Chickamauga Reservoir Cemeteries

By James L. Douthat


McCallie Cemetery  
Surveyed  1937


Located on the T. J. McCallie tract on the left bank of Tennessee River at mile 494, Land Map 32. Contains 18 well kept graves with 15 monuments. Elevation of lowest grave is 713 feet. This cemetery is located on the slope of the hill approximately 500 feet N. W. of the McCallie residence. Present access is by foot path approximately 200 feet from county road. This road will be flooded at this section and access will be impaired, making it necessary to walk approximately 1000 feet from a point on the road that is not flooded. From the general appearance of and activity in this cemetery, it seems we are obligated to provide some means of access to same or offer to move cemetery. It appears more economical to move this cemetery than to provide access. It is recommended that the relatives be given choice of removal or remain agreements.

Number Deceased Born Died Notes
1 McCallie, Archibald 8/23/1856 10/18/1920
2 McCallie, Margaret 5/11/1862 2/12/1927
3 McCallie, John
4 McCallie, Cintha J 1854 1932
5 - 6 Unknown

7 Stulce, L H 8/17/1885 10/28/1909
8 Stulce, Abner S 2/26/1841 5/24/1937
9 McCallie, Stacy Stulce 11/20/1874 10/2/1907 W/O JL McCallie
10 McCallie, A R 8/17/1887 3/17/1909
11 McCallie, Nancy E 10/30/1887 11/7/1903 W/O A A McCallie
12 McCallie, Fredie 6/27/1906 3/6/1910 S/O JT & VA
13 McCallie, ----- 12/11/1900 1/1/1900 D/O JT & VA
13 - 15 Unknown

16 Dungan, Ida A 6/3/1873 9/27/1916 D/O Capt. JL & Mary I
17 Dungan, Etta M 6/30/1879 3/31/1919
18 Dungan, James L 1/2/1833 1/29/1919
19 Anderson, Mary J 4/18/1850
W/O James L Dungan
20 Unknown


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