Life and Times in
Hamilton County, Tennessee

Marriages, Murders, Deaths, Obituaries, Courts, Robberies, Fires,

and Other Bizarre Occurrences taken from the

Newspapers of Hamilton County, Tennessee 1872 – 1900

Transcribed by Dennis C. Wilson


© 2014  by Dennis C. Wilson.  All rights reserved.


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Fine Havana Cigars

            M. WOLFF at the Havana Cigar Store opposite the TIMES office, and at his branch in the Gillespie block, takes pleasure in announcing that he has just received a fresh stock of Cigars made from the finest Havana, Yara, and Manilla tobacco, expressly for his stock. Gentlemen wishing fine Cigars can rest assured that they can send to WOLFF’S for them and obtain any brand of these fine Cigars just the same as if they went in person. He will constantly keep a stock of the finest Cigars, and good judges of Cigars will soon find it to their interest to go to WOLFF who keeps the best Cigars at the lowest prices. What he says is true.

The Daily Times, Tuesday, April 15, 1873


Marriage Licenses

            The following marriage licenses were issued by the County Court Clerk during the week ending April 19th:

            John THOMPSON and Amanda ELDER

            John RAY and Sarah Ann BAKER

            Richard JACKSON and Allie RINKTON

            James WARSHAN and Laura JOHNSON

            Elijah HUDSON and Sophronia HIXSON

The Daily Times, Sunday, April 20, 1873


Real Estate Transfers.

            The following transfers of real estate were recorded by the County Court Clerk for the week ending Saturday April 19th:

            Sam’l WILLIAMS and Mrs. H. L. GASKILL, executrix of J. L. WHITESIDE, to Wm. THATCHER, 160 acres of land in Hamilton county, $160.

            J. D. CARVER and wife to J. G. HARDIE, deed to lot on Railroad st., $300.

            R. M. MYERS and wife to James GAMBLE, two lots in Chattanooga, $826.

            B. L. GLENN to John WILLIAMS and James HAWKINS, deed to lot on Montgomery avenue, $1,000.

            Rebecca ROGERS to Jack MAY, deed to 100 acres in 11th District, $150.

A. H. LAUTER to H. THORINGTON, deed to west 113 feet of North, 19 feet of South, 41 feet lot 62, Market street, $6,250.

J. B. WEAVER and wife to Theodore MOSS, deed to lot on Carr street, $1,088.

M. BRADT to V. S. RUSSEL, F. J. PATTERSON, title bond to lot on Lookout Mountain, $132.

Wm. ROBERTS to W. T. ALLISON, deed to 30 acres in 5th district, $1,800.

Samuel PRYOR to Rufus STREET, deed to lot Sidney street, $400.

The Daily Times, Sunday April 20, 1873



Farewell Services of Rev. T. H. McCallie.

            Rev. Thos. H. McCALLIE, who some time since resigned the pastorate of the Presbyterian congregation to take effect May first, preached his farewell sermon yesterday. His text was the first clause of the 11th verse 2d Corinthians, XIII chapter: “And now finally brethren farewell.” The sermon was a most able and eloquent effort. Earnest, fearless and imbued with a lofty Christian charity. We regret that we have not such a report of it as would enable us to lay before our readers its salient points. Mr. McCALLIE is a native of Chattanooga, and a descendant of Scottish stock. He entered Princeton College, New Jersey, at the age of seventeen and graduated with honor four years later. His theological studies were at the Theological Seminary of New York city, where he graduated, and was shortly afterward called to the Pastorate of the charge he has just resigned, after a labor of some twelve years.

            Mr. McCALLIE’s health has been steadily failing for two years past, which has finally compelled his retirement. He carries with him into private life the prayers and best wishes of all Christian men and women of this city.

The Daily Times, Tuesday April 29, 1873



Laborers Wanted

            One hundred laborers on Tennessee River Improvement above Chattanooga. Wages, from $1.00 to $1.25 per day with board. Payment monthly. Steady employment, Summer and Fall. Apply to W. H. FRITTS. Bogart’s Shoals, R. S. ALLISON, Caney Shoals; J. HAMILTON, Half Moon Island; or to F. T. HAMPTON, Chattanooga.

The Daily Times, Wednesday, April 30, 1873



A Lively Set-to.


            Two men named HUNT and HILL, got into a dispute near the Postoffice yesterday morning. Words were too soft for both of them and a resort was had to rocks. At this point of the discussion M. W. SHERRY interfered, it is supposed to prevent the solid arguments from being further indulged in. HILL, probably supposing that SHERRY was sailing in with hostile intent, or desiring that the debate should proceed uninterrupted, applied a bit of knock-down logic, in the shape of a five pound fragment of limestone, to the side of SHERRY’s head, inflicting an ugly wound, but not, as was first supposed, breaking the skull. Dr. WIGHT who happened to be in the immediate vicinity, dressed SHERRY’s wound, and he was afterward taken home in a buggy.

The Daily Times, Wednesday, April 30, 1873


Large Purchase of Real Estate

            Mr. Parks FOSTER and his brother, yesterday closed a contract for the purchase of what is known as the Griffin property, lying east of Georgia avenue and south of 10th street. It consists of unimproved lots, and embraces about 23 acres, and was sold for $16,000, half cash, and balance in one year. The whole will be divided up into building lots suitable for dwelling houses, and sold on long time. We hope some of our moneyed men will not alone buy and sell our surplus lands, but buy and build on them. It is safe to say that by next September when the cotton factory and car works will be in operation, there will be a demand for three hundred tenements. This, with what will be demanded by other parties not now citizens, will increase the number to at least five hundred, that should be built this summer. The class of tenants to be obtained will be of the best and an investment of this kind cannot fail to be profitable.

The Daily Times, Wednesday, April 30, 1873







The Daily Times, May 28, 1873





The Daily Times, May 28, 1873




The Best Liquors, Beer, Wine, Cigars, and Free Lunch every morning.


            Henry GUNTHER, Market st., opposite the TIMES office, has stocked his bar with the best liquors, the finest wine, and his Lager Beer is always fresh and cool. The best cigars always on hand. Sweitzer, Limberger, and Hand cheese, Holland Herring, Caviar and other refreshments. Free Lunch every morning.

The Daily Times, Tuesday, April 15, 1873




            CantrelCrow – Mr. J. Clem CANTREL and Miss M. J. CROW, eldest daughter of W. P. CROW, all of this city, were married at the M. B. Church South, yesterday evening at 8 o’clock in the presence of a large congregation of friends and acquaintances. Our best wishes go with the happy couple.

The Daily Times, Friday, April 25, 1873


Fine Beef Cattle

            Mr. Geo. A. CATRON received yesterday two of the finest and fattest beef cattle ever slaughtered in this city. They were driven in front of the TIMES office for inspection, and we pronounce them good. They will be on sale at his stall in the Market house this morning and to-night. All those who wish good beef should call early and secure nice cuts.

The Daily Times, Saturday, April 26, 1873


Marriage Licenses

            The following marriage licenses were issued by the County Court Clerk during the week ending April 26:

            Marshall PHILLIPS and Jane McDONALD

            J. C. CANTRELL and M. J. CROW

            Edward WINSHIP and Julia PECK

The Daily Times, Sunday, April 27, 1873


Marriage Licenses.

            The following marriage licenses were issued by the County Clerk, for the week ending Saturday, May 24th:

            John HARDIE and Missouri SPENCER.

            James BARNARD and Mary A LYNCH.

            David PIERCE and Trecy PHILLIPS.

            John DAVIDSON and Mat Scytasto WHETAS.

The Daily Times, Sunday, May 25, 1873


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