b. 1782

Montgomery County, Virginia

m. March 24, 1807

Wythe County, Virginia

Nancy Thompson

b. 1786

Montgomery County, Virginia

d. after 1879

James County, Tennessee (Havens Family Cemetery)

d. April 24, 1860

Snow Hill, Tennessee (Havens Family Cemetery)

c. Hiram Wiley 1810 m. Mary Sparks

Bryant - 1812 m. Louisa

Howard - 1820 - 1886 m. Nancy Mahan 1820-1886

Sarah - 1818 m. Spencer Beavers

Annie - m. Rufus Morgan

Loudemi - 1823 - 1918m. James Morgan

Irena 1823 - after 1850 m. John Posey Lovell (twins)

Rhoda - 1827 m. George McNeely

Charles - 1828 m. 1. Susan 2. Emeline (1828-1920)

Elizabeth - m. John Cooper

James - 1833 - 1910 m. Nancy

The information listed above is taken from Nancy's 1878 application for a pension for military service in the War of 1812; her application for a pension was denied, because she did not have the correct name of Charles's commanding officer. In her pension application she states Charles is six feet tall with dark hair. Charles is listed in the muster rolls of Kent’s 35 Reg’t Virginia Militia (NARA 94 Box 602, substitute for William Patton). In the 1810 census of Wythe County Virginia they are listed living next to a James Haven who is in the same age range as Charles. In 1816, Charles and Akaer and Briant Farmer are involved with the Invenory and Appraisement of John Helvey, Charles’ brother-in-law. (Wythe County Will Book 2) Prior to the 1830 census the family moves to McMinn County Tennessee. Moving with them is Nancy’s widowed sister, Mary Helvey, and her children. Charles and Nancy sell Mary a small amount of land. In 1837 they move to Bradley County Tennessee -- the area of Snow Hill; and through different Ocoee grants obtained 1,242 acres. Charles was listed as heir-at-law in the court documents for the probate of Nancy’s father, Andrew Thompson in Wythe County, Viriginia in 1843. Through this settlement they receive $369.83. On February 9, 1856, Charles sells 120 acres in Bradley County, for the sum of $1,400 to William and Wiley Hawk. This land is a part of a 240 acre Ocoee grant. There is no will on file in Bradley County, however many Court documents were burned during the war.

Living in his household in the 1850 census of Bradley County is his daughter Sarah, widow of Spencer Beavers, and her children James 1832; John 1836; and Charles 1837. John serves with Co. G 5th TN Infantry USA, with his uncle, James Morgan; but dies on July 16, 1863 in Louisville, Kentucky.


In 1862, a special tax was issued for those states in rebellion, from that tax document it states:

NANCY HAVENS 48 acres, $240 valuation, .84 tax

BRYANT HAVENS 160 acres, $960 valuation, $3.36 tax

HOWARD HAVENS 160 acres, $360 valuation, $1.27 tax

SARAH BEAVERS 80 acres, $120 valuation, .42 tax


Submitted by Phebe Morgan