The Descendants of Isom JULIAN

First Generation

1. Isom JULIAN was born Jan 28 1795 in , Rutherford, NC. He died Nov 7 1885 in , Bradley, TN and was buried 1 in New Friendship Cemetery, Bradley Co, TN.

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    Isom Julian came with his wife, two or three children, his parents,and perhaps other kinsmen from Rutherford Co, NC to Blount Co, TN about1815. He was the first minister to go out from Logan's Chapel MethodistChurch, which was organized in 1790.
    In 1833 he and his family moved to McMinn County, TN. In McMinn Co.grant book 166 we find: "Isom Julian, assignee of the enterer of the SWquarter of Section 32, Township 4, Range first, east of the meridian, inthe County of McMinn, Hiwassee District, that the whole of the entrymoney for said quarter as is required by law, has been paid, that thecertificate of entry has been lost or mislaid and cannot be found, andthat he is justly entitled to Grant for the land so entered". August 17,1833.
    Appearing in the 1836 Tax list were George Julian, his son, andJames Julian, in all probability his brother.  In 1840 there is a recordof "Letty Adams, aged 10 bound to Isom Julian.
    In 1843 Isom Julian deeded a parcel of land to "Samuel Hardy, DavidSmith, Robert P. Julian, Samuel Wilson, Israel Smith, Trustees of Mt.Pisgah Methodist Episcopal Church". (These were all residents of aroundMiddle Creek out from Englewood towards Niota. There is no cemetery inthat location.)
    In 1848, possibly earlier, he was living in Chatata Valley, where heresided until his death, when he was almost 90 years old. During the WarBetween the States, he was an ardent supporter of the Union, and wasfearless in the pulpit and out. Julian's Chapel, erected in 1867 largelythrough the efforts of the family, was named in his honor. His nameappears frequently in minutes of the Chatata Circuit of the circuit'sfinancial apportionment.
    When he died, November 7, 1885, rains had swollen the creeks untilthe roads were inundated. The coffin, probably handmade in Chatata, wasbrought to "the foot of the lane" by boat. His estate was settled soomafter his death, and his son Robert Patterson Julian, bought out theother heirs: George, John, Marsena R., Ann J. McCamy, Samuel, and MattieJ. Mclain. The widow, S.C. Julian, accepted an eighth share of the estate($375.) instead of her rights of homestead and dower. The land, 160acres, was described as "bounded on the north by the land of John B.Cate, on the east by that of Mrs. Thomas Martin, and on the south by theSpencer Coleman farm".
    For a time, The Cleveland Daily Banner had a feature: "The ScrapBook". on Thursday December 8, 1932 the following article, drawn from thefiles of 1884 appeared:
    " On Monday, January 28, the eighty-ninty anniversary of Uncle IsomJulian was celebrated at his residence in Chatata Valley, eight mileseast of Cleveland. Quite a number were present, among whom were all hissurviving children except one. The day passed off pleasantly. At noonabout fifty persons partook of a most excellent dinner which had beenprepared by the hostess. Rev. Nicholson presented some soul-stirringremarks. His (Julian's) children presented him with a nice suit ofclothes as a token of their filial regard for their aged parent. The oldgentleman has been married three times; was married early in life, livedwith his first wife almost fifty years; his second, seventeen years, andis now living with his third. He professed religion when a boy and hasbeen a model Christian for more than seventy-five years. He has eightchildren, two step-children, sixty seven grandchildren, one hundred andseventy four great grandchildren and twenty seven great-greatgrandchildren. He has also raised four or five orphans. He has remarkablestrength for his age, and his hair, once white from age, is turningblack, and he bids fair to be one hundred years old.
    Penelope Johnson Allen, in "Leaves from the family Tree",Chattanooga Times 1-14-34, wrote "Isom Julian was an honored and valuedminister of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and a progressive and usefulcitizen".

taken from The Julians and Allied Families by Elizabeth Cate Manly

Isom married (1) Eliazbeth PATTERSON on Aug 15 1811 in , Rutherford, NC. Eliazbeth was born Sep 27 1794 in , Rutherford, NC. She died 1 May 14 1860 in , Bradley, TN from Palsey and was buried 2 in New Friendship Cemetery, Bradley Co, TN.

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They had the following children:

+ 2 M i George JULIAN was born Jul 10 1812 and died Mar 5 1906.
+ 3 M ii John JULIAN was born Feb 14 1814 and died May 16 1896.
+ 4 M iii Marsena Richardson JULIAN was born Feb 16 1815 and died Feb 24 1901.
+ 5 F iv Ann JULIAN was born May 1818 and died Sep 30 1907.
  6 M v Samuel JULIAN was born Aug 28 1819 in , Blount, TN. He died Feb 8 1902 in , Bradley, TN and was buried 1 in New Friendship Cemetery, Bradley Co, TN.

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        Samuel married 1 (1) Mary B. SMITH, daughter of James SMITH and Mary Elizabeth GARRISON, on Oct 8 1839 in , McMinn, TN. Mary was born Jun 21 1819 in , , SC. She died Sep 10 1888 in , Bradley, TN and was buried 2 in New Friendship Cemetery, Bradley Co, TN.

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        Samuel also married (2) Sarah A. MURPHY on Jan 2 1889. Sarah was born Aug 21 1838 in , , GA. She died Nov 27 1910 in , Bradley, TN and was buried 1 in New Friendship Cemetery, Bradley Co, TN.

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+ 7 M vi Robert Patterson JULIAN was born Nov 1 1821 and died Jun 2 1894.
  8 F vii Rebecca JULIAN was born 1823 in , Blount, TN. She died 1843 in , Bradley, TN.

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Isom also married (2) Elmira Moore BLACK on 1860. Elmira was born Mar 12 1820. She died Jan 16 1878 in , Bradley, TN and was buried 1 in New Friendship Cemetery, Bradley Co, TN.

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They had the following children:

+ 9 F viii Mattie A. JULIAN was born Nov 22 1861 and died Jul 27 1908.

Isom also married (3) Sophia Clarrissa Roberts WILSON on Apr 6 1878 in , Hamilton, TN. Sophia was born Mar 20 1820 in , , NC. She died Jun 4 1891 in , Bradley, TN and was buried in Near Graysville, TN.

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