Bardie Webb Hixson

        Mrs. G. E. Hixson, age 36.  Survived by her husband and 4 sons, George, Woodrow Wilson, Harold, and Willard, sister Mrs. J. L. Eldridge and her brother Jefferson Lowe.  Buried in Smith Cemetery, Hixson.  Rev. Robert White officiating. 
Notes from obituary June 5, 1924


    Bardie Webb (also called Barshie) was born about 1889.  She married George Edward Hixson, son of Andrew Jackson Hixson and Rena Carroll. Her sons were George Edward Hixson, Jr., James Woodrow Wilson, Thomas Harold Bob, and Willard Fred Hixson.  After her death George married Belle Hardy. Date of death June 3, 1924.

Submitted By Delores Straight