Descendants of Elbert Sevier Smith
Family Connections of Smith. Gann, Tindell, Troutman, Branum, &Alexander

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Generation No. 1


1.  ELBERT SEVIER4 SMITH  (ADAM FRANK3, ROBERT EZEKIEL2, JOHN1) was born April 09, 1831 in Knox County, TN, and died February 23, 1909 in Sale Creek, Tennessee.  He married MARTHA ANN TINDELL October 15, 1856 in Knox County, Tennessee, daughter of ALFRED TINDELL and SARAH GRAY.  She was born January 1842 in Knox County, Tennessee, and died 1915 in Bakewell, Tennessee. And buried in Coleman Cemetery, Bakewell, TN He was buried in Patterson Cemetery, Sale Creek, TN



2.                i.    ANNA ELIZABETH5 SMITH, b. September 27, 1857, Marion County, TN; d. November 13, 1924, Sale Creek, Tennessee.

                  ii.    MARGARET FLORENCE SMITH, b. Abt. 1859; m. JOHN WILLIAM LEE, 1879.

                 iii.    CYNTHIA SMITH, b. Abt. 1862; m. JOHN GIBSON, March 23, 1880.

                 iv.    JOHN SMITH, b. 1864; m. (1) MARY ?; m. (2) BRINNIE MAY.

                  v.    LOUISA CAINE SMITH, b. May 09, 1868; d. May 17, 1953; m. JAMES LAFAYETTE LEA (LEE).

Burial: Coleman Cemetery/Bakewell, TN

                 vi.    JAMES DOLPHIS SMITH, b. July 19, 1869; d. April 04, 1948; m. NANCY ELMIRA SHIPLEY.

Burial: Coleman Cemetery/Bakewell, TN

                vii.    GEORGE ANN ISABELLA SMITH, b. June 19, 1870.

               viii.    SARAH (SALLY) SMITH, b. July 25, 1877; d. March 21, 1950; m. ALEXANDER UREN.

Burial: Coleman Cemetery/Bakewell, TN

                  ix.    FRANK SMITH, b. July 1881; m. (1) ORPHIA BLACARD; m. (2) SARAH LEWIS.

                   x.    WILLIAM WILLOUGHBY SMITH, b. February 12, 1883; d. July 07, 1944; m. MARY HUGHES.

                  xi.    SAMUEL ARCHIE SMITH, b. June 1884; d. April 24, 1955; m. CYNTHIA ETHEL BARNES.



Generation No. 2


2.  ANNA ELIZABETH5 SMITH (ELBERT SEVIER4, ADAM FRANK3, ROBERT EZEKIEL2, JOHN1) was born September 27, 1857 in Marion County, TN, and died November 13, 1924 in Sale Creek, Tennessee.  She married CALOWAY WILLIAM GANN September 01, 1877, son of WESLEY GANN and ELIZA.  He was born September 26, 1854 in Soddy, TN, and died January 07, 1906 in Sale Creek, TN.

Both buried in  Rogers Cemetery/Sale Creek, TN


Children of ANNA SMITH and CALOWAY GANN are:

3.                i.    MATTIE L.6 GANN, b. July 28, 1878; d. October 05, 1945.

4.               ii.    MARGARET AMELIA GANN, b. September 23, 1881; d. December 30, 1974.

                 iii.    WILLIAM (WILL) GANN, b. July 15, 1883, Sale Creek, TN; d. February 26, 1913.

Burial: Rogers Cemetery/Sale Creek, TN

                 iv.    JOHN WESLEY GANN, b. December 17, 1888, Sale Creek, TN; d. August 05, 1966, Ringgold, GA; m. MARY ELIZABETH ?, January 02, 1921; b. January 23, 1902; d. February 28, 1978.

Both buried in  Welsh Cemetery, Sale Creek, Tennessee

                  v.    CORDELIA GANN, b. March 16, 1891; d. March 16, 1891. Buried in Rogers cemetery

5.              vi.    ANNA ELIZABETH (ANNIE) GANN, b. May 18, 1893, Sale Creek, TN; d. January 1975, Flint, MI.

6.             vii.    RICHARD JAMES GANN, b. January 07, 1896, Sale Creek, TN; d. May 29, 1980, Sale Creek, TN.

7.            viii.    CHARLES ROSCOE GANN, b. October 31, 1898, Sale Creek, Tennessee; d. July 18, 1991, Sale Creek, Tennessee.

                  ix.    SAMUEL EDWARD GANN, b. October 19, 1902; d. 1982, Sale Creek, TN; m. (1) EMMA KATE ?; m. (2) THELMA BURTON; b. 1918; d. July 20, 2005.Buried in Welsh Cemetery


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