife-Mary M Workman next
Workman, Ettna T 1905 1981   Apostles husband-Thomas J Workman next
Workman, Eva J 1914 1974   Devotion husband-Samuel B Workman next; Stanley R Workman
Workman, Mary M 1916       "Mom"; husband-Burrell E Workman, Jr next
Workman, Samuel B 1908 1980   Devotion wife-Eva J Workman next; Stanley R Workman
Workman, Stanley R 1942 1965   Devotion next: Samuel B & Eva J Workman
Workman, Thomas J 1904 1998   Apostles wife-Ettna T Workman next
Works, Charles, Rev 1912 1994   Nativity wife-R Marie Works next
Works, R Marie 1917 2000   Nativity husband-Rev. Charles Works next
Worley, Arcy L 4/17/1911 12/10/1974     wife-Catherine M Worley next; Donald L Worley
Worley, Brince A 1914 1999     wife-Mary E Worley next
Worley, Catherine M 11/9/1917 1/4/1994     husband-Arcy L Worley next; Donald L Worley
Worley, Donald L 11/6/1944 2/17/1968      
Worley, Edna M 1926     Apostles husband-Hozy L Worley next
Worley, Georgia Ann 1885 1959   Apostles husband-Sylvester C Worley next
Worley, Gregory Scott 1975 1992   Nativity  
Worley, Hozy L 1916 1977   Apostles wife-Edna M Worley next
Worley, Jack R, Sr 4/23/1931 4/22/1990   Apostles Cpl US Army Korea
Worley, Mary E 1912 1997     husband-Brince A Worley next
Worley, Sylvania C 1881 1956   Apostles wife-Georgia Ann Worley next
Worley, Wendell C, Jr 4/16/1926 1/13/1990   Apostles S1 US Navy WWII
Wormsley, John Anthony 1/15/1971 01/18/1871      
Wortman, Benton R 1933 1981     Mason
Wortman, Harry A 1907 1987     wife-Zelena Wortman next
Wortman, Zelena 1911 1998     husband-Harry A Wortman next
Wrape, Arvell D 1923 1994     wife-Carleen Wrape next
Wrape, Carleen 1932 2001     husband-Arvell D Wrape next
Wright Elbert C 1917 1994     wife-Edna L Wright next
Wright, Allen H 1925 1987   Apostles wife-Marcena H Wright next
Wright, Alvie E 5/10/1907 1/7/1982 10/10/1925 Old Rugged Cross wife-Lucille T Wright next
Wright, Bruce Alex 11/23/1954 8/26/1991      
Wright, C L          
Wright, Carolyn M 12/24/1931 2/23/1997   Apostles "Wife"
Wright, Clyde E 1913 1974   Devotion wife-Willie B Wright next
Wright, Daniel Eugene 1/21/1952 3/5/1972   Apostles Tn PVT US Army
Wright, Dorothy P 1924     Devotion E Star; husband-James H Wright next
Wright, Douglas D 1903 1990     wife-Mary E Wright next
Wright, E S "Bud" 1912 5/21/2002     obit:wif-Reba H Wright;children:Sidney J & Thomas C Wright;Sandra Wright Pool;bro-Evan M Wright
Wright, Edna L 1913 1990     husband-Elbert L Wright next
Wright, Elizabeth P 1917     Apostles husband-Kenneth F Wright next
Wright, Ethelbert W "Bull Driver" 1917 1/26/2003     obit:wife-Robbie Dean Wright;sons-Gary & Nicky Wright;dau-Joy Dobbs Argenbright & Beverly Pickett; US Army WWII
Wright, Evan M 1921       wife-Isabel B Wright next
Wright, George F 1955       wife-Patricia A Wright next
Wright, Isabel B 1921       husband-Evan M Wright next
Wright, James A 1911 1975     Cpl US Army WWII
Wright, James H 1928 1988   Devotion Mason; wife-Dorothy P Wright next
Wright, James H 1918 1985   Nativity wife-Martha B Wright next
Wright, Jean E 1930 1988     "Loving Mother"
Wright, Jeannine 1930 1998      
Wright, John T 1888 1964   Apostles wife-Susie O Wright next
Wright, Julius Milford 5/10/1907 9/15/1984   Nativity wife-Mary Lois Boss Wright next
Wright, Kenneth F 1909 1984   Apostles wife-Elizabeth P Wright next
Wright, Lucille T 7/26/1908 11/20/1993 10/10/1925 Old Rugged Cross husband-Alvie E Wright next
Wright, M Lucille 1923 1992     husband-Ray M Wright next
Wright, Mabel J 1916 1999   Masonic Garden E Star; husband-Robert L Wright next
Wright, Marcena H 1935 2000   Apostles husband-Allen H Wright next
Wright, Margaret P 1908 1974     husband-W D Wright next
Wright, Margaret P 1901 1987      
Wright, Martha B 1921 1983   Nativity husband-James H Wright next
Wright, Mary E 1914       husband-Douglas D Wright next
Wright, Mary Lois Boss 9/30/1908 5/3/1997   Nativity husband-Julius Milford Wright next
Wright, Patricia A 1955       husband-George F Wright next
Wright, R Darrell 12/23/1951 7/13/1987   Old Rugged Cross "Dad"
Wright, Ray M 1919 1980     wife-M Lucille Wright next
Wright, Robert L 1911 1984   Masonic Garden Mason; wife-Mabel J Wright next
Wright, Rose M 1896 1973   Gethsemane  
Wright, Susie O 1886 1975   Apostles husband-John T Wright next
Wright, Thomas William 12/11/1966 12/14/1966   Babyland  
Wright, Valerie Lauren 9/2/1984 11/5/1985      
Wright, Vergil E 1917 1993      
Wright, W D 1909 1974     wife-Margaret P Wright next
Wright, Wendell 4/27/1933 5/30/1989      
Wright, Willie B 1914 1986   Devotion husband-Clyde E Wright next
Wrinkle, Carl E 4/16/1927 7/28/1992     US Navy
Wukits, Marilyn M 1930     Nativity husband-Richard J Wukits next
Wukits, Richard J 1930 1994   Nativity wife-Marilyn M Wukits next
Wunderlich, John W 1909 1960   Apostles wife-Lucy H Wunderlich next
Wunderlich, Lucy H 1912 1997   Apostles husband-John W Wunderlich next
Wyatt, Clayton L 1912 2000   Apostles Mason; wife-Frankie O Wyatt next
Wyatt, Frankie O 1918 1994   Apostles E Star; husband-Clayton L Wyatt next
Wynn, Tammy Ann 5/27/1965 2/25/1978   Apostles  
Wynne, Charles D 1922     Apostles wife-Virginia G Wynne next
Wynne, Virginia G 1921 1973   Apostles husband-Charles D Wynne next
Wyrick, Blanche M 1910       husband-James C Wyrick next
Wyrick, C "Dee" 1929     Old Rugged Cross husband-James A Wyrick next
Wyrick, James A 1913 1997   Old Rugged Cross wife-C "Dee" Wyrick next
Wyrick, James C 1904 1995     wife-Blanche M Wyrick next
Wyrick, Myrtle B 1896 1995   Apostles husband-Stuart H Wyrick next
Wyrick, Stuart H 1893 1967   Apostles Mason; wife-Myrtle B Wyrick next

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Names of individuals in this cemetery were recorded as they appeared on the tombstones. No attempt was made to correct obvious errors or differences in spelling. Every attempt has been made to record this information correctly. However, mistakes are possible.  The information on this page may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other person or organization without the written consent of the contributor, the legal representative of the submitter, or The Hamilton County Tennessee Genealogy Society.