Cemetery Survey Project


The Hamilton County Genealogy Society is undertaking the enormous task of resurveying all cemeteries in Hamilton County, Tennessee. The Works Project Administration last surveyed most cemeteries within the county prior to 1939. The WPA surveys, although a valuable source of information for many years, contain errors, omissions and do not include hundreds of thousands of burials in Hamilton County over the past sixty years.


We have made only a small dent in resurveying the cemeteries in Hamilton County and are requesting your assistance in this major undertaking. If you have recently surveyed a cemetery in Hamilton County or would like to adopt one for surveying, please contact Dennis Wilson dwilson@hctgs.org   If you have never done a cemetery survey and would like some tips on how to do one, you can check out our Cemetery Surveying 101. This page offers suggestions and tips on how to get started and complete a cemetery survey.


You may check the link below for a list of Hamilton County cemeteries, location and survey status. This list is by no means complete. There are many cemeteries in the county that are unmarked and unnamed. If you know of a cemetery not on our list, please let us know. 


Hamilton County Cemeteries