Descendants of John Fuller

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Generation No. 1


1.  JOHN2 FULLER  (JOHN1) was born June 14, 1812 in North Carolina, and died January 22, 1890 in Sale Creek, Tennessee.  He married ALICE in Blount County, Tennessee, daughter of JOHN FULLER.  She was born in North Carolina. More About JOHN FULLER: Burial: May Cemetery, Sale Creek, Tennessee Civil War-CSA: Co. E.3rd TN MTD INF


Children of JOHN FULLER and ALICE are:

                   i.    SUSAN3 FULLER.

                  ii.    SAMUEL FULLER.

                 iii.    ELIZABETH FULLER.

2.              iv.    ELIZA JANE FULLER, b. 1831, Tennessee; d. Abt. 1900, Hamilton County, TN.

                  v.    JAMES FULLER, b. 1847.

3.              vi.    JOHN FULLER, b. 1852.

4.             vii.    DAVID FULLER, b. 1862; d. 1940.



Generation No. 2


2.  ELIZA JANE3 FULLER (JOHN2, JOHN1) was born 1831 in Tennessee, and died Abt. 1900 in Hamilton County, TN.  She married GABRIEL PINCKNEY KEITH August 10, 1858 in Blount County, Tennessee, son of NATHANIEL KEITH and LUCY.  He was born 1838 in Kentucky/Tennessee, and died Abt. 1900 in ?.



Residence: 1880, Listed in Hamilton County, TN living next to daughter, Susan) and husband James T. Alexander



                   i.    JOHN HARVEY4 KEITH, b. 1859, Blount County, TN; d. Abt. 1912, Sale Creek, TN; m. SARAH ELIZABETH PARKS; b. February 01, 1865, Hamilton County, TN; d. June 12, 1936, Alabama.

More About JOHN HARVEY KEITH: Burial: Welsh Cemetery, Sale Creek, Tennessee

More About SARAH ELIZABETH PARKS:Burial: Alabama

5.               ii.    SUSAN JANE KEITH, b. April 1862, Blount County, Tennessee; d. 1908, Bakewell, Tennessee.

6.              iii.    SAMUEL ROBERT KEITH, b. May 1865; d. 1926.

7.              iv.    MELISSA TENNESSEE KEITH, b. 1871, Hamilton County, TN; d. 1945, Patterson Cemetery/Sale Creek, TN.

                  v.    THOMAS JACKSON KEITH, b. 1872; d. 1939, Hamilton County, TN; m. (1) HANNAH BISHOP; b. TN; d. TN; m. sister2) MARTHA BISHOP.


3.  JOHN3 FULLER (JOHN2, JOHN1) was born 1852.  He married HARRIET. 


Child of JOHN FULLER and HARRIET is:

8.                i.    JOHN A.4 FULLER, b. 1877; d. 1944, Hamilton County, TN.



4.  DAVID3 FULLER (JOHN2, JOHN1) was born 1862, and died 1940.  He married S.E. ?. 


Child of DAVID FULLER and S.E. ? is:

                   i.    THOMAS4 FULLER.



Generation No. 3


5.  SUSAN JANE4 KEITH (ELIZA JANE3 FULLER, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born April 1862 in Blount County, Tennessee, and died 1908 in Bakewell, Tennessee.  She married JAMES THOMAS ALEXANDER 1877 in Blount County, TN, son of JOHN ALEXANDER and BARBARA SMITH.  He was born August 1844 in Concord, Tennessee, and died 1904 in Bakewell, Tennessee.More About SUSAN JANE KEITH:

Burial:Probably Hughes Cemetery  Bakewell, Tennessee



AKA (Facts Pg): RCA proved his middle name was "Thomas" not "Madison"

Burial: Hughes Cemetery, Bakewell, Tennessee

Civil War-CSA: Bet. 1863 - 1864, POW Vicksburg, MS Captured July 4, Released July 10, 1864

Genealogy Data Source: Civil War Record/Census/ Death certificate of his son.



9.                i.    JAMES ALBERT5 ALEXANDER, b. September 1877.

                  ii.    JOHN ELIAS ALEXANDER, b. November 1880; m. MATTIE SPRADLING.

                 iii.    MOLLIE JANE ALEXANDER, b. November 1884; d. 1957; m. DAVE L. GOTHARD; b. 1886; d. 1950.

10.            iv.    SAMUEL LOGAN PINCKNEY ALEXANDER, b. July 24, 1887, Bakewell, Tennessee; d. October 02, 1936, Sale Creek, Tennessee.

                  v.    LIZA C. ALEXANDER, b. Bet. 1887 - 1888; m. ELBERT ROGERS.

11.            vi.    THOMAS JACKSON ALEXANDER, b. September 05, 1889, Hamilton County, TN; d. July 05, 1959, Daisy, TN.

                vii.    WILLIAM S. ALEXANDER, b. September 1891; d. May 1982; m. LILLIE COUCH; b. 1896; d. 1973.

               viii.    BENJAMIN FRANKLIN ALEXANDER, b. November 1893; m. MARTHA JONES.

Burial: Chattanooga National Cemetery, TN

                  ix.    CHARLEY S. ALEXANDER, b. 1895; m. GLADYS.

12.              x.    MARGARET FRANCES ALEXANDER, b. October 16, 1896; d. October 16, 1964.

                  xi.    KATE ALEXANDER, b. July 1899; m. LEONARD JONES.

                 xii.    MARIE ELIZABETH ALEXANDER, b. May 26, 1904; d. January 19, 1989; m. GEORGE LEE.

Burial: Michigan


All information of future generations may be found in Descendants of John Alexander