Timothy Stringfield Hixson

    T. S. Hixson, aged 75, died late Wednesday night at his home in Hixson.  He is survived by his wife, Etta Hixson and ten children, Mrs. Louise Gooden, E. F. Hixson, J. H. Hixson, T. T. Hixson (Note: should be T. L. Hixson, DS), Charles Hixson, Wheeler Hixson, Joseph Hixson, Frank Hixson, Mrs. Sallie Vandergriff and Mrs. Nancy Ables.  Funeral services will be held this afternoon at 3 from the residence.
Died September 4, 1918

    Timothy Stringfield Hixson was the eleventh and youngest son of Ephraim Hixson, Jr., and Margaret Hixson Hixson (first cousins).  He was named for his maternal grandfather.  He was born 7 September 1842 in Hamilton County, died September 4, 1918.  He married in the midst of the Civil War to Elizabeth Adeline Lewis, daughter of John Lewis. Her mother is believed to be Elizabeth Swafford. He served as a private in the 2nd Tennessee Regiment, Union, until his capture at Rogersville, TN on Nov 6, 1863. He was released and joined again Company D, Tennessee Mounted Infantry, Union, as a lieutenant. The rest of his life was spent in Hixson where he was a farmer, and he and Adeline raised thirteen children:  Louise Elizabeth who married John Wesley Gooden, Ephraim who married Lizzie Hixson,  John Henry who married Easter Hughes, Timothy L. who married Tennie Lemons Brooks, Maggie who married Hugh Carroll, Charles W. who married Maggie Arnett, General Wheeler who married Sarah Leona Vandergriff, Sally who married Monroe Thomas Vandergriff,  Carrie  who died young, Liza who died young, Joseph who married Virginia Maude Hixson, Nancy Mae who married Robert Ables, Frank who married Carrie Hardy.


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