Forest Hills Cemetery

Located in historic St. Elmo at the foot of Lookout Mountain, Forest Hills Cemetery is among the largest and most historic cemeteries in Hamilton County. The cemetery was chartered on January 5, 1880 by T. G. Montague, Allen C. Burns, Abraham M. Johnson, George Hazlehurst, James A. Caldwell, H. S. Chamberlain, H. C. Evans, Charles J. Martin, S. A. Key, and Theodore Richmond. The gravesites of Forest Hills include politicians, Civil War officers, entertainers, industrialists, historical figures of Chattanooga as well as pre-Civil War African American slaves and numerous unknowns. An active cemetery with more than 100,000 interments, the cemetery continues to add hundreds of burials every year.

4016 Tennessee Avenue
Chattanooga, TN 37409
Phone: 423.821.4161

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Names of individuals in this cemetery were recorded as they appeared on the tombstones. No attempt was made to correct obvious errors or differences in spelling. Every attempt has been made to record this information correctly. However, mistakes are possible.  The information on this page may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other person or organization without the written consent of the contributor, the legal representative of the submitter, or The Hamilton County Tennessee Genealogy Society.

s/o - son of; d/o - daughter of; h/o - husband of; w/o - wife of

Alder, George Byron, Dr. 02/12/1886 08/07/1951   s/o-George Willis & Martha Lasater Alder; Info from death certificate; See obituary
Blaylock, Jane Elizabeth 06/27/1846 09/23/1936   Info from death certificate
Brown, William Harry 11/05/1888 02/13/1948   Info from death certificate
Carter, Frieda May Utermoehlen 02/27/1880 07/20/1964   w/o Garnet Carter; Info from obituary
Carter, James Inman 11/01/1858 02/18/1947   h/o-Samuella Childress Carter; Info from obituary
Carter, John Garnet 02/09/1883 07/21/1954   h/o-Frieda May Carter; s/o-James Inman Carter; Info from obituary
Carter, Paul B 02/10/1888 09/29/1979   Info from obituary
Carter, Samuella Childress 06/14/1861 03/03/1938   w/o-James I Carter; d/o-David Burton & Mary Spellar Jones Childress; Info from obituary
Cobleigh, E A 12/05/1851 11/29/1905   h/o - Mary E Cobleigh
Cobleigh, Mary E 04/11/1853 05/06/0943   w/o - E A Cobleigh
Conner, Laura A McGill 03/07/1854 03/26/1937   w/o - Wm F Conner
Conner, W F 01/07/1845 03/14/1898   h/o - Laura A McGill
Crosby, Henry T 08/25/1825 01/01/1881    
Divine, Julia Alexander McCallie 12/04/1866 07/07/1954   w/o-Samuel W Divine; d/o-Thomas H & Ellen Jarnagin McCallie; Info from Obituary
Divine, Samuel Williams   11/16/1915   Age 66; s/o-John L & Rachael Williams Divine; Info from death certificate
Doscher, Carl Henry 09/17/1886 11/08/1959   Information from death certificate
Dunagan, Joseph Abner 10/02/1868 06/12/1930   s/o-Joseph & Rachel Tidwell Dunagan; Info from death certificate #13415
Eastwood, J A 08/05/1828 10/21/1913 h/o - Amanda A Howell
Eastwood, Amanda A Howell 04/20/1827 03/20/1905   w/o - J A Eastwood
Eaton, Edward G 07/20/1869 04/28/1920   Info from death certificate Vol 23; Pg 325
Edingburg, George W 05/30/1885 01/22/1892   s/o Dan and Minnie Edingburg; Info provided by Xzanthia Y. Zuber
Fehn, Willie Mae Templeton Faulkner 03/19/1922 09/10/2007  

w/o-Robert Fehn; d/o-Oliver Ervin & Maggie Lee Graham Templeton

Fulker, Richard Harding 12/20/1920 11/21/1976   h/o-Willie Mae Templeton
George, Annie E 02/23/1863 05/11/1917   w/o - C R George
George, C R 02/02/1853 11/11/1931   h/o - Annie E Geroge
Grimmer, Louisa Peale   06/26/1930   Age 86; w/o-John C Grimmer; Info from death certificate #13490
Hill, J W   06/17/1917   Age 37 yrs; Info from death certificate
Jarnagin, Gustavus Henry 08/09/1844 04/24/1914   Info from death certificate
Johnson, Albert O 01/05/1843 12/17/1904   Born Troy, NY
Johnson, Edwin A 01/29/1878 09/29/1957    
Johnson, Ella 09/02/1867 03/13/1882   d/o - Albert and Mary Johnson; Born Troy, NY; Died Chattanooga, TN
Johnson, E W 08/02/1837 11/08/1888   Born Troy, NY
Johnson, Frank 08/28/1885 10/01/1905   Born Chattanooga, TN
Johnson, Mary A 01/02/1848 12/29/1936   w/o - Albert O Johnson
Krug, Ada Parks   12/13/1990   Age 83; Info from obituary
Lieker, Ella E. Love 10/19/1859 01/31/1934   w/o Theadore F. Lieker; Info from death certificate
Lieker, Frederick Wilhelm 05/09/1839 12/31/1921   Information from death certificate
Lieker, Theadore F.   02/17/1931   Age 65; h/o-Ella E. Love; Info from death certificate
Lockhart, Thomas J 07/09/1849 01/14/1901    
McAllester, Andrew 01/23/1847 09/29/1905   h/o - Martha J McAllester
McAllester, Martha J 10/21/1851 08/18/1937   w/o - Andrew McAllester
McCallie, Alice Fletcher 09/26/1880 11/26/1918   w/o-Spencer J McCallie; d/o-G G & Mary Storrs Fletcher; Info from obit.
McCallie, Bessie Dean Crane 06/27/1872 12/28/1942   w/o-Thomas S McCallie; d/o-Charles & Emma Osborn Crane; Info from death certificate
McCallie, Edward Lee   07/20/1960   Info from obituary
McCallie, Ellen Jarnagin 08/12/1841 09/17/1915   w/o-Thomas H McCallie; d/o-Spencer & Mary Kinder Jarnagin; Info from death certificate
McCallie, Grace E 03/18/1863 03/10/1918   d/o-Thomas H & Ellen Jarnagin McCallie; Info from death certificate
McCallie, Katherine Pierce   09/10/1966   w/o-Spencer J McCallie; Info from obituary
McCallie, Spencer Jarnagin 08/24/1875 10/19/1949   s/o-Thomas H & Ellen Jarnagin McCallie; Info from death certificate
McCallie, Thomas Spencer 06/7/1869 09/22/1936   h/o-Bessie Crane McCallie; s/o-Thomas H & Ellen Jarnagin McCallie; Info from death certificate
Metcalf, Louis   09/10/1918   Age 68 yrs.; Info from Death Certificate
Mooney, James L 06/27/1877 03/17/1956   Info from death certificate
Oakman, Emily Hagood 01/02/1847 01/03/1920   Info from death certificate Vol 21; Pg 7
Patterson, Wiley 02/28/1878 10/17/1918    
Payne, L H   12/08/1920   Age 69; s/o-Larkin & Jane Sutton Payne; Info from death certificate Vol 24; Pg 274.
Peabody, Charles A 06/24/1841 10/31/1900 04/07/1870 h/o - Flora A Peabody
Peabody, Flora A Blair 09/09/1846 07/07/1910 04/07/1870 w/o - Charles A Peabody
Penney, Richard M 1868 05/24/1929   s/o-Richard & Mary Norman Penney; Info from death certificate
Ramsey, J D   04/26/1910   Age 54 yrs
Redmon, Jesse J 11/12/1882 04/17/1967 02/11/1912 h/o - Minnie M. Redmon
Redmon, Minnie M 10/01/1882 01/24/1971 02/11/1912 w/o Jesse J Redmon
Schandelmeier, Grace 04/11/1827 11/30/1903   Born Baden Germany; w/o John M. Schandelmier
Schandelmeier, John M 09/11/1828 12/08/1898   Born Baden Germany; h/o - Grace Schandelmeier
Schriber, P H 00/00/1851 00/00/1897    
Sisson, Edward Freeborn 02/14/1839 04/23/1915   s/o-Freeborn & Henrietta Blish Sisson; Info from death certificate
Sutton, Anna B 09/19/1905 03/19/1988    
Sutton, Austin M 02/02/1898 04/15/1992   h/o-Florence E Sutton
Sutton, Cordie M 05/08/1932 07/10/2009   w/o-Loyd A Sutton
Sutton, Florence E 06/22/1907 09/14/1969   w/o-Austin M Sutton
Sutton, Walter Homer 12/22/1911 12/17/1983   PFC US Army WWII
Templeton, Jesse Bonard "Barney" 12/21/1907 01/03/1951 04/20/1927 h/o-Laura Vernon Humble
Templeton, Laura Vernon Humble 09/17/1904 02/06/1996 04/20/1927 w/o-Jessie Bonard Templeton
Templeton, Maggie Lee Graham 12/29/1889 09/11/1972 11/05/1905 w/o-Oliver Ervin Templeton
Templeton, Oliver Ervin 11/06/1883 10/17/1951 11/05/1905 h/o-Maggie Lee Graham
Thompson, Robert Hill 02/15/1908 11/15/1964   h/o-Gladys Redmon
Thompson, Gladys Redmon 04/15/1914 04/01/1989   w/o-Robert Hill Thompson