Chickamauga Reservoir Cemeteries

By James L. Douthat

Thatcher Cemetery  
Surveyed  1937

Located on the W. C. Thatcher (heirs) tract on the right bank of Tennessee River at mile 491. Contains 34 graves, lowest elevation 705 feet. Present access is by private road and trail which will be unimpaired by the Chickamauga Reservoir. It appears that this cemetery will require no further attention.

WPA Record - The Thatcher Cemetery is located twenty-six miles northeast of Chattanooga. Follow Highway #27 north to the Lee Road which is twenty-two miles. Take the Lee Road right for four miles east to the "old" Thatcher farm house. The land was given by Mr. S. S. Thatcher. There are about thirty unmarked graves, all being very old. 1939

Number Deceased Born Died Notes
1 - 2 Unknown      
3 Trantham, Infant     infant of D & SA Trantham
4 - 9 Unknown      
10 Hall, Jas, M     Co D 8th KY Inf
11 - 21 Unknown      
22 Carmack, Thomas C 3/1/1881 6/24/1888 S/O JL & SA
23 Carmack, William P 8/29/1879 5/29/1880 S/O JL & SA
24 Unknown      
25 Hayes, Samuel S 9/7/1880 1/8/1881 S/O Wm & MH
26 Hayes, Margaret H 8/27/1845 3/4/1881 W/O Wm
27 Hayes, W M 3/17/1852 5/17/1921  
28 Hayes, Mrs. Harriet Maranda 11/30/1850 5/14/1883  
29 Hayes, Nancy M 11/25/1826 10/22/1911  
30 - 34 Unknown      

Thatcher, Matilda   1895 WPA Record; only date

Thatcher, S S   2/24/1931 WPA Record

Thatcher, Rena Coulter   3/4/1931 WPA Record; W/O S.S.

Thatcher, William C
1/29/1914 WPA Record

Carmack, Joe
1913 WPA Record

Carmack, Joe
1891 WPA Record

Wall, Brinnie Hale
12/1/1923 WPA Record; W/O JM Hall


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