Chickamauga Reservoir Cemeteries

By James L. Douthat

Spivey Cemetery  
Surveyed in 1937

Located on the Fred Burton tract on right bank of Tennessee River at mile 498.5, shown on land map 42, and containing 24 graves and several monuments. The elevation of the lowest grave is 735 feet. This cemetery is not well kept and is abandoned for burial purposes. Present access is by walking through woods from the Oakdale Road, a distance of approximately 600 feet. Access is not interfered with in any way and this cemetery requires no further attention.


Number Deceased Born Died Notes
1 Kelley, Teressa 11/1/1862 4/27/1873 w/o J. H.
2 Kelley, Alvin A 5/26/1880 9/1/1880
3 Unknown

4 Unknown

5 Spivey, E. S. 7/11/1823 12/13/1878 mother
6 Spivey, Holiday 1/30/1819 1/19/1890 father
7 Hutcheson, Alfred 10/2/1883 3/19/1884
8 Thompson, Nancy L
12/20/1872 73 yrs
9 Thompson, H D 8/18/1795 11/12/1882
10 Unknown

11 Dobbs, C C 10/17/1858 1/10/1878 drowned
12 Minnis, Sarah A 10/22/1857 1/10/1878 drowned
13 Unknown


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