Chickamauga Reservoir Cemeteries
By James L. Douthat


Padgett Cemetery

Surveyed November 4, 1937



Located on the right bank of Wolftever Creek approximately 1500' south of Highway #58 on the G. Albert Davis tract, on Land Map No. 14. This cemetery contains 36 graves, elevation 695', several monuments, all under fence, and fair appearance. present access is by community road from Highway #58, a distance of approximately 1500 feet and some will not be impaired by the inundation. I recommend that this cemetery remain undisturbed.



1   Unknown

2   J. B. Rail                     Dec 23, 1857   Nov 9. 1880

3-22 Unknown

23  Jacob Padget              Sep 1, 1774      Nov 5, 1874 100 yr 2 mos 4 dys

24-27 Unknown

28  Nancy Ramsey           Oct 8, 1820       Jan 19, 1894 info by Mrs. Albert Davis



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