George Washington Levi

George W. Levi, Soddy Boy, Gives Life for Freedom



George W. Levi, the Soddy boy who died in France Oct. 3, as a result of a gas attack, was a member of the 117th infantry, 30th Division, company H, which was trained at Camp Sevier, Greenville, S.C. George left for Camp Gordon with the second contingent of selectmen, Oct. 3 , 1917, and sailed for France the following spring. He was 22 years old and had been at the front for several months before taking part in the battle where he received injuries which resulted in his death. The following letter from a British chaplain was received by his mother previous to the report of his death:

"Dear Mrs. Levi:

"Your son George is with us suffering from severe gas poisoning. I send this brief note in the hope that you may be comforted in the knowledge that George is receiving every care and tenderness from American doctors and nurses in Lakeside Cleveland Hospital."


Mr. and Mrs. Levi have another son, Fred, who is seeing active service in France. George was the youngest of the family.
Chattanooga Times, November 5, 1918

Note: George Washington Levi was the son of James William Washington and Martha Harper Levi.

Submitted by Jean Kinzalow