People of Hamilton County "D"

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Dalton Family Photo - North Chattanooga 1906
Submitted by Gary P. Martin - Harrison, TN

Davis, George McKinley & Tennessee Pearl Morgan
Submitted by Phebe Morgan

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Davis, Henry A. 
Submitted by Connie Lisenby

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Davis, Henry A.
Submitted by Connie Lisenby

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Davis, Hazel Florence Daughter of Henry A. and Nancy Marian Card Davis
Submitted by Connie Lisenby

Davis, John Richard (1886 - 1982)
Submitted by Amy Hawkins

Davis, Mary Ellen (1869 - 1941) and Sarah Marcella (1887 - 1973).
Submitted by Phebe Morgan.

Davis, Paul Richard (1916-1990)
Submitted by Amy Hawkins

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Davis, Sarah Jane Barbee
Submitted by Phebe Morgan

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Davis, William Larkin & Nola Penney
Submitted by Becky Thomas

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Davis, Willie Condray 1929 Daughter of John Woodford & Lou Brannon Condray. Submitted by Libby Clay

Dedmon, Thomas Henry Crawford, b September 20, 1846 d September 20, 1910
Submitted by

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Denham, Arthur T. & George W.
Submitted by Billy G. Denham

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Denham, Harry Lee
Submitted by Billy G. Denham

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Denham, Squire William
Submitted by Billy G. Denham

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DeSha, Frances Ellen - Great grand-daughter of Gov.  Joseph DeSha of  Kentucky. Submitted by Fran Holden

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Duffey, William Wade
Submitted by Viola M. (Mazie) Fels

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Dunning, Sarah Dye
Submitted by Linda Kay Doyle

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Dye, Ruben D. & Missouri Jane Chadwick - 1959
Submitted by Martha Ladd