Daniel Henson

State of North Carolina

                                                   Court of Pleas and Grants                                                 

Haywood County            

September and October sessions,1833 Service Declaration


On this 3rd day of October, 1833, personally appeared in open Court   

before the Justices holding the Court aforesaid, Daniel Henson, aged 69 years,

a resident of the County of Haywood and State aforesaid, and after being duly

sworn according to Law, doth on his oath make the following declaration in

order to obtain the provisions of an Act of Congress passed on the 7th of

June, 1832; that he entered the service of the United States on the 10th day

of March, 1781, as a private soldier in the County of Culpepper in the State

of Virginia in the Company of Infantry, commanded by Captain Fields, who

marched him to Fredericksburgh where he was placed under the command

of another Captain, whose name he does not recollect, in the Regiment

commanded by Col. Willis. He marched from there to Boyd's hole on Potomac

River, where he remained a short time and was marched back to Fredericksburgh

and from there he marched to Powatan Courthouse in Virginia , where he was

placed under the command of the Baron Steuben; was marched from there to

Richmond , where he remained one day and night, and crossed the river to

Manchester , where he remained about a week. From there he marched to Point

Fork, where he remained until the British Army, under Cornwallis, approached

them and they marched towards North Carolina over Staunton River . From there

they marched back and joined the main army under the command of Greene at

a place called the White Oak Springs.  From there they marched to an old forge,

the name of which he has forgotten, where he was detached from the foot

services in the latter part of July or first of August, 1781, to the Horse in the

company commanded by Captain Hughes under the command of Col. White;

that he remained scouting about through the month of  October, when he

marched to Yorktown in Virginia and was in the siege against Cornwallis.

After the surrender of that place, he marched to Petersburgh in Virginia ; from

there he marched about the first of December, under the command of General

Wayne , for Georgia . He marched through North and South Carolina and to a

place called Ebenezer, where he remained until the cessation of hostilities. He

then marched to Savannah in Georgia and from there to Charleston in South

Carolina , within 16 miles of which place, he was discharged in the month of

September, 1782, having served 18 months, during all of which time he was

entirely under the command of his officers and engaged in no other business

whatever. That he has no documentary evidence or any other means of

proving his said services but by his own oath, he hereby relinquishes his claim

to any pension whatsoever except the present, and declares his name is not on

the Pension Roll or the agency of any State.;


Question: Where and in what year were you born? 


Answer: In Culpepper County , State of Virginia , in the year 1764, on the 17th

of August.


Question: Have you any record of your age?          


Answer: I took a copy of a record from my father's Bible about 41 or 42 years

ago, which is now my own Bible.         


Question: Where were you living when called into the service, where have you

lived since the Revolutionary War, and where do you now live?         


Answer: I lived in the County of Culpepper , State of Virginia . After I was

discharged in South Carolina , I had the Ague and fever and did not get home to

Culpepper County in Virginia until February, 1783, where I remained until April,

1784. I then removed to Chatham County , N. Carolina . I remained in North

Carolina until December of the same year, when I returned to Virginia, Culpepper

County, where I remained till the month of May, 1786, when I returned to

Chatham , North Carolina , where I made one crop and then removed to Anson

County, North Carolina until about the year 98, when I removed to Haywood,

North Carolina , where I have resided ever since and now reside.          


Question: How were you called into the service? Were you drafted, did you

volunteer, or were you a substitute?         


 Answer: I was a substitute for my father, Charles Henson, who had been drafted.


 Question: State the names of some of the Regular Officers who were with the

troops where you served, such Continental and Militia Regiments as you can

recollect, and the general circumstances of your services.          


Answer: Anthony Wayne, Baron Steuben, Col. Willis, Col. White, Gen. Greene.

The general circumstances of my services are stated in the foregoing declaration.

The reason, as I understood it, why I was detached from the foot services to the

 horse was that two hundred horsemen were wanted to complete Col. White's

Regiment. They had about 165 enlisted and the balance were drafted out of the

18 months militia.          


Question: Did you ever receive a discharge from the services, if so by whom

was it given and what has become of it?         


 Answer: I got a discharge signed by Col. White. I put it in a small pocket book

which I lost and the discharge in it before I got home.           


Question: State the names of persons to whom you are known in your present

neighborhood and who can testify as to your character for veracity and their

belief of your services as a soldier of the Revolution.           


Answer: Banister Turner, a clergyman; Ninion Edmonston; John Jonah; Jacob

Smitten, and Jacob Evans.          


Sworn to in open Court this 3rd of October, 1833 by Daniel Henson

Character Testimony:  We, Banister Turner, a Clergyman residing in the

County of Haywood , and Ninion Edmonston, residing in the same County,

hereby certify that we are well acquainted with Daniel Henson, who has

subscribed and sworn to the above declaration, that we believe him to be 69

years of age, that he is respected and believed in the neighborhood where he

resides to have been a soldier of the Revolution and that we concur in that



Sworn to in open Court this 3rd of October, 1833 B. Turner; N. Edmonston

Court Affirmation:  And the said Court does declare their opinion after the

investigation of this matter and after putting the interrogation proscribed by the

War Department that the above named applicant was a revolutionary soldier and

served as he states. And the Court further certifies that it appears to them that

Banister Turner, who has signed the preceding certificate is a clergyman resident

in the County of Haywood , and that Ninion Edmonston who also signed the same

is a resident in the same....




Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension

Files  VOL. II - Page 1608 Henson, Daniel, #W3991 Cont  & VA Line.  Soldier

applied on October 5, 1832 in Haywood County , NC ..  Solider was born

August 17, 1764 in Culpepper County , VA and lived there at time of enlistment. 

Solider also served as a substitute for his father, Charles Henson. Soldier died

January 1, 1843, in Haywood County NC ..  He married Fariba Pool in July

1788 in Anson County , NC ..  Widow applied on March 18, 1844 in Haywood

County, NC at 75 years of age.  She was deceased by the year of 1851. 

A son Absalom Henson made affidavit on September 17, 1844 in

Haywood County , NC and stated that he was born on October 17, 1790. 

Mentions other children; a son Allen Henson who stated in 1844 that he was

born September 22, 1797. (records also show him born January 20, 1795.) 

Other children shown were; Loyd born December 27, 1789, Wiley born

August 20, 1793, Aaron born December 28, 1798, a daughter Charlotte Cobb

was in Union County , GA in 1851. The sons Loyd and Absalom served in the

war of 1812. There were other children but they were not named Henson, Elijah,

#W1767 (BLW #26671-160-55), VA line.  He applied on October 5, 1832 in

Haywood County , NC ..  Solider was born on March 1, 1761 in Culpepper

County, VA, and lived there at enlistment. Soldier Fanny West daughter of

Jonathan West in August 1803 in Buncombe County , NC ..  Soldier died on

the first or second of September 1845 in Haywood County , NC ..  Widow

applied on April 12, 1853 in Buncombe County , NC at age 68.  Soldier's brother

Daniel Henson was mentioned.  A William Hamby had signed a marriage bond

with solider on July 28, 1803.


Submitted by John W. Henson III