George M. Bachman

Funeral of the Late George M. Bachman.

The funeral of the late George M. Bachman, of Sullivan County, whose death was announced in The Chattanooga Times a few days since, occurred at Bristol Tuesday afternoon, the four nephews of the deceased, the Revs. Nathan and R. L. Bachman, of Knoxville; Rev. John W. Bachman of Chattanooga; and the Rev. J. Lynn Bachman, of Sweetwater, all of being present and officiating in the religious services.
The deceased was at the time of his death the oldest of the Bachman family of East Tennessee, being in the 88th year of his age when stricken with the fatal malady that carried him off.  He was one of the substantial farmers of Sullivan County, as he was during his long life one of its public spirited and most highly respected citizens.  He was one of the God-fearing, church-loving men of his section and was greatly beloved by all who knew him.
Dr. J. W. Bachman returned to the city last night from Bristol.

The Chattanooga Times, July 19, 1905.

Submitted by Mark Bennett