Ancestry of James Murphy DUNN Jr.

Sixth Generation

32. Dr. Elijah DUNN was born about 1795 in North Carolina. He married Argincy. [Parents]

Elijah was a Physician and listed as such in the Hickman County, Tennessee census.

33. Argincy.


40. James Berry BROWN was born Aug 22 1797 in West Virgina. He died May 27 1855 in Browntown, Hamilton Co., TN and was buried in Brown Cemetery/ Browntown TN, Red Bank. James married Christinia CUMMINGS on Jul 22 1824 in Browntown, Hamilton Co.

Berry was a Farmer and one of the Hamilton County Pioneers. From the
History of Hamilton county.

Taken from the Brown Cemetery Tomb Stone.

Berry Brown in 1830 acquired 100 acres at Mountain Creek for $300 from Robert Lauderdale, who had moved to Arkansas Territory. He made other land purchases nearby, including 131 acres bought from John Hartman in 1844 for $169.50. He once owned the Morrison's Spring property, but he sold this to John Foust. Berry Brown, who was born in 1797, lived until May 27, 1855. His wife, Christina Cummings Brown, lived from 1807 until Dec. 8, 1872. Their children included Absalom who married  Clarissy Adams, John, Eizabeth who married Marion Brock, Isabella who married John L. Moss, William Riley who married Marianna Isabella Rogers, James B., Russell M. who married Cynthia Ann Moore, Rhoda Ann who was unmarried, Return Meigs and Milo Smith who married Elizabeth Pile of Sullivan County. Isabella Brown Moss had an only child, Christina Moss. Isabella died in April 1864.

2-59: 5/27/1833 C&M secured cash debt 5/27/1833. Deed of Trust. James Kenny to pay John Sterling $150 and Clift & McRee $211 by 5/8 next. Secured by land on Mountain Creek for $361 granted to Berry Brown. Witness Thos. I. Campbell, Elijah Thurman. Proved by Campbell and Thurman 5/27/1833. Regd 6/6/1833 Book B p. 76-77.

41. Christinia CUMMINGS was born Nov 3 1807 in Limestone County, AL. She died Dec 8 1872 in Hamilton Co., TN and was buried in Brown Cemetery/ Browntown TN. Red Bank. [Parents]

Taken from the Brown Cemetery tomb Stone.


42. George W. ROGERS was born Jul 15 1810. He died Mar 4 1886 in Red Bank, Hamilton Co, TN. George married Catherine JACKSON.

43. Catherine JACKSON was born Aug 13 1806 in North Carolina. She died Sep 18 1878 in Red Bank, Hamilton Co, TN.


44. Elisha KELLEY was born Dec 24 1812 in Mcminn Co., TN. He died in Catoosa Co., GA and was buried in In an unmarked garve somewhere on Snodgrass Hill in Chickamauga Battlefield.. Elisha married Sarah on 1837 in Mcminn Co., TN. [Parents]

7.7. WILLIAM N. KELLEY, seventh child of Elisha and Sarah Kelley, was born 1850 in Catoosa County, Ga. He died in 1932 and is buried in Forest Hill Cemetery, Chattanooga, Tn. In 1871 or 1872 William N. Kelley married Amanda Rowe who was born in 1853. She died in 1910 and is buried in Forest Hill Cemetery, Chattanooga, Tn. After Amanda's death William married Missouri Bell. William was a farmer. He and his family lived on land which is now part of Chickamauga National Battlefield Park. They later moved to Missionary Ridge, Tn. They were of the Baptist faith. William N. Kelley had 14 children: 12 by Amanda Rowe and 2 by Missouri Bell.
Children of William N. Kelley and Amanda Rowe:

7.7-1. Nettie Kelley, married Edward Brown. 6 children.

7.7.2. Julia Kelley, married Charles Brazeal. One child that died in infancy.

7.7-3. Lucy Kelley, married William Frazer. 6 children.

7.7.4. Arthur Kelley. Died at age 15.

7.7-5. Phonnie Kelley, married George Arwood. One child: Helen Arwood.

7.7.6. Thomas Birch Kelley, married Anna Elizabeth Hicks. 6 children.

7.7-7. Minnie Kelley, married Armon Edens. 5 children.

7.7.8. Fred Kelley, died at age 6 months.

7.7-9. John Kelley, married Addie Adams. 2 children.

7.7-10. Stuart Kelley, married Kathleen Liner. 3 children.

7.7-11. Grace Kelley, married Will Beaver. Later married a Stripling. One child.

7.7-12. Roy Kelley, married Eula Daniels. 5 children.

Children of William N. Kelley and Missouri Bell:

7.7-13. Eunice Kelley.

7.7-14. Desta Kelley.

7-7.6. Thomas Birch Kelley, sixth child of William and Amanda Rowe Kelley was born July 13, 1883 in Catoosa County, Ga. on Oct. 28, 1906 he married Anna Elizabeth Hicks who was born March 13, 1888, daughter of Alvin Hicks and Mary Miller Hicks. Thomas B. Kelley died Jan. 21, 1961. He is buried in Burning Bush Baptist Church Cemetery, Chickamauga, Ga. Anna Elizabeth Hicks Kelley died May 11, 1937. She is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Chattanooga, Tenn. Thomas Birch Kelley was a farmer. He and his family lived in the Burning Bush Community in Chickamauga, Ga. They had six children: Bonnie Kelley, born Sep. 19, 1908. On July 17, 1932 she married Dewey W. Burke who was born Oct. 7, 1902, son of Jess Burke and Margaret Justice Burke. They had seven children: Dewey Burke, Jr. Margaret Burke Joyce Burke

7- Delores Burke Barbara Burke Linda Burke Nancy Burke Frank Kelley, born July 2, 1915. Married Ila Lansford June 1940. She was born 1919, dau. of Clinton & Linda Lansford. Frank is retired. He and Ila live in Rusk, Texas. 3 children: Kenneth Kelley, born 1941. Patricia Kelley, born 1944.

7-7.6.2-3. Stanley Kelley, born 1953.

7.7.6-3. Earl Kelley, born July 17, 1919- In April 1940 he married Martha Thompson who was born Feb. 10, 1923, dau. of Eugene Thompson and Florence Bell Thompson. Earl and Martha live in Chickamauga, Ga. Earl worked for Peerless Woolen Mills. He and Martha have four children:

7-7.6-3-1. Robert Earl Kelley, Jr., born May 23, 1943 Debra Kelley, born Sep. 2, 1951.

7.7.6-3-3. Brian Kelley, born Dec. 29, 1956.

7-7.6-3.4. Karen Ann Kelley, born Oct. 19, 1958. Oscar Kelley, born March 1, 1924. On Feb. 2, 1952 he married Sarah Elizabeth Westbrook who was born March 18, 1923, daughter of George Westbrook and Maggie Bell Lenord Westbrook. Oscar farmed and worked for Combustion Engineering Co. He and Sarah Elizabeth are deceased. They had two children: Anne Odette Kelley, born May 6, 1953.

7- Thomas Howard Kelley, born June 24, 1955.

Authority: Information on the William N. Kelley line received Sep. 8, 1984 from Bonnie Kelley Burke, Rossville, Ga.

Buried on Snodgrass Hill in Chickamauga Battlefield

45. Sarah died in Catoosa Co., GA.

Buried on Snodgrass Hill in Chickamauga Battlefield


46. John MCDONALD was born about 1807 in Jefferson Co., TN. He died about 1864. John married 1 Priscilla BELL on Oct 4 1839 in Jefferson Co., TN.

47. Priscilla BELL was born about 1812 in Jefferson Co., TN. She died about 1888. [Parents]


58. R. EDWARDS was born about 1797 in South Carolina. He married E..

59. E. was born about 1807 in South Carolina.


60. Francis Marion BRAND was born Jan 1829 in Gwinnette Co., GA. He died about 1903 in Scott Co. AK from Tuberculosis. Francis married Rachel Prissila BAKER on Oct 6 1853 in Monroe, Walton Co., GA. [Parents]

Mrs.Floyd Oliver states that Francis Marion Brand was a farmer and a
soldier for the Confederacy in the War Between the States. He was a
tall, slender man, very honest, and Premature grey. He died in the
fall of 1903 in Scott Co., AK. from tuberculosis. He is buried 15 mile
west of Waldron in the Grey Cemetery, Bawley Community and SW of the
homestead where he lived and died.
She also states that MArion Brand must haved moved to Walker Co., GA
soon after his marriage to Rachael Baker because there second son was
born there in 1856. They are also listed in the same county in 1860
and 1870 U.S. Census.
On March 2, 1863 Francis Marion Brand enlisted in the Confederate Army
at Decatur, GA., for the period of the war. He was Pvt. Co. G3 GA.
Inf. Reg. Marion was shot  and in CSA General Hospital,
Charlottesville, VA. May 30-June 30, 1863. After his 30 day furlough
which ended August 27, he collected his pay, then went to Florida and
worked as a teamster. Tradition has it the he went home frequently,
but was on roll part of each untill the war ended. Before 1872, Marion
and Rachael Brand with their large family moved from Walker Co., to a
farm north of Ozark, Farnklin Co., AK. The land was new and there was
better opportunity to farm.

61. Rachel Prissila BAKER was born May 1835. She died about 1903. [Parents]


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