Sarah Davis Dennington Sims



Sarah Davis is the daughter of Sullivan Davis and Elizabeth Davis
Granddaughter of James Davis and Mary Bromley


Sarah DAVIS 1832 – 1915 m.  1st John Dennington; 2nd Jeremiah M.  Sims d. 1930


Sarah first married John Dennington, a man working on the farm of Philip Davis after 1860.  In Hamilton County Deed book Q p. 362 reference is made to Dennington tobacco house next to the property of her Aunt Eliza Davis.  This union produced no children.  He dies prior to 1865.  After the war Jerry Sims had moved to Hamilton County from Gilmer County, Georgia. Sarah is 10 years his senior.  With the death of her brother William Davis, she tries in vain, to obtain custody of his three children.  There is a bitter battle with Louisa Stover Davis.  People in the community have lined up on both sides.  There are allegations and counter-allegations.  In the end Louisa is granted custody of the children and the government payment that comes with it.  William’s children remain on friendly terms with Sarah, and stay in her home to help with chores and assist her with her young children.  In an Atlas of Tennessee, Jerry Sims is listed as a cattle dealer and living in the area of Norman’s Store.  They have sufficient money to employ a servant full-time.  Sarah and Jerry separate and she moved in with her daughter Betty Bettis.  There must have been a divorce, although the records of James County were consumed in a fire.  Jerry marries Sarah’s niece the daughter of William, Sarah Isabel – she is 10 years younger than Jerry.  Sarah dies in 1915, but for some unexplained reason, her death certificate is listed as Sarah DENNINGTON.  The informant for her death certificate is a nephew Fred Davis.  It is unknown why her children did not register her death.  Sarah, Jerry and Sarah Isabel lie close to each other in the Old McDonald Cemetery.  All of their tombstones are the same, but the dates on each are incorrect.

Betty L. Sims 1869 - 1928 m.  John A. Bettis 1866

            Samuel 1897 – 1993

            Sarah E. 1899

            David M.  1902  m. Tammie J.

            Charles 1905 - 1979

            Martha 1908 – 1963 m. Ralph Neely

William Lafeyette Sims 1871 m.  Idella Elizabeth Havens 1875-1914

They married in 1898, in the 1910 census they state they have had 8 children but only 5 are living. Idella died giving birth to Paul. 

            James A.  1898  m. Ivey Davis

                        James 1916

                        Annie 1918

                        Katie Belle 1919

            William E. 1901- 1979 m. Bertha J. 1903 - 1986

            Sallie 1903

            Willie M. (f) 1906 – 1985

                                    Jerry Mars  1907-1993 m. Liddie m. 1910 - 1985

                                    Mary Grace 1910 m. George A. Denton 1918 - 1988

                                                Taught first grade at Snow Hill Elementry in the 1940's.         

                                    Paul  1914                                

                        George  W. Sims 1877 m. 2nd  Minerva

                                                John 1905

                                                Jack  1906

                                                Elvira  1908