Chickamauga Reservoir Cemeteries
By James L. Douthat

Shirley Cemetery
Surveyed in 1937


Located on the Thomas G. Shirley tract on the right bank of Long Savannah Creek 1000 feet east of the Ooltewah-Snow Hill Road, on Land Map No. 11. This cemetery contains 80 graves, several monuments, and the appearance of it is fair. Elevation of lowest grave is 695. Present access is by private road from County Road to within 300 feet of cemetery, which will be unimpaired by the inundation of the lake area. I recommend that this cemetery remain undisturbed.



1-3  Unknown

4    J. B. Shirley                            1845          1902

5    Willie S. Shirley                     1891          1893

6    Rob't S. Shirley                      1879          1880

7    Bonnie S. Shirley

8    T. G. Shirley                            1797          1886

All 5 above graves on one stone.


9-15 Unknown

16   Mary A. Rawlings                Apr 7, 1820 Dec 5, 1843 Consort of A. J. Rawlings

17-46 Unknown

47   Cordelia Cate                                          Jun 22, 1850

48-80 Unknown.



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