Descendants of John Pendergrass

Fourth Generation

14. Amanda Jane PENDERGRASS (Hiram , Nimrod , John ) was born NOV 1830 in Sale Creek, Hamilton Cty., TN. She died 1905 in Etowa Cty. Alabama and was buried in Gum Springs, Hopewell Cemetary.

David Pendergrass has her dieing at St. Clair Cty., AL.

Amanda married Israel Alonzo CONDRAY, son of Sterling Lester CONDRAY and Luvicie PATTERSON, in Tenn.. Israel was born MAR 5 1832 in Soddy-Daisey, Tenn. He died AUG 6 1872 in Tenn. or Alabama.

Israel was born to Sterling and Luvicie even though they were not married, nor did they ever marry. It is my consensus that Sterling was probably already married at the time to Martha and could not marry Luvicie. This is the only logical reason I can think of for their not being married. There could be other reasons, but perhaps we will never find out if there were.

Luvicie married Valentine Bice and apparently did not take Israel with her. The 1840 Hamilton County, Tennessee Census records show a male over the age of 5 and under the age of 10 living in the household with Robert Patterson and Rhoda Witt Patterson. This in all probability is Israel Alonzo since Robert and Rhoda would have been past the age of having a child of their own as this young man's age is. In checking the 1840 Benton County, Alabama Census, Valentine Bice is listed as Head of Family with one free white male under 5 and one free white male 20-30, two free white females under 5, one free white female 15-20 and and free white female 20-30. So we can see that because Israel would have been about seven years of age, he is not in the Bice household so therefore he must be the young man in Robert Pattersons's household.

Israel Alonzo is named as an heir in Robert Patterson's Will. Robert's Will, dated March 2, 1847, states: "Fourth I wish my grandson Israel Elonzo (sic) shall have a good horse and saddle if so much there should be after all my just debts is paid." According to Tom Hanna, Israel went for a time to Springfield Missouri. Because Sterling and Martha are not found in Hamilton County in 1840, and until I can locate them in Rhea County or any other Tennessee County in 1840, it is my assumption that Sterling's family were living in Springfield, Missouri during the 1840s and Alonzo went to Missouri to be with Sterling and family after Robert Patterson died. Sterling, Martha, Diana and Jane along with Alonzo then moved back to Hamilton County from Missouri prior to the 1850 census where Alonzo is listed in the 1850 Hamilton County Census living with Sterling, Martha, Diana and Jane.

This information was given to me by Tom Hanna of Nederland, TX. He obtained the information initially from Tom Williams of Sale Creek, TN, who obtained the materials from the collection of the late David Gray.

In this material is a transcription sheet from the McGill Bible which lists Israel Alonzo Condry as being born March 5, 1833 and died August 6, 1872. He is listed under Levicie (sic) Patterson.

Israel and Amanda had the following children:

  22 F i Anna E. CONDRAY was born 1855.
+ 23 M ii Sterling Stephen CONDRAY was born JUN 1855 and died OCT 31 1928.
  24 M iii Thomas CONDRAY was born 1857.
  25 F iv Mary L. (Mollie) CONDRAY was born 1858.
  26 M v John Woodford CONDRAY was born JAN 18 1862 in Hamilton Cty. Tenn. He died APR 6 1930 in Etowa Cty. Alabama.
  27 F vi Perloma CONDRAY was born 1863.
  28 F vii Ellen Rhoda CONDRAY was born MAR 3 1869 in Hamilton Cty. Tenn. She died FEB 15 1918 in St. Clair Cty, Alabama.
  29 M viii William Asa CONDRAY was born MAY 1872 in Hamilton Cty. Tenn.

15. Elizabeth PENDERGRASS (Hiram , Nimrod , John ) was born 1832 in Sale Creek, Hamilton Cty. Tenn.

2 DATE 1832

Elizabeth married William Anderson JONES, son of John JONES and Anna PATTERSON. William was born 1828 in Tennessee.

2 DATE 1828

William and Elizabeth had the following children:

  30 M i John A. JONES
  31 M ii Robert JONES
        Robert married Hattie MORGAN
  32 M iii Hiram P. JONES
        Hiram married Tennie QUINN
  33 M iv James B. JONES was born 1863.
  34 M v William A. JONES was born 1865 in Kentucky.
        William married Florence GENTRY
  35 F vi Ann JONES was born 1867 in Kentucky.
  36 F vii Adelia JONES was born 1867 in Tennessee.

17. John Houston PENDERGRASS (Hiram , Nimrod , John ) was born MAY 7 1837 in Sale Creek, Hamilton Cty. Tenn. He died JAN 21 1921 in Calhoun County, Alabama and was buried in Calhoun County, Alabama.

2 DATE 1837
2 PLAC Tenn.

John married Delphia Luvicie RIDDLE, daughter of Terry RIDDLE and Mary "Polly" PATTERSON, on APR 18 1855 in Sale Creek, Hamilton Cty, Tenn. Delphia was born DEC 1835 in Benton County, Alabama. She died DEC 17 1899 in St. Clair Cty, Alabama.

They had the following children:

+ 37 F i Mary A PENDERGRASS was born MAR 22 1857.
+ 38 M ii Robert Delom PENDERGRASS was born MAR 28 1858.
+ 39 F iii Susan Frances PENDERGRASS was born AUG 8 1859 and died MAY 1 1916.
  40 M iv Hiram T. PENDERGRASS was born OCT 30 1860. He died SEP 17 1876.
+ 41 F v E. W."Willie" A. PENDERGRASS was born JUL 26 1867 and died 1960.
+ 42 M vi Lee Evins PENDERGRASS was born MAR 13 1870 and died JAN 12 1940.
+ 43 M vii John Asa PENDERGRASS was born JUL 7 1873 and died SEP 21 1935.
  44 F viii E. L. "Weese" PENDERGRASS was born JUL 7 1873.
  45 M ix T. R. PENDERGRASS was born JUL 17 1876. He died OCT 1 1876.

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