The Clift Home
Soddy, Tennessee

Photo of the old Clift Home around Hallett Hill in Soddy. The lady on the porch is Grandma Clift. The notation on the back also says: "Grandma Clift" Miss Winnie Walker's grandmother. 

    I remember Miss Winnie Walker, the great Soddy Storyteller, especially "The Ghost of Blacktrack."  I can still remember her telling it to my school class in the old library at Soddy Elementary School. She was dressed like a little lovely white-haired Victorian lady. All black, boots, stockings, dress with high collared lace blouse and gorgeous white hair pulled back in a bun. Aunt Winnie Walker (not my aunt, just that everyone up here called her that) lived in a huge 2 story white stucco home and school girl's used to rent the rooms out so Mama said. Though it is long gone I can remember it looking rather spooky and elaborate.
Becky Thomas

The woman in the photo is Sarah A. E. Kraft (1836-1927) the wife of Robert Brooks Clift (son of Col. William Clift).  Their daughter Mollie married George Marcus Walker, and their daughter was Winnifred Irene Walker (1889-1974).  She was a very popular
school teacher in Soddy.
Bruce Clift

Submitted by Beck Thomas