People of Hamilton County "M"

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Martin, Walter L., Jr. Before leaving for WWI
Submitted by Gary P. Martin

Massengale, David Luty
Submitted by Ruth Minter
Massengale, Frank Submitted by Ruth Minter
Massengale, Lewis and Elizabeth Submitted by Ruth Minter

Massengale, Lucinda Eveline Flora
Submitted by Ruth Minter

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May, Hugh C.

McDaniel, Melvia Ada Burns & Dollie Ann Scoggins Burns
Submitted by Phebe Morgan

McDaniel, O. G and Kathleen Morgan

Mitchell, David S. (seated middle)
Submitted by Connie Lewallen Roach

Monger, Rufus & Cleopatra B.

Montgomery, George Washington & Elizabeth Pratchard
Submitted by Karen Foster Montgomery

Montgomery, Elizabeth Pratchard & Anne Montgomery Ott - 1926
Submitted by Keith Ott

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Moon, Adam G. & Ida Lovell

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Moon Family - 1929

Moore, Dr. Willis F. 1856 - 1915

Morgan, Charles Thomas & Zerelda Moore
Submitted by Phebe Morgan

Morgan, General James Rosecrans
Submitted by Phebe Morgan

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Morgan, James & Anna Mae Robeson 1935
Submitted by Phebe Morgan

Morgan, James Campbell (1860-1936)
Submitted by Phebe Morgan

morgan_leo_jennie.jpg (55137 bytes)

Morgan, Leo "Aunt Lee" & Jenney B. Morgan Carden Wolfe
Submitted by Phebe Morgan

morgan_ludemi.jpg (28061 bytes)

Morgan, Ludemi Haven
Submitted by Phebe Morgan
Morgan, Mary Jane & Julia Mae Wilson
Submitted by Dan Aalberg

morgan_sisters.jpg (24323 bytes)

Morgan Sisters - Jenney B., Sarah L., Elizabeth M., and Tennessee Pearl 1938

morris_james.jpg (5798 bytes)

Morris, James Monroe (1839 - 1921) Son of Gilbert Morris. Husband of Sarah Jane Parker. Submitted by Jean Copple

morris_sarah.jpg (5222 bytes)

Morris, Sarah Jane Parker (1839 - 1903) Daughter of Elisha Parker. Wife of James Monroe Morris. Submitted by Jean Copple

Myers, Will
Submitted by David Allen Witt