James Taylor Hixson, Esquire


    Esquire James Taylor Hixson, of Hixson, died yesterday morning at his home after a few days illness of blood poisoning.  Esquire Hixson was one of the leading farmers of this section, and he had been prominent in politics as well as agriculture here for many years.  He was connected with the administration of Sheriff Skillern, and served two terms in the county court.  He was one of the first "trail-hitters" at the Billy Sunday services which closed here last Sunday. Mr. Hixson was born in the north end of the county and lived all of his life there.  He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Lilah Hixson, five daughters, Mrs. G. E. Liles, Mrs. D. R. Hamill, and Misses Amy, Bessie, and Juanita, all of Hixson, and Mrs. J.  Waller, of Rockwood; three sons Bernard, Creed, and Raymond; two brothers, Mell and Foster Hixson, and three sisters, Mrs. A. H. Bailey, Mrs. J. Gibson, and Mrs. M. G. Elliott.  Funeral services will be announced.
Chattanooga Daily Times December 24, 1919

      James Taylor Hixson was the son of Houston and Nancy Barker Hixson.  He was born in Dallas, Hamilton County, Dec. 16, 1858.  He married Delilah (Lilah) Smith on Dec 22, 1879, daughter of a Dunlap physician, Dr. Sterling Tried Smith, and Amy Lou Mathews Smith. Lilah was born 1862 and died 1932.  Children: Edith who died as an infant, Lilly Mae who married George Elbert Liles, Hallie Ethel who married Dan Rawlings Hamill, Bernard Evans  who married Willie Harrison and Lottie Huffman, Lowie Nancy who married Jonah Waller, Creed Bates who married Janie Hames, Amy Margaret who married Oscar Bailey, Betty "Bessie" Lou who married Eugene Frank Brown, Raymond Melvin who married Ruth Hallett, Frances Marie who died as an infant, Juanita Gage who married Joseph Seiller, and James Taylor, Jr.  who died as an infant. James Taylor Hixson died December 23, 1919 and is buried in Ephraim Hixson Cemetery in Hixson, TN.


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