Craven House
Lookout Mountain, TN

(From a picture postcard 1922)

Craven House, Gen. Walthall's Headquarters
Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga, TN

In the foreground is the Craven House. Gen. Walthall's headquarters around which on Nov. 24th, 1863, one of the most romantic battles of the Civil War took place. The house was wrecked but has been rebuilt on the same foundations, and close by New York and Iowa have erected handsome monuments. Above are the rocky Palisades. A $100,000 monument has been erected on the very top by New York State.


To Mr. J. M. Roberts
Dewy Rose, GA

Friday -
We have been on Lookout Mtn all day. are 24 mi- west of Chat. will reach the place tonight. All well no trouble see you soon Essie

Submitted by Gloria Seymour