Estle Ervin Templeton

Born: May 9, 1914 Ider, DeKalb Co., AL
Died: February 4, 1985 Chattanooga, TN

       With the 94th Division, Western Front - S/Sgt. Estle E. Templeton, husband of Mrs. Thelma Templeton of St. Elmo and a member of Company D, 376th Infantry, has been awarded the Silver Star Medal for gallantry in action in Germany.

      His mother, Mrs. Maggie L. Templeton, lives in Chattanooga. Sgt. Templeton was formerly awarded the combat infantry badge.

      During a fierce enemy attack assaulting forces reached his gun position. Despite this precarious situation he valiantly remained at his post and called for mortar and artillery fire upon the enemy which repulsed the attack. Three subsequent attacks were made and although communications were severed he efficiently deployed his section and frustrated each attempt with tremendous cost in casualties and equipment to the enemy.

      After one of his gun positions was disabled he carried a wounded squad leader to the basement of a nearby building. With complete disregard for personal safety he raced back to the wounded man's former position and reorganized the section to deliver accurate and effective fire that completely disrupted and repelled enemy attempts to take his position. His gallantry and devotion to duty exemplified the highest tradition of the military service.
Chattanooga Times January 1945


Submitted by Anne Templeton Wilson