Thomas Benton Allen


            Thomas Benton Allen, aged 77 years, died very suddenly at noon yesterday near Kennedy’s store on Frazier avenue, North Chattanooga. The body was removed to Chapman’s and prepared for burial which will take place in Dayton, Tenn., this afternoon. The deceased is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Delphia Williams, of North Chattanooga; three sons, W. O., J. H., of North Chattanooga, and C. W., of Virginia; one brother, Pete Allen, of Decatur, Tenn., and seven sisters, Mrs. Bettie Crow, of Fort Worth, Tex., Mrs. Margaret Hale, of Dayton, Tenn., Mrs. W. A. Rears and Mrs. M. A. Gode, of North Chattanooga; Mrs. Luke Wade, of Knoxville, Tenn., and Mrs. Burt Russell, of Decatur, Tenn. The deceased served with the Confederate army during the Civil war, and was a member of Company I. Third Tennessee regiment, under Lee and Wheeler.
The Chattanooga Times, July 7, 1920.