Lillian Winters

Mrs. Lillian Winters


Leader in Baptist Circles Dies After Brief Illness


      Mrs. Lillian Winters, 47 years old, one of the most prominent social and church leaders in the city, died at a local hospital yesterday morning at 6:30 after an illness of but a few days.

      For many years Mrs. Winters was one of the most gifted social leaders in the city, though for the last few years she has devoted almost her entire time to her church and charitable work. A member of the First Baptist church, Mrs. Winters was on of the leading spirits in that organization. She was one of the organizers of the Woman’s auxiliary, an organization at this time of more than 400 women. She was the leader and teacher of one of the women’s classes in the Sunday school and was an acknowledged master of the Bible.

      Born in 1868 in Fredericksburg, Va., she was a member of the Crosby family, one of the most prominent in Virginia. She came to Chattanooga twenty-eight years ago as the bride of Dr. H. A. Winters, who died four years ago as the result of injuries sustained in a collision on Market street.

      The funeral will be held at the First (Baptist Church at) 10:30. The services will be conducted by her pastor, the Rev. W. F. Powell. The pallbearers will be A. W. Chambliss, R. H. Hunt, W. T. Tyler, R. H. Woodard, J. J. Beene, W. H. Sears, E. B. Wise, G. M. Smartt and F. M. Lowery.
The Daily Times, April 18, 1915.