Descendants of Samuel SHROPSHIRE

Seventh Generation

13. John SHROPSHIRE (Samier Seymore , St. John , Winkfield , St. John , Oliver , Samuel ) was born MAY 18 1767. He died JUN 16 1846 in Whitwell, Marion County, TN and was buried in Walker Orchard, Marion County, TN.

The following information is from the Sequatchie Valley News, Jan 29, 1931.
Shropshire Highway - There is a movement on foot to name the new road to Palmer from Whitwell the "Shropshire" Road, after John Shropshire of England, who was the pioneer of this section years before the place was located at Whitwell by an English Company.

In making the road up the mountain at Whitwell the roadbed passed through the old home place of John Shropshire, and in fact a big cedar which stood before his door was cut down and the roots removed by the power shovel.

His grave and also that of his wife, Mary Shropshire, is located in what is known as the old Walker Orchard, now lying outside with only a few of the trees standing. It was slightly to the north of the Walker Cemetery, the burial ground of many of Whitwell's early settlers, and the graves are marked by rough handcut limestone rocks.

John Shropshire was born May 18, 1767 and died June 16, 1846. His wife, Mary J. Shropshire, was born Nov 29, 1778, and died Nov 31, 1847.

He was a blacksmith and had a shop near his home. He was a Justice of the Peace, and trials of culprits were often held in that shop, thus serving as the first courthouse in Marion County.

Whitwell people, many of them think that it would be proper to name this road after this pioneer, the first white settler of which there is any record in this section.

John married Mary J.. Mary was born NOV 29 1778. She died NOV 30 1847 in Whitwell, Marion County, TN and was buried in Walker Orchard, Marion County, TN.

They had the following children:

+ 17 M i John Jackson SHROPSHIRE was born about 1799 and died 1861.
  18 M ii Joseph SHROPSHIRE
  19 M iii William SHROPSHIRE

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