Rev. J. Lynn Bachman

The death of the Rev. J. Lynn Bachman, which occurred at his home at Sweetwater yesterday afternoon removes one of the most useful, as well as one of the most successful, preachers and teachers the state of Tennessee has produced since the Civil War. Dr. Bachman was a brother of our own Dr. J. W. Bachman, and possessed many of the admirable and lovable qualities of that venerated minister.  He was a man of wide learning; a speaker of rare eloquence and force and a preacher of deep piety and genuine spirituality.  He established in the latter part of the seventies, the college at Sweetwater and numbered among his students and the graduates of his institution some of the strongest men in the state.  He was a graduate of the class of 1870 at Hamilton College, New York, entering that institution shortly after the Civil War, in which he participated as a soldier in the Confederate army.  He was the third of the famous Bachman brothers, all of whom were widely known and greatly beloved, especially throughout East Tennessee, where their labors and their power for good were best known.  He is survived by Dr. J. W. Bachman, of this city, and Dr. R. L. Bachman-- the youngest of the four, now living in a northern city.  There will be profound sorrow in many homes over the announcement of the death of this good man, whose influence, both by precept and example, has had much to do with the moral and spiritual growth and uplift of the state.

The Chattanooga Times, December 16, 1919.


Submitted by Mark Bennett